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Every now and then I come back and read this comment. I read it a lot because y’all *get* this game exactly and it’s very flattering for me as a designer, but more than that it’s frightening for me as a person. 

In my undergrad Ethics class we studied the ethics of Obligations, and my professor used a thought exercise that became this game: imagine you’re on a relaxing walk along the beach and you see a man drowning in a foot of water. Would you help him? We assume the answer is “of course, obviously!” Now imagine you’re not on a relaxing walk, you’re late for a meeting. Would you still help him? The thought experiment continues, adding or removing different contexts but always asking “in what circumstances and to what abstractions do we have an obligation to someone else?”

So uh, ha ha, sorry about that but I also wake up thinking about the jellyfish sometimes.

only if you look very hard. you have to dig for it.

you're on the right track, that's part of it. just keep going.

how did you get in here there were supposed to be contingency protocols

these little guys are great!

Hi, if you haven't already done so please email me with your order info and address. I've been doing monthly USPS runs during COVID so some orders have been delayed but if you ordered in April your zine should have gone out.

Thank you for the catch! Prices are updated now. Turns out sale percentages effect all rewards for a game! You can still grab the digital version free if desired by grabbing a Community Copy.

I really appreciate this feedback! I've been thinking about ways to make the rules slimmer for exactly the reasons you have here, but I haven't found an approach that really feels right to me. But I'm really happy you enjoyed the rest of the game!

wow i'm really happy (but not surprised) to see that this game recently won the award for "Best Cinematography: Sports, Home Renovation, Or Tabletop RPG" at this years ceremony!

Hey thanks for the question! You can definitely play! TIAGAF is meant for everyone except bigots. I encourage you to play a queer character when you play, and if your friends are comfortable sharing their experiences as queer people I encourage you to listen to them and think about how you can explore in this space! I’d love to hear how your game goes, and if your group is ok with it I’d love to get a DM or email with how it went!

A game can be a pdf

This is such a delightfully cute game! I love reading it, & am excited to play it!

oh this would be incredible!! There’s so many talented people on here that I would love to collaborate with and revenue sharing would be great for that! It would also help with bringing contributing writers into projects, anthologies, and everything else everyone’s brought up upthread of me. 

Go for it! That makes me delighted. I’m always on the lookout for more fishing RPGs!!

Thank you again for the kind words! FoMaA has a special place in my heart and I’m glad it had an effect on you as well. 

This is an incredible review thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed the read & thank you for brightening my morning!

this is so wholesome thank you for the review! I loved reading about your experience playing!

it’s an analogue roleplaying game and the PDF has the rules text on it. Simply download and open or print and play and you should be good!

you were correct! I removed the physical zine option and everything works now to download. Thank you!

you should be good to go now!

this is a lovely review, thank you for writing it!

Good question! I’ll add something to the games description to clarify. You can play with as few as 2 players but the magic number is 3-5 from my experience.

HOLY SHIT this thing is BEEFY! AMFC is my favorite podcast literally ever but my memory is jarbage and there’s a million episodes so it gets hard to remember details. NOT ANYMORE! This is SO COOL! Thank you!!!

This is such an indulgent game, which is immense praise! It was a joy to dive into this world in our convention game at Big Bad Con. The Visigoths are melodramatic, the mall goths are melodramatic, the PUNS oh my goodness the puns. Every second of the game felt like the best moments from every 90’s teen mallrat romcom put in a blender with a medieval fantasy soap opera. It was joyously queer & superbly over the top. The game comes with the mall setting completely fleshed out, with punderfully named stores and shop clerks you can’t help falling in puppy love with. We played one of the premade scenarios in our game and it was a blast! 

I cannot wait to play this game again, I adore it!

This game is delightful! Great to play with friends over a video call, with our City in a shared Google Doc. We made a wholesome but surreal metropolis and had a blast creating places & people. I highly recommend this!

Hard Times is real dramatic, and real gay, and I love it! It's incredible, it uses the tumbling tower popularized by Dread & Star Crossed to create the sexual tension of two wrestlers in a melodramatic feud. I know very little about pro wrestling but this game does a great job at telling me what I need to make an amazing story. The text comes from a place of love, and inspires me with great gay feelings. I love this game!

damn this game super rules! Wild how lots of space looks like bootyholes & it really is gay to be stuck inside a singularity

You certainly are & the world is better for it!

Excellent! I'm happy you enjoyed!

OK PHEW! I'm happy it impressed!

Thank you for your energy! I'm glad that the product managed to convey the lesson that Game Design must be "Whimsical", "Playful", "Quirky", and "Philosophical". It's the passion of reviewers like you that made this game hit the #1 spot in Physical Games this weekend, so I thank you! 

thank you for the critique! I’m glad you enjoyed!

I hope this is a good ok then!

Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement?  Every time! I did it once when my grandparents were building a wood shed but they asked me and my sister to do it so it was legit.
You ever gone mountain biking? Yes I have, but not on a mountain! There are trails all over my hometown. My favorite runs through Reservoir Woods.
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Someone people can look to for inspiration or encouragement? 
What's the right tip? Nothing less than 20%. (Stealing from Jeff who had the right answer)
Have you called a plumber to your home lately? 
Not lately, but the last time someone in my family did it was ten years ago because my cousin flushed an apple core down the toilet and it exploded our pipes 
How superstitious are you? 
I'm a little stitious in that I kind of believe in ghosts and luck?
How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery? 
How much you got?
Would you display this as a trophy?
Yeah probably, it looks weird and cool.
Do you have a pet? 
Many! A leopard gecko named Otachi, a king snake named Crowley, a cat named Thumper (we call her Baby), and many houseplants!
Do you have a sweet tooth? Abso-fucking-lutely
Do you believe in the power of a curse? 
Yes, but only if you mean it.
Have you had your hearing tested lately? 
Not in a while.
Planning a trip soon? 
Hopefully one in July but we'll see!
Can you remember the tallest man you've ever seen? 
I try to be the tallest man in the room so if you're taller than me you don't deserve time in my brain (unless we're friends)
Do you love to go a wanderin' beneanth the clear blue sky? 
Hell. Yes.
Have you noticed what big stars real estate agents have become? 
Like the Property Brothers?
Are you careful with your personal records? 
I keep them un-filed in a cardboard box in my closet like any self-respecting Millenial.
Does your computer ever seem to have a mind of its own? 
Yes, it routinely acts like simple tasks are too difficult and will spool up its fan like it's trying to break orbit if I so much as *look* at Audacity.
Have you ever visited a Chinatown section of a major city? 
We have Frogtown in Saint Paul that hosts a lot of Hmong markets in the summer! My bus commute to work takes me through it every day. (city founders named it that because of all the hjorny frogs trying to fjuck that made nights extremely Loud)
Have you ever visited a flea market? 
Only a few times but it was great!
Have you ever visited a truck stop? 
Yep! I love driving long distance & they're good spots to gas up & grab some grub.
Have you ever had a job as a waiter? 
Nope! I interviewed at an Olive Garden once but they never called me back.
Have you noticed how many successful restaurants are theme based these days? 
The guy who owns Rainforest Cafe  lives in Minnesota and has a few other themed restaurants that all are Not That Great.

Yes! I am kickstarting the game starting 2/29 and the price here is an incentive to get the game through the Kickstarter. There is a link and explanation in the game’s description.

Good catch, this should be in the physical games category. Thank you!

I heard a loud bang somewhere downstairs... not gonna push that button again.