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Totally fine! Feel free to submit non-games regardless of when you started working on them!

Hey! Good questions, yes Physical Games are encouraged! We created the jam with tabletop RPGs in mind so please submit Physical Games! All game types are welcome, btw.

And I’m not going to stop you if you have multiple ideas for submissions!

hell yeah!!!!

This game really captures the feeling of a daydream. It allows you to explore strange worlds, soar on clouds, and go where you can only imagine. The mechanics aren't too complicated, nor are they too light. This is a great game!

This is such an in-depth RPG, covering so much ground in just one word. In this game you take on the role of a novelist and your possibilities for creation are endless. I adore the crisp mechanics, too. It really gives you all the rules you need. A+ job on this one!

Hey! It plays with 1-3 optimally, but could support more if you wanted!

I’ve never played a game before so I can’t truly say

Short Rest will always take “late” submissions as strict time limits are Not Cozy. So no worries on your cozy submission, it’ll be here when you’re ready.