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Thanks! I'm not familiar with foundry vtt. This is based on IP I do not own, it's a fan work, so someone else can, so long as you don't charge money for it.

Much appreciated, thanks!

Lost & Found Jam community · Created a new topic Extension?

Any chance for a 1 week or so extension? Got a couple of entrees I've been working on but won't have time to finish either before the deadline. 

Sam's Doskvol Breathes supplement, as well as this essay, showcase how Blades and other Forged in the Dark systems have so much to gain by slowing down and wading in the feelings and characters of the worlds they make. Bravo.

A brilliant piece of art. I know I'll read and reread this game over and over and I will find more things to love.

Thanks for the feedback! It is difficult to get multiple reprimands but not impossible. If players leave paperwork hanging about and don't pursue the appropriate downtime actions, all it would take is a few bad die rolls and one bad mission to start racking up paperwork and therefore reprimands (which is also contingent on the preferences of the players, which consequences are dished out, what the genre is, etc). We also didn't want player characters to become unexpectedly unplayable due to office politics. Getting a 4th power is a much showier, dramatic exit from the game. But the threat of reprimands means there are consequences, no matter how rare they may seem.

Also being removed from the Bureau could just be a plot development that makes sense in the story of your game, or the result of a complication during an action roll.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

A 300 page rulebook boiled down to it's absolute basics with a slick-as-hell design in just two pamphlets. I'm so happy this exists.

Saved my ass more times than I can count. If you make games do yourself a favour and grab this (and all the other resources Speak the Sky makes).

An honestly astounding achievement in game design that's also a pleasure to read and look at. I can't wait to make games with this system.

Instead of the kind of the uncritical hero worship many war games fall into, High Speed Low Drag feels like an honest and well-intentioned deep dive into the life of a modern soldier. Complete with all it's trials and tribulations.

A simple solo experience that let's you effortlessly create a galaxy of space pirates, ruthless empires, and a spaceship that ties it all together. I wish I had played this before my first Scum & Villainy game, and I certainly will in the future.

I could finally make use of my Philosophy/Religious studies double major and make a game about evolving ideas or religious doctrine. Fictional religions made up of ideas or truisms that evolve and change over time as they schism, become popular, have figures or ideas forgotten or used in popular culture until they have almost completely shed their original meaning. That could be fun. 


Hey! Sorry this took so long to get to! Knights can be reset with any reset card. You can add the major arcana all at once or gradually through the campaign mode. The rules in Matrix Overload: Cybermancy and the Campaign Guide take you through what to add and when.

Glad you're enjoying it!

When you have to play a card as ICE you place it on the royal with the closest value. In your example it would go on the King first, since 13 is closer to 3 than 16. Basically the lowest total value royal (including any ICE) gets the card. If there's a tie you can pick where it goes as ICE.

I haven't messed with boardgamegeek yet. I only just got used to DriveThruRPG but I'll definitely take a look, thanks!

A cleverly written and beautifully crafted artifact, and a welcome supplement to any genre of tabletop RPG. This could serve as inspiration for fantastical dungeons, post-apocalyptic ruins, or modern conspiracies. A pleasure to read and a perfect soundtrack as well. What's not to love?


Thank you very much! Good luck in the dungeons!

This game is a real remix of the Forged in the Dark formula, laser-focused on all the best parts of the survival horror genre.

Hi! Thank so much for the video, glad you're enjoying it. You can contact me at michael(at)notwriting(dot)net

Thank you!

A tight tactics RPG that's just dripping with theme.

Wow, this is so cool!

Hey Yuri, how would you like to be credited for your covers in our games?

Yes, you may use the same skills and items multiple times, assuming one of the items wasn't expended or lost in your last risk roll.

I can't stop thinking about "Sense and Stencibility" so I'm gonna grab that for the time being.

My first (and probably only) choice of publisher turned me down, so I'm likely going to need to Kickstart my own print run. No plans to do that in the immediate future, but definitely one day!

Thank you so much! Please let me know how things go if you delve in the crypts beneath Kynburgh!

Hey Isaac! Thanks for playing World Maker. I removed the playsheets a few versions ago, but have now added them back to the itch page. You should be able to download them now.

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that other people are playing this.

Absolutely! Just updated with a (No Background) PDF. Enjoy!

Thanks! I've updated the store page with the new version.

Yup! The link on the store page should prompt you to make a copy of the updated playsheets. 

A fantastic addition to any Blades in the Dark campaign. If, like me, you find yourself enjoying the little character moments and role-play opportunities afforded by the downtime phase, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

A simple but elegant game that lets you tell a story and create an interesting narrative artifact all at the same time. Love it.

Incredible. Just when I thought I had seen everything from the single-player RPG genre, here comes a gorgeous game with novel mechanics that helps you tell unique vampire stories. I've watched as my vampire turned into a mole-like monster and burrowed for centuries beneath the dirt. I've had ancient Greek vampires forget everyone they knew and then be trapped forever.

The book itself is an artifact I will treasure forever. 

A fantastical and novel evolution of the Forged in the Dark rules. I didn't realize how much I loved telling stories about telling stories until my first taste of Errant Deeds.

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CrashCart is an incredible evolution of the Forged in the Dark system. Your quickly dwindling stack of cards adds even more tension to the pressure cooker of trying to save people, avoiding predatory corporate powers, and keeping your damn GEV in the air for one more night.