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Check the itch page under “Playsheets”

Absolutely. Send me an email at michael @ notwriting . net and I'll hook you up.

You're welcome!

Thank you!

Heck yeah. Just updated the game with single spreads. Enjoy!

I didn't know how badly I wanted to see the British Empire fall until I read this game. Playing it gave me the same sort of schadenfreude I experience when the wealthy fuck up in public. As the Sun Forever sets is an absolute triumph, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


Thanks for the kind words. Go right ahead! Let me know when you’re finished and I can link the translation here. 

Hey, thanks!

So that should be for the Location Themes oracle on page 370 of the Ironsworn Starforged rulebook.

Same! It will happen, just a question of when.

I might! I've spent the last year or so learning how to do crowdfunding campaigns in preparation to do one for Neon Black, and that is one possible avenue.

Absolutely! Send it along to michael(@)notwriting(dot)net!

The most thrilling, funny, and imaginative piece of actual play fiction I have ever read. Today I found a creator whose work I will follow with interest.

Hmm, odd. I tried the code on my account and it worked. If you send me your itch email I can send you a different code that should only work with an itch account.

If you got the itch download, it should give you the option to link the game to your account. Make sure you are signed into your itch account when you click the link.

Hey there!

Short answer: no, unique encounters get shuffled back into the deck if you don’t complete them. Bit of an oversight on my part with the rules. I do have that flagged as something to change when I update the text. 

Thank you so much!

Hi there!

No print copies available at the moment. I'm still waiting to see if folks claims their Kickstarter copies for the first print run, but I'm planning on selling the remainder of what I have soon!

Thanks very much!

That's the plan! Don't have an ETA currently.

Gotcha. What's the card and dungeon? I'll add it to my list of revisions.

Some situations are forced on you, making your character act. Others are optional. If a card says you “can” or “may” risk it you don’t have to. Just discard and continue your delve. 

Hi! An overload can trigger across the middle before that space is filled. It's unlikely to kill a royal since you would need a total value of at least 11 with 1 card.

Yes! Go for it!

There are no hard copies at this moment, unless you print your own :)

When you expend an item it can still be used for encounters, you just have less chances to use it before it disappears (breaks, is lost, etc.) The penalty you suggest does seem pretty harsh to me without any upside. A Torch in the Dark wasn’t designed with that kind of thing in mind, but if that’s how you like to play, go for it! And feel free to post your changes. I’m sure other folks are also interested!

Thank you so much! No multiplayer variations I’m aware of yet, but this is one of my more popular games and there are many tales yet to tell in the city of Kynburgh…

Thank you so much for the kind words, and best of luck to Alfons!

Hahah, you’re right! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words, and for that incredible video! Thanks for sharing!

Finished most of the writing for Mission Marginalia, just putting into layout now.

So I was hoping to get two games finished for this jam, but ran out of time. The one I finished, Schisms & Sacrilege was a bit more experimental with the Lost and Found design, but I'm also really happy with my second game:

Novel Story is about the life and story of a fiction novel. From it's original author's circumstance, to publishing woes, adaptations and more, see how the story within and about the novel changes as the decades past. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all those new departments, backgrounds, and powers!

I might do a collection of missions based on religious artifacts: the spear of destiny, holy grail, that kinda thing. I'm also revamping my solo hack so I might finish it off for this jam. Play the role of Kassandra King, paranormal fixer, and find out why you owe the Devil your soul!

Thanks! I'm not familiar with foundry vtt. This is based on IP I do not own, it's a fan work, so someone else can, so long as you don't charge money for it.

Much appreciated, thanks!

Lost & Found Jam community · Created a new topic Extension?

Any chance for a 1 week or so extension? Got a couple of entrees I've been working on but won't have time to finish either before the deadline. 

Sam's Doskvol Breathes supplement, as well as this essay, showcase how Blades and other Forged in the Dark systems have so much to gain by slowing down and wading in the feelings and characters of the worlds they make. Bravo.

A brilliant piece of art. I know I'll read and reread this game over and over and I will find more things to love.

Thanks for the feedback! It is difficult to get multiple reprimands but not impossible. If players leave paperwork hanging about and don't pursue the appropriate downtime actions, all it would take is a few bad die rolls and one bad mission to start racking up paperwork and therefore reprimands (which is also contingent on the preferences of the players, which consequences are dished out, what the genre is, etc). We also didn't want player characters to become unexpectedly unplayable due to office politics. Getting a 4th power is a much showier, dramatic exit from the game. But the threat of reprimands means there are consequences, no matter how rare they may seem.

Also being removed from the Bureau could just be a plot development that makes sense in the story of your game, or the result of a complication during an action roll.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

A 300 page rulebook boiled down to it's absolute basics with a slick-as-hell design in just two pamphlets. I'm so happy this exists.