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Thanks so much!


The most fun you can have being a terrible goose. Yes, even more than that OTHER goose game. 

Hell yeah thanks so much!

Sure! Send me an email at michael @ notwriting . net and I can hook you up.

Hell yeah! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hey! Just uploaded the 1.1 rules and character sheet there.

Absolutely, send me an email and I can hook you up with one. 

michael @ notwriting . net

Send me an email at michael @ notwriting . net and I can send you a copy.

Yes you can!

Nothing at the moment. Haven't recorded one myself before so I need to learn how and then put this together. I'll definitely post an update when it's ready.

Hell yeah, glad to hear it!

Thanks for pointing that out. I've added it to the list of revisions.

Yup. That should say "You must spend at least 1 stash on a downtime roll." I have it noted for changing when I have time to update the text.

I just tried it. Not really, but you don't need to bend it backwards too much to make it if that's your preference.

The zine is a print version of the game. If you buy the zine you should also get copies of the PDF to download. The images on the store page are pages from the zine. Hope that helps!

Yup! They can be quite disruptive so they're pretty rare.

You're in luck! Someone else was also curious about the last version so I uploaded it as well. You should have access to both in the itch downloads for this game.

An incredible achievement in forged in the dark design in only a handful of pages. It nails the tone of pulpy adventure stories to such a precise degree you'd think that the genre started right here. I am so happy this game exists.

Done! The older version is now available along with the newest version when you purchase the game.

Hey there! I guess I could make the older version available for purchase as well. I'll look into that soon!

Yup, you do!

Send me an email: michael@notwriting(dot)net and I'll get you sorted.

The latest devlog has a pretty good rundown of the changes: 

Whether or not the changes to the encounters are "better" is up for you to decide, but I like how it speeds up play and makes it easier to see all the different encounters on each dungeon spread.

Face down.

Oh! I guess I forgot to upload those. Sorry about that, I'll do so right now.

Correct! It gives you some freedom to resolve those actions, rather than having to mark the next rune, as normal.

Stay tuned! Planning on doing an actual-play in the future.

Hell yeah! Thanks so much for sharing!

A perfect companion for any Engraved as they travel the Realms.

Stress let's you push yourself to get +1d when you Risk It. No penalty if it fills, you just can't push yourself any more.

Oh dang, sorry about that! Must've forgot to update it with the newest release. Fixed now.

Brilliant. Cannot wait for a suitable project where I can use these.

No worries, happy to help!

If you don’t see a “Provide information” button at the bottom of your download page please send me an email with your shipping address michael(@)notwriting(.)net

A great way to spend an evening pretending to be yourself with a limited paranormal budget and too much time on your hands. Light on the rules, heavy on the laughs. Ideal for the times your regular crew can't get together to bother goblins. Bother some ghosts instead!

Thank you so much for the kind words and incredible review! I feel like I bit off more than I could chew with the prompts, to be honest. Version 2.1 of the game will be released soon and it has much fewer unique encounter prompts, though I hope it's still just as exciting.

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Slugblaster is not just a funny and engaging read. It is not just packed with glitched and cartoony art that fits the tone of the game, and it is not just so well laid out that each page is a pleasure to look at. On top of all of this and more, Slugblaster absolutely nails it's pitch with every part of the game. 

There are no wasted words in Slugblaster. There is no page that isn't informative or gorgeous, and no rule that gets in the way of the greater narrative experience. This isn't a game, it's a gift. A gift you should give to yourself and your friends. You won't regret it.

Check the itch page under “Playsheets”

Absolutely. Send me an email at michael @ notwriting . net and I'll hook you up.

You're welcome!