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revenue sharing would make it much easier for us to collaborate with other creators, especially those that work in the creation of digital games

You should be able to DM us now

You should be able to DM us now

This game does some really fun stuff to encourage collaboration and creativity wrapped in a silly, high octane package. This is a perfect game for goblins because it’s ready to ask the hard questions like: which of us forgot to do our chores?


Thanks for supporting bookmarked PDFs! I promise we'll do High Magic Lowlives once the order of the text is more finalized :)

Aww, Thanks Rob! We made it as zonkers as we knew how!

This would open up some really interesting possibilities. I'd absolutely support this!

Thanks! We're really excited to show it off soon*

*Gosh I hope it's soon

Quick question:

I submitted our game a week ago but included an email that wasn't listed as our alternate. I just updated our account's profile to include that email - should I resubmit our game or will that be captured in the final export?

oh! It appears I used the wrong email in my submission. I'll be sure to revise that!

If anyone is interested in a copy of High Magic Lowlives, feel free to hit me up on twitter at @itsdanphipps or email!

High Magic Lowlives is a science fantasy RPG about wizard school dropouts, tomb streamers, private third eyes, astronauts, and gods on the run getting in trouble with the Immortal Aristocracy to make Coin and build their #Brand!

It started as a kitbash of Macchiato Monsters and World of Dungeons but has since picked up influences from Blades in the Dark, Troika, and For the Queen. Currently in development/early access and on sale through August 13th!

The extension on this Jam has meant that not only can i make changes based on playtester feedback but also scavenge for public domain imagery for placeholder art! Particularly pleased with this chapter break:


I was planning on creating a secret sale URL for High Magic Lowlives to share with other Dream Jammers to set up a trade - that way you have the copy in your catalog for when the game is updated or if you need to redownload.

I'm pretty sure that's how this works anyhow. I've never done it before! More info is here: