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A topic by Viditya Voleti created Mar 30, 2021 Views: 5,268 Replies: 124
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Feel free to post the Basic TCG Cards you've designed here so that everyone who wishes to play or collect can grab them!

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Level 0 : Baby Dragon

Gnaw: Deal 1 damage to a card. Cannot reduce a level below 0

Grow: Gain 1 level

Level 1: Restoration

_Bolster_: Increase a cards level by 1

(Last Chance) If a card would have its level brought below 0 you may discard this card and add its level to the other first

Level 2: Faerie Garden 

(Sanctuary) All of your other cards take 1 less damage to a minimum of 1

_Salvation_: If a card was discarded last turn you may resummon it at level 0



I may lose every productivity I ever had designing cards. This are the ones I come up with this far: 


The Cards Fall





Here are the 4 cards i've designed so far


For your consideration,



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I’m having fun. Thank you.


whoa!!! this is rad! keep having fun!!!!



I enjoy Dinosaurs entirely too much, so please enjoy this callback to a favorite movie of mine.






Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Fixed the formatting for passive vs active 


One more goblin


Me mak goblin, two

ahhhhhhhh perfect


I'm sorry for both of these cards.


motherfuckin DOMINIC TORETTO

I think I actually have to redesign the Family Mechanic. It doesn't grant an Attack ability automatically. Errata'd card forthcoming

The modified version of (Family) 

I may also edit down the Drift King mechanic to make it keyword-able as I flesh out the Fast & Furious set


I still hate that I encouraged the more ridiculous version of Dominic Toretto


Had to execute on this intrusive thought. 

Plus a bonus goblin! 


Made a card that uses one of your cards


It's an older meme sir, but it checks out.


Image description:

A level 1 card called Mindfulness.

Art: a whale floating in an ocean. Cartoonishly drawn, though with "realistic" baleen and eye instead of an anthropomorphic face.

Card text:

Exercise (action): Touch noses with opponent. Together, imagine a beautiful whale.

Redirect (passive): Whenever a card targets another card, gently redirect it and your attention to this card.


Decided to make some Goblin cards, not knowing there was already a bunch here! The synergies!!!

This rules!


Made some more


I could compliment the really cool synergies you're creating but tbh that blank Level 1 Goblin is the greatest thing


HMMM thank you.... Me do both


i love this deck it speaks to me personally 


This guy is from a game I wrote and eventually removed because I didn't like it enough. I'm glad he gets to live out a second life here.

I will update the text in the final version of this so that it's just amalgamating all the cards in play but otherwise I think this could be cool. Please feel free to make different lawyer cards for this to have some potential.

This one’s perfect for Postcard Jam

(2 edits)

Trying to design some building blocks to do fun things, hope you like them!



Cards for the card catalog, stuff for the stuff pile


loving the moon cult archetype so much lol

Chunk used to be an innocent citrus fruit but was cursed to be huge and able to hear sounds. Wizards are truly evil smh :( 

Am bored so here's me playing around with paint dot net.
Also no idea how to balance cards.

One more, this time with red.
And yeah I'm defaulting to a level of 3 every time cause I have no clue how balance works, forgive me.


Oh I love this! Really interesting actions here :0

Also yeah I don't even know what the balance is lol the best I can say is level 0s can be played no cost and you get 1 free Level 1 so the higher the level the harder it'll be to get on the board but also the better it can afford to be? So we'll see lol

I think there's an element of getting exponentially better as you increase levels. Like, a 3 on the Richter scale for earthquakes might be comparable to a semi truck driving by, but a 4 can shatter your windows. 

As a player, If I take 2 turns to get out 2 level 1 cards, when I sacrifice them, I lose their abilities, so I want my level 2 card to have an ability that is worth the trade-off. I don't think this has to be a set-in-stone design principle, but without it, there isn't really a reason to not just have decks that are >90% levels 0-1 beyond other people's deck gimmicks.

(1 edit)

Yeah it does seem like it'd be hard to escalate levels while still having more than one card in play, which is what would be needed for combos and just fun interactions in general. Exponential power is a good idea. Mechanics that let you play certain cards, like ygo (I don't play it so I don't really know tbh) ie. "(Backup): if this dies, you may play up to two level 1 cards." would help. Also 0-level cards can also serve as single use action cards (like instants or spells or something) so those can also be used to bring out more cards from your hand, ie. "(Cast): when this enters play, you may discard this card along with another from your hand and play a level 2 card."


hm yeah I might mess around and make some basic utility cards!

I saw on twitter someone was making cards that mess with the Materials mechanic (where you can play a card facedown and turn it into a blank, can't have actions, level 1 sacrifice token) and I think that's a good direction! I know I built this game with more Yu-Gi-Oh in mind than, say, MTG lol 

That sounds like it'd work well. Other cards could use that mechanic to convert in-play cards to materials or vice versa.
This game gives me Dvorak and 1000 Blank White Cards vibes because of how community driven the card making is, which is a great thing. If anyone needs inspiration, there are Dvorak decks online which are a treasure trove of neat mechanics and ideas (try

Made an archetype of cards today - hoping they're broadly useful, but play especially well together!

Used generate sprites for inspiration (the original sprite is to the right of the card's name), and tried to make some more designs addressing various needs I imagined decks might have in Basic TCG. Tried to go for a simpler art style but I actually ended up spending a good amount of work on the details, haha... might need to lay off shading and stuff next time! I also added backgrounds. : )

2 - _Not Toaday_ - Put a card in your discard into your hand.
1 - (Overcast) - Whenever you play a card with greater Level than this card, draw a card and this gains 1 Level.
0 - _Go Without_ - Discard a card. If you do, gain 2 Level. _Search Within_ - Draw a card, then deal 1 damage to this.
Eggshell Walker
(Hard Boiled) - When this is played, draw a card for each card you sacrificed to play this. _Crack Shot_ - Deal 1 damage.

Bug Deck! Garden Deck! Swarm Deck! Idk, could be a fun base to build a more complex deck from.








Playing with Undead; introducing a frightened mechanic.

I'm thinking my deck for the jam might be "The Bartender's Kit"

Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube. Ingredient. Created by Taylor Daigneault.


Water. Element. Ingredient. Created by Taylor Daigneault.

Simple Syrup

Simple Syrup. Ingredient. Made Fresh. If you sacrifice water and a sugar cube to play this card, don't sacrifice anything else.


oh my god look at this sad lil guy!!!!!!!!!!


A basic utility to plop in your deck!


The start of a Voltabot Archetype deck

(1 edit)

I had read about this a few days ago but only got to seeing it today! Got really excited and made a few cards!


( BLANK-BENDING): When this card enters play, choose a word. You're now "bending" any card with that word in its name.

YEET TECHNIQUE: Choose a card you are currently bending. Sacrifice it to deal damage equal to its level against another card.

Bane of theme decks. Also very funny if there's ever a "Bender" theme (which I'll probably contribute towards).


(BLUE FUR): When this card would take damage, choose another Rat card lower in hierarchy to take the damage in its place.

GUARDS!:  Play a Rat card from your hand, free of cost.

Great addition to Rat decks.


(JUDGE OVER MATTER): Whenever a two-sided argument regarding the rules arises, it must be resolved through a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors, the victor also winning the argument. This card cannot be controlled, sacrificed or altered in any way except for its level rising or dropping.

A simple change to possible dynamics. Pretty situational but I think its a funny idea.


Hahaha I really love these lol and the archetype destroyer is super fun 


(3 edits)

Here are a few more!


(JOIN THE PARTY): For the purposes of sacrifice, this card is considered Level 1.

JUGGLE ACT: Choose a player. They must shuffle their hand back into their deck, then draw a number of cards equal to the number of cards they had.

A bit of Tarot Major Arcana is always fun, and I don't think I saw many hand shufflers? Though I probably missed them. Sorry!


(HOMEGROWN): This card gains all Actions of a single card that was sacrificed to play this one.

(EATUS DETRITUS): When a card is discarded, this card gains 1 Level.

Basically a level regen buff for any one card, but Fun because its Fun-gi. Also doesn't have much innate synergy with Red Paint but potentially could!


STRANGE S'TURDAY: Swap the Levels of two cards of your choice. You can't choose this card.

(MAGIC WOBBLE): If this card takes lethal damage, the source takes equal damage.

Simple, fragile and probably pretty powerful. Don't really know!


(LIGHT SCREEN): When played, attach to another card. Damage dealt to that card is transferred to this card.

(SOLAR-POWERED): This card gains 1 Level every turn, up to Level 6, as long as it isn't explicitly nighttime.

The second wand, with quirky recharge. Does real-life nighttime count as  "explicitly nighttime"? Hmm...


(SUMMONING FEAST): When played, you may sacrifice any number of your cards. The Maw's level is equal to the combined total of your sacrificed cards' Levels. Additionally, once per turn you may sacrifice one card and add its Level to The Maw's.

DEVOUR: Deals damage equal to its Level, then loses 1 Level.

Build-a-Sweeper kind of card. Don't forget to feed it a steady diet.


lotta great utility and fun here!! I wanted to say I really appreciate the little insights too, I love that and I hope more people do that :)

Thank you! I like to share a bit of my thought process and observations, instead of just pulling out a bunch of cards.  And I agree, I'd love to see that ffrom others! I'm quite in love with all the cards up until now!

Utility counterspell card. The wording is kinda awkward but hopefully it works well enough.
It can target other Counterspells too.

(2 edits)

Well, I found some free time, so here's a big big batch. I'll probably chill with cards for a while now, haha!


(PSSPSSPSS): Rats and Fish of Level 0 count as Level 1 when sacrificed to play this card.

CONSUMER OF FISH: Deal lethal damage to a Fish.

DEVOURER OF RODENTS: Deal lethal damage to a Rat.

A more specialized theme counter. I wanted to do some edited cat photo card and this was the best I thought of!


(HEAD OF THE GORGOBLIN): When defeated by an opponent, they may give the STONE GAZE action to one of their cards by attaching this card to it.

STONE GAZE: Choose a player. All of their cards of Level 1 or lower become Level 1 Materials.

I always like figuring out how to adapt gorgons into game mechanics. Made into a goblin for some extra flavour!


(KEEP IN MIND): When you play this card, attach it to another card. This card cannot be targetted by attacks.

(OUTTA HERE): If the card this is attached to is defeated, instead return it to your hand and sacrifice this card.

I could swear I saw a card that did this somewhere, but when I checked again I couldn't find it. Maybe I imagined it. Anyways, classic failsafe effect!


(YOU'VE GROWN SO MUCH!): You may sacrifice just a Baby Dragon to play this card.

SNEEZE: Deal 3  damage to one card, and 1 damage to any adjacent card.

I guess baby dragons may change color or something! The wording is a bit off I think, if anyone has any suggestions I'll happily take them!


"PAINT": Target card you DO control becomes red.

(OH HI MARK): Nullifies the effects of The Mark's (MARKED FOR DEATH) for the player that controls this card.

Silly card for a silly joke and a very specific deck. Dunno if its cool using a brand but I think some other cards did so I'll go for it.


(WHAT COULD IT BE!): At the end of your turn, put a counter on this card.

SHOWTIME: Sacrifice this card to play a card of equal or lower Level to the amount of counters on this.

Another card that serves as Sacrifice mulch, but doesn't actually contribute the levels until it pops. Needs to be protected!


(UNDEAD): This card is undead.

ACCOMPANYING: Discard this card, and discard an opponet's card.

(ONE OF MANY DEATHS): This card cannot be discarded except through ACCOMPANYING. If it's defeated, it's instead shuffled into deck.

Keeping the Tarot theme, Death! Obviously the idea lends itself to be OP so I tried to make a simple gimmick instead. Also its second passive's title is meant to not discourage other people of making their own versions of Death! Would be greedy to claim all of the potential properties to myself!


YAWN: Choose a card. Turn it sideways as it falls asleep until your next turn. It regains all Levels lost to damage.

SEAN-CE: Use an Action from a card in your discard pile.

The idea of just a dude being a card ain't a new one, so I stuck some effects I thought interesting into this person, who does not exist.


(NAESTY FELLOW): Whenever a player performs an interaction with this card, they discard the top card from their deck.

OPEN-MOUTH CHEWING: Choose a player to show you their hand, then discard one card there, of your choice.

Bound to happen when a dude is introduced, their anti-dude. This one is very quirky with discards, and what defines an interaction is bound to cause confusion (just as NAES intended).


Same as regular NAES but uses evil Levels, which I started messing with  a good while after. Basically you need to remove from game 1 card from your discard pile per evil Level required, but no sacrifices are needed.


(AMIDST THE CHAOS): This card cannot be defeated. When this card enters play, choose one of your cards and an opponet's card of equal or lower level, and put them together along with this card. They can no longer be controlled. If either is defeated, both the remaining card and this one are discarded.

Third Tarot card! Now you can have your own enemies-to-lovers. Most likely serves as a two-way method of making a card's passive into a "field effect", as not being controlled means the opponent won't fear its actions, therefore less likely to attack. But who cares! It's fun flavor!

amidst the chaos makes me happy, until one of the cards is a material, then it makes me sad (ie material (whiskey) ). They’re all great cards! I’m glad you spent the time to make them. I had fun.

I must admit I forgot ingredients existed when I wrote that! But that does create some interesting narratives so I'll leave it that way. Thanks, glad you had fun!

Also I lied! Haha! I did one more!


ALL SEEING: Look at the top 5 cards in your deck. Pick 1, and put it on top of the deck. Put the other 4 at the bottom.

(ALL TEARING): Whenever this card is damaged, it takes a minimum of 2 damage.

There are already some cards that work nicely with lucky draws, so why not fill the niche of controlling what you draw? + a bad pun (and probably overdone? idk I've never seen it at least).


Summer time. 


perfect lol


Oh I love Bell Friend and their nice ways

(1 edit)

Making some cards with the Figma Template


These are all so fun and creative, and I'm quite a fan of Todd

Todd is truly a peculiar person. He has about 20 or so very loyal friends, his teeth.
Besides that, he is not much of a talker.

(1 edit) (+2)

I'm back at it with some silly ideas.


CRETACEOUS BARK: All cards of higher Level than this lose 1 Level.

(CLEVER GIRL): This card knows the answer to any math operations that need to be performed. Can't speak though.

As a negative level card, it should be instantly discarded, and how is amber supposed to bark anyways? Well, that's with a little help from...


(UNDEAD): This card is undead.

CHECK THIS OUT: Choose a card from your discard pile. Play that card, which now has a Level equal to half of this card's Level (rounded down). That card also has the (UNDEAD) passive now.

A way to introduce more undead into the game, possibly make zombies even stronger than their living selves. The key is the necromancer's skill, not the ingredients!


TWISTING REALM: All players count the cards in their hands, then put them all in a neat pile. Shuffle the pile and give out the same amount of cards they had to each player.

(UNREAL DOOZY): At the start of your turns, everyone draws their card from the player to their right's deck, instead of theirs.

This card only works if you are playing in such a way that makes deck mixing not a hassle, such as if you are playing with a single deck (in which case its passive is useless). I always think all-player-shuffles are fun, though!


(VISUALIZE YOUR LIFE): Undead cards you control gain 1 Level.

(VISUALIZE YOUR DEATH): This card takes a maximum of 1 damage when attacked by a card that isn't undead.

Another addition to the undead theme, some needed guidance for those poor souls!


(NICE AND FRESH): If it's currently raining, this card gains 2 Levels.

LONG TONGUE: Deal lethal damage to a Bug.

(CROAK): When this card is defeated, give whoever is responsible a long and disapproving look.

Simple card, also good against specific opponents (unintentionally building some "type effectiveness" kind of rap). I wanted to draw a funny frog tongue.


(HELLO WORLD):  When Baby Child is first played, choose two cards. Baby Child inherits a Passive from one of them, and an Action from the other. Those cards are considered Baby Child's parents, and cannot harm Baby Child in any way, unless Baby Child defeats another card, at which point they see the monster they've brought upon this world.

I really like making this sort of """modular""" cards that allow for lots of possible combos and synergies.

Deck fragment inspired by the likes of shadowrun and android netrunner. The general idea is to use Unauthorized Intrusion to gain control of valuable cards, then install a Backdoor on them.



Back at it.


CIRCULAR KARATE CHOP: Perform a (careful) Circular Karate Chop on another player's hand, discarding it and also this card. This Action can only be countered by a Telescoping Roundhouse Kick or another Circular Karate Chop.

(I'VE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS): If another player uses a Telescoping Roundhouse Kick or another Circular Karate Chop, you may counter it, discarding both that card and this one.


TELESCOPING ROUNDHOUSE KICK: Perform a (careful) Telescoping Roundhouse Kick to the air, shuffling back into their deck up to 6 Levels worth of cards of another player and discarding this card. This Action can only be countered by a Circular Karate Chop or another Telescoping Roundhouse Kick.

(I'VE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS): If another player uses a Circular Karate Chop or another Telescoping Roundhouse Kick, you may counter it, discarding both that card and this one.

These two are a pair, just a little TMBG reference.


(UNDEAD): This card is undead.

(YOU'VE GROWN SO MUCH!): You may sacrifice just a Baby Dragon to play this card.

(NO EYES): Players cannot see their hand or cards drawn from their deck. Players may now play up to 2 cards each turn, for free.

This card should shake things up a little. Makes decks full of high level cards very useful. Also punny.


TELEPOOF: Choose a card in play you control and return it to your hand. Play another card from your hand for free.

(LIKE IN THE MOVIE): If the card you play via TELEPOOF is of a higher Level than the one you returned to your hand, or if an opponent attempts to stop TELEPOOF, flip a coin. If heads, TELEPOOF works just fine. If tails, instead the returned card stays in play and fuses with the other, gaining its abilities.

You can now send a little goblin and then switch them out for a big dragon that breathes fire! Unless the process messes up, then you have a little goblin that breathes fire.


TWEAK: You may permanently change a single letter in another card's text. It now operates accordingly.

(SOLD SEPARATELY): If this card is used as a sacrifice for other Voltabot cards, treat its Level as doubled.

I wanted to contribute to the voltabot archetype, but dang I didn't have any ideas for some of the nice colors, so maybe someone better will take care of that. In the meantime, Voltabot Burgundy, with a yucky (but powerful on the long game) ability. At the bare minimum it can disrupt benders and text-based controllers.

Wow, it's been a while! This has been pretty quiet lately but I've still had some ideas bouncing around my brain, so I think I'll be posting them here now.


(NO ESCAPE FROM HADES): Players may only interact with discard piles when discarding a card.

(TOLL THE DEAD): Gain 1 Level after any player's turn in which a card was discarded.

I made this card after messing around with some friends and realizing that discard piles had a tendency to be exploitable, so I thought it could be interesting to have a disruptor for that. Maybe there are other fun ways to mess up graveyard-centered strategies, I'd love to see what others come up with!


DANCING SWORDS & STUFF: Choose a card in play depicting an object. For every 1 Level that card has above this card, this card takes 1 damage. You are now in control of your chosen card.

Basically a flavored way to take over opponent cards. The idea also surged from messing with friends, since it became a common occurence for object cards to be affected by stuff that personified them in some way. Also a suggested rule for this card is that you have to put googly eyes on the cards you use this on.


(MATERIAL COMPONENT): When playing Matter Golem, you may choose one of your Materials, flip it, and sacrifice up to its Level. If you do, play Matter Golem for free, attaching the other card to it. Matter Golem has all of that card's abilities and their combined Level total.

(WHAT'S A MATTER GOLEM): Not much, what's a matter with you?

Silly idea, but seemed fun enough! It's my modular card thing all over again, though here it's basically just an optional 3 Level buff to a card that wasn't even active.

Anyways, I missed working on these, and I miss seeing other people's ideas! Hope to see more of this in the future!


(2 edits)

Stellar Rhythms Jam has begun and I've been making some cards because I'm pumped! So here are my latest:


(MOSTLY GHOSTLY): When this card is discarded, (...)

(UNDEAD): This card is undead.


So, talking in the Discord server I was introduced to a fun gimmick in MtG, and due to my love for "customizable" mix-and-match cards, I simply had to try my hand at something similar. So I made Add-On cards, which can only be played by attaching them to Add-To cards. I've made a little Scenario that explains them in more detail, which you can find and download here.


(HOWL!): When this card is played, you may play a Level 1 card that features an animal for free.

BITE!: Deal 1 damage to another card.


Here's an Add-To card, for example. They have little triggers for Passives which get overlayed with the Add-On's trigger, changing the way they work and making them very, very modular. Plus, you get to play around with how the pictures merge together!


(WORM!): When this card is played, this card gains 1 Level, and (...)




And then there's these fellows! They're both Add-Ons and Add-Tos, and are the ones that allow a loooong creature serpent to arise in play. Each of this you add will contribute their own little piece of a sentence to the expanding Ability of your chimeric card.


(STRONG HAHA!): The first time you deal damage to an opponent's card during your turn, (...)

I PUNCH!: Deal 2 damage to another card. If punching it in real life would hurt you, this card takes 1 damage.


So I made two of each as an example. This one is probably the funniest.


ALIEN ENCOUNTER!: You may put an Alien Counter on a card, and then (...)

GONNA GETCHA!: Discard a card with 2 or more Alien Counters.



This one is pretty good and makes for great creature results.


(WEB): When this card is played, Web a card. A Webbed card cannot change zones unless discarded, and cannot use its Action except to remove the Webbed effect.



And finally a spidey because having a spider-body chimera is fun. Now, the following cards are more classical in mechanics, no extra Scenario required for them to function.


(SIMULACRUM): This card has the abilities of any character card attached to it.

(GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE): When a character card you control dies, instead of discarding it, you may attach it to this card.

A way to keep your discard pile graveyard tidier and less occupied! Just upload souls into the CPU!


(BINARY RAMBLINGS): Players cannot play cards of any level other than 0 or 1.

(BRAIN THE SIZE OF A PLANET): You may sacrifice this card to play any one card, regardless of Level.  You may only do this if this is the only card you have in play.

Fun fact: this card and the Quantum Computer use AI generated images, although modified by me to workbetter. I thought it'd be funny if the machines drew themselves.


(FIRST TO MOVE DIES): When you play this card, place it in the middle, then choose one of each player's cards and put them around this one. If any of those cards uses an Action, it is discarded after the Action is resolved. Only discard this card when one or none of those cards remain in play.

A classic wild space-west deadlock. The drawing was especially fun to make.

Well that's all folks! At least for now, because my mind is still buzzing with some ideas!

(7 edits) (+2)

Patch notes: this & cheesus got a reworked holy protection that works like originally intended.

patch notes: this is level 2 now instead of 3

Patch notes 1:this no longer has the stupid level limit on _drink syrup_

Patch notes: reworked this completely.
(1 edit) (+2)

I made more

Edit: the grinder & recycling grinder have been changed. The resource card doesn't exist anymore. Allowing you to discard a material for an extra rebuild level can still be an optional rule or card ability though.

There aren't any snake cards to use it with. Hope people make some.

Same thing here, though there are 3 cats to use and voltabot burgundy can make it a ratbox so it isn't too bad.

A couple of the best cards from Deadmeme Time Warriors

Dalian Knuckles was made to just be a pun on Salvador Dali, and ended up being one of the first 2 Cards that inspired me to make this set

Its time to Stop! was the first card made in the entire Deadmeme Time Warriors set and was actually made without the intention to make a set

Clock Rick is one im super proud of because i actually drew ALL of it, while most of the cards are more frankensteining shit together with minimal unique contributions from me

Timeforged Squidward is a dead squidward given a heart made out of Temporal Space, reviving him and giving him time manipulation abilities. I like it because its the only Fullart Card :3

Timetravelling Viditya is our god, for he created Basic TCG and can timetravel, so we shall worship him, bow before his greatness U_U


Oh my god I'm time traveling 😍


25 "Humanoid Faction" Cards:

Eventually I will add some more until end of the Jam.

(5 edits) (+1)

Patch notes 3:

-todd was remade for the FINAL time. I swear.

- i call edits patch notes now for extra spice

I went with stronger artifact type gear this time.

Voltabots have been pretty much ignored since they were made. Luckily i am full of ideas and interesting colors!

Truly tragic....
(2 edits)

Alright I haven't updated this with my latest cards, so here's a big batch. No text for now since they are just too many, might add that later. Here we go!

(1 edit)

Additionally, cards i've made combining my own and other people's cards!

And a Collage/Add-OnTo Themed one

(1 edit)

Another batch! Some of these were made for the Stellar Rhythms jam but forgot to post them here. Oops!


(3 edits) (+1)

Some older cards that i forgot to put here

Patch notes: _I'm sorry, little ones...._ now has a cat minimum of 2 instead of 10.

Patch notes: this now does a LOT more damage.
This one was born from a joke in the discord server.

Also a new one

Edit: _obelisk reflect_ now uses rolls of five instead of six like i intended.

Yet another big, big batch!

(This one was supposed to be for the jam but I misplaced it at the time oops)

(1 edit) (+1)

Made a set of cards based on starting fires! I liked the idea of fires spreading. I will probably go further down the nature and plant route since it give the feeling of spreading a fire.

(3 edits)

Level = is basically N/A

everybody is an arson child 🥰🥰

Patch notes: this is a level cheaper, active cooldown reduced from 3 turns to 1.

(1 edit) (+1)

Reworked! I also started using a new font, but won't remake old cards unless i'm reworking them anyways

Have fun with that (also i reworked waffle fort to include that lol)

Here's another c o n s u m a b l e  s u b s t a n c e  card

I created a card called x and I only have 3 more copys so get it while you can!


Element spoons- Very weak but do +1 damage of a certain element per spoon on board

Air frier (level 1 cards and level e cards are the same thing except e is for joke cards)- Sacrifices arent required but if you do you can sacrifice whatever for the sacrificed cards's damage and element

Spicy chicken- gives ANY other card +1 fire damage (Warning: includes enemy cards!)

Rogue legacy spikeball (technically its a spiketor)- Invulnerable to damage but dies after 5 bounces and it bounces when it collides with a wall. If played on a basic "player 1 row player 2 row" or "player 1's x rows player 2's x rows" or basis it just bounces left to right on the row it was played on.


Heres a drive link to all my custom and converted cards:

I have 21 custom cards including the converted cards and the outdated spoon variations


These cards work well together, but can be cool in plenty of places!



And these are the last of them. Use wherever!

(2 edits)



I have made some minecraft cards!

When you make a card evil level for cosmetic purposes moment

also here's an extra lol

As to not flood this with an insane amount of cards, I'll be posting a link to all my finished batches of cards up to date, and put some of my personal favorites here as well. Visit this page to download them (over 300) all!


Level 1: Depressed Bell Pepper

_Depression_: Bell Pepper feels bad so an enemy consoles him, loosing their turn.

(Cry): Bell Pepper feels so sad that nobody can attack him unless other enemy is consoling him

Note: I like the idea that the opponet can't attack this card unless you let them 

Level 1: Raspberry Tortoise

_Fruit_: +1 level to one card and -1 level to this one

(Cuteness): Raspberry Tortoise is too cute, nobody can bring themselves to make more than 1 level of damage to it

This card is a Fruit Card