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deconstruction? I think i meant to say distillation lol

What a really solid, simple yet effective, deconstruction of token-based systems! I love it!

Hahaha thank you!! Since most of the words were already written by someone else I thought I'd spend time transforming them with layout and context next to pictures, etc lol

Any of those games would be real great to see adapted, so whichever really speaks to you, esp cause I'm excited to see how someone would adapt them outside of how I visualize it lol

Also if you want Space Goblins, it was in the itch racial injustice bundle if you picked that up! 

thank you!


Lead Belly Mode

A lil radiation hurt no one! Treat irradiated blood as pure blood while this cheat code is on

Oh my god I'm time traveling 😍

Hey hey! Tabletop designer here who'd be thrilled if someone wanted to adapt any of my games! 

A lot of my games are worldbuilding focused, so I'd even challenge someone to play them (like A Land Once Magic) and then make a game based on the world you made! Spellchitects is a collaborative drawing game thats all about spell creation, I can totally see some video games utilizing it in some form! 

I think my easiest translatable game would be Space Goblins! It's already designed with a very roguelike loop and fun and easy randomization and chaos for a variety of digital game genres! 

I'm also hoping to make something based on a video game, so here's to a fun jam of us itch creators finding each other's work!! 

I love this!!! I was waiting for someone to make something related to the titular central star and I love the flavor around this! 

A game mode where you gotta balance manipulating the star and hindering your opponent is real cool! Also the relationship you've created with the effects is very very fun lol I'd wanna play this FOR SURE

Hey yall!

I thought it'd be cool and beneficial for us to have a community discord! 

I like that this space is an open place for us to post ideas and cards and Twitter , but a discord server lets us chat and get to know each other as well as try and organize games!

Join the discord here

Thank you so much!! 

This game whips something serious and is not just a great game to tell basically any sports/team-based story in but also a great example of NDNM in a clear and directed way! 


Honestly? I love them, I love these weird Dino Ghosts it's amazing lol like a sub-archetype within a set so so good!!!! 

I've seen some cards in the catalog that are Ingredients, so this is a great evolution and expansion! 

The Flavormancer is rad, I'm excited to see where this goes and maybe contribute some stuff myself!! 

GOOD STUFF! I love me some raptors and oh my god I just noticed is that just a chicken? 

Hey yall, I made this card here and am in love with the theme and pun and name and look and think it'd make a real fun archetype! You know, Saurceroar - Sorcerer + Saurus + Roar. I think it's great



I don't really have a concrete image of what this deck would look like, mostly in the form of MAGIC-BASED DINOSAUR PUNS! So any help there would be real swell!!

Also I thought it'd be fun to try out a topic of like collaboratively brainstorming a theme!

My current ideas are:

  • Big creatures with Big Numbers and Small creatures that Swarm Up (you know cause dinos are Big but also they can be Small)
  • Magic as protection or enhancements, I mean the dinos are wizards but how does that magic manifest?
  • Support cards that are about growing in levels and maybe eating each other, like a food chain type thing

If you got any good name puns or some cool card ideas drop them here!

perfect lol

lotta great utility and fun here!! I wanted to say I really appreciate the little insights too, I love that and I hope more people do that :)

Hahaha I really love these lol and the archetype destroyer is super fun 

The start of a Voltabot Archetype deck

A basic utility to plop in your deck!

oh my god look at this sad lil guy!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god thank you!! I always felt like my pages were lacking and wanted to spice them up!! 

For sure! And if you wanna cut it for quick play you could always make it an optional rule/Scenario card where people can choose to bring in a slightly more robust combat back-and-forth

Also, I did really appreciate leaning into the "fill in the blanks" rulings of the basic rules, I love seeing that mentality permeate throughout even deeper explorations of the game's rules/conversions :)

loving the moon cult archetype so much lol

wow!!! yeah this all really rules, and I ABSOLUTELY love the spirit of it! I know I have a lot of MTG cards I collected solely cause I like the art or the general theme of the set that I'll never play irl lol

Most everything you got I really vibe with, and I think slots in real easily! I think the power/stamina is a little confusing, or at least a little chunky at first glance, but I get that they're an important part of MTG cards so some conversion for them would be necessary! I don't have any suggestions atm but I'm excited to see where you'd go trimming it or expanding it!

hm yeah I might mess around and make some basic utility cards!

I saw on twitter someone was making cards that mess with the Materials mechanic (where you can play a card facedown and turn it into a blank, can't have actions, level 1 sacrifice token) and I think that's a good direction! I know I built this game with more Yu-Gi-Oh in mind than, say, MTG lol 

oh yeah these are also good ideas! The Card Catalog is technically the place to post your cards so they're easily collectable, but having a Drive or a Sheet to easily grab pngs or export as a .csv could also be helpful!

I can try and set that up or see if other people would find that useful!

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For people looking to start making cards, here's a collection of card creation stuff that's been made by me and other people in the community!

Card Creation Resources

A FREE way to easily make cards on desktop and mobile and export them as zips of pngs or a pdf is through this Canva Template I made! All you need is to sign into Canva, which can be done for free or using a Google account, etc!

Other templates created are:

  • @wereoctopus's tools for Basic TCG that has Affinity templates here
  • @VforValensa's Basic TCG Irregular Full Custom templates that add higher resolution templates, various sized image or text box templates, and Photoshop templates here

Oh I love this! Really interesting actions here :0

Also yeah I don't even know what the balance is lol the best I can say is level 0s can be played no cost and you get 1 free Level 1 so the higher the level the harder it'll be to get on the board but also the better it can afford to be? So we'll see lol

wow yeah this is an incredible scenario!!!

I too would LOVE to win this way, and what a great way to enjoy everything BTCG can offer :)

i love this deck it speaks to me personally 

This sounds real fun! I think it's perfectly fine in the spirit of the jam, being able to convert or easily adapt misc cards can get people playing basic tcg faster so it fits!

I was also thinking of just looking through some old cards and grabbing fun stuff as inspiration from them with my own ideas and flare!

Maybe it's a Scenario, and you can bring other cards into the game and just play them alongside others? 

Oh this is really fascinating! I can't wait to try it 

Oh I really like this!! The play field discard is a great catch up mechanic

I could compliment the really cool synergies you're creating but tbh that blank Level 1 Goblin is the greatest thing

For discussions on stuff to be created during the START! Event for the Basic TCG!

Thank you so much!!  I was thinking these should probably be exist I just didn't have time to make'm so 👏🏾

these are giving me some real cool ideas i absolutely love this real time counter balancing!!!