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It does! The adventure is included at the end of the game text


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This was a lot of fun!! I definitely misread the rules about understanding when I'm rolling more scrap or getting rid of them, that was entirely on me so this may not be the most accurate lol I tried to retroactively do stuff so it's MOSTLY correct... I think.

Either way tho my rolls were consistently high, and Dirk went on a very lucrative scrap journey with some close calls! I'm excited to give this another (proper) shot soon

This adventure perfectly captures the spirit and tales that should come out of a game of LONGSWORD! Thank you for writing it!

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Wait, that's not how I remember the story...

After a failed roll, a player may interrupt and say "wait, that's not how I remember the story..." and flip the 10s and 1s digits of their roll (a 64 becomes a 46). They will then proceed to dictate something they actually did, had on them, or was going on in order to turn a failure into a success.  

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Can't wait to know what you think of it!!


Prophetic Visions

You may mark Destiny to have a strange power overcome you as you gain visions of the future. They may reveal events for the quest you are on, or even peer into the future of your or a companion's destiny, or even the destiny of the world itself.

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Horse Drifting

You can make extremely sharp turns and hard maneuvers while riding your mount. Your mount does not get hurt in the process.

Make a roll (70), if you succeed you gain a speed boost for a brief moment

best adventure

Fixed! Thanks again

uh oh!! I could have sworn I patched that out!

Thank you for letting me know, will upload a new version soon

This game can technically support as many players as you want, but comfortably 1-4 or 5. You can play it solo, and I know some who have, but it's simple nature of answering questions is intended as seeds to discuss and expand on with others to riff off! 

Game time is also variable, since the "goal" is to get discussions going and ideas flowing! I've used individual tables to play a quick 20 minute game at convention lobbies and also had whole 3 hour worldbuilding brainstorms going thru all the tables available!


Spawn: Foam Fingergun! (Tag: Fun) 

Let's go vamps!!: Point this at any enemy and say BANG - watch them explode into confetti while a crowd cheers!
Drawing of a foam finger, red with the words "LET'S GO VAMPS" on it and arm inside. There's squiggly black lines coming out the tip of the index finger.



When you spend Bullets to shoot your gun, you don't lose Bullets



Activate this cheat code and you no longer collide with anything in the world and move around freely on any directional axis 

*due to how the Sun works, its rays don't count as a collision so you can still take Burn harm


Bouncing Bombs! Dead bodies ragdoll and bounce off surfaces once or twice, and then explode when at rest.


Your Radiohead Skull clatters to life: "Dracula's back! A limited-time offer buy 1 ticket for the WHOLE FAMILY! You're not going to want to miss his grand return!" 

A new location has been added to your map: Dracula's Wacky Funhouse Castle of Dreams!

hell yeah!! I hope it continues to inspire and excite you!

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It was friendship all along

The real Big Foot we were hunting was the one in your heart this whole time, actually

thank you!! I hope it inspires something :)

Beautifully captured game of two characters corresponding from different worlds. I can see this being a lovely worldbuilding experience, but more importantly, it has all the right tools to create a tangible relationship between these characters.

I specifically love the mechanics are simple yet very smartly designed to achieve the wonderful climax that is drawing the 2 jokers and being together! Lovely game!

What an incredibly executed concept! I love how the game explicitly is about seeking painful truths and unearthing lost secrets and opening old wounds but it's also explicitly optional for players in the moment. 

The two playbooks loop seamlessly and I'll be keeping this in my back pocket for a table that wants to explore these concepts!

This game really captures what it sets out to! My own high school closeted memories came out as I read thru the text and felt it's mechanics pull at experiences that I found relatable. 

I'd love absolutely love to get ready for a revel sometime soon!


this game struck me, powerful and eye opening. Great example of games saying a lot with a little.

This game is bleeding with style, smart design, and horribly relateable circumstances. It's incredible! 

Definitely pick it up!

Wow!! I was FLOUNDERING for words before I stumbled upon this pack! What a life saver!!

thank you!!

deconstruction? I think i meant to say distillation lol

What a really solid, simple yet effective, deconstruction of token-based systems! I love it!

Hahaha thank you!! Since most of the words were already written by someone else I thought I'd spend time transforming them with layout and context next to pictures, etc lol

Any of those games would be real great to see adapted, so whichever really speaks to you, esp cause I'm excited to see how someone would adapt them outside of how I visualize it lol

Also if you want Space Goblins, it was in the itch racial injustice bundle if you picked that up! 

thank you!


Lead Belly Mode

A lil radiation hurt no one! Treat irradiated blood as pure blood while this cheat code is on

Oh my god I'm time traveling 😍

Hey hey! Tabletop designer here who'd be thrilled if someone wanted to adapt any of my games! 

A lot of my games are worldbuilding focused, so I'd even challenge someone to play them (like A Land Once Magic) and then make a game based on the world you made! Spellchitects is a collaborative drawing game thats all about spell creation, I can totally see some video games utilizing it in some form! 

I think my easiest translatable game would be Space Goblins! It's already designed with a very roguelike loop and fun and easy randomization and chaos for a variety of digital game genres! 

I'm also hoping to make something based on a video game, so here's to a fun jam of us itch creators finding each other's work!! 

I love this!!! I was waiting for someone to make something related to the titular central star and I love the flavor around this! 

A game mode where you gotta balance manipulating the star and hindering your opponent is real cool! Also the relationship you've created with the effects is very very fun lol I'd wanna play this FOR SURE

Hey yall!

I thought it'd be cool and beneficial for us to have a community discord! 

I like that this space is an open place for us to post ideas and cards and Twitter , but a discord server lets us chat and get to know each other as well as try and organize games!

Join the discord here

Thank you so much!! 

This game whips something serious and is not just a great game to tell basically any sports/team-based story in but also a great example of NDNM in a clear and directed way!