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Thank you <3

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Here is my Egg.deck
take a couple of copies of each card (except Golden Goose Egg) and you're ready to pilot. 
Inspired by artifact combo decks of MTG!

Send me a DM on twitter and maybe we can work something out!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm a huge fan of your reviews.

Anytime you roll the dice you need to roll under one of your 4 stats. Here's an example.

You want to attack a monster with your sword. Start with your weapon skill of 25. Lets add some bonuses:

+10 for having a sword
+10 for knowing about dueling from your career
+10 for the point of Advantage you get for charging into combat

You need to roll under 55. You get a 36, success! You do 3 points of damage.

I hope that clears things up! Thanks for the question.

yup! Happy to help!

spending and marking both fill a segment on the clock. Might just be my wording. 

The severity of consequences cause by filling your corruption clock are up to the table. It’s intended to be a way to scale the tone of the game. If you succumb to the dark gods, you should prepare for the worst, what “the worst” is, is left up to you. Thanks for the question!

Thanks so much for playing my game and the kind words! I'm so happy you had fun!

Thank you so much! I loved your birdy background as well!!! I would love to see our to backgrounds in a game together haha, maybe The Mother of Swans is a member of the Court of Birds <3