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Signature powers are a mechanic I am both very excited about and something I know still needs a lot of work. Later versions of The Bleeding will definitely have more comprehensive sections for each. In the meantime, I'm super interested in knowing which ones stick out to folks so far. Longer descriptions in the text, but here's a summary for reference.

  • Bloodsmithy - crafting out of blood
  • Calamity - natural and supernatural disasters
  • Constellation - power of the stars and the night
  • Cuisine - magical cooking, modern potionmaking
  • Dreamwalking - real Nightmare on Elm Street business
  • Forensics - vampiric superscience
  • Illusion - as advertised
  • Monstrosity - summoning and turning into monsters
  • Necromancy - commune with and/or control the dead
  • Passion - magically emotional empath
  • Pastoralism - live off the land, be a shepherd of the flock
  • Plague - pestilence and disease at your command
  • Technology - science fiction superpowers
  • Tessellation - casually dismiss the laws of geometry and physics

What are you most interested in trying out first? Which one are you most looking forward to seeing development on?

WordPress recently stopped supporting certain html functions that made the original generator work, so I'm looking into alternatives (this being one of them). A developer recently made this, which is probably your best bet:

I'd love to hear about it if you do! It'd be fun to see those cat maps.

Clowderful is a cute little community-building, map-drawing game in which you play as cats getting humans to warm up to you—or forcing them to move away.

My wife and I recently moved and became very involved in the well-being of our neighborhood cats—of which there are many. I offered ttrpg commissions for donations and one of them was to "write something about cats," so I made this game. It's free, and any money it does make goes right back into caring for kitties. Like this momma and her newborns that we're fostering for the next couple months.

That's sounds awesome, go for it!

I would definitely like to contribute, but knowing how many projects we could submit is a big factor for me.

I made a small tabletop rpg inspired by housewarming traditions as a housewarming gift for a friend. It's about low-conflict creative problem-solving and taking your friends on a tour of your new place.

It's PWYW; donations super appreciated.

I made a last minute entry to the Emotional Mecha Jam, here:

It's an analogue RPG where you're the civilian in a world of giant mechs and their rad pilots. You follow the events of your favorite mech-pilot teams and feel stuff about them. It can be played solo or collaboratively.