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The Bleeding

A Tabletop Roleplaying Game about Modern Vampires · By Whimsy Machine

Signature Magic

A topic by Whimsy Machine created Nov 28, 2021 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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Signature powers are a mechanic I am both very excited about and something I know still needs a lot of work. Later versions of The Bleeding will definitely have more comprehensive sections for each. In the meantime, I'm super interested in knowing which ones stick out to folks so far. Longer descriptions in the text, but here's a summary for reference.

  • Bloodsmithy - crafting out of blood
  • Calamity - natural and supernatural disasters
  • Constellation - power of the stars and the night
  • Cuisine - magical cooking, modern potionmaking
  • Dreamwalking - real Nightmare on Elm Street business
  • Forensics - vampiric superscience
  • Illusion - as advertised
  • Monstrosity - summoning and turning into monsters
  • Necromancy - commune with and/or control the dead
  • Passion - magically emotional empath
  • Pastoralism - live off the land, be a shepherd of the flock
  • Plague - pestilence and disease at your command
  • Technology - science fiction superpowers
  • Tessellation - casually dismiss the laws of geometry and physics

What are you most interested in trying out first? Which one are you most looking forward to seeing development on?

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Definitely looking forward to BIG BLOOD WEAPONS in Bloodsmithy. Though,  one thing that stuck out to me was that Monstrosity doesn't have an "in conjunction with beast form" aspect to it, even though I don't even know what you'd add, but it just felt weird since there was no explicit bonus even though the signature magic was listed in the "Beast form" section. 


As a crafting nerd, I'm also very excited about BLOOD WEAPONS. Oh, y'know what, I included a thing about Monstrosity in Beast Form and how they interact in the conflict example, but forgot to put something explicit in the Monstrosity section itself. Good catch!