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We are planning to come out with a more desktop friendly version currently. Be on the lookout in a few weeks :)


I sort of figured that. But I guess I won because I assumed that haha. Nice job :)

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Read the description controls! Also tinder = swipe!

Thanks for playing :)

Yes! That's what we were aiming for. Thanks so much!

Agree on the randomization. It is barely sudo random.  The swiping is not great but because this was for a game jam i did not have time to rewrite it. We were thinking about that, but didn't want it to last forever as its just a short game jam game.

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Maybe we will make the timer larger! The scaling looks a little poor in your video :( 

Thanks so much for playing and making a video. Its really nice to see people play it :D

Only the three people that you got are in there right now for the full body pictures. We wanted to add more but it would've taken the artist too long.

Sorry! tried to keep it in portrait mode to keep the swiping mechanic. Thanks for the comments!


We imagined this as an android app in portrait mode. Maybe wouldve been better as fullscreen.

(The words are all the same for all the posters :X. needed to save time somewhere.)

Nice... Black Jimmy Neutron. Neat Game. The camera moving with the jump is a little odd thought for me.

Neat idea but I think something on the controls is messed Up. Maybe a caps-lock  thing? My keyboard randomly stop working midfight a few times against the cucumber. 

The controls feel wonky to me. It almost gives me a headache watching the camera swing that much

But why bigfoot?! 

Neat game. I wish I could aim my shots more than moving the ship. Made it hard to control imo.

Had some trouble using the HTML5 Version. Make sure to allow fullscreen, disable the mouse cursor and lock it to the screen space if you can.

Seems like a neat game but couldnt get super far.

Haha. Shes an outlaw!

Thats how we started with the idea :)


Thank you!


That was a design decision to make it so you could not see them both at once.

Thanks for the comments.

I feel like it might have been better to add swifter turning and a more complicated and smaller map to make the gameplay more fun. It would add a risk/reward to going faster more so than the current implementation.

Neat idea and nice graphics.

Impossible to tell where the boats are without following it seems. 

Sometimes my camera got stuck on the boats after following the shot.

I could hit a boat a boat multiple times and not sick it because of its collisions with other boats. So after playing for 5 min no boats reached me.

I really like the movement in this except one thing. 

I think a jump that changes height based on the length of the button press could've added to this game.

I liked the combat you got. Not sure if its intentional but you can hit the blocking enemies from below.

Great job.

Not being able to use the keyboard (enter/space maybe) was sort of odd to me for the start button.

For the first game it seemed super long for how easy it was and did not get progressively harder. Same with the second game. (Someone below said they liked the tripping animation, but I never saw it because it ended before I lost)

For the final game I am also sort of unsure what the goal was. I pressed right as soon as the timer ended and seem to have won. Is it just a dual race type thing?

Good concepts for a jam overall.

Neat idea, but I found it a little hard to control on such a small space. Neat idea and nice implementation.

Well now I can't reveal my secrets!

(If you walk backwards and left and never change direction he will not lead you. So you will be safe until you hit the rocks at the edges. So you better kill him before then)

Thank you!

Neat Idea. A lot of the words were stuck in buildings so it was hard to shoot them or I was in no danger at all because they couldn't shoot me. It would've been nice to be able to shoot through the windows to hit them at points. Also feel like the bullets shouldn't be effected by gravity though. 

Great effects for the health bars it was a nice decision. 

Nice Enemy design , but I feel like the only challenging enemies are the ones that rush you. (apples?) The limiting factor here is the time. Why have a time and health system? I think it needs to be one or the other otherwise i'm locked into mashing plant as fast as possible just to have any enemies on the field. 

Agreed on the random. Simply did sudo random for now. Didn't have enough time to make a full system to handle it. 

The choice for the toggle was so that you could never see both the poster and the person at the same time. Maybe that's a wrong choice, but its what we chose to do for design. 

Also agree on the fact that its hard for the user to know what to do with the buttons or if right/left swipe is what. 

I love the concept! Took me a second to figure out what i was even doing but once i got the fact that I needed to roast with z we did pretty well over here. Great Job :)

I agree on the mouse sensitivity, but it honestly wasnt that hard to get used to. Thats sort of the point of the first fight he setup being a knife vs your gun. This might be a "git gud" situation, because with a few retrys I got to the 5k needed to win.

Neat Game. The dulest one is cheating though! And I figured out the trick to beating one shot at the end.

which build were you using? And if the in browser what browser?

that makes sense. I will add that once voting is over :)

Neat Idea. Although the usain bolt difficulty is insane haha

It made me laugh and realize how un-cool I am. (Took too long to get that one)

Physics does not really act like pool, but its a neat concept!

you are allowed to fix bugs after submitting!

The way the textures move when you walk is dizzying.