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Playing this on a mobile browser.... man I'm bad at this haha. Love that it goes forever but I only got to 4.

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Untixy. Haha

Nice job! Cant figure out how those times are so fast.

This is awesome!

Haha no worries. Great UI. Nice job on the tools jam!

Pixel art is a game genre?

haha if you remake it with that aesthetic you will get a lot of people coming back to play for nostalgia. 

I've missed you captain forever.

maybe I'll update the page more then with a better description. But the idea is to be a parasite and drain health from the other cells. If you are not tethered you take damage. Credits are on the itch page. And currently there is no way to get back to there main menu without refreshing, but the same info is on the itch page below the game.

the corpses were sort of meant to make the game harder over time, but i agree that it's not perfectly balanced yet. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Agreed. They have very minor differences, we ran out of time adding different abilities to each. 

Thanks so much!

ummm unsure?

Would love to hear more about your issue. I've had it tested on ubuntu I believe and it worked, but for some reason sound was having an issue running it from the itch launcher. If you run it outside of the itch launcher from command line it works as expected.

Hey! update your jam page so you get the ludum dare link at the top!

The 100 cost unit seems a little over powered imo. It takes down the tower so fast.


what is BRABO?

I didn't make it very clear. Put each switch facing right and then get the mummies to press the red pads and move on :)

Hmm. I feel like a room people are getting stuck on it the switches and spikes. 

The switches is more just a lack of telling the player when things are good to go. Meaning you need to toggle each switch once and then the pressure plates. Once everything is in the on position the doors open. But i don't make it very clear when things are in the correct position.

As for the spikes. SPOILER - Its that a spike that just went up will never go up in the next round.  So you sort of just have to keep moving.

Hmm what ever the default is. When i entered i got the torch and nothing really lit up. did i need to be "using" the torch?

Thank you! I wanted it to be hard, but maybe after playing it so many times i got better at it haha. 

I had the torch! The room did not light up.

The initial screen that asks what resolution I want sort of just sets the max resolution and then the game scales to a point that i cant interact with most of it. I would suggest just having a normal selection.

Had some issues with lighting once inside the sphynx where I couldn't see anything :/

Very hard to control the character. Feels very floaty. Nice setup though.

Great stuff. The last few stumped me for a bit.

Nice job! Great stuff for a first game jam. The controls as a little weird but easy to use. The E move seems a little powerful without a range limit on it. Also the enemies should prob react to you once they get damaged.

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Nice job. Neat idea. Intro is a bit much for me. The enemies can also push me out of the level!

Thank you! There is a bit of a trick to it. That i don't want to give away.

its semi-random, but there is a sort of trick to get through.

it ended up not really turning out that way i guess. As for the spike traps there is a pattern but its a bit of a trick. I don't want to spoil it too much haha.

Credit back button is broken! Add a replay button on death!

i did not die yet :)

Neat concept. Got stuck later on though. Didn't get to see this thing take off into space haha.

Initially the graphics are a bit confusing because i cant tell where a hallway is. I had a bug in one room where after talking to someone and killing them they did not disappear. So i was stuck talking to them over and over until i lost.

Stage1 closed the blue doors before i was inside :/

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it is not my game. Im just letting you know. When not in full screen you cannot see the pattern to match. So that seems like a webGL issue.

id suggest making a webGL version of the game. More people will play it!