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Have you tried the "Add To Collection" link in the top right of this page?

Hi! Welcome to your island ;-)

Thanks for the suggestions. The fighter now rotates as it banks right and left. And I just released  another prototype with the Pause and Restart buttons mapped to the gamepad, so this latest build of River Raid has it now too. Use the Select button on your gamepad to pause and the Start button to restart the game. Future updates will have a setup screen to reassign keyboard and gamepad mappings :)

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Ah, rats!  Sorry about that. After some testing I figured out the issue . It does clear misses at 500, but only if you had misses when you reached 200. If you manage to reach 200 without scoring any misses,  then it won't clear misses at 500, because the code is still stuck waiting to clear misses at 200 :( I think this is what might have happened to you?

I've updated both builds now with a fix so it should be working properly. Thanks for playing and letting me know about this issue!  It's very much appreciated.

Thanks again for your Elektronika scans mate.  I've credited you for their use in the simulation of Merry Cook  :)

Great! Let me know if you find out more about it.

Thanks. Looks interesting. Do you own this game or is it something you came across on the internet? 

I'm hoping to get a longer gameplay video to improve on the accuracy  of the difficulty progression. And, I'm not sure if this in the actual game, but I think the rabbit should automatically jump up on to the rope if the player stays on the ground for too long (otherwise they could stay there indefinitely). Either way, I'll be releasing it as a Homebrew on RetroLab since it was never released as a physical LCD game as I've recreated it in this version.

Thanks! I've seen this game in the G&W-style widescreen form factor, but never in the form factor shown in this manual. Looks interesting.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)

Oh, these look really interesting. I'll definitely do some research on them. Thanks for the great suggestions and for the links to the resources!

Hey Flyzy. It actually is quite fun to play :) You can try out an initial build here.

Thanks again for your suggestion. 

You can try out an initial build for Pinkie Rabbit Land here

I've taken the liberty to add some G&W style features like the time, alarm and ACL functions. 

I've implemented the gameplay based on the link to the video you provided. I probably need a longer video to figure out the difficulty progression, but for now (just for testing purposes) the maximum number of enemies on screen increases when the score reaches 20, 60 and 100 points. The speed also increases as the score increases.

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Thanks for the great suggestion! 

Let's give it a try :)  

I'll put together a  initial prototype with the resources you've provided and we can take from there. 


Thanks for playing!

You can find simulations of a lot of them here :)

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Thanks for playing and for the great suggestions :)

Thanks. I'll investigate.

Great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention and helping improve the accuracy of this simulation. I've updated the official release with these changes.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)

Oh that's interesting. I've created a test build with this behavior and posted a link to it in the community forum. Let me know on there if it works as you've described.

ShinigamiKiba reported that in Donkey Kong II it's possible to jump diagonally. I don't have a physical unit to test this on but I assume this is achieved by pressing the  jump button and a direction button (left or right) at the same time. 

I've created a test build that incorporates this behavior.

If you own this game let me know if this change matches the behavior on the physical hardware.

Thanks :)

Hi. Thank you for your feedback.

I was able to replicate the issue you experienced in Rainshower, and yep, it's definitely a bug :(  I've fixed it now and uploaded a new build.  

I wasn't able to replicate your issue with Donkey Kong 3 (testing on PC and Android). I was able to play without any issues, even after scoring bonus points when a bee reached Donkey Kong's side, which I thought might be the issue.  But it worked fine.

I did manage to freeze the game once when I accidentally hit the "Spray" button of  controller 2, but that should happen since it's meant to pause Game A (see page 13 of the manual). Pressing the Spray button on controller 1 successfully resumed the game as expected.

The issue with Balloon Fight (wide screen and crystal screen) should now be fixed :)
Thanks for helping improve the quality of these simulations.

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Thanks for the bug report. I'll see what I can do to fix them.
If you find any other bugs you can report them in the community forum

Thanks :) Enjoy!

Thanks :)

Oh, thanks! I reduced it during testing and forget to turn it back to 3000. It's now fixed :)  

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Thanks for the feedback! I've had a quick look at the code and there's definitely a bug in my version when it comes to clearing half-misses. I've uploaded a patch to that now also clears half-misses when reaching a bonus score. And all misses will now also be cleared when you reach 500 points as well. I'll investigate the issue with the timing of Brutus' attacks as soon as I have some time. Thanks for helping improve the quality of this simulation.

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Thank you for your feedback!
It's much appreciated :)

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for the suggestion. If I find a copy of the instructions and a way to play it I'll definitely consider adding it :) 

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll consider them after I finish adding all the original Game & Watch titles.

Thanks Vic!

Okay :)

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Well done for making it past level 5! And thanks for the bug report.
If you find any other bugs you can post it in the community forum and I'll try to fix it for the next release  :)

Thanks for the suggestion but I've limited the Game Boy collection to just the Game & Watch related releases.

Thanks for making your amazing work available for others to enjoy.
It was a pleasure working with you on the 3D implementation :)