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The last level is inaccessible due to a bug (sorry run out of time to polish the entire game :/ )  Also for versus mode player 2 needs to use a controller!

Thanks for the great feedback its really appreciated!
I already tryed your game it looks really great!

Good take on the theme! The game feels weird the ball didnt roll? or is the texture? I think the movement should be like in the last level.If you add rolling physics it could be great!

Some advice to make better feeling games make enemy colliders always smaller than they sprites/models so the game doesnt feels unfair. Also the retry button was always on screen and overlaps the start button.

Good concept ! I think that walls should move faster while holding so its easy to get from one side to the other then instead of restart when winning use next level . Great work!

The game is great with the exception of the color shifting that make my feel a little sick and also the world is not infinite? 

Really impresive good work! the variety in guns and mechanics is really good. It needss some polish like the walls hitboxes and i would add more force to the first 2 but its a great game!

Oh its a really funny game my cheese end up filled with rat blood :/ haha . I think you should make a bigger but circular table maybe so its easy to run around it but harder to hit the other side of it. Great funny game!

Thanks ! I already saw your game its pretty good!

the game had some troubles like the ui not scaling and the movement feels a little weird also i was able to move the shop (: Is good that you made a tutorial it was great and well implemented!

I think the only thing it needs is a little polish (i grabed a star while it was invisible i think) and some extra gameplay but it has potential!

I like the simplisity its good you could port this to android and add a space suit to de kangaroo and this will be really good!

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I'm in needing of rates in my game so i will rate and give feedback to the first 10 that rate and leave a comment in my game (to known who did it)
Thanks in advace peaople and have fun!

already rated and leaved my feedback ;)

The graphics are one of the best so far ! But the collision with somo walls is buggy (i fell through the floor) also needing to go back to change the spell didnt fells good but overall great game!

If you can rate it would be really appreciated.

Good game i think the camera need a little adjust and i got stuck in one level where the next one button didnt worked.

If you can rate it would be really appreciated.

Well the game is solid i will say that it have potential! But i think you should make carrots automatically pick up beacause i can just hold x and pick them while moving. Overall is a great game

Wow this one is great maybe make a android port? i see lot of people playing it on smartphones!

oh its only multiplayer.. at least i managed to try it looks like it could be really fun! Also adding lan multiplayer(play via hamachi) wont be to hard maybe for later? 

I think it needs a little more gameplay but the graphics and music are great!

Wow looks really good ! I think it needs some balace is harder than my game LOL and maybe a score counter to know how far you get.But overall is great!

The controlls feels a little weird at first but then i started to manage it better. Good game the idk but it reminds me of the bonus levels on sonic

I need ratings so here we go!

Great game its really fun !

I get cought with nobody on screen :/  but the game looks and feels great 

I think pur game is too hard :/ didnt had time to balance it but ill be happy if people try it so here it is

Only downsides weird aspect ratio (didnt fit on screen maybe is my monitor res too low?) and dont know if im hitting the bats, exept for that it was really great and could be addicting!

Here is mine i also need some feedback

Wow if you had more time having more levels and or objects could make this a really good game. Is a fun physics game!

Really interesting puzzle game! The level dificulty doesnt scale linearly but is really solid

a realy solid start for your first game! great work

Yes the thing with the controlls was that i planed to make a controll binding sistem but didnt have time. Thanks for the feedback!

i also have a hard game try it and let me know if you reach more than 100 points!

I like the concept and the added difficulty of the portals duration limit

it could be realy fun , you tried to make everything alone? maybe for the nex if you have a scope this big try to find some collaborators that would realy make the diference!