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Thank you for making such an awesome game library! It's been a pleasure working with it!

I like the mechanic of sticking to the roof. I had fun and had to at least go back and play again to get a better end time :)

Good job getting your game done!

Fun game that definitely gave me the feel of a 90s shooter. I certainly know what a white square with a smiley reminds me of, and given those neat color changes with the weapons I don't think I'm far off :)

Good job! 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! I've updated it since you last played, added another monster "piece" and the opportunity to play online!

I'm interested in this as well. I created a game for a different jam (within the time frame of this one) that uses Go as my language, so I'd like to be able to submit that project here as well. But it has binaries because the other jam required it.

Great game! I agree with what others have said in the art style is very charming. Neat mechanic and kept me playing for quite a while. Congrats!

This was a lot of fun to play. The only things I would add is I kind of wish the action was a little faster, and Escape didn't automatically start a new game. I ended up pressing Escape out of instinct to pause and had to start all over.

Awesome game overall.. cool use of randomness, good sounds, and pretty fun gameplay! Congrats!

Thank you for you comment!

I would definitely love to flesh it out some more and will probably keep updating it in the future. I just ran out of time during the jam period... I have a problem with focusing more on making pretty code (that no one cares about) than a finished game! :)

Haha, my cats kept looking at me quizzically while I played this. A rather pleasant minimal game you have there.

Fantastic level design! I love how you slowly introduced new features to combine them into harder puzzles as the game progressed, a very Mario-like feel to the build up. The ending was great too! I did however not always get a response right away when I tried to jump, walked straight off platforms a few times, but maybe that's just me.

Nice game. Definitely needs a restart button. A few times I was still holding down the arrow key from the last level and just moved straight off the first platform in the next level forcing me to have to reload the whole page to retry.

Awesome game! I agree with what others have said, the sense of scale was really cool but the challenge does drop off after a certain size. I still played long enough to try and eat everything. My favorite experience was realizing I could just "swim" through eating up all the little debris around earth I was once dodging in and out of. Excellent job!

Neat idea with the random levels, but I haven't been able to generate one where I can win yet (though maybe I'm just not very good). I'll have to just generating a new level until I get there I suppose.

Thanks a lot!

I had fun playing this game. I also agree on the great box art mock up! Great job!

Thanks! When I first saw this jam I knew I had to do an ASCII terminal style game.

Very cool! I got quite a bit of enjoyment out of this title. Fantastic work!

Good job on your first love2d game. I got enjoyment out of it so I think it's a minimal success!

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I agree. Thanks, this was fun! 

I really like this concept. As a full-time programmer who does game jams for fun when I can... game art is something I always lose out to. So the idea of a minimalistic jam is super appealing to me! Thanks for putting this on!

Maybe next time a discord chat (or any other service) would help create a greater sense of "community" as we put our games together and rate each other. Feedback is always a really important part of these jams (I feel anyway).

I like that there was actually a narrative here, even though brief. I ran into a lot of bugs though. Many times I was unable to jump after respawning from death. Most mainly was when the bishop first appeared I could never jump after his text box appeared. Also after the end(?) it just started me over moving forward but I could not jump or do any other control.

I did enjoy the experience though! Great job! :)

Great game!

I enjoyed this one a lot! Though I would say some explanation of what things do would be nice (though of course I know this was a minimalist game jam and I figured them out so was still a blast!)

I really like the concept of this game, but I'm terrible at it. Is there a cool down period of the abilities? I can never tell if when I press the button I'll actually attack or not. Needless to say I had the best runs as the purple shooty guy :)

That said I could definitely see this game getting fleshed out and being pretty great. Good job!

This game had a lot more levels than I was expecting to be honest. I had to play all the way to the end just to know.

Good job making a minimal platformer!

I'm not going to lie, on the level with coins to the left I took a leap of faith off the map to the right before I thought to turn around and go the other way :)   (that's not a negative comment on the game, just I had a memorable moment with it that made me laugh!)

@Zanzavar Thank you for your feedback! Old top down rpgs are what inspired me  :)  I want to add "crunchy" items that are also useful in game to bring the theme more into the gameplay. I understand on the controls, it's one of those weird things I got used to early in development so ended up neglecting. Probably will add a mouse only camera movement like click and drag or such at some point :)

@wonderingmonster I absolutely agree, some sort of group selection is something I would love to add.

I really enjoyed this one. Fun game and I always appreciate a Linux build! Good job!

Always love to see pico-8. Great game, lots of time can be spent on this one!

@Rhornbeck Thank you very much! I guess choppiness is just what I get for trying to go without a game engine. The game exiting like that certainly sounds like a bug, so thank you for letting me know! To be fair though after freeing all the rats there is just one more area to kind of look at. Nothing to do there but walk around... I had wanted to make it a central hub but of course once again time was the issue, so I just left it in as a final piece to explore. Thanks for the feedback!

FYI I've updated the Windows build so it's not nearly as choppy

@wonderingmonster Thanks for the feedback. I'm guessing you played the Windows version which definitely has some issues, my dev machine is Linux and for whatever reason that one runs way better than the Windows version, I'll see if I can get an optimized version up real soon.

And I definitely agree on needing a challenge, there was supposed to be attacking enemies but I just ran out of time :) ! Thanks for at least taking a look!

Haha, I wasn't really sure what I was doing but I ended with 13 Best Lap and a crash that just left me laughing to myself... I would say that's a worth while little game experience, well done! I appreciate the Linux build again!

The Linux build works perfectly for me (Mint 17.3). Thanks for adding it!

This is pretty fun and I enjoy the graphics, doesn't even seem limited to two colors.

Any chance of a Linux download? It runs fine under Wine for me but would love to try a Linux native build.

A pretty neat game beginning going here. The jumping could be a little awkward but overall I enjoyed playing the game. Keep up the good work!

Nicely done. Quite an enjoyable little game. I particularly like how the shots come back to you after a while of being fired.

The window would just close on me whenever I ruined a pizza, however, on reopening it remembered my stats. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, it was a bit jarring.

Love the idea. Well done!

Great job! Really enjoyed the experience.

I enjoyed the game, but had quite a few issues with the camera.

Reminds me of Castlevania on the N64 with both looks and a female protagonist shooting somewhat homing magic bullets :)

Neat idea. I like the challenge of changing colors to match the incoming enemies. It can be a bit awkward with the controls though, maybe if the mouse button would shoot instead of space.

FYI: The game wouldn't start if I opened it in a folder with a space in the name

Very cool! I enjoyed playing this one for a while. I did find that I had no reason to not just hold down the boost the entire race.

Wonderful use of the terminal!

I love the "animation" of the attacks, it really makes the game feel alive.