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That was fun, I like the interpretation of pokemon as an action game! Love the names too, great job!

I agree, one of my favorite classical pieces! Thanks for playing my very rough game!

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I certainly plan on updating and adding more things to do and challenges!

I just retested and yeah, you're right,  it does start from the last respawn point. I must have either accidentally pressed "Start Game" instead of Continue or wasn't as far as I had thought when that happened :) .  Great job again!

Wow, this is incredibly impressive for the time given. Fantastic work and great use of electromagnetism! Only thing I can say is I hit Esc to pause the game at one point and when I hit Continue it just started me over at the beginning again. Not a huge deal, but everything else was so spot on I have no other critiques.

Amazing job on this! Way to go!

Thanks for playing and your comments! I plan to add an editable control menu now that the jam is over. I ended up meshing two control schemes together into one  when I really should have left it a choice, but glad you had fun anyway!

Thanks for playing! I'll have to check out the crashing, it never crashed on me (well after my last build anyway!), but now I know what to look for, thanks!

Really like the artwork for this, and great job getting an intro and all that dialog in during a 48hr jam! Naturally I would love to see more battles, seems like this could come together quite nicely. Good job!

Thank you so much for playing and your comments!

Thank you for your honest feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts. I'll address yours and in no way take any offense to anything you said, just giving my honest thought process in making those choices:

  • I had originally wanted to only allow the player to use the mouse to move and shoot, but found it was much more enjoyable with WASD and never removed the original control scheme... so I can certainly agree left click might feel more natural. Perhaps I'll add a control choice in a menu moving forward.
  • Totally agree on AI ease, simple was better for me as far as jam went, but definitely noted for future updates.
  • I know I went overboard on screenshake, knew I was taking a risk with its outright madness, but I enjoyed it overall. I'll definitely allow for some options there or toned-down-ness moving forward.
  • I can see what you mean on larger projectiles as well, I went for less of a caring about personal wellness and for the overall ant hill style here. But I could definitely see many style points that way

Again thank you so much for your feedback as it is truly useful advice to take forward if I want to continue dev on this project (which I think I truly do). Thanks!

The CPU shows no mercy! Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for playing!

Thank you you so much! Thanks for playing!

I liked the art style and it's pretty fun. The music was a bit loud for me. Good job

Pretty cool and fun game and really liked the facial expressions! For some reason I thought the holes were walls at first, even though the instructions told me they were holes, but I remembered when I was about to burn to death! 

Great job!

Who would have thought burning grannies could be so fun? The voice over for kills was giving me some serious Unreal Tournament 2004 nostalgia! The first time I went into omega blaster mode I just about lost it though, so funny! Great job on making something like this in the jam time!

(I apparently haven't updated my 7zip in years and couldn't get the .rar to open until I did so, but I was finally able to play!)

Pretty neat visually and the bombs are a neat concept. I had some trouble with controlling my character at times, the controls just felt a bit "floaty". With a little bit of polish this could be a really compelling game! Great job overall!

Really awesome atmosphere! The art and sound are awesome! Hannah seems like a cool girl too! Great job, had fun playing this one!

I like being able to burn down the terrain, pretty cool addition. Nice little game where I can take out my aggression towards scarecrows! Good job!

Good job making a simple 8 bit style game with one simple input! I just wish when you lose a level you can just retry it immediately instead of having to restart the whole game. I enjoyed playing, have a good little game here!

Great menu art and fun, yet absurd (in a good way!), story! I had some trouble during the game telling if I was successfully collecting anything, but overall good job!

Fun game to play and I liked the visuals and audio, nice Gameboy feel there! Definitely a tough one, I think my average lifespan in the game was 5 seconds! I had a lot of fun playing though, great job!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Thanks for playing and your comment!

I knew some people wouldn't enjoy the screen shake as much, but I went overboard on purpose for this one for a little humor :). I do plan on updating this one a bit, so I'll see if I can add a slider for personal preference.

Thanks for playing and your feedback! 

I like the minimal pixel art and 8 bit sounds. Really cool and fun game! Nothing like beating slimes with a block on a chain!

Great addition to a classic game! I chuckled the first time I got a void sandwich. Well done, and even better that it was in 12 hours. Good job!

Cute graphics and premise, who knew bubbles need so much candy to be happy? Great job on your first game!

I feel like I just had a spiritual experience crafting sandwiches!! 

Excellent work and very unique! Great job!

Wow what a great atmosphere and level of polish! I'm terrible at the game, but really enjoyed myself regardless! Really pretty great what you can do with just some simple shapes, amazing work!

Pretty fun to chop through those sneaky ingredients! The faces on all the ingredients was pretty funny, great job!

Perfect use of the Gameboy achievement! Very enjoyable experience and clever dialogue, great job!

Really well made puzzle game! Looks very polished. Took me a minute to realize what on earth I was supposed to do, but once I understood it was a pretty solid mechanic! Great job!

The art and music is pretty great! Fun little game, though sometimes I wish the gun shot a little further, but that might be just because I kept messing up my shot timing :)

Good job!

Neat ideas in this one, quite enjoyable to shoot the darts and nice that there are different types. Maybe add some sort of indication you hit the target, I know it sticks, but sometimes when I was shooting at a few I wasn't sure if I hit it or not until I looked at the score.

Great job!

I don't think there's much else I can say that hasn't already been said, great game! I love the simple, yet amazing looking, ASCII art and the audio is spot on (my favorite may be the death sound!). I loved watching it progress in discord as well... a really solid jam game! Congratulations, you should be proud of this one!

What a great short and fun game! I'm glad to see you actually went with a game using text as art! I remember that discussion in the discord channel!

I had a lot of fun playing this one, great job! And as I have to say to most people, love seeing Godot because I'm all about that open source! 

Have to love rhythm games! I love the music and the visuals. I agree with what others have said before, I wish it didn't go straight to the game over screen if you mess up. I kept getting thrown off by the lawyers because I got so fixated on blood or not and every time I was bummed I had to start all over.

Really great game overall, one of my favorites so far! I remember seeing you posts during development and really wanted to try. Awesome job! (P.S. love seeing Godot games, Yay Open Source!!)

Really fun game! Seemed like there was good thought put into the levels and I liked the visuals a lot. I found the simple one button mechanic really fun and even liked playing around making big slime towers. Music and sound would have been appreciated, but I certainly understand not being able to get everything done for a jam.

Great job!

Nice relaxing game, I enjoyed the audio and aesthetics. I'm not sure if it's just for me, but the black hole never shows up I just have to remember where it is based on the video. Once I realized that though I was able to play through.

You should try making your itch game page recognize it as an HTML game so we can play in the browser.

Great job!

Haha, well this is certainly something here! Crazy art style and nice pointless clicking fun! Nice job!

Looks great and nice punny game! Haven't played multiplayer yet, but maybe I can convince someone to play with me later! Really good job, super cool!

I did find that if I just kept pressing the jump button I just flew out of the stage and never came back (I did figure out how to reset myself to the middle though)! Also is there anyway to exit without having to Alt+F4 out?