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Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I definitely want to add some difficulty levels to help with that stress level  :D  For the jam I just stuck with one difficulty on the harder side, couldn't have people mastering it too quickly!

Thanks for playing! 

The music was provided open source by Primal Light

Thank you so much! Thanks for playing and commenting, I love hearing feedback!

Thanks for playing and commenting, I appreciate it!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! Now I always just think of the incoming missiles as rods from god :P

I do agree this is a unique tower defense game, a nice spin on the classic genre. It's pretty tough where it seems like you can get stuck and just killed very quickly on a single wrong turn. I really liked this game though and I'll have to spend some more time trying to get better to make it all the way to the end.

Some audio would really add a lot to this game and a way to quickly restart that first level immediately. Overall a great entry and great job!

Wow, this game is incredibly polished! This is just a really impressive game jam entry. The gameplay is fun, the art is intriguing, and the audio is on point. You even included a tutorial (which was much needed) that easily explains the game mechanics. Just an overall great entry, well done!

It was really hard to know what to do and I didn't feel like I had enough time to actually make any meaningful choices... but I really like the idea behind this game. It's very ambitious and I appreciate that, as well as the theme being one of importance. I may just need to spend more time playing to better understand what I'm doing but really it's very cool and you should be proud, great job!

Good start to something here. I was really confused on the first level until I realized you could change the camera angle, making that more obvious from within the game would help a lot. I would also suggest if possible, on the long corridor, if just pressing 'W' would make you walk down it at an angle. It was a bit awkward trying to walk down without running into the wall a bunch. Keep up the good work!

This game is really cool. The music and sound effects work perfectly to give a nice mood to the game. Very nice execution on the idea, great job!

Given this was your first game jam as long as you learned something it's great to release even a simple prototype. I can see this having some potential as a fleshed out puzzle game with all the additions you mentioned wanting to add, keep up the hard work!

I would suggest just packaging the executables along with the pck file in a zip file just to cut down on some of the confusion.

Really cool game! Can be a bit tough with running out of fuel, but I was able to finally make sure there is HOPE for the future!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's definitely on the harder side... I was inspired by old school arcade games so have to keep those quarters flowing!

Thanks! It definitely takes some getting used to, I do plan to add "waves" of missiles at some point so maybe I can ease the player into it a little better when I do that. That's a great score! Better than my wife could manage :) ! 

I really enjoyed the music, gave the game a nice atmosphere and "mood". It was kind of hard to see where you were going after a jump with the camera following the player exactly, but I got the hang of it eventually. Nice little game, good job!

The character design was pretty funny. The camera made this really hard to play, especially towards the top of the screen. I had to make a lot of leaps of faith, but surprisingly was able to land many of them and make it to the earth flag.

This is a good start, keep up the good work!

I like the music and the animations and it makes me feel good when I get the right answers... but I'm still not sure I quite understand what I'm supposed to be doing exactly. Could definitely benefit from a tutorial or just explanation at the beginning. Really enjoyable though even if I'm guessing half the time, great job!

I feel like either the character needs to move a lot faster or the levels need to be much smaller. Also the AI could hit me from off screen before I ever knew where they were, so it just became a matter of memorizing where an enemy would be and just start shooting before they get close. Neat idea though and great effort!

This is a really cool concept for a game. I think with some polish and more levels this has the potential to be a really great and interesting puzzle game. Good work!

Good story, but I agree that the game is just too hard (and I love hard games). It needs more checkpoints to restart at to keep the player wanting to continue on. Otherwise they get frustrated and just quit. Good job though overall! 

The controls were a bit confusing... I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to play it properly. I did better just moving and firing straight up than trying to aim. 

I did like the theme and the music is pretty awesome!

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I think this game has a lot of potential. I was confused at what I was really doing at first but once I figured out it was pretty cool. Great aesthetics and a good idea.  I feel like with some polish, maybe a crazy taxi style passenger drop off system, it could be a total gem of a game. Great job!

Very cool game. The graphics fit the atmosphere very well and quite a challenge, but fun! I feel like this is the reverse of my game... now I know where all those missiles are coming from!

Great job!

Cute and unique puzzle game. It's pretty clever to combine a match 3 with a memory game and I liked the animation at the top of the screen. Great job!

Thanks for playing! That's a good idea to mention WASD, I don't know why I forgot to put that in the control description. I'll at least mention it on the game page for now and mention it in game post jam. I hadn't thought of a bloom effect but that might actually look pretty cool. Thanks for the feedback!

Fun game. I liked watching the rocket change with all the upgrades. Some audio would have gone a long way, but overall really great game. Great job!

Neat game. I love the simplicity of the game loop and yet it was pretty addictive. Art was really well done and fit the theme of the game very well. I never did seem to get repair options whenever I needed them, but such is the way of random events I suppose. Great job!

Loved the art style and the text was a nice touch. Good challenge and the different abilities on the way kept it pretty fresh. I had some audio issues on the Windows build and couldn't get it to play on my Linux machine. Really cool and stylish game though, great job! 

I did make it to the time machine with about 39 deaths on my first play through... I'll have to try and improve that number.

What a fun and silly little game. I'm sure you know there could be more to it, but I played for longer than I would probably like to admit. The camera pulling out and coming back in based on speed was a nice touch and it's for some reason just so satisfying to zip around all those bad future drivers! Great job!

Very impressive puzzle game. I love the concept and the puzzles were that perfect balance of making me feel smart for finding the solution, but not too overwhelmed I couldn't figure them out. Great job!

I really like the art and it's a pretty fun platformer. Climbing the ladders felt a little slow and I don't know if it was just my sound system, but those floating robot guys at the very beginning were very overwhelming on the sound side. I could barely hear anything else when they were on screen.

Good job overall!

I like the concept here, had some pretty good fun playing it. I don't think I'm very good though, I sure died a lot! The Expert mode was a nice touch too.

Also some interesting stuff happens to the controls if you turn your bus around to face backwards, I couldn't help but try that.

Great job!

Thanks so much for playing and the feedback!

Making the UI more consistent is definitely on my list of tweaks post judge period! Thanks again for playing!

Pretty nice game here. Felt like it took a really long time to beat that boss, but I managed to actually do it without losing any lives so a pretty good balance of difficulty. 

I liked the variety in how the ships that shoot came out and caused different patterns while still using the same enemy type. Also enjoyed the power-ups, kept it interesting.

Great Job!


I'm working on an update to give you a little bit more to do. It should be out in the next couple months. 

Love the simple mechanic that can be addictive. Great graphics and sound, nice job!

Very interesting and fun little game! At one point I got knocked outside of the walls and could just kind of run around.

I had a lot of fun with this game, great job!

Wow, really great game here! The artwork, sound, and gameplay are all top notch. I didn't expect to but I ended up playing the entire game, such great work! I really enjoyed the Mars level and the telegraphing of the enemy there... very cool.

Only thing I would say is maybe an option for autofire, I never really saw a point to not just hold down the fire button the whole time.

Really great work. awesome job!

Thanks for the feedback!

I had thought I should probably simplify the controls or at least have an in game prompt for them... but just didn't have the time to get to either of those ideas.  Definitely something I'll look into in the future. Thanks for playing!