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Fun platformer and I enjoyed the pixel art. Great job!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It certainly won't be the last clay game I make and maybe it'll inspire a trend of space claymation!

That was a lot of fun. I thought the switches were bombs at first because of the animation and sound when you flip them. Took me a little while to realize I was just continuously flipping a switch. Great job on this game!

Thanks so much for playing and your comments, I enjoyed watching your video!

I did indeed photograph clay models to make all the sprites! I actually made the models myself out of clay then photographed them on a green screen in each different animation stage. It took quite a while to make but was a lot of fun.

I plan to update it with sounds after the jam is over, I just ran out of time and didn't get to adding the sounds. But wanted to wait until after the judging to be fair of what I actually got done in the time.

I must say I loved the movie and this game was no disappointment! Very cool! I died a lot, but I had a whole lot of fun doing it and it certainly gave me nostalgia feelings of watching the movie. The graphics and sound were great to capture the atmosphere, Very well done!

Really fun game and really captures the feel of the movie! I would have liked it to have a high score displayed somewhere so I could know whether I'm doing better or worse each time, with those numbers being so big I tend to forget them easily.

Great job, this game is a lot of fun and rather addictive!

I like the visuals a lot. The sound was also nice and it really felt like you hit something anytime you crash. I feel like the ship could move a little faster or shorten the sequences right before and after passing through the planet. Those seemed to take a while and there wasn't much going on.

Really neat game overall! Great job!

This is a lot of fun, love it. Very simple, but well polished and quite addictive. Sound would obviously be nice, but I understand... I didn't get any sounds into my entry either!

Everyone should just play this in the background and it's perfect: 

Thanks for playing! As time consuming as it was for just a small game with claymation I can understand why there aren't many games out there that attempt it!

To echo the other comments  this was a delight to play! Lovely graphics and sounds, very impressive. I also really enjoyed the simple polish it had, very well executed. I did manage to get myself stuck in the ground by boosting into one of the "steps" up in the ground. I was able to wiggle my way out eventually so not really a big deal, but did throw me off at first. 

Great entry! Excellent work!

That was really neat! I like that there are two distinct game modes and the CRT effect worked very nice with the art. I do wish it would prompt before just exiting on the Escape button. Great job!

Fun game. I like how simple it is yet I had a lot of fun trying to land on the truck. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing and your comments! I agree it needs some feedback on getting hit, I spent all my time making clay models and didn't get around to working on the sounds :P ! Screen shake or kicking the ship are great suggestions. I'll probably update this some more after the jam and look to implement those as well as some sounds. Thanks again for playing!

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to comment!

Thank you so much for playing and your feedback! By camera hop do you mean the transition from one side of the area to the other? (Just trying to get a feel for what might seem unnatural to players)

I actually enjoyed the visuals quite a bit, even silly, they fit the theme of the movie very well. I had a tough time with the final scene, felt a bit more like luck than any skill on my part, but I thought the level progression was well done. Best "flappy bird" style game I think I've ever played! Great job and keep up the good work!

Really cool! I l loved the movie and loved this game sequence, felt just like the movie. I constantly hit the wrong sequence of numbers, but I probably just need more practice. I don't think there's much else I could add that others haven't said already, really great job!

Fun idea. I liked the use of the character's face and background color for in game visual cues (stalling or health), reminded me of the Doom guy or Wolfenstein. I wish the camera was zoomed out just a bit further as it's kind of hard to see what you're doing at times. Good job, it certainly reminds me of the scene from the movie!

I had some difficulty at times with slashing and as others have said the changing names was pretty great. Loved the look and idea, just wish it was a little more clear on why some of my slashes weren't hitting young Yolokin. Overall really cool, great job!

Thank you so much! I agree it needs some music or sound effects, I just wasn't able to get it all done in time.

Thank you for playing!

Cool mechanic and I like the menu too. Makes me want to keep playing, great job!

Cool idea and well done. I do wish there was a pause button, I inevitably hit Escape trying to pause and ended up just closing the game when I was so far in.

Also on a side note, nice to see a Godot game here... have to love FOSS game engines!

Cool game. The hand taking more than one item can get frustrating if you've collected a few already, but I pushed myself to finish.  Nice job!

Really cool idea and fun to play! I did manage to break the binary maze portion, I guess because I somehow put an empty line in my "code" to just stopped doing anything. It said running but just never did anything again. After a restart it never happened to me again. I really enjoyed the game, good work!

Neat idea, and much better ending for the toad. There was one part on the night level right before the first snake where I couldn't jump the full height for some reason. 

That was really fun and I liked the aesthetics of the game. The first time I got caught I forgot what I was supposed to do for a second and immediately lost. I don't think that's the game's fault, I just forgot the only button in the entire control scheme! I did better the next time! But did find it possible to do an entire run without getting caught once so that's neat. I really had fun with this one, good job! 

I really enjoyed this game! I thought the difficulty was just right, I was able to find Booba on my first try, but felt challenged the whole time. The only thing that bugged me was every now and then I would get stuck on the trees. Great job on this one!

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This looks very promising. Shame you didn't get hitboxes in yet, but I do like what I see so far. Love the music and the idea of controlling it from an in game screen.

Very cool game! Pretty original idea. I agree with the comment about a checkpoint for the human character. I was only able to make it up a couple levels myself, but certainly enjoyed the whole experience.

I liked the models, really nice for 10 days. It would be nice to see some kind of feedback when you hit the bad guys. I wasn't sure if I was actually shooting them or missing when I first started. And that music was too much for me to handle.

Overall nicely done. 

Cool game, but like the others I didn't want to break my keyboard so I didn't make it so far.

I liked the concept. Sometimes I lost control for a minute of my character, but overall really neat idea and good execution. Not much in the way of challenge, but I enjoyed the experience myself. Nicely done!

Nice. I knew what movie it was based on by just looking at the cover art. It definitely captured the spirit of Bill & Ted, nice work.

Thanks for playing!

Very nice little game. The controls felt a bit "floaty" to me which made it difficult to maneuver between some of those tough spots. Might just be my laptop though, I'll try again tonight when I'm at my desktop. 

Neat idea. It's almost too easy to just slice through everyone on the street without any trouble, but I suppose that's kind of the point. I assume the fade to black happens every time, I even tried a few times hitting the guy that runs off with the throw but still went black, this feels more like I've failed at something than made it to the end.

I like the art style, really made me feel like I was in one of the old movies. Good job!

It was a little hard to see the sprites on top of that background and it looks like the score doesn't reset after each run (though maybe that's a feature so every run is a high score run!).

Definitely gets the point across of racing to destroy the death star. Nice job!

Well there you have it, a game based on a movie of a fireplace. Great concept and funny way to make a movie game. I liked that following the flowers seemed to lead to all the different trees you could chop down. It's nice and simple, like a movie about a fireplace. Job well done!

I think that's possibly the best way you could ever play as an iceberg! I found the second game to be a nice little gem, I had almost given up on the first part thinking it was just a silly throwaway game. Glad I stuck through it and I really enjoyed the whole package. Great job!

That's understandable! Maybe after the first time you die allow a button press to skip the animation or an option along those lines.

Anyway it's a good problem to have because it just means I want to get back to playing that much faster!