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I'm pleased to report I reached out when I first saw this message and have now received my doubloon in the mail (I'm in the USA)! 

I love my pirate booty! Thanks for the awesome jam!

Thanks for playing and commenting!

There isn't really a difference in the resources yet other than where they are mined from. I'm planning on adding that in for an update, I just didn't have time to balance the differences in the jam time.

Thanks for playing! Currently there is no end state, I plan on adding more just didn't have the time to get it all in. 

Love the gif, that's pretty great! 

Pretty cool game. I enjoy shooting through the different orbits and trying to get it just right. Well done!

I like how simple it is yet still fun to try and get the planets to align. Could use some relaxing music to align to.

Great job, way to nail the theme too!

Nice relaxing little solar system sim. I really liked the art direction, it has a nice nostalgic feel to it.

Great job it's really cool!

Awesome news! Thank you American!

Definitely gives something to look forward to in these rough times!

The playlist is a fantastic watch as well. Thanks again and stay safe!

It's fun to run around and the animations are nice. Once I got the hang of it that big guy could never stomp me.

Great work!

Charming graphics and the tickling was a nice touch. Very cool that you were able to get some cutscenes in there. Well done!

Cool game. I like being able to run around a city. Great work!

Very cool and stylish! I loved just running around dropping bombs for no reason, quite satisfying. The type battle was intense and fun. Great work, can't wait to see more!

I actually thought this was really cool as far as art and feel went. Would love to see some more done to this. I can always appreciate islands, caves, and crabs. Keep up the good work!

Amazing, The sound effects sold the whole thing for me. Great job!

Haha, they have to make sure you're really dead!

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey thanks! I do plan on developing this idea out a bit more and RPG progression is a great idea! I'll also definitely have more tactics from the enemies, I wanted them at least walking around but just ran short of time. Thanks for playing! :)

Nice! Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I had a crude HUD with health on it, but I ended up breaking it too close to release. I agree on more character appearances too, definitely something I'm working towards.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! :)

This is a cool little game! The cannon sound effect is very satisfying. There's a lot of really good logic here to make a really cool pirate puzzle game in the future. 

Great work, fun game!

I like this take on bounties and pirates, it's pretty unique. I had fun seeing all the different ways I could flip the barrels around with the spinning bits too.

Good work!

I'm right behind you!

I'm pretty positive I can make it through all the games in the next 5 days :) 

Very cool game idea and super stylish. Like others, the camera makes it really hard for me to play. But I still enjoyed it overall. Great work!

Great use of the theme. After I opened the shower the rubber ducks seemed to really slow down the game and made it a little hard to make it back to clean up the pee... but I made it! I was playing on the browser so I'm sure that's why that happened.

Great work, that was a neat game!

Really creative all around! Great use of the theme, the gameplay was fun and simple, and the graphics were a nice touch. Very tough though, I have yet to make it all the way.

Nice work, great job!

The controls are really nice. I just barely missed Bronze for my first time. The timed medals definitely give something to go back and play for. The only gripe I have is the background music is a pretty short loop and we're listening to it for potentially 6+ minutes.

Great work, fun submission!

Definitely makes you want to keep playing. The angle made me want to keep hitting "W" to move left and I would jump instead, but I eventually got used to it.

Nice work with a good amount of polish, well done!

I like the bounty for hogs, great theme interpretation! I also liked having the player walk over the button to start the first level. That let's the player know exactly how the controls work before getting into the action. The timed shooting sections I felt could have been a little shorter, but that might just be because I'm trying to get through as many of these games played as I can!

Well done sticking through and getting your game out, great work!

Nice game! I like the ship model which is pretty relaxing to sail around. I had trouble finding any pirates to collect my bounty on though. The loading and firing the cannon mechanic was a nice touch too.

Good work!

Love the building of simple things to make one big hard thing to do! Clever usage of the theme as well. Really great job I enjoyed this one (even if I'm pretty bad at it)!

Haha, I don't know what I expected, it's exactly what you said it is.

Good job sticking through to release something anyway! I fully understand not having enough time, got me too :). 

Cool game with cute graphics. Some music and sfx would go a long way to making this really solid.

Great work!

I really like how simple yet engaging the whole game loop is, and the artwork is really good too!

Great work, nice entry!

Clever game and love the visuals! The drawing mechanic is awesome!

Fun game with good variety. It's like an extended boss fight... against a goose. Great work!

I was able to get the game working, you have to download both files and combine them to get a working game. Might want to package them all together for easier use. 

I felt like picking the coins up should go a bit quicker. The first couple times I kept thinking I missed it because it took a while to disappear. The level design was nice in a few spots with the drop down leading to more coins. Good work on submitting a game and keep up the work!

Nice models and punching was satisfying. As others have said easier movement would have been nice. Great work!

The controls were really cool. Great job on a fun little sailing game!

Haha, great work for a game made in an hour! Loved it!

I like the mechanics of just making simple choices, makes it really easy to pick up for a quick play. 

I did find after I died I could still continue to press up or down and actions would happen which left me with a higher score than I should have had, but nothing major.

Great job, I really enjoyed playing this!