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Clever idea integrating all those scenes into one game!

 I'll admit I was really confused until I came back to watch each scene and then the game made a lot more sense. It's a neat concept, but there isn't much substance to the actual gameplay. I went through the right door the very first time at the end so that even furthered my confusion and I had to go back and play again to make sure it made a difference which door was picked. It's always an accomplishment to finish any game for a jam, and those ghosts actually creeped me out when I first saw them! Great work!

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words and feedback!

I think this is a case of I played this game so many times what was challenging for me ended up being really hard for everyone else :D 

Maybe I'll remember to implement a difficulty slider next time to save keyboards and sleeping mothers!

Thanks for playing! I played around with the shadow timing quite a bit, hard to get that sweet spot. I wanted to make sure the game was challenging, but I played it so many times I might have made it a bit too quick :)

Thanks again for playing and for your feedback!

Aw thanks! I'm just trying to do my part to ensure everyone gets at least some feedback!  :D

Wow this is a really unique and fun game! Takes a while to get the hang of how to really play, but once I got it I couldn't help but just keep playing until I finally could take over the world! So much fun and the deck building and playing card angle was really a really nice take!

Really well done, great job!

Super creepy game and that's awesome! I loved playing through this. A few times I got a bit lost, but was always able to figure out where I was supposed to go. Great interpretation of the episode! I really enjoyed the atmosphere it created.

Excellent entry, great work!

The art was really nice and the animations were perfect! I liked the idea of only being able to see when sound is made, but it felt a little weird that you wouldn't be able to always "see" yourself at the very least. The boomboxes were a nice touch, it'd be neat if there were some other random things that would make sound along the way to highlight certain areas. The hostages felt a bit tedious at times, I think I accidentally threw one in a room or something and they just disappeared?

Overall an excellent entry with amazing art and sound work that truly captures the series. Great job!

There is actually a snake that wears a top hat in a different episode Courage which the cowboy hat is an homage to. 

I agree on the graphics... art has never been my strong point and I had a different idea in mind originally (based on the episode with the top hat wearing snake, Big Bayou) but ended up shifting right before the end of the game. As a consequence my background and menus were what really suffered but I powered through with a sort of "purposeful programmer art" aesthetic :D

Thank you so much for playing and your great feedback! I really appreciate it!

Entertaining point and click adventure and really liked the interpretation! The scene in the limo made me laugh and I thought the entire thing was really clever. Really well done, great job!

Very fun game and very clever combination of several different shows! The graphics and audio are perfect together. I was finally able to get all 9 cups of coffee and enjoy the dancing polar bear at the end as a reward, I was very proud of myself!

Great job on this great game!

This is a fun little shooter! The environment is really cool and I like the enemy models as well. The main character seems to have an issue holding their hand still though! I wish it was just a little more accurate on the shooting as sometimes it took me a while to finally hit my target. A pause menu would be nice, I had to step away for a minute while playing and naturally hit "Escape" but that just closed the whole game and I had to start over.

Overall great job, I had a lot of fun!

Very cool concept, I certainly felt time lordy with all the various versions of myself running around. My finger kind of hurts from holding down the shift key to run, maybe if it could toggle that would be easier. Some sound effects would be a nice addition as well. I was determined to make it to the portal at the end and thought I might be going insane trying to find it, but I made it in the end!

Overall really good job on this!

Impressive atmosphere and tense build up for such a short game! Excellent use of audio. I was legitimately scared to go into that room!  Very well done!

Haha, I could see BGM being weird with the gameplay. It's a bit of a throwback to the Courage the Cowardly Dog series as a whole, they often use classical music in the background during many of their episodes. When playing with lighting I got the idea for Moonlight Sonata and kind of enjoyed the juxtaposition of feelings you described :)

Thank you so much for playing and your feedback!

Cool game idea and very immersive. I was only able to find one other person, who scared me worse than the monster when they ran up to me! Can you actually kill the monster? I kept attacking but always died when I fought one. I did like that the light changed color to indicate health, that's a nice touch!

Well done!

Really cute and fun game! I wish there was a checkpoint system instead of having to start all over if you die, I accidentally ran straight into a spirit at the very end and had to start all over. At one point too the cat got stuck on the wall and wouldn't go finish off the spirits, but that only happened one time.

Great game overall, well done!

This game is awesome! The visuals were top notch and stealing everything including fridges was a really funny and fun thing to do. The lockpicking mini-game was really cool too. Stealth seemed a little on the easy side, but still fun regardless. Running from the police was really fun and everything was just really well polished. Great job!

The graphics were pretty cool and felt very cartoony, maybe just have them flip around when running to the left. I had no idea what I was doing the first time around, but I got the hang of it the second time. The controls felt a bit "floaty" but overall a neat concept and good episode interpretation!

Great job!

I think my favorite was House Dracarys. Being able to pass through the burning areas seemed to really help me make it to the throne first :) 

The artwork was really nice and I liked the addition of the boombox for music. Gameplay was a bit slow for me, but I thought making all the combinations was really cool. I did find if I was holding something I would still be holding it when the level went to the next one (useful holding something like purple or rainbox). A couple times too I would drop the box on the ground rather than ship it off. I would just have to pick it up and drop it again, but it happened quite a bit to me.

Really cool game and well made, great job!

Really cool game idea, seems like there is a lot here and still even more potential moving forward! I found the enemies a bit hard and I would like a bit more feedback when I'm being hit. I wasn't really paying attention to my health in the HUD and didn't realize they were killing me so quickly. Some sort of visual feedback there would be nice.

A very solid entry, great job!

The artwork was really neat and a nice abstract take on Game of Thrones! Really nicely done! I was confused on what I was supposed to be doing at first but I quickly caught on. There didn't seem to be a way to close the game though, I had to hit Alt+F4. 

I enjoyed how quick it was to play through a few games and try out all the different houses, well done!

I enjoyed that interpretation, that's certainly unique! The art was cute and the audio was pretty funny, great job!

This was amazing! As said, more stuff to destroy would make this better, but it's a lot of fun the way it is and just hilarious! I'll be sending this to my wife who has been trying to get me to watch this show :) 

Who doesn't like shooting zombies? I did feel like the zombies were way too slow to be of any actual threat and the gun seemed to shoot off to the side of the crosshair. That combined with the zombies slow reaction to being shot I was never really sure if I was actually hitting them or not at first. I enjoyed all the different rooms, good job!

Neat gameplay idea and interpretation of the episode! I enjoyed the graphics and the music was really nice. It's a pretty unique idea for a game and I had fun playing it, great job!

Fun game and upgrades are a nice touch to keep the game going. I agree it needs some sort of visual indication of how far you're flying, clouds or something to see flying past. Also if the character would tilt or react visually somehow when pressing left or right. I wasn't sure if it was making a difference at first.

Good job!

Nice artwork and fun gameplay! Neat game idea and I liked unlocking the dragons after defeating them, a nice touch! I definitely had to play until I unlocked everything. Great job!

Thanks so much for playing and leaving your comments!

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! Art is definitely not my strong point! I spent a lot more time on the snake and bird, then shifted my idea so the background and the UI were thrown together pretty fast so I'm not surprised it showed. Glad the controls were quick to pick up and you had fun!

Thanks so much for playing!

Cool game with classic difficulty! It did have me wondering why I would ever use the left mouse attack when the right was always a better option. 

I had a lot of fun with this and the graphics were really good, well done!

I appreciate the idea, but there is no way to actually lose or quit once you begin the game. Even without the realization that I couldn't actually die I thought the health went down a bit too slow. Good idea here, it just needs to be finished!

Great job for a fist time go! I liked the atmosphere and who doesn't like collecting firewood? I had no trouble my first playthrough but the second time I ended getting lost to where the circle was and couldn't find it before dying. So maybe some sort of indication on where to head after collecting the firewood would be helpful. 

Congrats on completing a game jam and keep up the hard work and make something awesome!

Interesting game that seems like it would be nice once it's fleshed out. I like the animations and that there are different areas to explore. I think the main character misses way more often than he should, I would spend several battles just mashing the A button on attack because we both kept missing and not seeing when I would actually defeat the enemy.

Solid start to a game, nice work!

The animations of the stick figure were pretty funny and I managed to get "Greats" a few times... but I honestly wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. Also it would tell me I won and also that I died which was a bit funny.

I understand not having time to finish a jam game! Be proud you got something out, congrats!

I liked the simplicity and the graphics are hilarious! Definitely got the vibe of the show from it. I found it literally impossible to keep it in the green when all lights lit up, but was able to beat it in one go, just a bit tired! :) 

Very cool idea, great job!

Pretty cool little game. I liked the controls and thought it worked really well! Great interpretation use of the episode! I didn't have trouble on my keyboard with the F1 key, but I know on many laptops and such that can be an issue so maybe mapping that key to a different one would be better (or as you said below making it a toggle).

Great job!

I really liked this one! Very cool use of the Weeping Angels! Only problem I had was a few times I thought I was looking right at them but they would be attacking and kill me. Wasn't an issue often, but happened about twice during my playthrough. The simple puzzles to open the door were a nice addition as well. Checkpoints were spaced out well enough not to be frustrating if I failed.

Really cool game and I had a lot of fun! Great job!