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Kairos is a game about game achievements and their meaning.
Submitted by daniFM (@daniFMdev), MrRizos (@JoseMartinSoS), Alex_Moralo — 11 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#133.6673.667
Metaness Quality#173.9703.970
Uniqueness of Metaness#233.7273.727

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Breaks the Fourth Wall
Game Mechanic Deconstruction

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
-Fourth Wall:
We make the player part of the action, making him present as one of the “viewers” of the Theatre play, especially with some sounds like the lone clapping.

-Mechanic Deconstruction:
What we try to achieve especially with this game is to “Deconstruct” in a way, the way all the games give and use the Achievements itself in their games, sometimes even, as a way to make their games artificially longer.
In our game you will receive an achievement for anything you do. Literally every decision you make will end in you winning an Achievement. (And this will lead you to a final choice).

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
We picked the sounds and music from an open source.

How many members in your team?

Team of 3

List your team's social media!

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OK, I finally uploaded a video of my playthrough, it can be found here:


lol :)


I liked this game quite a bit! The achievement system was quite wonderful.  The best part was actually shining things.  I liked that the most, it was so annoying!  I think that I would have liked to have seen the effects of my choices more clearly.  I wasn't really getting what impact I was having on the overall game.

Overall, pretty excellent work!


Thanks for your feedback and your nice words!


Very nice graphics and funny voices.

Check out your game in this video.


Glad you liked it. And thank you for posting your video!


Thanks for ur video! we are glad u liked it.

We are working on a few things that you comment as well in your feedback . 

(And also, the game does have and end ;P )

Deleted post

You should be able to make it in about 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your interest,  can you tell us when you post the video?


I love Reigns and Lapse (similar games) and I actually wanted to submit a sort of game like these. Glad I didn't because your game ended up being better than what I had in mind. Wonderful set up and pretty good realisation. Kudos to the artist :) 

All the achievements for every single actions seem annoying though (but I guess is a way to mock all the games' achievements).  

Unfortunately the colors of the bars are not enough to make clear which "field" they are attached to. I would suggest to make it more clear, for example with a icon or a short explanation at the beginning of the game. 


Thanks for your feedback, and your nice words!

We are actually working on the bars problem already! hope we can update it soon enough. These and some problems in the rythm of gameplay are some design problems that we are trying to surpass :D

And yes, you're right,  we mainly used the Reigns franchise as main reference in order to work a bit on the Achievements theme.


I was a little confused about the bars at the top - on my first playthrough one of them emptied and the game ended, but there wasn't much indication what causes them to go up or down. Still, an extremely enjoyable game. It feels very well put together, the art style is great, and a few of the achievements made me actually laugh.


Thanks for your feedback!

A few players has being reporting the same issue with the bars, we are currently working on it, so hope we have an update soon!

We are really glad to Achieve some laughs with the game! ;) 


Hey, nice looking game! I enjoyed the atmosphere and humor.
The waiting time between petitioners felt a bit to long for me (Could have polished  some medals I guess :)). Also, sometimes I would get the same answer twice.


Hi Fabian. Glad you liked it! 

Thank you for your feedback. We are considering how can we make the game flow a bit smoother (tweaking the waiting times and trophies), but you're right, we intended to leave that time for cleaning the trophies in the first place :)

We use a demi-random algorithm to pick the sentences, so it’s possible one may appear twice, I wish we had more time to make more requests so this wouldn’t happen so often...


Me encanta el estilo que tiene, así como los sonidos y las voces!!! blablablabla xD


Muchas gracias por pasarte! :D


Great game! I'm looking for Lumps Plays and this one is a bit too wordy to record for me, but I wanted to drop by and say how good I thought it was anyways! Cheers. 


Oh, thank you, that's nice of you! ;)


Nice twist to a pretty meta commentary on achievements! The puppetlike artstyle goes well with the lighthearted tone, and loving the day/night cycle effect. If I had one nitpick it would be the dialogue being obscured by the achievements popping up. 


Glad you liked our game :) And thanks for your feedback!


This was awesome!  I love the art and music/sound especially -and how he grows a giant beard at the end -the humor was great too >> "single and ready to mingle" lmfaoo xD


Thank you very much <3


Me vicié fleje 


Nice parody of Sort the Court! =D The dialogs are really fun.


Wow! We actually didnt know that game before doing this one! Actually, we took more reference on the Reigns franchise.

I spent some time playing it after you placed your comment, and its pretty enjoyable, and cute, too.

Glad u like it tho! :D


1. Muy bueno... sencillamente genial


Muchas gracias!


Great game and I loved the puppet style!


Thanks! Glad u liked it!