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A jam submission

Daisy DangerousView game page

A action-puzzle platformer for the Meta Game Jam
Submitted by securas (@Securas2010) — 6 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#323.1253.125
Metaness Quality#673.0833.083
Uniqueness of Metaness#722.9172.917

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Breaks the Fourth Wall

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
The main character may address the player with game problems and complains about transforming into a banana if it dies too many times

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
This game's assets are entirely made by myself but it uses one font that I've made previously for other projects.

Some of the base mechanics of this game are based on one of my all time favorite games: Rick Dangerous. It was my objective to break down some of the aspects of that game that I liked the most.

However, I've modified those mechanics substantially to enhance action in this game, rather than puzzle as was the case of the original.

How many members in your team?

Team of 1

List your team's social media! Securas (

Twitter: @Securas2010 (

Youtube: Securas (

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Please enjoy this game. To install it, just unzip and run the executable.

For windows users:

- Windows protection might complain. As far as I know, this is a false positive

- Windows scaling might act up. If it's a problem for you, please disable windows scaling on the .exe properties

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OK, I finally uploaded a video of my playthrough, it can be found here:


From a gameplay perspective, this is my favorite game of the Jam that I've tried so far! Really fun, looks and sounds great, and a good challenge. The humor is a nice touch too! Sadly, the game ran way too slow on my PC once I reached the rain level. I would love an option to disable the particle effects so I could finish this!


Glad you liked the game and I'm sorry that your experience was not satisfatory due to the heavy game requirements. Out of curiosity, what computer is this? @JackLeHamster and @meatpudding also had issues but all the computers I tested it on were just fine. My development PC is pretty powerful so I usually try to test it on less powerful machines to figure out if adjustments have to be made. I had no problems on a 2016 macbook pro or a 2017 microsoft surface and these are not the most powerful.


I've got a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A. I think it's from around 2013. I have 8 gigs of RAM and an AMD-A4-5000 (1.50 GHz) video card.

So basically, it's not a gaming PC! :P


Oh... I see... I don't think your PC's that bad. I also tested it on a 2011 macbook air which is much less powerfull than yours and it was fine. Might be something else... 

Well... It might be a bit too late for this jam but I'll try to include some disabling options next time. It might be hard due to time constrains though so I don't think I can place it on the top of the list of stuff to do. It would nonetheless be interesting to have an automated way to determine the performance of the player's PC and adjust stuff correspondingly.


That's cool! Strange that it works on a 2011 Macbook Air, but not on my PC, maybe it has something to do with the OS... but I honestly have no idea.


Great game, made me very nostalgic of that particular 80's game, but this was even cooler because Daisy could shoot while jumping, and turn into a banana :-P

Please check out the let's play video here:


This was one of my favorites. The meta element is pretty minimal, but after you've died a few times... That got a chuckle out of me. Good work. :)


Cheers! It was a good play with good advices to improve the design. I already modified the game to follow some of your suggestions, including an attempt to balance the sound and music volumes.


Man I've been looking forward to playing this one and it did not disappoint!  It's so snappy and fun to control -the action direction is spot on!  The art and effects are fantastic and really polished, great humor and I loooved the music too!  -very impressive work!


Thanks for playing it! I also had a great time playing your game!


Sec, great work man! You did a wonderful job on this and I really really enjoyed b reaking your game live! Overall, really polished.  I'd love to see a little improvement on the ladder mechanics, but other than that, great work!


Hopefully, I've managed to fix that in the latest version... Still to fix is the boss though...


A challenging as nuts entry. I have to echo that ladder+arrow is more deadly than it should be because you can get stuck on a climbing frame instead while trying to press jump. But otherwise, the challenge was pretty fair, controls were super tight and responsive especially in areas requiring precision, that sweet pixel art, really cool music and solving that final boss made it oh so worthwhile! (I wonder why the final boss was still referring to me as a human when I was a banana)


Hey! Thanks for playing my game. It is indeed challenging and I actually updated it to be easier. The first version was perhaps too much..


Wow, nice game and it was quite long too :O
Very nice graphics! (the water reflections don't match so well with the pixel look of the rest of the game imho). Some combinations felt a little frustrating for to me (like ladder + arrow trap). I liked the narrative scenes very much, and would have liked if there were even more of them.
Very cool, congrats on this entry!


Uau! Thanks for all the feedback!

I tried to make it as challenging as the original... Most likely a bad idea for a jam game. I might revise this some time this week. The water was sort'of a last minute addition and I didn't worry too much about combining it with the pixel look. I'm not really a pixel art purist :) but I might also revise this. Hopefully the shader can be modified to remain within a pixel grid.

Again, Thanks a lot for checking it out.


This is the second game I play from yours Daemon vs Demon being the first! Fun and great games!!


Glad you like them... 


Just Wow!

thats the 3rd game i've played from the metagamejam submissions. and it is overwhelmingly fun to play.

I played it on my not very powerful linux laptop and it run just fine, with decent framerate!


Thanks! I was really worried that there would be a problem specific to linux since I could not test it properly. I guess that a reasonable machine is still required though.


welcome, and congrats again: would be great if you check out (and rate) the first game we 've ever made:


there's no need to ask. Of course I'll gladly rate your game.

Deleted post

This game is a lot of fun. Unfortunately runs with a pretty low framerate for me on Linux. Might be worth getting new ammo at the beginning of a stage.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for trying it. It's a shame about the framerate. I actually tried it only on PC and MAC since my very old linux machine is unable to handle Godot 3. As for the ammo... It's part of the challenge to manage it :) Then again... Daisy asked for it :)