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I think it was from getting dizzy with the spinning and orbiting planets. It gets a bit nauseating to have to track a fast spinning object

Interesting concept! I like that it had a kind of puzzle element to it

Cool game!

Cool idea! Like battle-royale golf lol. I liked it but I didn't play for long because the graphics gave me a headache.

Nice game. It was a bit hard because I felt lost in the world. I thought I picked up four ingredients but I couldn't finish the game. And you need to have velocity and acceleration in your jump logic.

Nice. I thought it was really cool. A bit too fast for my reflexes, but I got a full shipment of people to Mars!

Wow this was really cool. Lots of detailed mechanics, nice graphics and sound. Controls were sweet, I think it was well polished all around.

Really in-depth game. I liked flying around but didn't know what to do with the resources.

It was nice! I didn't know how to finish the game so I ran around outside with all my money. Was great fun!

This is a cool game and it felt really polished. The graphics look really nice.

Wow! This was really cool :)

Pretty nicely polished game. Well done!

Really great and innovative type of puzzle game. I tried to solve it but got stuck on a few levels :)

It was a really fun and addictive game, also very challenging. I got close to the high score.

Nice. I thought there were a lot of cool details here. I think my mana kept running out because I died a lot.

It was pretty fun and I likes the music that went along with it.

It's simple, it's pure, it's a cause you can get behind. Blow up the moon!

Was really great I loved the different stages. The Puzzle screen got stuck on a bug so I don't know if there was more.

Yep you finished everything. There was going to be more of a point to the mining part of the game, so that got cut but I left the dark side in as an easter egg.

It's cool that you made it but the game is so hard!

Woah nice game. I liked the animation on the main astronaut. The eyes are really scary...

This was really fun to play. I would have liked to see more levels!

It was a cool game. Pretty easy for that kind of shooter. I liked the graphics a lot, the enemy types were distinct and the shots looked good also. Controls are responsive and sound effects create a really nice atmosphere. Could be epic with more power ups. Fun to play!

This was cool. I thought it ended up being fun and interesting.

It was a cool game. I liked the puzzles.


It was fun. I was confused about the controls. Art was cool and cute.


It was cool. I'll look forward to the update :)

It's pretty good. I played to the end.  I liked the graphics the best. I think the mechanic got a little boring on its own, but it was well executed in the game so I gave a good score.

Simple idea, really well executed and catchy gameplay. Fun game!

Nice idea! It starts out really hard. Looking forward to seeing it expanded on.

It would be better if it was more clear about what was the selected object. I was a bit lost because I didn't know how to make drones at first.

I liked it a lot. It was a bit tricky to figure out the pieces and how to get them so I kind of got stuck at the start.

I think the long time is a good addition. Yeah I agree it's boring, but you just have to try not to get caught!

Nice game! Well executed all round, challenging and the perfect length for a game jam. I enjoyed playing!

I didn't like the precision style levels, would have preferred more sonic style free running

It's weird. I like it.

Really cool style

Cool game, I like it. Maybe a couple of glitches... the part where you have to drop from 4 blocks over a laser didn't work every time, also I got stuck at the last elevator at the end by dropping into it.