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Glad you like it! I like science, too :)

I lied the idea and the gameplay. The only criticism I have is it seems a little laggy, maybe you should be able to move faster, but that was just me.

It's ok but there are too many bugs to be enjoyable. Good start to a game and I liked the music.

I don't know about that bug... I think it can happen if you go fullscreen before the game has fully loaded.

Pretty cool idea. Would have been fun to throw in a random 2.

Can you make it to 100 clicks in 30 seconds? Yes.

I don't get it but I like it! Cool design :)

I think ewe did really well.

I like the concept but I found it annoying. I think it was too hard to remember the combinations of the buttons and it became more of a memory game then a logic game. If it showed a preview like Thoof said, I think this would make it a lot more friendly and fun. I liked it overall but I only got through 10 levels.

I have adjusted the speed and reduced the play area (there are borders but it was so large before). The game over screen should work now. Thanks for your feedback!

I have adjusted the speed so it plays more like intended now.

Wow what a great game!

The mechanics are really funky and fiddly. I think it's a bit frustrating to be honest. But I like that it's totally original and I think the puzzles are difficult and interesting. 

Overall I liked it a lot.

Yeah I can't fix it now XD

The buttons are left arrow and right arrow

I like the look of it :) 

Thanks for playing! I have fixed it so that the starting position is nicer and in reach of better items. (It's still not finished yet).

Cool game! I had an issue where the player would move an extra space sometimes even if you release the move keys.

I did best with Stupid Answers :P

Nice game! I like the different puzzle styles, it;s pretty fun.

Thanks for playing! Some of the questions are harder than others. Guessing is always an option.

Yes it is.

Awesome. Nice game!

I couldn't really figure out how to use the controls or do the recipes... was just playing around for a while and the timer kicked in

This was good but I do wish it started out easier

Great work Comrade

Amazing work

This is a very interesting game. I haven't beaten it yet.

Wow this is a really cool puzzle game


Ok, I see. Thanks for posting. Not sure what the problem is there. It might help if you check the web console or browser console for any error messages.

Do you get the splash screen? What browser are you on? (I'm using firefox)


Thanks for trying the game :)

I will take a look and try to fix the bugs with loading the enemies.

I added a loading screen... do you see it? It loads but it might take a while. Please let me know if you get any browser errors.

Wait a while for it to load... The game file is 20MB and I don't have a loading screen yet.

Your six friends have been captured and you have to rescue them

It's not well explained but... there are 6 stages and when you complete each stage the door will show a light and a rescued character will appear in the main world.

Yeah exactly. Originally I wanted to make it that you have to actively fight each other. The problem with that is if the fight goes on for too long then the music runs out. To solve this I just made the "fight" a fixed duration. So you don't restart if you die, you just lose a life.

I have played a lot of watermelon themed physics platfomers in my life and I can honestly say that this was one of them. Good job!

Yes, you have to go off the right of the screen. I have had this feedback a lot so I will add some instruction for it.