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It's cool. I likes the different cutscenes :)

This was very atmospheric. A neat idea that fits the theme well.

It was hard andI didn't finish it, but I'm glad I played.

Hehe nice. I like puzzle games. Is the intro areferenceto Zork?

I didn't really figure it out either. I had opened up a bit of theworld, but I wasn't sure if I was doing anygood

It was fun. I liked that there were some characters and music. A few parts where you had to jump offscreen and some scrolling issues where you have objstacles offscreen as well.

I really liked this cool original puzzle. Nice!

Does scuffed mean cool? 

Because that was drip.

Thanks, I'm glad you figured it out in the end

It was cool and fun. I got 2100 points

It was cool and fun. I got 2100 points

Glad it worked for you!

I wish I would have had time to add some sound and music and more effects, too.

Thanks for the ideas!

I think the game would be good with some animations and some instructions on how to win. There is a controller input, but I know many people have to use keyboard.

These are great tips thanks! It was my first time using Godot so I'm hoping to learn how to implement all of these.

Thanks for playing. It's a shame about the audio... I put the second button there because it was taking too long to load.

I think it will load if you wait for a minute. I'm looking into the crashes and to make a downloadable version that should work better.

Thanks for letting me know. The game should load automatically so it sounds like it crashed sorry...

Nice I got to 1480

The style is very cool

Neat game! It was hard to remember some of the maps but they are not too big so I did end up finishing. It was a fun challenge

I think it was from getting dizzy with the spinning and orbiting planets. It gets a bit nauseating to have to track a fast spinning object

Interesting concept! I like that it had a kind of puzzle element to it

Cool game!

Cool idea! Like battle-royale golf lol. I liked it but I didn't play for long because the graphics gave me a headache.

Nice game. It was a bit hard because I felt lost in the world. I thought I picked up four ingredients but I couldn't finish the game. And you need to have velocity and acceleration in your jump logic.

Nice. I thought it was really cool. A bit too fast for my reflexes, but I got a full shipment of people to Mars!

Wow this was really cool. Lots of detailed mechanics, nice graphics and sound. Controls were sweet, I think it was well polished all around.

Really in-depth game. I liked flying around but didn't know what to do with the resources.

It was nice! I didn't know how to finish the game so I ran around outside with all my money. Was great fun!

This is a cool game and it felt really polished. The graphics look really nice.

Wow! This was really cool :)

Pretty nicely polished game. Well done!

Really great and innovative type of puzzle game. I tried to solve it but got stuck on a few levels :)

It was a really fun and addictive game, also very challenging. I got close to the high score.

Nice. I thought there were a lot of cool details here. I think my mana kept running out because I died a lot.

It was pretty fun and I likes the music that went along with it.

It's simple, it's pure, it's a cause you can get behind. Blow up the moon!

Was really great I loved the different stages. The Puzzle screen got stuck on a bug so I don't know if there was more.

Yep you finished everything. There was going to be more of a point to the mining part of the game, so that got cut but I left the dark side in as an easter egg.

It's cool that you made it but the game is so hard!

Woah nice game. I liked the animation on the main astronaut. The eyes are really scary...