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Thanks for trying the game :)

I will take a look and try to fix the bugs with loading the enemies.

I added a loading screen... do you see it? It loads but it might take a while. Please let me know if you get any browser errors.

Wait a while for it to load... The game file is 20MB and I don't have a loading screen yet.

Your six friends have been captured and you have to rescue them

It's not well explained but... there are 6 stages and when you complete each stage the door will show a light and a rescued character will appear in the main world.

Yeah exactly. Originally I wanted to make it that you have to actively fight each other. The problem with that is if the fight goes on for too long then the music runs out. To solve this I just made the "fight" a fixed duration. So you don't restart if you die, you just lose a life.

I have played a lot of watermelon themed physics platfomers in my life and I can honestly say that this was one of them. Good job!

Yes, you have to go off the right of the screen. I have had this feedback a lot so I will add some instruction for it.

Right now it is A-D to move and Space to jump. I would like the option to move with the arrow keys and jump with Up or W key.

This is really cool but I wish it had different controls.

Hi. Thanks for the comment.

I tried to address each of these issues in the update for version 1.1.

This is great! Are there other pacman 3d games like this? I've never seen one where you can see through the walls like this. I had fun but there are a couple of bugs. The mouse gets stuck so you can't move around very well even in fullscreen. And if you walk off the edge, well... you will never be eaten by ghosts. Cool game though.

Nice remake, good new mechanics and a different mode to play.

Cool game. I like the idea.

Just realised that this is now on the front page of the Godot web site. Nice work!

I died. :(

This is a very ambitious remake and I like the re-theming of it a lot. It's amazing how many of the features are working and the graphics look great! Interface is working well too but I couldn't build a generator.

This game is a lot of fun. Unfortunately runs with a pretty low framerate for me on Linux. Might be worth getting new ammo at the beginning of a stage.

Good game. I had no idea what was going on but I had fun.

I finished it and I feel the ending was a little disappointing. After the second boss there is a lot of walking and backtracking with nothing to really do at the end.

Have to agree that grey-on-grey was hard to figure out. Also the hit-boxes seemed a little off or too large. I wouldn't have chosen to do this scene top-down because the tunnel flight is so iconic, it loses some impact without the perspective. Thought it was a good effort overall.

Very cool. I actually loved the glitchy animation. Thought it was cool just to look at. This could be a really cool adventure if you keep working on it.

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Tried the web version but had an out-of-memory error when generating the level. (Firefox on Linux Mint)

Cool game

Thanks for playing!

Cool game. Could be awesome with a few tweaks. Mouse control dead-zone was hard to use because it was so big.

Cool and awesome game! I played the web version and had trouble... the movement keys weren't working for the first few rounds. I think it was working eventually and was epic fun.

I think you nearly got it... try clicking next to that area

Looks really cool. Love the theme. I was having trouble without instructions, I got into the first level or two and then got stuck.

Very nice game! Might be good to start with an easy round and then make it progressively more difficult. Otherwise lots of fun.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I don't have a win screen so the game doesn't end even when you kill the base.

Sorry about that.. the game can look broken when the sprites don't load. You're meant to pick a faction and an upgrade then click on the lower right corner (it's small).

Yes, I am trying to fix some publishing issues. More instructions are definitely needed.
I wish I had all the features of games like C&C in here.

Hi thanks for playing. I had an issue with the art assets because I was using a set with over 70,000 individual sprites, this one But now I have adjusted the units to use a sprite sheet.

Instead of putting the art on github you can download it from the game downloads page.

Did you try [M] key? I am going to update with better instructions.

Me too

Cool! I see there is a Discord channel for the Game Jam now so I can start posting there. What kind of sound do you do?

Hi, I was looking for a group to join during the game jam and I figure anyone looking for a group can post in this thread and hopefully meet other jammers.

Skills: Programmer

Looking for: 2D/3D Artist, Sound Designer