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Thanks its fun to see others playing our game. And thanks for making these great video reviews of all the games!

hi Chase of Bass,

Thanks for playing and the positive feedback. :) 

thanks faisti! :-)

i am happy that you like it.

Thanks for the feedback. We maybe have been too ambitious about the high score :). Great to hear you liked it.

hi randomphantom,

thanks for your feedback!

I know, there is missibg a short simple tutorial; it was planned, but we ran out of time.

Maybe we add one (and some animation, when loosing points and missing exceptions) after the jam.


would be great if you play it

hi, thanks for playing! and for your feedback ofcourse!

we were also surpriced how challenging it is when we tried it for the first time. 

Really a great game! I enjoyed it very much! Runs perfectly on my low power ubuntu 17.10 laptop.

Check out our game:

A super funny game :-)

Everybody loves Pelicans :-D

Only one small downside, like Yirggzmb said: some texts are too fast (for me as a non native speaker).

Check out org Game:

and have a nice day :-)

Great Meta Game, Congratulations! I really like it!

Works just fine on my Ubuntu 17.10 laptop.

Check out our Game:

Congrats, the game is really fun!

I just played it for a couple of minutes, but i will play it again!

Works just fine on my Ubuntu17.10 laptop.

Check out our MetaGameJam submission:

Thanks! I am very glad that you like it! :-)

welcome, and congrats again: would be great if you check out (and rate) the first game we 've ever made:

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Congratulations :-)

check out or first game ever made:

Fun to Play, works perferct on my low power linux laptop.

Just Wow!

thats the 3rd game i've played from the metagamejam submissions. and it is overwhelmingly fun to play.

I played it on my not very powerful linux laptop and it run just fine, with decent framerate!

i clicked 420 times ;-)