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#MetaGameJam entry
Submitted by ElGregos (@GregosEl) — 1 minute, 56 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Metaness Quality#54.3334.333
Uniqueness of Metaness#64.1484.148
Gameplay Innovation#93.8523.852

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Breaks the Fourth Wall
About Games Development
Genre Deconstruction
Game Mechanic Deconstruction

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
Are you sure you want to know? There's a high potential of spoilers here! Well. Ok, here we go.

Breaks the 4th wall: that's the easiest to spot, especially with the scrolltext in the 1st screen. The game is well aware of its player. The fact that the mouse pointer is no more moved by the mouse but with arrow keys, and then is blocked by walls and acts on its environment like any player avatar, while never stopping being a mouse pointer, is also part of that.

About Games Development: the whole game revolves around coding and program functions. At first your ability allows you to understand simple functions. Then the more you learn, the more your ability to understand them grows, and more complex functions get easier to read and set. More subtly, it also deals with gameplay choices made during game development: should it be a platformer? A top-view adventure game? A RPG? A puzzle game? Well, the game mixes all these, as choices are also a matter of parameters.

Genre Deconstruction: When done minimal, it's hard to tell apart top-down (à la Zelda) and side (platformer) views. What is a wall in top view can be a floor in side view. The game plays with this, having both views, and allowing the player to switch controls types. Would I've had more time, the graphics set would also switch between top-down / platformer spritesheets.

Game Mechanic Deconstruction: the RPG mechanic don't reflect here how powerful you are face to opponents, but what is your ability to understand complex functions and your growing experience with this. Just like IRL. The adventure part twists well known fixed screens games mechanic, which usually don't loop if exits face each other. Something the player can switch on/off too, making it a puzzle feature. The respawn mechanic used in many game also usually don't allow player to choose where to respawn, to the point of making it a puzzle element.

Sadly, there are many ways to make much more clever puzzles, but the level design has been quite rushed because of time constraints. Still tried to feature all those elements.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
None. But I used the same shirt twice.

How many members in your team?

Team of 1

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OK, I finally uploaded a video of my playthrough, it can be found here:


Thanks for your playthrough Heinrich. Your reaction at 20:50 really made my day! :D


I almost missed it, that would have been highly disappointing!


Fascinating idea. Curious to see how some of the "not yet implemented" ideas would have functioned. Not 100% sure the method I used in one area was "legit", but I did manage to beat it anyhow.


Well, the plan was to develop all of them, until gamejam remaining time called for being more realistic. :D Many other ideas couldn't make it neither, such as RAM and CPU use that are still hinted in functions. I'm happy you liked the game anyway, thanks!


A clever idea! And I eally liked the presentation. Notably the second screen, that gives a fantastic surprise. And I'm impressed with all the little ideas put into the game. Good job! :o


I am glad that I found the real game by reading the comments! That made the experince so much better.  I look forward to seeing more development as it will be a really neat experience! 

Wonderfol job!


Wow, I almost quit at the title screen thinking the game was just a joke game.  Then the cursor went off screen -wow!  Really felt weird the first time gravity kicked in -loved all the inside the game meta npcs.  Fantastic work and tied it up nicely at the end :D  -I really liked this a lot!


Thank you, I'm really glad you kept playing and enjoyed the game! On title screen, the bugging "H" title letter and the scrolltext  are supposed to give a clue about what to do, if the player is stuck, but I'm not sure whether it's noticable enough.


Lol well it did, that little "H" saved the day xD


Nice catchy title to draw you in then immediately dash your expectations but still provide you with a long term goal, very neat design.

Some of the functions were a bit unclear what they did but it was very fun to build up functions to solve puzzles but essentially changing the rules of the game.

Very nice little meta game which had plenty of great "Aha" moments.


Very clever mechanics in this one, although I couldn't really understand the concept behind "complexity" and "inheritance" functions and got stuck.


Hi, first, did you learn the 1st function found, the one described by "I enhance the RPG flavor..."? If you configure it with "yes" it shows stats with your understanding level (number) & xp (bar).

The complexity value from a function shows how hard it is to understand, so how long it'll take to learn it. If it matches your own level, it'll take like 1 second to learn. It'll go faster if your understanding is above the function complexity, and slower if it's the opposite.

The inheritance is linked to the scope of a function. The global ones affects the whole game, and if a function is present as global more than once in the game, their settings are all the same. The local ones affect the current screen only, and if they're set on "inherit", they take the value of their global version. Alas this is underdevelopped in game, because of a lack of time in levels design.

But knowing all this is not really necessary to progress, where are you stuck?


Very clever. I was pleasantly surprised.


Thank you!


Great Meta Game, Congratulations! I really like it!

Works just fine on my Ubuntu 17.10 laptop.

Check out our Game:


Wonderful "meta" game, well done! :D
Loved how you included changes in scope, mechanics, visuals, and more.
Really clever and had my noodle thinking overtime in parts!
Good luck in the jam :D


Thank you Paul! Too bad you couldn't participate, I wonder which meta game you would have done.


Ha! I probably wouldn't,  as thinking "outside the box" is not my forté! :D