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Paul Nicholas

A member registered Jun 28, 2016 · View creator page β†’


Recent community posts

Hey 2D,
Well done for creating a lovely and relaxing (for the most-part!) little fishing game.
The graphics are amazing for PICO-8, you really know how to push this console.
Loved the background music too - perfect for this game.
All the best!

Lovely little game.
Great mechanics - once I realised you can only make one additional move in the air, it became even more fun and challenging.
The slime/blob animation effects are great - especially for Pico-8.
Congrats and good luck! :D

Yeah, I ran outta time during the Game Jam to add extra stuff like that.
But thanks a lot for playing (and for the feedback) :D

Ha! I probably wouldn't,  as thinking "outside the box" is not my fortΓ©! :D

Wonderful "meta" game, well done! :D
Loved how you included changes in scope, mechanics, visuals, and more.
Really clever and had my noodle thinking overtime in parts!
Good luck in the jam :D

Hey, thanks a lot! :D
Glad you liked it (and its silly ending)  ;o)

Hey, thanks for playing again PizzaCat
Yeah, the controls are a little tricky on this one.
What catches most out is that after you press UP to make a High Bounce (to reach Upper Pipes), you have to press DOWN again to do a Low Bounce (for Lower Pipes).

LOL! This was bloody hilarious - easily the funniest entry I've played! :D
Well done & good luck! :D

This was a very atmospheric entry!
(thought it *seems* that audio content may have been predefined?)
Either way, great graphics and execution.
I have to admit that I couldn't figure out the code either.
I too would've preferred to take the notes with me (else why have an inventory?).
But I also approve of your attempt to get players to "write down" notes, like the good ol' days (tho I have to admit, I screenshot'd them & it *still* didn't help me!)
Overall, an impressive game under the time constraints - good luck! :D

Wow! This game is AWESOME! :D
It not only looks and sounds amazing, but it's VERY addictive as well.
The music is absolutely SPOTT-ON to the film, it almost sounds the same!
I think the best I managed was only killing 3 or 4 cars.
Can't really think of any faults, other than it's a bit too easy to die?
Congrats and good luck! :D

Alas, I couldn't play this as my anti-virus immediately quarantined it as a risk.
I'm sure it's a false-positive, but as I can't override it, I was not able to play & rate this one. Sorry!
All the best! :D

This is a RIDICULOUSLY good game.
The driving "mini-game" alone is awesome, let alone the platformer as well.
How on earth did you do this ALONE in the time period,!?
The graphics style is amazing (I may have to look into your Pixie game engine!).
The music is also really great.
The whole atmosphere reminds me of a mix of "Escape From New York" and classic (read: cheesy) 80's sci-fi actions films.
I almost got stuck at the end, coz I couldn't tell what had unlocked, but found the "cure" in the end.
Great stuff - good luck! :D

As soon as I saw this entry, I proper LOL'd - what an AMAZING idea! :D
I love this scene in BIG, so couldn't wait to play it.
It's hard, granted (I only managed to get ONE sequence right!)
But the overall idea, presentation and execution is really cool.
Perhaps someone more musically-inclined can get further than I did.
Congrats and good luck! :D

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you Nada for featuring my #MovieGameJam entry.
I love hearing the joy/surprise/relief when ppl complete my games.
Glad you thought it was a good craic! :D

(P.S. - Love that 80's intro - so retro!)

Thanks a lot - much appreciated! :D

P.S. - I just watched your 2017 Jam highlights video - you had a GREAT year making games, congrats! ;o)

Haha! That was... Savage! :D
Your reviews are always "unique", and this one's no exception! ;o)  #NippleGate
But seriously, thanks for playing - sorry to hear ur still having audio/capture issues.
Laters! :D

(Edited 2 times)

Haha! That was... Savage! :D
Your reviews are always "unique", and this one's no exception! ;o)  #NippleGate
But seriously, thanks for playing - sorry to hear ur still having audio/capture issues.
Laters! :D

This was a lot of fun.
At first I didn't see what I was doing wrong, then I paid proper attention to the stats in relation to the question!  There were still a few odd questions tho (perhaps in-jokes?)
I've yet to actually see this film, but it's been on my To Watch list for years!
Congrats on a well polished entry - good luck! :D

I love this scene from Fury Road.
This game has a lot of potential- it's a shame you ran out of time.
The graphics are really good, as is the sound.
Looking forward to playing a finished version some day.

At first I was like... "Whaaa? It only updates when I move?"
Then I realised... BULLET TIME! :D
Very cool mechanic, and the game is good fun too.
Love the initial menu being a console - nice touch!
Congrats and good luck! :D

This was quite a lot of fun! :D
Made a complete hash of my first attempt (don't ask - I even managed to crash THOUGH the star destroyer model!), but nailed it the 2nd time.
Good graphics and sound. The controls were a little iffy when aiming at the top & bottom orientation. I assume that's to stop things getting too funky. Didn't help me on the last phase coz I thought "I know, I'll attack from the bottom!)
Overall, a really good entry - congrats and good luck! :D

Very cool game (I'm a sucker for procedural generation!) :D
The graphics are damn good and the music is banging.
The controls took a little getting used to, but not too much.
Ended up getting quite tense after a while (managed 14km)
Congrats and good luck! :D

Ok... I *may* need a new SPACEBAR. :D
Nice idea to turn that scene into a button masher.
The graphics and sound are so good - the camera shake is the icing on the cake.
So... should I give you my address to send a new keyboard to, or...? :D
Congrats and good luck!

Nice one! :D
Of course I died several times trying to spell "Jehova" (with an "i") until I saw the *actual* word (D'oh!)
Nice music and presentation.
Only had to force-restart once due to known issue.
Congrats and good luck! :D

Kinda struggled with this one - took a while to find the controls.
Then it seemed to me the whole game was off-centre? Perhaps I missed something.
The music was awesome tho! :D

This was a great interpretation of that classic scene.
Plus it was really fun to play!
I thought it was a bit too hard initially, but that's coz I forgot I could "RUN, FORREST, RUN!!!"
Great graphics and sounds.
Reminded me of a classic arcade game.
Congrats and good luck! :D

Pretty much perfect! :D
Great graphics & music.
Really clever interpretation of the scene into this style of game.
I think only thing that made it harder for me to complete was my lack of numpad (small mac keyboard)
But I persisted and was glad that I did.
Congratulations on a great entry & good luck! :D

Cool idea for a mini-game.
Just a shame that there doesn't seem to be an end goal... yet! :D

Oh wow, thank you very much - your comment just made my day! :D
Great feedback too, much appreciated - I like the idea of the enemy "anticipation".
Thanks again for your kind words and for playing! :D

Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words - much appreciated! :D

Really good little PICO-8 game.
Loved the simple game play - was very addictive, completed it on 2nd try (but was tense - that bloody pinching finger!)
Nice pixel art too, looked just like the film - especially the iconic carpet!
Congrats & good luck! :D

This was a lot of fun, and a very clever entry!
The graphics are good, as is the game play.
Perhaps it would've been nice to have a "John Williams-like" soundtrack playing as well, but even still, you managed to achieve a lot in the time allowed.
Well done and good luck! :D

Woah, that intro text is could be a little epilepsy-inducing!
*plays more of the game - then it ends...*
WOAH!!! I'm sorry, but you can't have a flashing background like that - you're almost certain to trigger someone who is photo-sensitive.
Nice little game - though I'm not sure if I "won" or "lost" at the end.

This is a lovely entry, albeit short, entry.
Being a huge fan of Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli myself, I was very excited to play this.
The graphics and style are great - with really nice pixel art.
The sounds seem to be mostly lifted from the movie - but that just adds to the atmosphere.
Overall, a great little game that makes you want more
(and to re-watch Spirited Away - which I did only the other day!)

Thansk a lot! :D

What a clever idea/take on that scene from Wrath of Khan!
Unfortunately, I found this way to hard to make much progress.
I got the human (Chekov?) almost to an upper platform, but the spacing between the brain nodes drove me almost as mad! ;oP
Sounds like others got much further than me, so I must be just bad at this.
Again, great idea and congrats! :D

Great mini-epic!
A great take on the film/scene.
For some reason, the "follow the footsteps" reminded me of a bit in "The Secret of Monkey Island", but anyway...
Love the style in this game, both visually and audibly.
The sandstorms are very effective - made me very paranoid that I'd walk into quicksand after all my hard work.
I think it would've been nice to have  some background music as well, as the footsteps get a tad repetitive after a while.
Otherwise, I really liked it - congrats and good luck! :D

Yay, I - (I mean) Turman escaped! :D
Great little game, with a clever spin on the movie.
Nice graphics and sound.
Glad you put a radar in there, or that would've been hell!
Overall, I had fun playing this one - congrats!

Alas, it seems you ran out of time on this one.
Graphics, style and and music are all great.
Just a shame I couldn't really "play" it... YET! ;o)

Hey, thanks! :D
Ooh, the "lunge attack" is a cool idea. May have to see about that one (while I fix the player within the screen bounds!)  ;o)
Thanks again for playing.