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Paul Nicholas

A member registered Jun 28, 2016 · View creator page →


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Thanks a lot! :D

Ha, cool! Thanks for doing another one.
I forgot how tense I made this game, got stressed just watching YOU play it! :D

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback! :D

Thanks a lot! :D

OMG dude, this is awesome!
Without a doubt, the best (and funniest) videos anyone's ever made of one of my games.
Thank you for taking the time to put this together - you just made my day!  :D

Thanks a lot - look forward to seeing your video! :D

Thanks a lot Sean - really appreciate that! :D

Thanks for the kind words! :D

No, I'm using PICO-8's "secret" lowercase font.
Felice created a handy function to convert text to it here on the BBS  ;-)

As a fan of the franchise, this is a great game.

One that fits perfectly with, but would've stood head & shoulders above, the (mostly) crappy 8-bit offerings we had back in the day.

It's tense, it's unforgiving, it's the reason I did nothing else this morning.

Congrats! :D

Great little game Octavi, congrats!
Very atmospheric, has a really great tone.
As it happens, my wife and I are currently working our way through the old Twilight Zone episodes and this just fits perfectly in that world.
We look forward to more in the series someday! :D

P.S. - If any other Mac users get an "The application ... can't be opened" error, see here for a potential fix! ;o)

Thanks again for including my game, Jupiter.
Your videos are always awesome! :D

Thanks a lot for that nice review!
Yeah, alas I ran outta time to do sound+music before the deadline - perhaps I'll add them now the jam voting is over.
Thanks again for playing - glad you liked it! :D

Great graphics and execution.
Quite an accomplishment during the short Jam period!
Congrats and good luck :D

Thanks a lot! :o)
Yeah, I like to lure people into a false sense of security... then hit them with Tentacles, Worms AND Soldiers! :D

Thank you very much! :D
Mine too, I just  couldn't resist crowbar-ing in a way to make a version of it!

This is SO good - the graphics and music are fantastic.
I could've done with some checkpoints, as I'm clearly crap
(perhaps they were there and I didn't get far enough)
Anyways, congrats and all the best! :D

Thanks, but I would've traded ANYTHING for another blue or two!
(PICO-8's palette is great, but it's a fixed 16 colours - but everyone likes a challenge!)  ;o)

Thanks a lot Egor! :o)
Yeah, I had a lot of fun making those! :D

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. 
"Another World" is one of my favourite games ever - so I'm glad to hear that I didn't totally ruin it! ;o)

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Congrats on the most polished PICO-8 game to date!  
* clicks [Purchase] *   #WellDeserved  :D

Very good idea and challenging game!
Echoing ifman1's point; it might be nice to have "Lives" (e.g. 3), rather than starting from beginning each time.
Also, you might wanna consider offering alternative controls - e.g. "Left/Right = turn" like in some other "snake" type games. That was what I was expecting - which through me for a sec.
Good luck! :D

Very good looking game - SO close to being a great one! :D
But I have to echo the other comments here - without a way to reach the randomly positioned ducks, you're score is limited at random.
Perhaps consider either adding the ability to move the cart faster  (e.g. in combo with another button)?
Or some other mechanic to make the player feel they still have a chance.

Very good game (esp. for a jam)!
Took for one to die before I got the point (and how to make food!)

Think there might still be a couple of bugs:

  1. Having no player selected and doing an action causes BOTH to do it and seems to generate DOUBLE the output of resources.
  2. When both players die, no ending?

Either way, good luck! :D
(P.S. - Glad I wasn't the only entrant to "pay tribute" to an existing song!) ;o)

Great game, was fun to beat.
Good mechanics, perfectly matches the theme of the jam.
Good luck! :D

Thanks a lot! :D

Had a lot of fun completing this game - didn't want it to end
Made me think, but not too much (just the right amount!)
Good luck :D

Funny idea, and fun to play.  :D

Fun game - I especially love the way the cars suddenly "break"!
Only suggestion I'd have is to perhaps not allow cars to become same color as the road (although "invisible cars" do sound rather cool!)
Good luck :D

Thanks wedgiebee.
Yeah, that mechanic came out of trying to be closer to the theme of the Jam - worked out to be a good stress-tester!
Glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Really great music and gfx! It's a shame time wasn't on your side.

(Edited 1 time)

Good game. Looks and sounds great, a well-polished entry! :D
(P.S. - For some reason, the actual control keys didn't seem to match to instructions?)

Clever idea for a game,  but perhaps having only 1 life makes it too hard?
(Also, when trying to "skip" the intros - it repeats the transitions?)
Good luck! :D

Fun game. Really good rolling/katamari-style mechanics.
Might've been nice to have some kind of indicator (e.g. compass/arrow) to locate the meeting room?
Good luck! :D

Great chiptune/music and gfx.
Addictive gameplay (once you realise the rail fires in 4 directions  - D'oh!)
Really liked the random level design.
Congrats & all the best! :D

P.S. - It's unfortunate you didn't get the game properly embedded into the Itch.io page (didn't load for me at least) - might put some players off!

Nice game.
However, it was not obvious to me that the controls would work like "snake/pacman"
(e.g. press direction once, he'll keep walking until press again).  ;o)

Very cool and polished game.
I never played the original, but I loved "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine" on the Sega Megadrive, which I think was a clone.
Also agree with YO PLAY - the "Flip" mechanic is a great idea!
Congrats and good luck! :D

#SuperDark  :D

Thanks a lot randomphantom - glad you liked it!  :D
(Reckon ur "Flappy Flock" is gonna take some beating tho - excellent game!)

Great game (even with what you've got so far)!
Fun mechanics and just the right level of difficulty (for someone like me!)
All the best!  :D

(Edited 1 time)

Lovely game!
Took me only a moment to realise I had to guide the butterfles to the home.
Cleverly designed levels, but the gorgeous pixel art was the highlight for me.
Congrats and good luck :D