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Paul Nicholas (Liquidream)

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Great premise/setup, really sets the tone for what's to come.
I especially love the style, the "cave" wall tiles look especially great (considering the limitations!)
Made it out a few times, but eventually... the darkness consumed me. πŸ˜…
Nice one πŸ‘

This was a lot of fun!
Took me a while to realise the knack of getting myself in position *before* the ball collides to guarantee the angle I wanted (rather than chase and try to force the bounce).
Got to 20 and felt like I'd achieved something (either that, or a new CAPTCHA method! πŸ˜…)
Nice one πŸ‘

This is really cool (+really well-presented).
I love how the flood fill looks like you really are flooding with coloured fluid.
I was playing with myself and I'm ashamed to say ...I lost! (j/k😜)
Nice entryπŸ‘

Woah, this was WAY more addictive than I assumed it'd be.
Hilarious concept with a really interesting mechanic that keeps you playing again and again.
Best streak I managed was 8.
Nice one, mate! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Holy heck this is awesome! That LCD effect is just... πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ
I had a 3210 and played Snake on it loads - this brings it all back.
Managed 120 points before I boxed & "ate" myself.
Congrats on the super-impressive entry πŸ‘

Holy face-zapping goodness, Robin! 🀩
This looks, sounds and plays really well. πŸ‘Œ
Best I managed was 7.6s (+that's even with me "cheating" holding the fire button down! πŸ˜‡)
Congrats on the great entry, Tom! πŸ‘

Dang this gets tricky.. fast! πŸ˜…
Neat concept and great visuals.
(Best I managed was 58.87)
Very cool entry! πŸ‘

Woah, this is addictive! πŸ˜…β›³
Got to 10 then thought I'd better stop or I'll get nothing else done!
Great entry πŸ‘

Such a neat concept that you're too engrossed playing to even wonder "why do stars turn into barrels when they hit the ground?"! πŸ˜…
Got quite far, but alas, didn't note score before it reset.
Fun entry! πŸ‘

Wow, this is such a cool concept - really polished too! πŸ‘Œ
Was a bit stuck initially, but then realised I had to do multiple XOR's to complete a puzzle.
Got up to level 15, then hit a wall ...mentally! πŸ˜…
Really great entry, congrats πŸ‘

(1 edit)

This is such a great concept (+execution) - easy to pickup and v. addictive.
Alas, only managed 33 - but I def feel like my brain (+eyes) got a workout! πŸ˜…
Great entry! πŸ‘
(P.S. - Even more impressive that you came in well under limit!)

Thanks! πŸ€“
Can't remember where I found the inspiration for it now (prob in a prev TweetCart), but it was 76 chars well spent! πŸ˜…

You'll need to build up your base to the point where you unlock Light (+eventually, Heavy) vehicle factories.
There's a progression to unlock buildings (e.g. Windtrap > Refinery > Light/Heavy Factories) - and you won't be able to do it all from level 1.
Hope this helps.

Just don't tell Neil deGrasse Tyson! 🀫

Really nice video πŸ‘

Thanks for playing/sharing! ☺️

Sorry about that. I have re-generated the macOS binary.
Please feel free to try downloading again and see if that resolves your issue.

Your wish is my command (...and long overdue)
Check latest downloads options πŸ˜‰

Yay, another great tech demo! πŸ™Œ
So impressive to see how much you crammed into 1KB - looks and feels just like the original (inc. the water submerging and cave secrets!)

Looks like you used screen to generate level, then read screen to push to map?
If so, I still wish there was a short way to remap drawing to map, like we can to sprite mem (I know the data is diff, but still, would make tasks like this take less code)

Really great entry (...glad you got it fixed!) πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

This is SO good (+juicy!) πŸ‘
The graphics and sound are really great, considering the limitations (+that ball bounce is πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ)
Such a cool concept/spin - took me only a couple of deaths to realise what I had to do. I got about 19,000 points before finally missing, my ball was just chewing them up in one sweep - was great!
Great entry! πŸ‘

Great little demake (+clever use of glyphs!)
Best I managed was 41 happy customers, before I quit in disgust at the overworked nature of my employment! πŸ˜…
Nice one πŸ‘

Really cool tech demo. I've still never learned how to do a raytracer - one of those on my TODO list.
Nice one! πŸ‘

This is really so cool (+stressful! πŸ˜…)
Love the look of it - the area around the arena is gorgeous
(+clever re-use of ur sprite for player/enemy)
Gameplay is compelling and controls work well.
A great entry πŸ‘

Really neat idea, that makes you think before you move.
Good use of chars as gameplay items and nice SFX.
Alas, I'm not very good (tho, I did at least survive until the 2nd night)
Good one πŸ‘

Such a great entry. Fell in love with the style when you first posted the WIP - but you managed to follow it up with some great (+addictive) gameplay. The variation in the "terrain" is really impressive and feels at times very natural - but at the same time, also looks as described: Loom-based.
Alas, my best time was only 84:41. I reckon the speedrunners will have a crack at this at some point.

P.S. - You're very welcome, I am honoured every time The Creator takes part! πŸ™

P.P.S - There's only 1 "d" in Liquidream πŸ˜‰

This is a cool idea (+neat use of the glyphs as for the various pieces).
Managed 78 before I got too cocky! πŸ˜…
Nice one (+congrats on ur 1st PICO-8 game! πŸ€“πŸ‘)

Impressive how much you squeezed into 1K.
Looks awesome (great dithering use) and manages to have fun, challenging gameplay too.
Great entry πŸ‘

No worries - sounds like you have a good balance of time (I must try harder! πŸ˜‰)

I just checked out your "rebooted" version - really impressive. So cool to see how your idea developed over the course of two jams.
If you do get to update the original routine with improvements, that could be great - but also, don't overdo yourself.

(Thanks also for checking out my old game - I appreciate the kind words)

Sorry to hear that.
I'm guessing you were making it in the Education Edition of PICO-8?
You should be able to save as a cart file (p8/png) - if that helps, which others could load/play.
Hope this helps.

Very cool demo.
I've always been a big fan of procgen and this is nicely presented
(the daylight/night cycle is a particularly nice touch!)
Nice one πŸ‘

What a cute (+funny) entry.
The powerups were also quite fun & unexpected
(so much so that I forgot to collect air!)
Nice one πŸ‘

Such a great demake in only 1K.
Has all the feel (+fear) of the original! πŸ˜…
Alas, I keep dying on L2 - but that's just coz I don't have the skillz.
Such a cool entry πŸ‘

Damn, this is really impressive!
Great level design/generation (tho I have a bone to pick with you about THAT jump between the gap in the red wall! 😱)
Really great work on display here, as always πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Wow, this is such a great (+addictive) concept!
One of those "takes seconds to learn, hours to master" games.
Impressive that you got all this + the menu/seed selection all into 1K
Can imagine this doing very well in the speedrun camps.
Great entry! πŸ‘

Very impressive + useful entry πŸ€“
Will def. keep this one bookmarked for future use πŸ‘

Cute entry - really like the look & feel to it (nice "sprites" + cloud movement)
Best I could manage was about 12 - took me a while to realise they change the speed at different points - I originally assumed just got faster & faster (my mistake!)
Nice one πŸ‘

Awesome game and awesome entry! πŸ‘πŸ€“
Never played your orginal before, but the mechanics (+addictiveness) of this are really great.
Love the look & feel (esp. the "flock/mace" the 3D depth from ur use of cols is very effective)
Was determined to break the 1024 mark, ended up finally getting 1834! 😁
Really great work getting this into 1k πŸ‘

Neat entry, you really squeezed a lot in here!
Also, great use of the 2 pixels minimla player "sprite" πŸ˜‰
Nice one πŸ‘

Very thought-provoking (+clever) demo effect πŸ€“πŸ‘

Great entry. πŸ˜€
Really love how you used the shapes to make the lovely details, anim and parallax effects - really adds to the polish (+fun) of this game. The SFX work really well too.
Alas, I didn't catch what my best score was b4 it restarted, but it didn't threaten the highest here! πŸ˜…
Nice one πŸ‘

This is a really nice entry.
The sprites are totally worth the extra bytes! 🀩
Clear and solid UX, controls feel great + SFX works great.
(Best I got was only 17)
Congrats getting this all to fit in 1K πŸ‘