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Ha! You probably don't wanna see this screenshot of @asobitech reaching Wave 22 then! :D
(Don't ask me how he did it - da boyz got skillz!)

Thank you very much. I love the original so much (played it a lot in the 90's), but the new/remastered version is really great too - gives it a new lease of life!
I can wholeheartedly recommend PICO-8, it's just so much fun - and also great for prototyping.
Also, please don't judge its capabilities on this game - as I used only a quarter of the resolution available, because it was entered into a #LOWREZJAM.
If you do decide to give PICO-8 a go - feel free to reach out to me, or any others in the #pico8 community on Twitter, or the official forum/BBS.
All the best

Finally completed this wonderful game (had some interruptions - but kept coming back to it)
Gorgeous graphics and music, as always.
The story + characters are lovely.
Really looking forward to whatever you make next SharpFives - you're an exciting game developer with a unique voice. 
All the best!

What a lovely little game this was.
Thank you for creating it! :D

Thanks for the funny & well-produced play-though of my game.
Loved the controller BTW (built-in motion controllers FTW! 🤣)

Also... big congrats for taking the crown of the new "FASTEST TOTAL TIME" ⏱️🎉
(Beating the prev record of 6:36.5)

Lol, wacky video as always! :D
Congrats on completing it dude - well done for sticking with it!

Good to know you were prepared to fight my corner! ;-P

Well, you might wanna know that some a$$hat, called Liquidream, used said engine AGAIN to make another Point+Click adventure game that spanned TWO carts... the cheek of it, really! ;-P

Aww.. thanks Roy - thanks for the support, as always.
All the best.

Hey, this is really cool - thanks a lot for making this! :D
Was worried for a sec there that you weren't gonna find the "item select" button, but thankfully you did
(it was also quite impressive how far you got without using any items!)

Wow, thank you very much Tom.
That means a lot to me, coming from one of the legends of platformers! :D

This is such an amazing game Krystian. 
The "feel" of the snow, nailing the landings, the music.

Just pure fun - a perfect entry. 👏😊

Great platform/puzzler. 
Such a lovely style.
Very impressed with (and grateful for) the tutorial levels - I think I'd have struggled without learning the basics.
Congrats! :D

BTW... this was fixed in the FINAL version! ;o)

Low Mem Sky

You can find them dotted about in red containers/cargo drops on the planet surface.
Alternatively, you can purchase them at Space Stations - but your credits will disappear rapidly! :D

Hey Tom,

Thanks again - glad you like it :D

The update is getting close & is SO much better than this old build. Can’t wait to let you loose on it - if only to give you a way to buy yourself something nice with all that Solanium! :D

Thanks again for playing, Commander ;-)

Thanks Andrew - the pain was all worth it just for the birbs! :D

I know it's not at all original, but it was an entry for a recent Jam on and I decided to try to do a port of one of my favourite flash games (even though all the code cannot exceed 560 characters!)

No, not dead (yet) - I do have a update that is currently WIP.  However,  as I mentioned to you previously, this project is subject to my available time, which has been limited lately.  Thanks again for your interest! :-)

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah, during the Jam I was doing ZERO checking for positioning
(there's also nothing stopping a spinning Space Station to be right on a planet as well!)

One for the "Todo" list - thanks for reporting (and playing)! :D

Glad you like it - thanks very much! :D

Thanks a lot! :D

Kind of - it's all generated on-the-fly (procedurally).
For example...
- when you scroll around in the Galaxy Map, new "pages" of systems are generated
- when you enter a new system, the planets are generated (using a consistent Noise generator)
- when you land on a planet, the initial surface area is generated
- when you walk around the planet, new "areas" of the surface are generated.

It's all down to using unique numbers to "seed" the random number generation. By seeding the RND() function, you will always get a consistently-random output. So, each system, planet, surface tile will always end up with the same seed (number). It's predictable, therefore you don't ever need to store it, just trust that it'll always come out the same.

Check out some linkson Procedural Generation and you'll disappear down the rabbit-hole for this stuff - it's fascinating (though I've only just started to dabble in it myself). Have fun! :D

Thank you very much - glad you like it. :D
Yes, that will be the challenge, for sure - but I agree, simplicity is key!

Thanks Roy, much appreciated.  :D
I do hope to get those features in (one way or another!)

An excellent demake!
The visuals and music are top-notch.
The controls are pretty good too, clever demake of the mapping.
Good luck, fellow jammer! :D

This is stonkingly good - takes me straight back to the shareware days! :D
You've captured all the aspects here - a solid demake.
Congrats and good luck, fellow jammer! :o)

This is an awesome entry!
How it doesn't have more ratings and praise is beyond me
(as is how u managed two versions in only 6 days!)

Congrats and good luck, fellow jammer! :D

Very good puzzle game - certainly game my brain a work-out! :D
Good luck!

Not really down to support, really - mostly down to my available time and enthusiasm for the project.
I really don't see base-building as possible in the available scope of this "Jam" game.

However, if you like space base-building in a retro-style, you may wanna play this other PICO-8 game, created by PixelCod:
(Though, it seems this is the final version)

Hopefully, yes, enemy ships (if time/cart space allows) will get added at some point, but my priority is more for planet-level AI for now.
The plant material may change. They were added to be directly recognisable from NMS, but I think I'd prefer there to be less variety, and for each to have a specific "refill" purpose (e.g. refill health, oxygen, mining laser, weapon, etc.). Leaving the stuff you mine to be more for trading perhaps. Dunno.

Wonderful visuals,  another "Deluxe-demake"! :D
Not played the original, but from the shots I've seen, this looks like a great de-make.
Tough as nails tho, I'm clearly crap at these type of platformers.
You are truly the master of dark, PICO-8 titles, Sir! :D
Good luck in the jam.

This is such a well-polished "demake", it's a "Deluxe-demake"!
Great gameplay and level generation.
One could easily spend HOURS playing this just to master the mechanics.
I however, am crap at this - couldn't even get the idol and live ONCE!
A very impressive entry - good luck in the jam! :D

Thanks a lot - praise indeed, coming from someone with your ability! :D

20 mins? Wow, that's probably a record! :D
Thank you for playing!

Amazing pixelart work here, really lovely stuff!
Also great camera work when climbing the tower.
This has a lot of great potential - hope you manage to finish this someday.
Good luck, fellow jammer! :D

Love the gfx style you got here.
Great title font and pixelart.
Music is really nice - can be hard to get nice sounding music in PICO-8.
Great level design (even tho they are the orig ones - still a great de-make representation).
I got stuck about 1/2 way through (first with two "distractors"?), but still had fun!
Good luck, fellow jammer! :D

Ha! Love the mouth-made music and sound effects! :D
Not played the original, but this is a good and fun little game.
Good luck, fellow jammer! :D

Thanks, but... you haven't got NMS yet? *shock face* ;o)
Well, while I understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea (or within everyone's budget) - if you liked any of my game, I *strongly* urge you to pick-up a copy (even 2nd-hand if you must), as there is SO MUCH more to explore there... especially since the "NEXT" update.

Thanks a lot. :D
Alas, there is a very real limitation in the PICO-8 platform (which I very much agree with) which means that, alas, I'll never be able to go THAT far with it. However, if things work out - perhaps this game could find new life using a different engine, on different platforms. Time will tell - absolutely no promises.