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Thanks @OrbWinder! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and really appreciate your helpful comment. You're right about puzzles being solely generated from images, though I always check they are solvable with pure logic. I guess you're already familiar with this kind of puzzles, looks like Cluepix is of an acquired taste as either people already knew Picross, Nurikabe & alikes and enjoyed my game, or they just didn't understand it. But the game sure isn't flawless. I'm working on a version with new and more progressive puzzles that'll be out in december. A simpler version too as I'm not 100% happy with the colors stacks right now. It makes the game and UI rather busy and look more complex than it is. Some colors being too close, as you saw, is also a problem that version should fix, having no stacks or even palette.

Oh and nice rendition of Joey Beltram's Energy Flash in such little space btw :p 

Such a lovely pocket-sized demo, just perfect, I love it!

Thanks! I hope I can some day release a bigger version of this.

Thanks for your thorough review, yet I think having only one energy stat is the point there, forcing the gamer to alternate between offensive and defensive play. It may not show at lower levels but it really makes sense on later levels where you have to slalom among blobs to allow your energy to go up. I'm all into making minimal games that allow various ways of playing.

Thanks Paul, I was indeed considering making this a full game, if I manage to keep it at a small scale :)

Thank you!

So glad you enjoyed the game, thank you!

Thank you so much! Yes, after many comments here it seems that along other improvements the post-jam version will most certainly benefit some music :D

Thank you a lot! Yes indeed I used some colors from Pico-8 extended palette. In case you're interested here it is:

poke(0x5f2e,1)--to keep palette.

Thank you! Yup time was missing here but post-jam version will have it :)

Thank you! Music alas had to be sacrificed on the altar of "not enough time" god.

Love everything in this game. Such a calm but complete experience. Now I can't have enough of your soundtrack, is there any way to download/buy/stream it?

The polish level here is crazy! I'm especially fond of the character 4x4 pixels animations <3. Oh and that brings back so many hours of World Class Leaderboard on Amiga :D

That was nice, perhaps a bit repetitive as stated before, but still enjoyable. I especially liked the contrast between pixel art and classical music. And in case you don't already know it you should also definitely check Prokofiev's own Romeo & Juliet :)

Yep totally meant that, I was almost ready to add an Amiga styled trainer to your game (from the BBS) for a personal version!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the game and that someone beat the last level! Yes the lowrez means you can only see 8x8 tiles at once, I'm thinking about adding a mini-map in the post-jam version.

Thanks a lot, quite happy you enjoyed my game!

That was a fun game! I love the sounds and the background sfx, really creates a city menacing atmosphere. I must admit I cheated after my 4th play just to see the whole game and went crazy with my health and ammo :D but that still was a lot of fun!

Oh sure, this too! :D

Thanks a lot! You're right, I was planning to add some a soundtrack that was partway between ambiance and music, but well, I'm not highly efficient at handling time in game jams :D

Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, it was so fun to make I'm not even stoping working on it!

Ow yeah that level seems to quickly fill wity poor lost souls, something I'll definitely fix on post-jam version. I'm really happy you found joy in haunting the place though, thank you!

Thank you, really glad you liked my little red guy adventures :)

Thank you so much! You mean the Amiga Batman game from Ocean? Because on afterthought yeah it has that Axis Chemicals level vibe, nice catch!

Thanks Paul, so glad you liked it! And found a way for the player to be stuck, totally didn't think about this.

Yes it seems the game's a bit more difficult than I thought, perhaps you missed the ivy being climbable or the pit is a bit uneasy to climb? I'm happy you liked it in spite of this, thank you!

Thanks Johan, yes there are many items in this level, with 2 more at pit bottom and 2 other ones after you manage to exit that pit. I'm glad you enjoyed the game anyway :)

Thanks Ellie, would love to add a lot more levels and sounds :) in the future!

Thanks for the kind words, Daxid, I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks for your comment, you're right about the sound, looks like this is what ends being out of all my jam games because of time :D.  It also definitely lacks more levels. Glad you enjoyed the game in spite of this.

Thanks for the kind words! I'd definitely like to add more levels and bring back a mechanic I had to drop for the jam.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game! The final stage also took me a while to create :)

Just a reminder that WASD excludes countries that adopted other layouts (like AZERTY in France, Belgium). Sure QWERTY is the most used layout, but please allow other layouts to play by switching WASD to ESDF or, even better, add an option to redefine keys (which imo is part of the polish ;)

If you want a ratio limitation, there's already one since the 240×135 resolution is required, so your game must fit a 16/9 ratio. If you'd like a file size limitation, there's the annual js13k jam where you have to create a JS game in 13 Kb or less:

Looks like the keys you choose don't really matter, as long as you stick with the "only 7 buttons" required rule. IMO if you use other buttons than Alt or Backspace you'll be fine.

Done ;) (I hope)

Super impressive! I tried years ago to also make a Space Invaders for the TweetTweetJam with far less success, where here the game looks like the original up to the invaders going faster as there's less of them. Great work!

Erh... well, yes. Typical from (my) jam games with so little time to test :D. Thanks for the vid! And indeed it's a game I'd really like to go back to and make a better version.