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As a user of Pico-8, the perspective of using even less pixels is quite appealing :)! If I'm not wrong, there are 2 ways to make the jam on its native 128x128 resolution:

- Doubling pixel size with poke(0x5f2c,3)

- Using only 1 quarter of the screen, so 64x64 pixels, with a huge dead border around

So here's the tricky (and theoretical) question: is it allowed that the same game uses both those ways, i.e. part doubling pixels, parts using only quarter of screen? And moreover, is it allowed to use a transition between those 2 states, as if 64x64x doubled pixels were zooming out to 64x64 single pixels with border? Making it sure there are always only 64x64 pixels all long, of course.

Not sure I'll use that, but I might if it's ok.


Ok, I was in palette mode. Just had to click that icon again to go into sprite edit mode :]

Created a new topic Can't edit sprite on Android

Hi, I'm used to pico-8, just installed tic-80 on Android (Nexus 7 2012) from Google Play, everything's fine except I can't edit sprite. I click on the panel, can't change pixel color. But I can change color palette, edit music pattern, etc.

Nice gameplay, love the game special retro feeling (cell based movement, sounds). I've freed 66 creatures!

I like your game, mechanics are good, they allow for a lot more levels, guess time was short ;)

Thanks! Here's a tip for that level: first invert walls & floors (pick the 4 floors and drop them on the 4 walls), the solution should be easier then.

Or... you can skip levels with the Enter menu. :)

Love how polished it looks for a game jam: title (including FIRE LOGOOO!!), help screen, music, hiscore, but more important of course, the game! Endless gameplay based on random generation is a simple and jam-wise effective idea... I wish I had! It's quite addictive, with a nice arcade look & feel "Naah I can do better than this score! That lava ball was perfectly avoidable!". Great job!

9310, beat my Twitter score! Yay! Ok, I'm sure I can go over 10,000...