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Thanks for your video guys!

Thanks Jupiter for playing my game (well, sort of (: )

I've never watched the movie, but that looks like one very nice game! Alas I couldn't play it because I'm using an azerty keyboard, with ZQSD instead of WASD. I had hopes to change that when I saw your "options" screen, but there aren't any key config, which is not surprising for a game jam. I wish you had chosen a keyset that is more usable worldwide, like arrows, or maybe ESDF.

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I like that kind of minimal glowing visuals. I found the game too difficult for me until I read your comment below and now, with health regenerating, it's just my kind of difficulty! Really nice game! And yes, the game lacks sound, but we all know game jams limitations ;). Oh, found a bug btw: i played in windowed mode (on Windows 7 64 bits), I left the window to browse this very web page, and once I went back to the game, the mouse was frozen. Keyboard was ok, but impossible to aim with the mouse.

Your made a very polished game for a jam, a nice casual one! I don't quite remember the movie, and can't really feel how your game fits with it. Anyway I had fun playing it!

I could recognize the movie just by looking at your pics, and I love the art (I'm a buff for flat 3D). Although I may miss something,all I can do is clicking and the sword never hits that jumping baddie. But maybe a typical game jam matter, I've been there too ;).

That was fun! I like how the game feels complete and progressive, with various stages exposing clear goals. The controls were natural, even on azerty keyboard. I didn't feel any difference with the X-Wing switching horizontal / vertical, apart from the cool "as in the movie" factor, I don't know if it had an impact on gameplay (speed or being harder to hit for foes?). Sounds bring a lot too. Of course there is a lot of stuff that could be added but for a jam game it's a totally enjoyable game, very good job! Godot looks like a very interesting engine too.

That - was - FUN!! It felt like I was back in the early Amiga years again. Am I wrong to believe that was an era you're quite familiar with? I mean, for a jam, the game is incredibly polished in the sense it feels like a game commercialy released when that computer was the best. The CRT effect is spot on, the cinematics, the sound effects, the music... god that was a blast. The car part was a bit hard but progressive enough to allow going a bit further each time, until success. And for the 2nd part: I didn't watch the movie, but I guess it's one of those italian "Escape From NY" & "Mad Max "rip-offs, and if it's somewhere near "1990: The Bronx Warriors" I can tell your game is spot-on about the cheesy characters and sceneries of those guilty pleasures. Best and funniest game I've played this far, bravo!

This was fun, the 2nd game was a neat surprise (better than the 1st one imo), and the little iceberg so cute one would almost forgive him! Quite some work in the animation which was good to, well done!

Looks really nice and cool, plus Aliens! (heart heart) Alas I can't play as keys seem to be WASD only, and no arrows keys. QWERTY keyboards are not used everywhere. So didn't rate your game, even for an excellent movie choice and promising visuals.

Same comment than MattiasGustavsson's. Can't install it. Asking people to download 20+ separate files is too much. The simplest, the best. Sorry for you as you uploaded each of them, but it's not too late! You still can erase thoses files and replace them with a single zip containing all files before votes end.

I guess game's release got a bit rushed like many games in jams (yup, my problem too :D) : "Submitted by Campo Del Padre (@CampoDelPadre) with 1 minute, 9 seconds before the deadline": THAT WAS SHORT! It seems it's the reason why nothing can really be done about those invisible police officers harassing you. But the game really has potential, nice graphics and atmosphere of a rushed city at daytime, good music and sounds too! I hope you'll push a post-jam version ;)

The game is too difficult for me, retried the snake part 8 times with no improvement and still more than 10 remaining dots. Anyway, I liked what I could play, the concept's good, as well as visuals and audio. Didn't watch the movie but hey, there are so many movies filled with Hollywood hacking silliness, I could pick any one and feel at home. In fact I chose "Hackers" and the game still felt perfectly fitted! I just wish the game had an "easy" mode ;)

Silly but funny, and... never watched the movie, but I have hints that this is just the same!

Great work for a 1 person & 14h dev time! I played it for half an hour, went up to session 15 with 1271 "Rep" (what does that mean?), so, I rather enjoyed your game! Nice idea and mechanic, with rooms getting more seats every 3 sessions or so. Regarding level generation, there shouldn't be more groups of 3 or 2 people than there are seats allowing this, so maybe you can generate levels by randomly placing individuals respecting your placement rules, then making groups and randomize them? Well, I know, jam time limit ;) Was caught anyway!

1250 is my best score. That was so fun! Love that kind of black and sillly humor. It's quite polished too, with menu, music, and... an ending! Coming a bit too early, as it always seems when you're falling a skycrapper. Loved too how all elements nod to the movie: falling money and notes, burning windows, the limo below (poor Argyle!). The inclusion of PG-13 had a meaningful impact too, just like so many movies ;) !

Well done buddy! That was a nice and very well polished game. Loved how all present characters would wind up fighting you, but would first wait for you to defeat their acolytes, like in most Bond movies, or that Kill Bill scene iirc. Loved the single screen too, and that the game was easy enough to allow a not very perseverant player like me to win after a few trials. :) Nice tunes too!

I couldn't make it before the portal closed, but liked the game and its humour. A rather big scope for a jam too.

I love that aesthetic and that kind of games, like Kairo, Antichamber or Neon Struct, where wandering is gratified. Love how the music fits the mood and its availability on soundcloud. My keyboard and I love that it's not WASD only. So I can smell a winner here. My only complain: couldn't take screenshots by pressing F12 ;)

Cute little toy, reminded me a sub-game of Sam & Max Hit the Road where you could change their clothes. Nice characters drawing, they're instantly recognizable in the "games submitted" page. Great way to use that movie too, although I can't remember the strawberry milkshake part ;)

Indeed ;) I just love that movie. It's also rather nice that today the 5 notes tune's still familiar, perhaps more than the movie itself. And thanks for the let's play! It's always a great feeling to watch someone enjoying my job, even if rather unfinished.

Thanks! Unlabeled buttons were was both a will to add confusion, and the result of lack of time. I too would have liked to add editing options like del/add note or silence a step (it's on the 1st tune but can't be changed). For some other project most certainly :)

Thank you, glad you liked it! Favorite of mine too, I've grown up with it, one watch a year is the very least!

Thanks Paul! Yeah my interest got a bit trapped into generating sound & music at runtime with Pico-8. That's definitely a thing I'd like to dig more, and how I can make it keeping its tempo to begin with! The UI was fun too, esp. with the focus of losing the player... :D


As a user of Pico-8, the perspective of using even less pixels is quite appealing :)! If I'm not wrong, there are 2 ways to make the jam on its native 128x128 resolution:

- Doubling pixel size with poke(0x5f2c,3)

- Using only 1 quarter of the screen, so 64x64 pixels, with a huge dead border around

So here's the tricky (and theoretical) question: is it allowed that the same game uses both those ways, i.e. part doubling pixels, parts using only quarter of screen? And moreover, is it allowed to use a transition between those 2 states, as if 64x64x doubled pixels were zooming out to 64x64 single pixels with border? Making it sure there are always only 64x64 pixels all long, of course.

Not sure I'll use that, but I might if it's ok.


Ok, I was in palette mode. Just had to click that icon again to go into sprite edit mode :]

Created a new topic Can't edit sprite on Android

Hi, I'm used to pico-8, just installed tic-80 on Android (Nexus 7 2012) from Google Play, everything's fine except I can't edit sprite. I click on the panel, can't change pixel color. But I can change color palette, edit music pattern, etc.

Nice gameplay, love the game special retro feeling (cell based movement, sounds). I've freed 66 creatures!

I like your game, mechanics are good, they allow for a lot more levels, guess time was short ;)

Thanks! Here's a tip for that level: first invert walls & floors (pick the 4 floors and drop them on the 4 walls), the solution should be easier then.

Or... you can skip levels with the Enter menu. :)

Love how polished it looks for a game jam: title (including FIRE LOGOOO!!), help screen, music, hiscore, but more important of course, the game! Endless gameplay based on random generation is a simple and jam-wise effective idea... I wish I had! It's quite addictive, with a nice arcade look & feel "Naah I can do better than this score! That lava ball was perfectly avoidable!". Great job!

9310, beat my Twitter score! Yay! Ok, I'm sure I can go over 10,000...