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Golf SundayView game page

A casual round of golf.
Submitted by Johan Peitz (@johanpeitz) — 16 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (use of resolution restriction)#54.9244.924

Ranked from 66 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
I did the design, coding, and graphics. Chris (@gruber_music) did the music and sfx. We've worked together before and it is always a pleasure!

Was the resolution a challenge?
No problem with the resolution. I rarely go above 128x128. :)

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Awesome game, everything feels super polished! I really like the design and the music and sounds are great too. Thank you so much for sharing your game, I had a lot of fun playing it :D


This is unreal, what an incredible job! Aside from the actual golf aspect being engaging and challenging, you've created a miniature world that's fun to just hoon around in. Yes, I will shoot a ball into every surface I can to see what sound it makes. Yes, I will crash my cart into everything I can, you better believe it. Yes, I will burn donuts into the green, what are you gonna do about it?

How many attempts did it take to get the hole in one shot for the gif? You can tell me if you cheated, the secret will be safe with me.


Not gonna lie, my fav part was how it's possible to drive over the number-board and into the water hahaha but also the golf part is super fun and polished!! Awesome game!


It's such relaxing and fun game. So polished, and so thought out. There is always a new cart where it's would be too long to walk to your old one. Long shots based on random so you might risk to gain more points, or play safe. And close ones are depends on your reaction. And I think it makes the game very interesting.

The only thing I would have added is "You destroyed $ 100 worth of property" at the end of the game =)


Amazing. So much fun in a so little game!

Pro tip: bump the ball on golf cart to enhance your shot and avoid obstacles. ;)


Perfect! Only thing I can say is I wish there was an indicator for flag position. 


very well made.


Nice!  Really simple, easy-to-understand controls.  The only reason I docked any points was just because it didn't seem to use any of the optional themes.


The polish level here is crazy! I'm especially fond of the character 4x4 pixels animations <3. Oh and that brings back so many hours of World Class Leaderboard on Amiga :D


Nice game! I got 34. I'm surprised by the amount of polish the car physics have. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great graphics and audio and easy to follow mechanics, loved all the nice little collisions with the golf cart, thanks for putting more golf carts around too, I felt like you knew players would attempt to drive them into the water. I was initially confused where to hit the ball but after I understood the holes were confined to the lighter colours, it was fine. Awesome effort all round.


great visuals and solid game play for such a short time jam like this, congrats!


wowza. this should win. also the golf carts are so delightful.


My favorite game so far! pulling off the original concept in pico-8 in two weeks would've been impressive enough, but the level of polish is just off the charts. Being able to knock down flags and sign posts, sink your cart into water, and even have the car be an obstacle you can hit your ball off of?? 

I don't know how you did it! Great job.

Managed to make a great game in general, not just for a game jam game


This game is amazing. thank you for this aesthetic!


This was great! A top contender if not THE top, for sure! Love all the little details and love you put into the small stuff, just for fun, like the golf cart interactions/swimming/environment. my critique would be it was a little tough at first to get the hang of, but that's alright. sometimes you score a 9 on your first hole in real life, haha. 

Was the helicopter pad just for show? did something special happen if I hit a ball on it? 
Also hitting the "D" key seemed to bring up a debug screen, which I did and took a moment to figure out what happened. 


Very cute arcade like game


This is the chillest golf game, I like just wandering around the course in the golf cart.  I like your simplification of the mechanics of golf, and I like the scale you've built everything to, it's very cute.  The camera movement feels very jittery when moving diagonally but I don't know if there's any fix to that (without moving in sub-pixel increments).  Very, very nicely made entry.




Excellent entry, Johan! Loved the design choices (simplified swinging mechanics, no club selection, fun driving between holes).

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