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haha, thank you!

I made it in Godot.  My very favorite engine (free & open source!)

Replied to po6llnu in Hell comments
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Thanks!  Definitely ended up being a "style over substance" affair.   I definitely like to have little bits of humor among darkness & mystery :)  Kind of struggling with my next project right now... but hell I struggled with this one too!

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Thanks for the kind words, they really do mean a lot to me.  I definitely have some lofty ambitions and hope I get to really experiment (and I hope I can get funding so I can bring some weird games into the world).    That said, you may be disappointed at some of my releases!  The truth is I'm still a novice programmer and have a lot of learning to do!  So with every game I release right now, I'm trying different concepts, practicing different skills.  Some of these may be simple, dumb games, or more or less artistically ambitious but I will always strive to create stuff I can be proud of.  Thanks again!  Make sure to follow me on here and twitter etc :)

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Thanks for playing Cyberwolf!  I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you so much for playing!  I really appreciate all the attention Hell has gotten, and am totally flattered you've made a video!

Is there going to be a ratings period?  Or is it just for funsies (I prefer this)

Replied to MADGaming in Hell comments

Thank you for playing & making a video!   A very entertaining playthrough !  I definitely wanted to have a longer/larger game and tie in more items, alternate paths, etc, but DEADLINES!  :p  Keep an eye out for future stuff.  

Awesome!  You rock Jupiter.

I finally got around to playing your game!  Sorry that took so long.  Great use of animations, etc, I'm super curious how you did some of the nice transitions & effects.  Mine feels extremely static in comparison (but I think it still works for what I was going for) .  I have to admit, I suck at adventure game puzzle solving, so I just kind poked around for a bit.  I don't have the synapses to beat a game like yours!  I have read some of the comments though and it sounds like you were attempting some really ambitious stuff: congrats on a very impressive game!

Ah, you made a video? I'm flattered!  I'm glad you enjoyed some of the mystery :)  Thanks for playing.

Trust me, with the amount of work I put in, I thought the game would be longer too!  But you can beat it in under 2 min if you know what you're doing! :p  I'm glad you liked it, it was definitely inspired by some of those old mac games.  

Personally I'm neutral on clowns.  Thanks for playing!

Replied to Sonoshee in Hell comments

Thank you! Keep an eye out, I'm just getting started.

I'm glad you liked it-- thanks for playing!  

Replied to AOSwifty in Hell comments

Thank you AOSwifty! Glad you liked it.  Keep an eye out, more weird games on the horizon.

You should have seen my notes!  I had it mapped out at one point so there were 4 different paths through the game, then later realized that meant way more work for me and parts of the game would never be seen by players.  And when you're doing a game jam, you can't expect to necessarily get a lot of time dedicated by the player.  I then almost straightened the whole thing out to be 100% linear, but I liked keeping a little split so that you can play it a little differently if you feel compelled to play a second time.  

Rad game.  Super silly & fun.  Love the music / sounds.

Thank you very much Ramifactor!

Yes!  The 'scenes' were made from photographs which I altered digitally.  I used a mixture of photos I had taken and public domain stuff from the New York Public Library's digital archives--- it was  great resource.  I did tweak them by hand and draw in some stuff, but I'm not a good enough artist to draw so much!  Thanks so much for playing.

Thanks for playing!  There's a small split in the middle but it's fairly linear.  Certain things tweak certain dialog also.

You probably do recognize the factory from a photo-- that was one of the public domain photos I acquired from the NYPL digital archives! It proved a great resource for this game.    Again, thanks for playing!

You weren't kidding-- now that's just eerie!  

Looking foward to giving yours a play.  Likely a better "game" than mine (it's pretty short & linear & pointless lol)

Fair!  It was made in pretty limited time and was a big learning experience for me.  Thanks for the feedback :)

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Hehe, I'm also doing Hell.  I didn't stick with the proposed premise though, so our games will be *very* different :)

I love the look of your game.  Great sprites, nice dithering on the sky.  

Wowo-- looks amazing.

Wonderful!  Thanks again for playing, I'm glad you had fun.  I really think the videos you make are really great for the community.  I hope you play my game in the next jam :)

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Awesome, thanks for playing!  I'm famliar with your videos (I only started game-jamming a month or two ago) and I'm certainly happy to be in one!  You should have played it with sound on though, it makes it 100x better :)  Keep an eye out for my next game in ~week (are you planning to cover this jam: https://itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cover-2017 ?)

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Thanks! I'm making the game in Godot.  

The graphics are combinations of photos I'm manipulating (mostly with an android app that I'm emulating on my PC believe it or not.  I've come up with a strange workflow for making these)  Then I touch them up / modify in aseprite. 

Here's a new screen:

It looks the same on the surface but I changed a lot of the code to be simpler, cleaner, and capable of more.  I will keep expanding!

have the art style down for the 'viewport', and have coded in various interactions now.  Still have some basic features left to develop, as well as a ton of areas.  I'm sort of producing art and writing code at the same time here.

Posted in Into The VOID

I love the visual style!  I hope to make a game soon with a similar look/feel.  Where are you headed with the gameplay?  Is the level design going to be more arena-like or labyrinthine?

Thanks for the feedback!  My composer has got some skills (and workin' on this project got him out of a bit of a creative rut)-- more to come soon!

Screenshots don't do your game justice-- it looks fantastic in motion!  So much done with so few colors and pixels, it's very impressive.  And the game itself is great, lots of different types of obstacles, constantly throwing new stuff at you.  Definitely one of my top jam picks! :)

Nice, simple, positive game.  I do think it would be more fun if the difficulty picked up sooner.  Great job!

Holy crap, I will add to the "those animations are amazing" pile.  I love your mini guide to spriting too, all good advice.  (I can't stand doing animation personally! ha)

Hey guys,

I'm working on an entry in this competition, at least currently called "Hell".  It's based on this cover:

It's going to be a dreamlike point& click adventure through Hell, through a retro interface currently called "Hell OS"  The whole thing will have a strange vibe to it.  

Here's my current prototype (basically a mockup as of right now).  The art style for the scenes themselves is likely to change.

the inventory box on the right will become something else.  The bottom will have text describing the scene, dialog, etc. 

I'm glad you enjoyed!  Composing the music and getting it to feel good with the game was a big part of the fun for us.   I've already got a million ideas how to improve the gameplay further, we will see if there is another edition the future...

Rez was definitely a source of inspiration :)  Thanks for playing.

Hey neat game, I love the style of it.  I like the writing a lot but It's pretty verbose-- I would have liked to get the text in bigger chunks, maybe make the text box bigger, so there wouldn't be so much clicking through it.

Such a polished game, it look great!  Good puzzles, mixes it up nicely.

Encapsulates the theme beautifully!  Nice shooter game-- I think it advance a bit too slow, or would benefit from some additional variation (of course this is true of my game too lol).  Great job!

Nice game :) The jumping and lane switching works great.  I liked that it would get faster and faster.  Occasionally it would slow down again and I wasn't sure why-- bug? or me not understanding a mechanic?