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thanks for playing !!

it's out bud :D

It's coming soon!!!  finishing it up.  possibly tonight.

Nice, thanks for checking it out :)

I'm in the midst of another jam right now but I will probably add a 2-player mode to this little game, maybe tweak it a little bit more...  but I don't think I can leave it there.  I will absolutely develop another, more ambitious volleyball game at some point haha.  I downloaded your game and will try it out tonight and give some feedback if you like!

Another volleyball game creator?  your game looks sick!

Haha! Thank you for playing :)

Thank you!

Slick menus, impressive variety & art!  

This really hits that sweet spot of feeling like a lost old game that was just discovered or something, I feel like you and I had a similar approach to making a small retro-style game. Very nice pixel art, just hits the nail on the head. I wish the music from the title screen played through the whole time!  Anyway you should be proud, this is an excellent entry.

Yup, I designed it on gamepad then added the keyboard controls in later, you can tell lol. I kept wanting to add things to mix the game up or make it more like actual volleyball but at a certain point I was terrified I'd break what I already had, which was a pretty successful loop and decently fun, altho as you say a bit repetitive. Thanks for playing & for the feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback! You've absolutely hit on a few things that I'm not satisfied with in this release (although I'm still quite happy with what I put out for the time frame).

You're right the hitbox is in front of you.  In volleyball you put your hands out in front of you together and form what is called your "platform".  Basically you want the ball to bounce off your forearms, which you make as flat as possible.  I didn't communicate this very well in the game, for sure.  Also your character makes the platform and bumps/receives/digs the ball automatically, you don't need to push any button, just be in the right spot with the right timing.  I didn't go into much detail w/ instruction because I didn't want to bombard unfamiliar players with volleyball terminology or make the game seem complicated, but all of this definitely needs to be clearer.

On the second point, I fully agree, there's no way to really predict which spike the opponent will use.  They have 3 spikes, a forceful downward one that will hit in the front court (this one is deadly!) a fairly light middle hit and one that will *just* hit the back of the court, assuming the opponent's positioning is right.  The first and third are very hard to dig, you basically have to choose a position and hope you're right in this current version.  In a future version I will try to give some kind of brief indicator, or find another solution.  For example in this version of the game, only your player character can receive/dig the ball (receiving is what you call when you bump a serve btw, otherwise it is called a dig) but in a future version I'd like to have the game more fleshed out, with a teammate that can do more than just set for you (setting is when you overhand the ball to your teammate to spike).  

In a theoretical expanded version of this game, I'd have some nice tutorialization of what you're supposed to do, what the basic terminology is, etc.  My hope was that by keeping things simple/automatic enough, players would figure out some of the finer details of the game on their own in a few minutes-- I think this mostly works but is not perfect obviously.

Apologies for the essay-length response haha! thanks again for playing & for the feedback

I love this snail!! The way it wraps around corners is so charming.  I don't think I've played a game quite like this before?  You could say you're a (snail) trail-blazer.  I'm deeply sorry for the pun.  Nice game! I beat the whole thing :)

That was a quite pleasant puzzle game, chill vibes thanks to the soundtrack and nice muted color palette. Very nice job!

I was definitely aiming for that kind of very old-school feel.  thank you for playing!

Such a fantastic jam game!!! even if it is hard as hell. I had to give up on level 10.  The concept is so sound and your execution is like 9/10.  I think the controls could use a bit of tweaking only in: It can be hard to grab mid-air, or like, if you aren't "allowed" to grab yet it's frustrating, maybe that timer could be reduced or something.  I found myself on level 10 for example, just wanted to grab the character so I could slow him down to see what is actually ahead before I fly into some unknown sawblades.  I also found it felt kind of inconsistent how strong the impulse on the character would be when i send him flying.  I feel like it was often too little when I did shorter ones and too much force when I did it really far-- I think the range in the middle needs to be bigger, if that makes sense.  Either i had too much power or too little.

Anyway I only give such specific criticism because I thought the game was so great.  Looks great (the ragdoll in so few pixels is just perfect!  dismemberment has never been so funny) sounds good, fun as hell to play.  

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!  From my viewpoint, If you don't tie the camera movement to pixels, it's not really a 64x64 game.  I agree it would be more pleasant if it could interpolate smoothly but I'm going for authenticity here ;)  Anyway in future versions (after the jam) i will relax those standards and likely release a version with a smoother, better camera.

edit:  re-reading your comment I may be misunderstanding you, I apologize if that's the case!  it does just need a better camera in general lol

Weirdly satisfying.  As somebody else said, I want an undo button :P Looking forward to seeing what else you do with this one if you continue to develop it.

There's a number of real volleyball rules programmed in (if it touches the line it counts as in, 4 touches on one side loses the point, goes under the net you lose the point etc) but by design they shouldn't come into play too often, especially since I assume most people don't know all the rules of volleyball (there are a bunch!) Also while I wanted it to be "easy to play" as in simple, I like the challenge, afterall, volleyball is hard in real life, I genuinely wanted to reflect that lol. Anyway don't give up on your dreams ;)  thanks 4 playin

thanks for playing!


This game rules! concept, execution & art are all very good.  It feels like the first step towards something really special.

I know you said you didn't finish it, but it's really addictive for how simple it is.  The sound design is simple but effective, and I really wanted to just explore more and keep raking in the fish/cash-money :)  I could easily see this expanded into a bigger game.

I think visually it works quite well, the simplistic colors make everything nice and readable.  I wish the cars had some momentum (if you stop moving you just stop. there's no acceleration or deceleration).  I liked the little intro, wasn't expecting that!

Cute!  Sprite stacked mower looks great, grass looks very painterly. 

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I appreciate the feedback & kind words! Thanks so much for playing.

Thank you for the feedback & for playing!!

The car controls were not great/correct (I believe the steering was relative to the car, which is correct at least compared to GTA1/2, but you have left and right reversed).  Anyway, super impressive you managed to make all this work in such a tight space in such a short time.  The city is surprisingly fleshed out.  I wish the gunplay felt better, I kinda just spammed click and stuff would die.  I wish there was some sort of effect or visual to show bullets / impacts because it felt like my gun was firing blanks. Nice game!

Excellent game!  Loved the fading smears/trails, it really adds a sense of speed and fluidity, and gets rid of the very jaggy/sudden movement feeling from the raw pixels. There was only one level I had a lot of trouble with (10? 11? the one with the big spinning one in the center) but it's very cool you added a skip level button.  Anyway good gameplay, often this kind of game is more of a puzzle but I liked how much good reflexes were required here.  

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Very promising, oozing with style, great art.  I hope you continue to develop this!  Unfortunately it's not even close to 64*64 lol.  But you should be proud of this, it's looking awesome, and definitely keep working on it.  It may not be ultra-low-rez but it works really well where you've got it.

I like the concept of this game.  A s other people said the controls feel a bit off/floaty/slow.  The pixel art is nice and varied.  At one point (on the level with a green box, a red box, and two switches above) I got stuck and had to re-start because somehow my mashing pickup/put-down turned  the green box into a red box lol.   I liked the animations btw, like the way the enemies turn into boxes for examples is very fun.

296!  Very nice!  You did a very good job tuning the difficulty IMO, no crazy difficulty spikes but still challenging, but lots of checkpoints!!  I thought the bosses were pretty cool (maybe a little too easy), they reminded me of the Koopa bosses from SMB.  You did great with the resolution, things didn't feel cramped at all!  Also gotta love a T-pose slam :)

Hah, thank you! this put a smile on my face

It kind of just came together!  I wish all my projects were like that lol.  thanks for playing :)

:) thanks again for playing

Thank you!!

Wow, thanks so much!

Thank you!  Yeah I actually posted it on the volleyball subreddit and got lots of good feedback haha.   Many seemed just appreciative that somebody was trying to make a volleyball game at all. 

It was certainly hastily put together, I'll adjust it for the next version for sure.  thanks for the feedback & thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!