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Nice little game!  Made me chuckle.

Neat game!  Would love to play more of it.

I really loved this!  It was a little tricky at first but I managed to complete the circle!  Lots of fun, lots of good juice/feedback :)

Cute game!  I could definitely imagine playing more levels!

Funny game!  Harder than you'd think to choose if it's a dog or a monkey.

Really interesting style/presentation.  I'm curious if my choices actually had much or any impact on what happened in the end.  Regardless, very interesting game! I liked it a lot.

Awesome game!  Great example of developing mechanics & introducing them to the player in an intutive way.  Good puzzle design, was never too challenging but wasn't too easy either.  Also solid # of levels.

Sick game.  Lots of fun, impressively complete feeling.  I'd love it to be like 40% faster though!

Sick game!  Love the various enemy types and visual effects.  Really cohesive visuals for a jam game!

Fun game!  Good concept & Loved the graphics/colors, funny writing.  Would love to play a longer version!

Fun!  The controls are a little tough at first but I had a lot of fun once I got it down.  Got a score of 8080 (good? bad?)

Awesome as ever.  Really beautiful sprites.  Tricky, authentically-oldschool feeling combat (reminds me of TMNT on the nes).  Good job.

Very fun!  I'm terrible at it.  Great presentation!

Very impressive jam game!  Beautiful tileset, the day/night system was really impressive. Music was a great fit!  Godot represent.

Very nice game!  Really captured the essence of the game cart!

Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback!  The respawn system was really hastily implemented, this will absolutely be improved on the next release. thanks for playing :)

Thanks!  there will be more to come!

As always thanks for playing Jupi!  You are great

haha never quite got the AI where I wanted it and then had to get everything else done in time.  quite  a few unfinished elements, but hey at least I got the graphics how I wanted :P

This is great!  wonderful presentation, tons of variety.  I look forward to playing with more peeps!

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Hey folks!

Last year I made Hell ( ) and coincidentally I'm keeping the theme going this year!

I'm developing a 3D brawler based on this cover:

I love the colors!  To me this is a bright, fun 3d brawling game, so that's what I'm making!  Think Dreamcast-era in terms of aesthetic / fidelity.

Currently I'm doing everything but the music myself.  I'm making the game in the Godot engine, and currently focused on doing 3d character art because that's where I have the least experience.  I think I'm going to find my hands very full and would love anybody who would like to help create assets and design 3D environments.  It would be even more amazing if there was somebody who specializes in doing 3d character models, rigging, animation, etc. 

Here's a model I've made (not unwrapped/textured yet) for the main playable character:

If anybody wants to help out, reach out to me!  You can find me on the discord  channel (I'm ahintoflime#8076) @ahintoflime on twitter, etc.   You can also post in this topic. 

Thx for the coverage Jupi!  For next time, you can turn/rotate by pushing one stick up and one stick down (like in the Katamari games!)  Thanks for playing.

hey, thanks!

Cheers! Thanks for playing.

Thanks dude.  If bandai/namco ain't gonna do it they might as well let me!

Thank you!

I've made 10+ small Godot games now, so I'm getting more and more comfortable with 3d, speeding up my workflow, etc.  When I started with Godot it was your tutorials that got me through my first few jams, so thank you! :)  I also owe a lot to all the artists who put their models up on lol.  That's what I need to work on now, modeling/texturing etc!  Anyways the silly creative stuff is what I enjoy so I'm glad people got a kick out of the song haha (it was only my 2nd take!)

Thank you! Cheers.

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I never implemented keyboard controls at all!  (the functionality described above was for debug purposes, not a gameplay function) Have you played a Katamari Damacy game before?  It's never been on PC and has a very particular, analog control style, which uses both sticks for movement.  I don't think it would transfer well to keyboard.  Its something I thought about attempting, but I worked up until the last 15 minutes or so before the jam, just barely getting the ending in-- so there was no time to even try and implement PC controls.  I promise you all my other games have mouse/keyboard controls available! :)

WASD didn't work properly for me (you said it's fixed below?) and in general the controls were kinda janky.  But the concept is solid it just needs some smoothing out.  For example the slope movement wasn't good and I got stuck for a bit, unable to get up onto the ledge.  But hey I did it, I got into the cupboard? lol

Too realistic/depressing... Nice game!  I got fired :)

Yeeeeeah I meant to take that out before release :p


Thanks for playing & rating! :)

Thank you! Haha I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot the last few weeks so it only seemed right to do my own little version.

Huh, do other godot controller-based games work for you?  I wonder what I could have done differently.

Thank you!  This was my first time properly using the physics system, I agree it could use some tweaks. I'm surprised the performance was good honestly I was worried with so many objects!  

Yes the song in the intro sequence is all me :)  The song during gameplay is a royalty free song from bensound.  Thanks for playing!

I really dig the vibe, graphical style and the music.  I think the gameplay is a little too difficult!  

This game is great.  I immediately overheated & exploded my engine and it put a big smile on my face.  I played a few more rounds and it's genuinely quite fun.  It's amazing what a difference some sound/music makes too (I've played a lot of entries without either, which is understandable of course).  Great job overall!