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I looked up & checked out the video! Thanks for playing & glad you two enjoyed it. 

I've compiled some useful tools & resources!

Video tools: 

Handbrake |  easily + quickly compress and resize video as needed. 

VLC | VLC can convert video filetypes. for example for godot you need .ogv files-- VLC can convert mp4 or whatever you have recorded to the filetype you need.

OpenShot | free & open source video editor

For recording GIFs:

Gifcam | simple drag-and-drop screen GIF recorder


Kenney Assets | Tons of free assets, 2D, 3D, etc | searchable place where people upload game assets

bfxr (Retro Sound Effect Generator) | super easy and quick way to generate 8-bit sounding effects.

NYPL Public domain collection

stock footage, some free & public domain stuff:

Quaternius - free 3D assets is also a great source for assets, fonts etc


For chroma-keying:

More shaders for godot:

lots of fun shaders you can play with here

Really cool game, I love all the care you've put into the UI etc, the editor is really nice.  Vehicle building games rule! (I'm actually working on a 3D one on the side right now haha)

Nice, I beat it!  The dynamic music is implemented well but got a little irritating haha.  I liked the progression of difficulty, well done, it was fun.

Neat jam game, what a fun idea.  Pretty impressive too, there's a lot involved in these systems! Well done.

Nice little game, I liked the progression of the levels.  The tutorialization at the beginning is pretty good too.  

Hey this is a really neat game, perfectly scoped and well-suited to the theme.   Controls + visuals +  sound were all well executed too.

I really liked the intro and voice acting.  The game itself was a bit weird I wasn't sure what to do-- I figure I was supposed to stop them from destroying the crystal but does that mean the game would never end? So I just sat there and let them destroy it (it still took a very long time).  Anyway nice job using the tilemap etc.  I like the soft look, the color palette.  I didn't really think the music matched the tone of the game however.

Thanks for checking it out!  I screwed up the mac/linux builds (it was late haha) will fix soon

Oops!  I'll see about fixing  that haha

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!  I loved doing the sound design, it's satisfying. And yeah, it's a bit dark, perhaps I can add a brightness slider in the future.

Thanks for playing.  Sorry about the poor performance, it's definitely in need of some optimization-- I was experiencing with PBR materials, lots of lights, shaders, GI probe etc and the result is not exactly performant :)

Mouse input should definitely be in there too!  I just didn't have time haha, it was designed around the controller.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!  Keep an eye out for an update, we hope to improve up on much of what you've mentioned here.

Roger!  That's definitely planned for our next update. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!  The battle stats don't actually function or feature into this release but keep an eye out for a post-jam version with more features, minigames etc.

It's click + drag, but thanks for pointing that out, it's not particularly obvious!  Will either change or add some instructions in the next version.

Thank you for the kind words!  Re: evolution I think I screwed something up  for the final release lol.  There will be a fixed version after the jam ends :)

Thanks for playing!  I'd like to address the lag issue in our post-jam update-- can I ask, did you play in browser or on PC/mac etc?

What a cool game, definitely never played anything like this.  It really works well as a game and it fits the theme perfectly, great job!

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LOL I love this, the intro/outro are great.  The gameplay itself is pretty simplistic but fun and addictive, I'd love some more complications thrown in there :)  

One note I'd give-- maybe replace the mouse cursor with a bigger, more visible one, because it got very lost when I'd try to go after asteroids especially with all the screenshake going on.  Anyway great game, nice job!  I rated very highly.

Awesome jam entry.  The main spell was really well executed and made for a really unique game.  Very good stuff!  

Super tiny nitpick btw-- attacking requires clicking on the direction you'd like to attack but the mouse isn't locked to the window, so if I'm close to the left edge and need to attack left for example, it's really easy to overshoot and click outside the window, losing focus. 

I like the idea of this narrative mystery with voice acting but the audio quality and levels was all over the place, and often overlapping.  Fun story though and much more ambitious than you'd expect for a jam.

ah I see, I didn't realise ESC locked/unlocked the mouse in additino to pausing, nevermind!

Some great imagery here (2001 a space oddysee? Borges' infinite library? Stalker?)  The lighting and fog looked really nice.  Inside vibes.  That said if there was some puzzle element to how to figure out how to navigate the space I didn't figure it out, I was getting the same rooms/puzzles 2-4x in a row so I stopped playing.  But I love the vibes of this, I hope you keep working on it!

When I boot this up it takes me to some spinning cubes + matrix code with some dank music but nothing I do starts a game?  It crashed after a minute unfortunately.

Interesting control scheme, it would be cool if you could switch the sword to the other side.  I found it quite difficult as there were a lot of enemies and the sword took so long to recharge.  That said, well done!

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That's really cool that you're developing your own engine.  I'm sure it wouldnt be trivial but a custom skybox + some distant fog to blend the horizon would make this look so cool.  The mirage effect here was absolutely evil and fits the theme of the jam excelently.  Nice job!

btw would love to play in fullscreen!  I tried making the window bigger but then the game wouldn't recapture the mouse so I had to relaunch and play on the small window (very small on 4k monitor)

hah, great jam game.  love the music/sound + transitions in particular. Very fun, great job!

Simple but nice little platformer!  Love the run animation on the cube, such long legs haha

Interesting idea for a game structure!  Reminds me of some rabbithole-website-ARG-type games from the early 2000s.  Good stuff!

sweeeeet double machine pistols (and pizzas) what isn't to love?    Impressive project for a jam!  I had some issues with collision around doorways + shooting enemies if they get up close but it was a very fun time running around the rooftops delivering pizzas,  nice job

Neat game! You achieve a lot w/ a little here with the visuals.  would love to see it w/ some character sprites + animations too!

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you for playing!  You're not wrong, there are many more elements we would have loved to get in there but didn't have time.  Keep an eye out for the post-jam version! :)

Retail managers across the country will be scrambling to use your game for training purposes!!

For real, fun game, I felt like a real detective.  Fits the theme like a glove too!  Well done.

Graphics, animation and audio are all top notch here.  What a great jam game, you should be proud!  The concept w/ dreaming while hospitalized is pretty cool too, I like it a lot.

Solid recreation of the bridge game from Squid Game but is there a trick to playing? I feel like you should get multiple lives so you stand a chance of actually getting across.  Anyway nice job!

Nice little borb platformer.  I liked the scale of everything, I really felt like a little pidgeon in the city trying to figure how to navigate ledges, air conditioners etc. The volume was pretty low imo.