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WASD didn't work properly for me (you said it's fixed below?) and in general the controls were kinda janky.  But the concept is solid it just needs some smoothing out.  For example the slope movement wasn't good and I got stuck for a bit, unable to get up onto the ledge.  But hey I did it, I got into the cupboard? lol

Too realistic/depressing... Nice game!  I got fired :)

Yeeeeeah I meant to take that out before release :p


Thanks for playing & rating! :)

Thank you! Haha I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot the last few weeks so it only seemed right to do my own little version.

Huh, do other godot controller-based games work for you?  I wonder what I could have done differently.

Thank you!  This was my first time properly using the physics system, I agree it could use some tweaks. I'm surprised the performance was good honestly I was worried with so many objects!  

Yes the song in the intro sequence is all me :)  The song during gameplay is a royalty free song from bensound.  Thanks for playing!

I really dig the vibe, graphical style and the music.  I think the gameplay is a little too difficult!  

This game is great.  I immediately overheated & exploded my engine and it put a big smile on my face.  I played a few more rounds and it's genuinely quite fun.  It's amazing what a difference some sound/music makes too (I've played a lot of entries without either, which is understandable of course).  Great job overall!

You really nailed the theme-- and built a compelling game function out of it! well done.  That said, I think the process of transferring heat takes too long, requires too much repeitition.  With some tuning you could have a really great game here!

I raced all alone but It's nicely put together.  Nice crisp graphics, animation.  The smoke particle effect is great.

Great first project.  Nice concept.  I think it's a little too hard (maybe you get 3 strikes before you lose?) and it could use a little more visual flair, and some audio.  Great use of physics!

I hope they extend the time a bit because of this, I've got a tight schedule this weekend haha

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where's that theeeeeeeme

great door 10/10

seriously though I'm terrible at 3d art, so your work made this possible!  thank you.  Working on those modelling skills as I type

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hahaha, thank you :)  I like that kind of reaction.

Cool! thanks for playing

Nice!  Thanks for playin'

Thanks!  Glad you liked it.

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I just played this and loved it!  Really nice minimal graphics that work really nicely in VR.  I think it could use a tad more contrast.  Also it would be great if I could rotate a piece I was holding with the touchpad-- my wrists got tired from rotating pieces after a while.  But seriously great game with a really nice execution, I look forward to the full thing!

Yo... this is dope.  You certainly know your way around sprytile.


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I never quite figured out the rotation when going totally vertical-- I'm sure I could have figured it out but I was terrified of breaking what already worked :p   Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you!  One of the few projects I feel like I 'scoped' correctly-- I had the whole game essentially completed minus sound a day before the deadline (that never happens with me).   I didn't quite accomplish what I had out in my head for the dodgerolling & the tilt/switch/rotation mechanic, but I left it in, it essentially does nothing :p  But yeah usually I'm scrapping features on the last day, not adding new stuff, so I was happy about that :)  Godot is a fantastic engine, I use it for all my games-- this is the first one I made in Godot 3.0.  The 3D renderer is better than ever :D

Nice!  Glad he liked it, nice round up video, some good picks in there :)

What OS are you on?  You should just need extract the files from the zip and run.  

Thanks for playing!  It's not my most creative but I'm getting better at making these things :)

Thanks for playing! I would have loved to have more destruction show (ie shoot a tie fighter, now it burns/smokes as it flies) as a way of indicating health, I think the screen could get cluttered if covered in health bars.

I appreciate the comment on sound-- I'm not a sound producer but I tried my hand on this project.  As you say, many sounds lack some "oomph" but I'm proud of what I accomplished :)

Thanks! Definitely doable.

Thanks for playing!    I'm glad you had fun. I definitely think health bars or more visual feedback about the damage done to an enemy would be a good idea. 

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Nice little game. I like the sprites-- not enough games are in b&w.  The intro graphic is really nice too.  The gameplay is perhaps a little too simplistic, but at the same time I was getting confused: no matter what, when I get to the end of the street, it fades to black and resets.  Am I dying to something?  Or is this supposed to happen?  

Really excellent, wonderful presentation for a jam game.  I do think the gameplay itself could use some refinement, the controls feel kinda loose.  But seriously, the UI really captures the right aesthetic, the low-poly visual style works really well, and most importantly you recreated the pounding drums from the movie quite effectively, and it's awesome :)

Nice work!  Really fantastic graphics and atmosphere (good sound!)  No idea how much of those you actually made but definitely put to good use.  You definitely have talent, this was really nice for a jam game.

Just a heads up (this doesn't actually make a difference in figuring out the code), but your mathematical expression in note III is wrong ( you have 6 + 6 * 0 = 0 but it would be 6 unless its (6 + 6) * 0)  Sorry I'm such a pedant, ignore me, cool game!

Unless I'm mistaken it lacks gameplay but it's definitely a promising start-- some very nice textures and audio!

The visuals are super vibrant and expressive, and you have some nice effects in there.  I do think the game felt a bit slow in parts, and there are some sudden perspective changes which are pretty jarring, but nice job!

Nice, yeah it worked when I unplugged my controller (wired 360 controller).  PC controls were a little confusing at first but I managed to tear Johnny/Tommy apart many many times.  Love the art style, really neat game.

Hey, this looks super cool, but when I try and run it (Win 10) I get an error:

Really neat game.  Surreal vibe, weird sense of humor.  I played it first then watched the clip from the movie, I think the way you used it as a starting point of inspiration was pretty brilliant.  Well done!