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Steal epic artifacts - run from the cops
Submitted by brombropaul, MadamBrosper, enevis — 52 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Authenticity (use of resolution restriction)#1294.4004.400

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
Adam Trosper: Coding/Music
Joel W: Art/Animations/Coding
Paul Brom: Coding
Special Thanks: Brian Esmao & Drew Steury for Music

Was the resolution a challenge?
Most of the challenges we encountered were in the planning and design phases. We initially designed some larger sprites but after seeing how little screen real estate was left for other interactions, we opted for some more concise graphics.

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Really impressed with the visuals and the gameplay! The music felt a little quiet in the first level, but the sound effects were on point!


I really enjoyed your game, its incredible how you put a variety of enemies and a variety of scenery.It remember one time that play the dungeons and dragons and the party fight with a remorhaz. Haha.

After play, i think it would be nice if you can put a final boss or conclusion, because i felling the group tried to tell a story with the time varity, and does not have an storyline end when you finish the second phase. 


OMG what a variety of enemy there. Game is excellent and solid mechanics. Visuals are great. SFX and music felt authentic . Very well done game


The arts great, and I love the enemy variety!

Enemy telegraphing was a little confusing, and when they turned a light grey before attack i wasn't sure if they were immune during this period or what? it made it harder to avoid enemy attacks, but you balanced this out with all the health drops!

Fun entry, and a great idea too :)


Handily one of the best games of the jam. I love your choice of ergonomic keyboard controls. I would guess you're the sort of person who prefers to use vim as a text editor.

It plays like A Link to the Past and appears to draw quite a lot of inspiration from it. The enemies are similar, but you get to try a few different strategies for fighting them. I like that I could do both melee and ranged. Both were fun and easy to control.

I also like the idea of having to go back through the level and escape with the artifact. It reminds me of Dungeon of the Endless.

The only thing stopping me from giving this all fives across the board is my desire for a totally new kind of gameplay.


Very fun game! I think the speed of the character (both while running and rolling) really adds to the action while fighting and keeps you hooked in. Great work~


Very interesting game and theme. When I went to the first level, I thought "ha, I have a gun, and they have spears, what will they do to me" and then I saw bats and minotaurs


Everything is so smooth!

Visually, the game looks awesome. The character, enemies, the environment, they all look great together. I especially loved the animations!

Considering the gameplay, everything is so smooth and understandable. It seems to me that you've handled the controls and character movements perfectly. The audio in the game is also noticeable and gives the intended feeling I think.

In regard to resolution restriction, it could be better considering the character movement; but, I think that it is still great and enough at its current phase!

Good job!


Omg, what an intense game. Great job guys!

Only wish there was something that act as a compass/ guide me towards the right direction cause it really took me a while to navigate the game world.


Wonderful game, a rich variety of enemies, good distinctive art matching epoch visited, neat responsiveness and controls. Great entry!


Great game, really fun to play! I'm amazed with how much detail you've managed to put into the graphics. Nice sound effects as well. And I really like the theme! Were you inspired by the TVA? :P


Really cool game! Physics felt good and art was really nice. Impressive amount of enemies too.  Also I got so immersed in the medieval level that I kind of forgot I was playing a game about time cops.  So when the cops showed up with laser guns and light sabers it was jarring and out of place in the best possible way.  I did find a bug in level one though.  on the fart right of the map where the water is if you do the dodge roll you can clip out of the level  I ran for a while on the gray thinking I was supposed to be there before I realized what had happened.  Either way I was able to get back in.  Definitely not game breaking.  Solid entry!


Love the graphics! Had a bit of difficulty knowing where to go, but blasting enemies was fun!


I got part way into the second level before I died.
If you make any modifications to the game post jam some kind of checkpoint after completing each level might come in handy.

One of the enemies attacks looks like whirlwind from Diablo 2 :)