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Hi, thnx for the praising. Correct, you can use it for your project as long it’s credited.

Thank you! Sure I will… I had this as muy lowrezjam2023 entry, but could not put enough time into it… Time to pull on the brakes and review things to make it flawless… too ambitious for a jam…

Just got my hands on it… but first of all Congratz @johanpeitz, the game is extremely polished and it has a superb quality finish.

@vavmusicmagic my congratz extend to you as well, sfx/music fits the game and raises the bar of the overall experience.

Gameplay is fun, dialogs are on point and the general looks of the game scream “MASTERPIECE”. Still needing to put some more time on the game (went through a few levels so far to get an initial feeling of it) but I am quite sure this is goint to be great fun!

Glad I can contribute buying this to your dedication to bring joy with these creations guys!

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Looking great, the feeling is quite good though particularly the attrib load sequence in the loading simulation seems a bit off to me, is it the real load sequence? I remember you commenting on twitter or somewhere you had taken part of one of Dizzy’s for some dev testing. I mean sound here… not the actual attrib values

Getting the feeling of a real 128k game of it’s time, but maybe sound quality and video fast response like in fades ;) both things are too good for original real hardware

Incredible job in keeping it true to orignal specs!

Very nice and soothing… Not fearing the halo is quite crucial to solve the puzzles as you need to make room to maneuver the pieces and free columns… would be nice to have a stats page with all seeds solved so far. Moves and Elapsed Time could be a good combo measuring your increased capacity to solve puzzles. Music is “relaxing enough” but can be a bit nerve-wreking on longer sessions. Overall a wonderful game, congratz @krystman!

thnx :) some maths and a lot of cunning thinking from the old days… those guys on early demoscene were masters of the trade

Thnx :) It was really hard to squeeze everything together, particularly having any sound that felt reasonable (sfx is hard to generate on the fly). The sound actually should be credited to Gruber :P as this was a reinterpretation of his “1 note bass line” pico8 sound tutorial :P

Almost impossible to read the final code, but I could squeeze far more than I expected and keep performance reasonable :)

Nothing to be sorry for… when you play a game you are expecting some goals or some information that tells you about a purpose. Jam entries sometimes are just POCs, prototypes or experiments so it’s totally fine they are not a complete game. Wondering if you will be expanding this idea into something else post-jam!

Thanks for playing! glad you liked it

Very simple and an original take on bullet hells. Having the ice-cream balls as lives is a nice touch, but generates a few inconsistencies… like firing flavours you don’t have anymonre. Also the firing was a bit strange needing to recharge the 3 shots before firing. Good musing in-game, fits the frantic pace of the game. Overall a very enjoyable game experience. Nice job!

Not much of a game in there, but the concept can work. Lacking a lot of polishing… probably limiting the lantern use, having a limited bullet count… giving room for pickups and some level roaming. There’s potential there, good job!

you should have embedded the game at a bigger upscaling, it’s a bit hard to play in the tiny space in the page. Not that much to do there, the mechanics work for the game goal, but I would have liked something lenghtier and a bit more varied…

Nice platformer and very interesting level designs. Graphically it needs some uplifting but the game plays well and it’s fun to play. Nice variety of mechanichs in the platforming side, which is a good addition. Good job!

Nice entry but I’d say it requires a bit more balancing… economical growth is too slow to be able to deal with the multi enemy hordes showing up quite soon reasonably. Good potential to grow into something that could be very interesting.

Nice concept, crisp graphics and good physics for land-slides. Had quite some trouble to climb step surfaces or areas/pits i digged myself. Could not pick the red fruits, not sure if they are suposed to be picked or not. Overall the game is fun. Great entry!

Another Vampire Suvivors clone :) seems this is quite popular for this year’s jam run. Music is nice but does not really fit that well with the game for me. Lack of SFX also does not help to integrate things a bit more. Gfx are ok and work for the theme. The pause to pick upgrades is really necessary, ended up just picking randomly as it got me mid-firing to enemies. Overall a nice entry, but a bit rough on the edges. Good job!

A bit too text intensive for the resolution, but text is really well planned for it. It’s a bit tedious going through so much text until the actual first choice. The plot kind of got me vibes from “The World Ends With You” or “Devil Survivor” with the use of the phones and all… not completed it yet, so keeping this for later. Very ambitious and very polished. Great job

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Really funny, the “space cow” is a great touch… as well the extra distance coming from cow farting. Nice littel entry, guaranteed to make you laugh for a while. Great job!

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Classic ascii roguelike experience. Agreeing with the walking… it was ok, but for the little 1px alignment jump happening at the end. Needing a key release also was a bit annoying, I would have preferred constant keypress to retrigger directional move (at least every x time). Good job with this entry!

Very simple mechanics and a cute design, both in gfx and music. Not too challenging but a nice game.

A lot of nice mechanics in this one… block the rain, cook, bounce objects… the high jumps took me a bit to master. Very interesting entry, great job!

I wished there was something else to the game than follow the red marker in the compass… roaming the desert following the compass becomes a bit boring pretty fast. Harvest failed more times than work, shown as an action but the colision or action registry failing, particularly for smaller plants. Music is quite good. The sprite rest frame is ok, the alternate frame is quite messy which ends up making the animaion not so smooth. Good ideas, but a little bit more push on gameplay needed. Good Job sofar, keep at it!

Very interesting concept, takes a bit to understandwhat to do… with so many miving things on screen it’s easy to skip what is relevant (the blue bee). Nice entry!

simple runner mechanics with very few controls… the game is fun and quite responsive, but graphically it’s very hard to see whats going on due to the “glowing” sun. The music is quite interesting… to the point of lightly disturbing, but works well with the theme of the game. Nice entry!

Nice mechanics… lighting fires were maybe a bit too frequent, made it really hard to recover water levels. A bit more work on balancing the gameplay seems to be needed for this to get to it’s full potential. Nice job!

Nice idea, the mini-game style works well on this resolution and the theme gave you the contex for several mini-games. Implementation wise… picking was not working that well, coins did not get picked that easily (particularly small coins), same with some of the popsicles. Overall a very nice entry.

Short game, nice gfx style and catchy music. colors in the menus are a bit confusing with white looking like more “active” than green, but you catch that rapidly. Camera is a bit erratic and doesn’t work that well. Collisions felt a bit greedy also.

I’m terrible playing this… that said I think the mechanics are interesting for a golf-adventure genre. Music in the bg was ok, but a bit intrussive after some time. It’s a very nice entry, good job.

The sliding puzzle mechanics works great, even though I’d say it’s a little bit slow. In some situations I would say I could move to some tile I was not supposed to move with my slide, like moving in diagonal or “jumping” over tiles…

I guess it was that… a bit more context on what happens in those situations might come handy ;)

Interesting gameplay, a bit hard to get a clear idea on giw moving one of the wells will impact on your trajectory, but a nice challenge.

both minigames included are fun, but it’s hard to know how long that will be taking, and I ended up reentering the submarine game because I was firing. Not too sure how the game description fits with the mini-games though. Lack of any SFX and music makes the game a bit dull, also there’s quite some roaming on empty corridors that doesn’t add that much. It’s a good starting point for something interesting, but a bit more work needs to go in ;) good job putting up this entry though!

I really don’t like when ppl assume anything goes. I’ll give you the credit for the effort put on the song, other than that this is more a spam entry (to lowrez and many other jams… but maybe “so bad it is good”) than a serious attempt on putting up something reasonable. Here, there be trollz…

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Nice implementation of the “gas”, maybe range is extending a bit too far from what I’d expect on a spray, but the mechanics on it feel quite solid. The game is quite fun to play with the tight rooms full of enemies. Great job!

Nice game, plays quite well and the mechanics are well implemented. Interesting choice of palette, I would have gone colorfull though, and good SFX. Spritework, maybe sprites are a bit too big for the resolution leaving a small playing area. You also went over the restrictions with the text boxes not complying to 64x64. Got killed but I had no idea about my health level or being hit at any point, so a bit more feedback to the player would be quite necessary.

Very interesting experiment. It was reasonably accurate in terms of sound positioning. The moment you pick up something (I guess it was I picked up treasure or something given the festive audio) interfered a bit with the spatial positioning, but overall it was a curious and great experience. Great job with this idea!

Thank you for playing and the feedback. Jumping needs a bit of easing, let’s see if I can polish things out post-jam ;)

I love the firefly following you around as the light source for the game. The fishing is a nice mechanic. Global game goals are kind of a bit obscure and you don’t have that big a clue… Got slaughtered at the fight after fishing the flashing fish because my stats were low and in that combat there’s actually nothing you can do but see it happen (or so I think…). Overall an interesting idea! good job in this entry!