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glad you like it. Great scores too!


Yep! Later this week!

downloads now available!

Nice one!

Thanks for the  in-depth feedback, really appreciated! 

I had a counter for the spirits at one point, but it kinda made the game into a collect’em up and ruined the atmosphere so I removed it :)

Thank you so much for letting me know. Means a lot!

No idea! Does the analogue pocket run pico8?

 Not gonna update until after the jam for fairness sake. :)

Thanks for the feedback! 
Not sure it makes thing clearer, but dodge just sends the character straight down. :)

Thanks! I considered a map at one point but it felt unnecessary. Hopefully the game isn't too big to get lost for longer periods of time.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
I've struggled to come up with a better instruction for this so I'm happily taking suggestions. :D

this jump turned out a bit too hard. Will be fixed in an update. In the meantime, jump and directly press dash and you should make it

Yes! Once the jam voting is over I will release a post-jam version on the bbs. 

Great fun! The outcome felt a little to random due to the small playfield, I wonder what would happen if you had a 3x3 or 4x4 area to place stuff on.

Pretty fun! Always good to find a game to play on mobile. 

Top marks for animation! 

Interesting point about the dangers. I think my main concern would have been that the challenge would have become too one sided without them

Glad you liked it. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! Happy to hear it came together so well

Thanks! Happy to hear you liked it!

Thank you so much. Glad it kept you entertained!

Thanks a bunch. I'm very happy that everything came together at the end :)

Go to the big drop all the way to the left. Use the drop power so you don’t die from the fall. 

Good luck!


That's odd! Can you try another browser?

You have everything you need. Probably need to time your jumps better. Jump and then quickly press X (dash) and you sh out of get plenty of distance into the jump

Congrats! I know how much you worked on this and it turned out really well! Love the theme and how it goes through the entire game. A gif difficult here and there, but that can be easily ironed out. Good job!

Absolutely beautiful, and great music too! From a gameplay side it was difficult to understand if I was progressing properly or just randomly messing about! :D

Had a great time playing this! Sometimes had a hard time orienting myself and kept wandering, but eventually got back on track. Music is 10/10. Good fun!

Thanks Carlos! It was great fun following the progress of our games side by side. Thanks for good conversation. 
I've had a handful of comments about the controls so probably need to make a small revisit post-jam.

Thanks! Z bombs downward and X dashes forward. I didn't have so much space in the game to elaborate on that. :o Try again, it's rather short :D

Thank you so much! I've got a handful of comments about the long jumps in the game, probably need to adjust post-jam. :D

Agreed! I didn't know if I would be able to have any, but Vav offered to contribute music and I'm so happy they did!

Happy to hear you liked it and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game

Thanks! Try dropping down left of the crash site. 

Hi Sarah,

send me a DM on twitter .


Thanks Camden!