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You can do it!!!

You can also use the web viewer to look at old models.

pico8 does use Lua, but it is a sandbox environment so basically no access to anything outside its own little world

Not possible I’m afraid

Glad you like it! Will try to look at Android if there is enough interest in the iOS version. 

The main code is still the exact same lua Pico 8 code, but instead run on top of a framework I’ve made in love2D, which in turn can be ported to ios

ahaha, that’s a nice suggestion.  Early on I did decide against it though to keep the main objective being managing to play a round of golf without upsetting the other players, instead of having it the other way around

nope, but I sometimes have a demo up

Awesome, thanks!

Keep it up!

Sorry, this is paid only.

Thanks! Glad to hear it

That's fine! Play what you want :D

there’s another thing! Not sure it is possible to get it though ;)

Nope. It's a well crafted single player game with local high score.

Glad you like it!

Glad you like it! More golf carts to the people!

you’re welcome!

I’m just using pico8. Everything you need to export to all those platforms are built into the system. 

You don't need to close it in any specific way, is saves automatically when you pass a check point. 

Hi there! That's odd! The game saves automatically as soon as you pass checkpoint. You shouldn't have to do anything else at all. What platform are you playing on?

yes! Just want to make sure there aren’t any major bugs

thanks for the kind words Matt!

yes, shouldn’t be a problem !

No need to own pico-8. Totally stand-alone!

Thank you for your kind words!

Cool! Most of these aren’t possible I’m afraid due to the platform I built the game on (pico8). 

On the bright side, the game should already work with controllers 

not planned at the moment. What would you like to see?

Unlikely to be this side of the year I'm afraid. Not rushing it :D

yeah should be trivial to port and I already have a love2D environment set up. Mostly not keen on filling out forms on app stores :o

but for you Tom!!!

send me a DM on twitter or discord!

Thanks Tom! It’s been suggested quite a bit actually. Not a fan of mobile games, but maybe it is worth a shot?

Hello! Glad to hear you like the game!

I actually skipped the progression wheel from the ui for a couple of reasons:

  • it didn’t fit
  • you quickly learn the order
  • I like surprises

and yes, merge two suns and you’ll get sth new!

easiest to ask someone on the discord!


there’s no clear path that I know of:)

game is just a couple of days old so haven’t gotten that far yet. :) 

As soon as a planet’s center point is above the line for more  than half a second or so the game ends

if a planet merges again within a short time (half a second maybe) the multiplier for that planet increases by one. 

oh? It should appear around 256 points. 

yes! After 4000 the needed points increase with 500 for every missile. So it’s 4000, 5500, 7500, 10k, etc. 

having missiles every 1k made it possible to go infinite fairly easy

more details here