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Johan Peitz

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Thanks Ben! And thanks for helping out with the testing <3

Amazing package. Simple but really fun!

Just beautiful Alex. Love the simple but rich environments. Music is so soothing.

TIL: I don't know how to fly a plane.
Nice rendering though, felt good even if I didn't know what I was doing.

Great use of lofi restrictions! Fun gameplay - I'm a sucker for unlocks. :D

Great use of all constraints. Feels very natural and intuitive. Love the slow easing of the difficulty.

Have to say this game surprised me a bit and I keep retrying more than I intended. Fun experience! Some clearer indicators on where I could go to new areas would have helped planning, but overall quite nice!

Always room in my heart for a clicker game. Also always room for multiple-genre games. Well done!

the pixelating filter is a bit too much for me but fun game!

Nice style and concept!

Really liked having to search for ammo when I was out. Agree on up/down shooting, but it also added to the tension and tactics you had to use. Good job!

That worked out really well! Love the power ups, they give a nice change of pace to the gameplay.

Great art and music. Nice pace to the gameplay.
Had a bit of issues knowing where I had already been, but it worked out in the end. :)

Took a while to grasp the tactics to win over the computer. :) The presentation is great and it all works very well - great job!

Nice variant on creature collecting. Didn't get very far as it was hard to know where to go and easy to get lost. A quest pointer would have helped a lot. :)

Very nice! Cool to explore the world.

Love the graphics! Had a bit of difficulty knowing where to go, but blasting enemies was fun!

Very complete and polished! Great arcade shooter - well done!

Nice concept, a bit too punishing for me though. Bonus points for pointing out how to type!

Nice and short labyrinth!

Really enjoyed this! A bit repetitive at times though.

Pretty fun typing game! Got pretty stressed when running out of rails. Bonus points for the C64 font :)

Couldn't find all the treasure on level three, but was fun up to that point. Graphics are top notch -  good work!


Agreed   Been wanting to make a new version but never found the time


Bring them (alive) to the exit in exchange for health!

The jam would be a great time to practice! Just enter for fun. 

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to test the web version at all, and I’m not even sure all the functionality would work. Sorry, but won’t have time to fix this for the jam

Thanks, use X instead of shift to select multiple vertices. 

Glad you like it!

Trees and big boulders kill you. 

Flags bounce you into the gate. 

Rubble bounces you to the right and tree stumps to the left. There’s a little arrow in the snow next to them. :)

Love the mechanics and it’s so lovely presented. Great job!

It probably means I messed something up. 

Well done! There’s a bug where the victory screen doesn’t trigger if the Lich King dies by spikes. Probably what happened. Sorry about that!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

You’re not the only one who felt that after playing this. :o 

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the kind words!

Thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Good job!

Thanks! Enjoy the pride and accomplishment!