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Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. I never planned for the game to be such a time waster but sounds like it was time well wasted!

Glad you enjoyed it! It is indeed tough to make it to the end but if you use the sparse resources you have there is usually a way to make it. 

Happy to hear you liked it!

Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Afraid I’m out of tokens so no more changes! :)

 Nice play through! Thanks for spreading the word!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow - that’s quite a write up! There’s a few things you haven’t found I think but I’ll leave that to someone else to discover. :)

I should probably add some of this to the main page, but I also think part of the challenge is learning the game so just enough to get people started I guess. 


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Sorry about that! 😳

The mechanics for the teleport are are shared with the Imp and only works for actual floor tiles, so they cannot leave the game space. 

I just checked the code though and it could be possible that a spike killed the King,  which would result in not triggering the end sequence. :/

Lol, thanks. 

It’s a remake of an old flash game I made for LD ages ago. 

You can! You just need to use a very specific key. 

Thanks! :)

I’m planning to put the cart on the bbs once the onslaught of LD entries has subsided. :)

You can get the cart from the discord in the mean time. 

The issue with the links is known. Try playing in landscape mode. :)

Thanks! Let’s build that library!

Thank you for the kind words and feedback, I really appreciate it.

The movement speed was brought up a number of times during a development but due to some decisions early in the development it was hard to tweak it in a sensible way. Eventually I accepted that it would be a bit slow when backtracking, but in favour for battles to feel deliberate and thought through. Same reason for not allowing players to skip turns, every action counts.

The cheesing is definitely a bug, the idea is as mentioned above something must be done each turn - no skipping! :)

I'll go and make a new version now. :D

I’ll try and find the time to have a look!

Lure your enemies into the traps instead! :D

Thanks - and glad to hear you enjoying it. Good feedback on the font, definitely need to look into that for future games. 

Thanks! Glad to hear you like it!

Hey, thank you so much for the very kind feedback. thrilled to hear you like it so much. No plans to do anything more with it atm, but who knows what the future brings. 

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Very well done! Super cute and fun double-jump-mechanic!

Thanks! 🙏🏻


Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

If you didn't figure it out, you didn't try every key.


Wow, I don't think I got deeper than 4. :) I tested the game at depth 10 a few times, but the performance is dragged down due to all entities. :D

Hey, nice catch! The behaviour for the spikes is probably to turn bloody as soon as anything hits them, and they don't care what. :)Glad you like it!

Sorry about that! :) The borders of the map is just regular tiles so you can easily get out!

Many thanks! Yeah, I don't think I got around to set a max speed for anything really. The same thing probably happens with anything in the game. :o

sorry. Out of space!

Cool stuff! Obvious now that some bits are way too hard! :D Sorry!

Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I’ll probably post it on the pico8 bbs once I’ve finished a small patch. 

Thanks! Currently the wrapper I’ve used doesn’t do mobile. There are those that do, but not sure I can be bothered... :)

Oh, thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

Thanks for the kind words. I am tweaking the game a bit so it will at least be a little easier in he beginning. :)

Yes, I do! There are a few bits and bobs I didn't have time to fix for the Jam that I want to fix first though. But should be up there fairly soon.

Wow, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I've been optimising over the weekend and I think I can fit one more feature, the damsel. :)

Making the basic engine used up around half of the tokens. Than implementing enemies and various items took the rest. In the posted version I had like 10 or so to spare. :)

Yeah, the algorithm for room placement is more or less identical.

Thanks! The game generates new "cave" levels endlessly. No room to do any other themes I'm afraid without going multicart which I'm not a fan of (I like scoping things down, and with unlimited space projects never finish).

Controllers should work out of the box though. I've just plugged in a USB controller and it works.

Thanks for the kind words Paul! See you at the finish line! :D