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Yep! I posted it here: Enjoy!

Beautiful game! All of the icons and enemies are super readable and the controls work really well. Well done!

Nice entry, Jack! The controls felt really good and the amount of enemies to get through felt just right.

Wow, thank you so much for the kind review! :)

lol :)


once you have all three, take them to their momma :)

This is amazing. Loved the sprite stacked mower model and how fun, simple, and challenging it is. Perfect for LOWREZJAM. The only thing I might consider adding are some small animated grass clippings that fly out from the mower as you cut. Well done!

Excellent entry, Johan! Loved the design choices (simplified swinging mechanics, no club selection, fun driving between holes).

Check out this entry to LOWREZJAM (64x64 pixels)! It's a short, casual, non-violent, puzzle/platformer.

thank you :) agreed, that is super annoying about the rocks reappearing. if i ever get around to updating this, i'll be sure to fix that.

thank you :)

thank you thank you :)

Aw, thanks! So glad you enjoyed them!

thanks :) i used phaser

give the sk8r boi the coat-hanger :)

give him the coat-hanger :)

oh no! sorry to hear about the knife. can you let me know specifically what you did in the kitchen so that I can reproduce and fix the bug?

Thanks for playing! Great playthrough!

haha! excellent play-through and voiceovers! i thoroughly enjoyed your video, thanks for playing and sharing! :)

you inspired me to revisit this game after about two years of putting it off :) i believe i fixed the performance issues with scene transitions. if you could try again and let me know if it's any better, that would be wonderful!

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the bug - if you recall, do you remember what you did in the kitchen sink area before you weren't able to select the knife? I'd like to be able to reproduce it and fix it

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the bug - if you recall, do you remember in what order you selected the kitchen items? I'd like to be able to reproduce it and fix it

This was soooo great! Super fun and ridiculous :)  When I first started playing I felt like the physics were sooooo bouncy, but after I spilt juice all over the place it was just so hilarious that i wanted more of it and it fit the crazy vibe of the game perfectly. The scoring system was a little unclear (not sure how I ended up with a positive score, felt like i was dropping tons of fruit!) maybe the end score should be quantified in terms of total amount of juice made? Loved this!

This was so great! The puzzles were light and enjoyable and the animations were very detailed. And the attitude on that fox.. loved it!

Super cute! Loved the story and great use of facial expressions and text dialog system. Minor comment - while i really enjoyed the acoustic background music, I felt like the text "blips" were a little harsh on the ears and didn't quite match the music. Again, great job!

Well hot damn! This was so much fun! All the level layouts/controls were very smooth, transitioning between areas felt great, and nice twist with the zombie dudes at the end - my heart was pounding! One minor suggestion - could you have used the up-arrow for jump / down-arrow for fall? Initially I died a bunch getting the 3 keys (jump, swing, throw) memorized, but got the hang of it eventually. 

thanks for playing! :)

thank you :)

thanks - which track? i'll put them up on bandcamp soon, and the thriftshop backing track was from

the graphics and use of screen resolution are super impressive! i'll admit i had a hard time figuring out what to do, which may be my unfamiliarity with games of this style. it might be nice to have a short in-game tutorial to hold the player's hand getting started. nice work!

good stuff! i liked the layout and the flow of the game. one small suggestion, it would be nice to be able to select items from the bottom menu and use them directly on objects. nice work!

thanks :) phaser 3

thank you! if you wouldn't mind coming back to rate it, that'd be amazing! i'll be sure to check out your entry as well :)

thanks for checking it out early! if you wouldn't mind coming back to rate, that'd be amazing! i'll be sure to check out your entry as well :)

thanks Marco! appreciate you checking it out early! if you wouldn't mind coming back to rate it, that'd be amazing! :)

not yet :) thanks for playing!

this is fixed! good catch finding this.

thanks for the bug report. if you wouldn't mind please report it on the github page so that it can be properly tracked:

Thanks for the very kind review Paul! Great catch - I am indeed a Scrubs fan, tried my best to channel my inner Dr. Cox :) i originally had the ghost guy's "dickish-ness" ramped up WAY higher, but wound up dialing it back because it was just a touch harsh lol.  

The squirrel-chase does seem to be a common sticking point. It's kind of a throw-away puzzle, but i liked having another use for the feather in addition to beating the jumpy boss (and just making it quicker to get around the levels). Maybe the dialog with the squirrel should change after your third unsuccessful try, and have him hint at needing an item to go faster? ::shrug:: maybe that would prevent some rage-quitting

And, as always, thanks for the helpful feedback:

  • Got stuck after dying while the "jumping" beast was building up his laser
    • well that's not good - i'll look at fixing that.
  • Spelling error after solving campfire ("thanks for you help", should be "your")
    • Check!
  • Can walk/interact with the level while in "backpack" mode?
    • Didn't even realize that was possible, but yes it should be fixed.
  • Sometimes seemed like I "lost" gems?
    • Weird - let me know which scenes this happened in and i'll try to reproduce? the scene with the hostages you will definitely lose any acquired gems if you don't complete it in one pass through