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Thank you! :)

Thanks Tim!

This was so awesome, definitely the longest I played any entry so far - I was hooked! Great concept with the hacking puzzles (could be a nice educational game if you went further with the math puzzles), and the level design was really great too. Good balance of puzzle difficulty and speed of the security cameras, made it accessible but also not too easy. Another great LOWREZJAM entry from you, lordcoppetti!

Wow, this is a great game! The graphics were crisp and clean, especially loved the instructional screens with jitter and the planet level selection. I would have liked some additional weapons / upgrades a little earlier on to keep it fresh (maybe I didn't make it far enough), but otherwise a very polished entry!

Really enjoyed this - the art work and level design is fantastic, and controls feel very intuitive. Minor criticisms - it would have been nice to have a little more feedback after repairing something - show how it contributes to a larger purpose/goal. The closing door obstacles were a nice touch - i felt like I should also be penalized for running into walls at full speed, but didn't mind that it didn't hurt me :) Great work!

Super fun! Great sprite design, especially loved the little skeletons. I found it pretty difficult - took me several tries to get past the second boss, but other than that, well executed!

Wow, thank you so much :D  What I would up doing was starting out doodling small findable items (stuff that seemed recognizable at the low resolution), and kinda bending / twisting the grandma's story to include those items in whatever way possible. It's not the most continuous / flawless story, but makes for a nice short game where your imagination can sort of fill in the gaps.

Thanks Paul :) new version uploaded, hopefully that helps a bit!

Thanks for playing! I just uploaded a new version with some bug fixes, so hopefully that helps. Hint - use the hammer to smash rocks :)

Excellent sprite design! Very creative layout for size constraints, nicely done!

Super fun, creative, and addictive! The updates as the levels progressed were extremely creative and well done. I probably died more times than anyone else, ha. One minor thing: i wasn't sure what the function of the red eyes flashing were, whether they were clues as to where the blocks were (my memory is terrible!) or initially whether they were something i needed to avoid (seemed they didn't bother me though!), or if they were just scary (which they were!). Great entry Paul! 

Thanks so much for your help! I just sent you an email.

Thanks for the kind words!

I've been tirelessly trying to recreate this crash/freeze problem, but cannot replicate it on my system. Running on MacOS latest Chrome and Firefox. If possible, could you provide a list of steps you took in the game to cause the freeze? Thank you so much for the feedback.

Thanks for the kind words!

I've been tirelessly trying to recreate this crash/freeze problem, but cannot replicate it on my system. Running on MacOS latest Chrome and Firefox. If possible, could you provide a list of steps you took in the game to cause the freeze? Thank you so much for the feedback.

Could you let me know what browser and version you are running? Thanks!

Thanks for your patience with the bugs and for the helpful feedback! I've noticed this bug *sometimes* but can't seem to reproduce it reliably. I'll see if I can nail down the cause (let me know if you do sooner!).

Excellent sprite design and music! It was a little unclear as to whether the difficulty was ramping up (maybe I didn't get far enough in), but overall it was fun!

Excellent game! Sprite and level design are awesome, and the decision to have separate directional firing mechanic made a lot of sense and works well. One minor suggestion - when you successfully hit an enemy with slime, have them bounce back a little to create some space. When the chaser chefs are after you, they're the same speed as you, so trying to "fend" them off is a little rough even early on (then maybe have some of the later enemies not bounce back, ramping up the difficulty). Great work!

Loved the character design and calming vibe of this! Only suggestion would be perhaps to have a camera that follows your character through the scenes, rather than discrete sections of the map - might help it feel a little smoother / continuous while exploring. Great work!

Thanks :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Very cool! I would love to see more of this with more weapons/actions and objectives!

Excellent gameplay, sound effects, and music! Very solid overall - one minor suggestion, the firing rate seems to be capped no matter how fast I push X. Might feel just a tad more responsive if I was allowed to shoot faster. Nice work!

Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks so much!

Thanks! :)

Thank you!

Thanks! If you need a hint, let me know! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try and reproduce that bug.

Seems this issue is caused if you are blocking 3rd party cookies in Chrome. This is required for saving progress in the game. See Chrome settings under Privacy > Content > Cookies and make sure that blocking is not enabled. Hope that helps.

What browser and version are you running?

I made a small quick-start project for the web-based Phaser game engine, specifically setup for the crisp pixels of LOWREZJAM - check out the source here :

and see the demo of it running here:

Thanks so much for checking it out! :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, i'd eventually like to add more stuff to "manage" so it's not as automated, but that's all i could squeeze in for the jam.

Ah - thanks for the detailed bug report! I'll get that fixed soon!

Wow! Thanks so much for checking it out - great video!

Thank you! I'd definitely like to add more - it was all I could squeeze in two weeks :)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! :)