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Thanks for the very kind review Paul! Great catch - I am indeed a Scrubs fan, tried my best to channel my inner Dr. Cox :) i originally had the ghost guy's "dickish-ness" ramped up WAY higher, but wound up dialing it back because it was just a touch harsh lol.  

The squirrel-chase does seem to be a common sticking point. It's kind of a throw-away puzzle, but i liked having another use for the feather in addition to beating the jumpy boss (and just making it quicker to get around the levels). Maybe the dialog with the squirrel should change after your third unsuccessful try, and have him hint at needing an item to go faster? ::shrug:: maybe that would prevent some rage-quitting

And, as always, thanks for the helpful feedback:

  • Got stuck after dying while the "jumping" beast was building up his laser
    • well that's not good - i'll look at fixing that.
  • Spelling error after solving campfire ("thanks for you help", should be "your")
    • Check!
  • Can walk/interact with the level while in "backpack" mode?
    • Didn't even realize that was possible, but yes it should be fixed.
  • Sometimes seemed like I "lost" gems?
    • Weird - let me know which scenes this happened in and i'll try to reproduce? the scene with the hostages you will definitely lose any acquired gems if you don't complete it in one pass through