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Submitted by securas (@Securas2010) — 13 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#504.6864.686

Ranked from 70 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
Yes. We were 2!
Securas: Code, Art and SFX (probably why the latter is not that great)
Quiji: Music

Was the resolution a challenge?
Not many pixels to convey information to the player. Had to rely mostly on animations.

What did you learn?
I should practice making sfx

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Top notch!! Apart from the keyboard layout for non-English countries I have nothing to complain about. Congratulations on your great game, I had a lot of fun.


Cheers. Which keyboard are you using and which keys would you prefer to have? I'm asking to take into account later on.


I use the Swiss-German layout. I just noticed that I was jumping with the Z key instead of SPACE all the time. ( Z J K )
At the beginning of the game I saw the hint with the key assignment. But I wondered how to use the _ to jump. I didn't try it and I was convinced that somebody used Z X C as action keys again. :-)

If you reply to this message, i will give you the easy tip to set up your keyboard in English on windows, (it's by default on windows but need a little setting), after Christmas. Don't worry once the setup done you can easily switch the setups, and play all the English games.


What a great jam game! The amount of polish and attention to detail you have managed to put into this with only two weeks is simply amazing. Excellent visuals, catchy music and very solid gameplay. Max points from me.


For all the reasons stated below, it's clear you guys should keep working on this.


Excellent game! Very polished. Wonderful graphics with very fitting music and sound effects!


I literally have no words. I love it. The art is absolutely positively gorgeous, the animations are superb, everything is just dahdkahfkahdlfakjfh;adjgka

p e r f e c ti o n.


This one has a lot of ratings and that for a good reason. The graphics are very lovely, the sound design is great and the level design is solid. The tutorial sections work pretty well, later there may be some section that seems a little hard.  So sometimes it is a little bit frustrating to run through the same section again. 

Also I wish there would be the possibility to influence the jump height, like in other platformers. 

But all in all, one of the bests entries I played jet. Keep up the good work.

btw. I like how your movement is freezed when you are attacking in air

Fun and amazing gameplay


This game is getting a lot of attention and it's well deserved. Outstanding in all categories. Phenomenal!




This game is awesome! The visuals are great, the feedback feels excellent, and the sound effects are on point. The player movement felt slow, but given the resolution restraint it's understandable.


Man... this is so perfect. The game flowing, puzzles, structure and all.

Thank you to make a great game!


Very fun and cute music!


 This is really a perfect miniature Castlevania! Very tight gameplay and clear and great graphics, I Especially love the axe swinging animations! :P


Fantastic experience start to finish! Audio and graphics are absolutely top notch, and the gameplay is super polished and fun to play. The axe throw mechanic is great and there's even a multi-hit combo for the slash! So cool! 


great axe throwing mechanic, liked some of the puzzles,  i actually forgot about the slash key and ended up finishing the game just with axe throwing. skeletons were tricky, thought had to throw the axe before seeing them then call it back when they start coming just so could hit them twice before they reached me. nice graphics/animation


It's amazing how polished this game is! I really like the axe throwing and how it returns to the player.


Fun game! Awesome seeing another entry using Godot for the jam!


Awesome game in every aspect! Really nice gameplay mechanics and game progression. The artstyle and music fit it in so well! Great job!


This is really polished and fun to play! All the visuals, animations, everything is on point. The axe puzzle platforming works really well, I love how the UI works so well with so less pixels. Overall a really great game, and would love to see a full release at some point :)


Absolutely brilliant! Loved every single part of this (I think it may be the game I wanted to make!). The graphics are brilliant, great game design, music and sound effects fit perfectly. I really like how each screen is self contained. The little details all add up as well - the environment animations, the different attack animations, feedbacks etc. It felt like the cracked blocks were breakable and could have led to secret areas - maybe health or some sort of power up? The axe mechanic works really well and adds another level to the game.

Excellent job!

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