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Yes, although not in the 64 x 64 pixel form. There are a lot of games that worked well in that size, and mine isn't quite one of them. 

My main goal in doing this was to prove out certain concepts I've been mulling around for a while. Some of them worked, some didn't, and I'm really glad that I know those elements that I'll need to improve on.

I'm glad you like the look and sound of the game, and I'm sorry the manual didn't help you out. I know that UI is one of those things I need to focus on next time.

Just for clarity, the idea of this single-round combat system is that you roll dice to form a dice pool, then open the monster's combat card and try to fill in as many "dice slots" as possible. Clicking on a die and then clicking on a slot will fill it; right-clicking a slot with a die will return it to your pool. When you confirm your selection on the monster's combat card, empty slots penalize the player with damage, curses, or less XP or money. The puzzle is to fill as many slots as possible.

You start with one spell called "fuse mana" and you learn more on your adventure. These spells allow you to manipulate the dice in various ways, by spending dice as mana to gain, change, or reroll dice in your pool. Manipulating dice will help you solve the puzzle of filling in the monster dice card.

Hey, glad to hear you liked it. I love game manuals! I still have my Lords of Magic manual sitting somewhere; it's like 100 pages and heavy enough to hold a door open. As for the pixel-perfect stuff, I did indeed miss some details, but next year my goal is to get that hammered down first, instead of running out of time to do it. And yes, at some point I will be developing Micro RPG into a fuller game experience.

If you like the combat system, check out One Deck Dungeon by Chris Cieslik (published by Asmadi Games). My combat mechanics are based on his excellent game.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! The random battles is something I should have spent more time on; it's random enough that you can go a while without seeing enemies, or get bogged down and not make a lot of progress.

Check out One Deck Dungeon by Chris Cieslik (published by Asmadi Games). My combat mechanics are based on his excellent game. I made the manual with exactly the idea of both teaching the game and calling back to older games where a manual was essential.

Ah, very clever solution.

Really fun game. I love that the recipes have somewhat mysterious names. Also, I want to try making these recipes for real. If I do I'll let you know!

The graphics are great, and they helped to set the mood that this is no ordinary kitchen. The music feels very "old world restaurant" as well. I don't know if it was intentional, but this feels like a fun take on Overcooked.

I hope you develop this further because it has a lot of potential.

This is certainly one of my top 5 games for this jam. The characters and world are full of personality, and the music perfectly accompanies the look and feel of the game.

My game had a lot of dialogue and I struggled to get a good font, but yours is very stylish and clear. Also clear are the neat little UI tricks you used, like coloring the teapot based on the type of tea you brewed.

Going back to the characters, I think that I'm going to bookmark this game as a lesson on how to make randomly generated characters that are charming and filled with variety. Did you see Alien Job Interview Simulator? That developer did a similar thing.

I'll keep checking back to see what game you've made next! Also, is that your voice? If so, you could make a living doing voice work.

Thanks for the encouragement! I hope to develop this into a much deeper and expansive game in the future, but still adhere to the "micro" feel.

If you like the combat system, check out One Deck Dungeon by Chris Cieslik (published by Asmadi Games). My combat mechanics are based on his excellent game.

Very impressive submission, certainly one of the richest in terms of length and content! I love the font you used for the dialogue; it's very readable and stylish (I had a lot of dialogue as well so I've been looking out for good examples) The fact that the game doesn't pause when I'm in the menu us scary, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. Can't wait to keep playing!

Perfect, top 5 game. A masterclass in both the use of color and how to design audio. It helps that the narrator's voice sounds genetically engineered to tell tales of adventure. For my submission, I considered using voice to help enrich the world, but I didn't have the courage to pull it off. I think you have inspired me to do so next time.

It's too bad you're making a game every month, because I wish this game just went on forever.

Very impressive submission. Definitely one of the most distinctive looking games out of all the hundreds. Even the text is fancy (my game had a ton of dialogue, so I've been on the prowl for cool fonts). You did a great job with the atmosphere; I have a clear sense of what this world is like. This would be worth developing further for sure.

Excellent atmosphere, and the narration was on point (just a tad too loud though). 3D is hard to do at this scale mostly for the reasons you mentioned, but I found it to be well done here. Hope you do keep working on this!

The atmosphere is really key here. The feel of the world is very strong, and it comes from the graphics, the mysterious music, and the neat introduction screen. The combat could be a little more interesting, but the fact that you added classes goes a long way.

Actually one of the things I was most impressed with was the scrolling text when you choose your class; I don't think I saw any other game submitted that had that feature. My game had a ton of dialogue and I had to cut a lot because I didn't have time for it.

Really nice submission! The humor is nice, and I felt like the graphics and audio (besides that way too loud landing "thump") set the mood quite well.

Game worked great for me. I hope people come back to play it post-fix, because it's definitely worth it. Clever puzzles and a very relaxing mood. I'm looking forward to playing it again.

Only two complaints; sometimes it's hard to tell when you can walk behind something, and it would be nice if the music looped. Otherwise, very nice game.

P.S. I love that transition you made!

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This is one of the most professional looking submissions by a long shot. The audio-visual style is going to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Definitely in my top 10.

You called it a "prelude" and I hope you make good on that promise by developing this further. Clearly you guys can make a great game.

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I think the graphical effects in this submission are very inspired. Just the little "charging" wisp on your hand is very stylish. Graphics are top-notch overall.

Also, the combat system is clever, more puzzle-like than I first thought. A great concept that perhaps could be developed further!

Thank you so much. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the art; it's my weakest suit but with no sleep, anything's possible!

Thanks for your kind comments! If I had one more day I would have gone through and done a tutorial mode. Originally, the Whizard was going to teach the gameplay, but time got the better of me.

If you like the combat system, check out One Deck Dungeon by Chris Cieslik (published by Asmadi Games). My combat mechanics are based on his excellent game.

Anything's possible in the world of Zena; maybe these crystals are perfectly safe.

I got the gist, haha. Honestly the game is creepy overall and the dogs don't detract from it.

It's a genuinely fun fishing game... at 64 pixels square! The 3D effect is well done; some 3D submissions don't look great at long distances, but yours does short and long distances very well. The audio is relaxing, although I wouldn't have minded a musical track. This is worth developing further, although maybe at a larger resolution.

Very neat game, I'm glad that you'll keep working on it. The procedural levels work well, and I like the feeling of progression you get by always going in the same direction. Graphics are great at this low scale as well!

I love the 2-color look, and the combat feels pretty good for a first pass. This could be worked into a pretty good arcade game if you keep developing it.

Very relaxing. I think the art could have been a little less muddy, but it's a good experiment.

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It's fun to fly around, you really feel the speed at lower altitudes. I think the world was just a bit too big, sometimes I felt impatient trying to scope out a new area. Maybe that's just because I'm not used to games like these.

Also, sunsets looks great and I wish I could set the time so I could see that beautiful red sky all the time.

Very attractive art, and very nostalgic combat.

It's like the simplest version of Trauma Center possible. Really cool idea for a game. The simple graphics and fast music enhance the drama.

Very nice result! I got a great atmosphere from the graphics and the music you chose. It felt like a game straight out of the arcades.

The sprite scaling effect is very good, and I found that the long-distance drawing was pretty clear. It also contributed to the nostalgic feeling.

The best part of this is just the atmosphere. I love the city sounds and the futuristic look of things. It's hard to do that in such a small space, but I think you pulled it off.

Neat game. There have been a few tactics entries but this one feels the most polished. The UI is great, and I like the sprites and the music. It's a very nostalgic feeling. I'm going to play this one a bunch.

Excellent game! I laughed when I realized the sprite is a tiny person with a giant backpack. It represents the relationship very well, I think.

Graphics are great, and the turning animation for the character is a nice touch. The text is particularly impressive; I wish the text in my game looked that stylish.

Pretty neat game, I love the color choices and the use of sound/static to set the mood.

I like this a lot. I think if you keep working on this it would be a great tactics game. The graphics in particular are very appealing to me.

Fun and cute game! Actually, I was most impressed with the intro title cards, which were very clean and stylish looking! I only wish my game could look so good.

Excellent submission. This is a great example of how you can do a UI in a limited space. I love games like these, so it was fun to try it in a tiny scale. Honestly, this might be worth working on some more, to see where you can take it.

Very nice, the limited color palette in each area gave a distinct "NES" feel. I think you used the limited space very well by making nice large character sprites.

Really cool submission. The graphics and music are excellent, and the platforming felt very satisfying. Hopefully you keep working on this in the future.

Side note: In a real-life post-apocalypse, avoid going underground to find your ancestors' energy crystals, as you are liable to get radiation poisoning!

I will treasure the first time playing this forever.

Seriously, it's a really lovely looking game, with great music, and a "laugh out loud" intro. The rhythm element is great, although I wouldn't have minded a little more visual confirmation that I was hitting it correctly.