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On Vanilla? O.o

Yup! Bellossom and Vileplume from Gloom as well. :)

Hahaha! I didn't remember it was you who said that. xD

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I was thinking in "Curse" + "Counter attack". Depending in the order it works (or the order we put the Glyph on pkmns), if Curse works first and let the opponent at 1 life then the Counter attack after to deal the last 1 damage, it gonna be an instant kill to any adversary. 

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Hi dude. This is totaly random. I had a lot of luck and got each eeveelution in each Eevee I evolved. Followin by order: Espeon > Vaporeon > Jolteon > Umbreon > Flareon. The other ones came another Vaporeon and Flareon. 

But it's totaly random. Keep trying! ^^

Edit: Someone said on bellow posts that if you evolve the Eevee and don't get what you want, don't exit from the evolve screen, close the game and open it again. It will not cause the game to save the progression and you can try again a new eeveelution.  

I love challenges like that! Amazing. A very well resource menagement. Incredible. However that fork attack broke your legs. 

Unique problem: A single Koffing with Misty would destroy any glyph strategy. So we need to think other ways to achieve this goal. 

Anyway, you made a good job! :D

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No they don't. Only gen 1 and 2, no evolution for those who get a new one after gen 3 and on. 

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Two suggestions: 

- Can you put a "Sort by Berry type" in the mon select screen? 

- It gonna be nice have a "withdraw" button on the played mons to back them to our hand and replace to another mon on the same place. It gonna be a trick over the elements or replace some played trees and rocks.

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This is when you "tribute" a Pokémon 3 times. They gain 3 little hearts above that Card.

Pokémons that were "tributed" gain an "X" above the Card as well.

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This is the kind of game I'd like to play in mobile (Android, specifcaly). Lol 

Do you think in to export to it? 

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That's true... however I got level 15 and didn't noticed a secret. 
Gonna try again! xD

EDIT: Unlocked! I've finished the game before conclude the 15 level... so didn't got that before. 

Very spice game! After match 10... we deal double damage? 

Was it the secret? 

Thanks for your feedback, dude!

Yeah, those are already our update. This is coming! haha

Parallax, thanks for our Thiago Cunha and musics to Natalia Petrutes! ^^

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This game is maybe the better "strong togheter" theme. Hahaha! That's what a totem is, right? Pille them as you can and they will become stronger. Really nice. 

I just think the levels not as challenger as I expected. And sometimes I couldn't jump (idk why). However, This is a game I'd back to play for sure. :D

This game has a lot of future. The animation and pixel art are really good. 

Nice entry, dude. ^^ 

I'm really impressed with the story, gameplay and whatever I should "judge". 

For me... this is the best so far. Congratulations.

An impressive enter. Good graphics and gameplay. 

I'd like you explore more of vertically the level design. But the rest if amazing. Really good job!

This is the kind of game that can be explored in many ways! 

Really good art and gameplay. I just thought too easy. Hahah xD

Should have a "restart" button for those who want to get back to the same level. 

An really good entry! Good job.  

You rocks in your game. Don't worry! ;)

That's a really good entry, dude. 

The level design and sprites are amazing. Including animations. The level desing is really unique. I think one of the best entries so far (for me). However... I didn't got the theme itself. I think it should have a more synergic mechanic with other things. But it's really a solid game! 

I'm proud of you. Good job! 

So the "together" are about the dices? Hm! Interesting. Gonna play it again!. Haha

The game seems so hard to me... Tried to play it many times. Why should I get faster if I touch other baloons I take damage? It does not fit a good mechanic, imo. 

I like the aesthetic, art and sounds! They're pretty. 

Great game design. Love the mechanic!! 

It seems part of a future great game that I really wanna play. Haha

Just think it does not fit the jam theme. That's a pitty.  :/

However... great game and art, tho. I want it finished, please. lol

The song and level desing are amazing. Good job on it! 

Really nice story. Love the plot in the final. Haha

The game is pretty solid, nice levels, gameplay and all. Good job!

I enjoyed a lot this game! Love the theme "tower defense" you did. 

It remembered me a lot of the aesthetic of "Patapon" which is a good reference! Nice art.

I think there's nothing to improve talking about a game made for a Jam. It's solid and complete! 

Good job!

Really good game, dude!

I had a lot of fun to finish it and enjoyed a lot and got stronger the more member I got. Haha

Really good game, dude!

I had a lot of fun to finish it and enjoyed a lot and got stronger the more member I got. Haha

Taking note of these tips!  Haha

Thanks for your feedback, dude. 

Hahahaha! Thanks for save us. 

Some things were missed during the short time we had.  However, we'll keep the work on it to finish this game.

Thanks for your words!

Hey thanks, dude! We'll keep the work on it. 

Morning, dude! I appreciete every single word you wrote. All letters are important for us. 

In the begining of the project we'd like to make a co-op gameplay of two players and work them together. However, in a itchio platform and in a JAM, mos of us won't be able to play a co-op game, due to don't have anyone more to play. Then we minimize the project to a "follow the player" IA to keep the enviroment and mechanic. 

Once again, really appreciate your words.  

Hi, dud! We tried to make the game simple. Then level up it. Haha! 

However the time was an evil man for us. Next update gonna be the HUD and balance on damage system! ^^

Really thanks for your words, dude! The backstory is really good, thanks to our designer Thiago Cunha.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the time we need to finish this game the way we'd like. Next steps is to implement the HUD e adjust the damages/health system. We'll go for it! 

Thanks for your words, dude!

Hi, dude! 

REALLY thanks for your feedbacks. Those are rightly our next steps. Unfortunately, due the time we had to participate this jam (3 days) we didn't reach our main goals to delivery the game we should do. However, we're keep doing this game to finish it and had a good job done! ^^

Thanks, dude! 

Continue this game! 

It's reallt one of the best  I've played so far. A complete game that make us really happy at finishing it. I spent a long time playing it (twice. Hahah).

Good mechanics and graphics. Good job!  

Really nice entry! I had a lot of fun playing trying to find my friend. Hahaha

It seems it happens all the time. LOL

Good job dude.