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A turn-based, deck-building roguelite focused on dice combinations!
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Game Design#384.0574.057

Ranked from 106 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Our game uses dice combos which make them stronger when used combined. This evolves during the gameplay when more dice are introduced.

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?

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best game on . But please add a way to save your game. I play since 18 hours cuz I don’t want to loose all my progress 

nice game


very good i liked it


holy this is hard

(1 edit) (+2)

Favorite game of the Jam. You should make it a full blown steam release with new dice, new enemies, new bosses, and a lot more levels instead of 20. You should have more upgrades like being able to play more than 3 dice in a turn. You could have save points in the game so you don't have to get so close and lose right before the end.  You could also introduce a hard mode which is the same game without save points.


The game is good


The art and music are great!


I tried to do a good rundown of a review in my video here:


This was so amazingly good. I don't know if I have anything to say besides making this a proper game that has more story in it. Reminds me of 'Slay the Spire'. I think the dice do get boring in a way eventually especially when you lose and go back to the beginning. maybe expanding on the number of combos and dice types would be good or allowing the player to create a dice deck from a random assortment would be cool. 

  • I already left a comment but the game is so good I’m playing it again and leaving another one

  • I wasn’t able to beat the game on my first playthrough so I’m playing using “Space + F” to cheat this time

  • I ran into a bug where you get stuck on the discard dice menu (after beating a floor) if you only have one die left

  • Cheating in this game is actually still really fun. Because the shortcut only kills one monster, sometimes it’s better to actually not use it since you may be killed on that turn instead. It’s also important to keep in mind that your dice will have no effect when you use it. The game is nowhere near as hard but it’s still challenging in its own way

  • If you press “Space + F” too fast after a round finishes it seems like it just runs your turn as normal

  • I cheated but here’s the screenshot anyways:


Great game design. Love the mechanic!! 

It seems part of a future great game that I really wanna play. Haha

Just think it does not fit the jam theme. That's a pitty.  :/

However... great game and art, tho. I want it finished, please. lol


Thank you for your comment! We plan on updating it soon ;). About the theme, how does it not fit? The idea behind the game is that you could combine dices in order to make them stronger, that's the reason why the "increase" and "copy" dices exist ^^


So the "together" are about the dices? Hm! Interesting. Gonna play it again!. Haha

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A unique idea! I'm a big fan of the deck-building games and this game is exactly what I like! I hope there are more variants of the dices(well maybe because I didn't play too long but when I select get another dice I can still see old dices) and I might miss something, but the only combo I can see is the pink one can boost others. Are there other combos I can use? Looking forward to seeing a full version of this game!


Very very nice game. The idea is original, and really fun to play! Graphics are absolutely AMAZING! Music and sfx are very nice. Yet I was very bad at it. Nice idea of combining old-school rpg battle system and a modern card game. I really like how you used dices. I think difficulty curve is just right. 10/10


This game is so good that i played for 2 hours straight.

i got to 20th floor and the bee killed me with 2 hit points…


Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

hi! me again. the game is so good, i came back for another round yesterday and one more time today. Finally beat the queen bee!

There is one situation when the game breaks. The level 2 healer has so many health and also can heal so much that if you dont have enough damage burst, you become stuck. When it happens in the later floors, its the players fault, but, sometimes, the dude appears too soon and we have no choice but restart the game.


Congratulations on finishing the game! That's something very few people have done! We are well aware of how strong that healer is, that's why we are sharing a little debug "cheat" for players to not get stuck and keep playing the game. If you press SPACE+F you will take down that enemy.


A really fun game, i liked the music and the sprites!


great game!




Fun idea and art :)


Thank you! :)


Excellent graphics, idea and gameplay, it's pretty addictive. I lost on the last battle, it was really difficult. With a correct balance and more dices, it will a really awesome game. Congrats, you will be on the tops for sure.


Cool graphics. You have done so much in so little time. It just needs a little bit of balancing job :)

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