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Will it work on Ryzen 7 3700x 3.59GHz


RTX 2060

Running on solid 80 fps for me (and I have RTX 2060 too)

Doesn't freeze for me :D

Hey, so I am asking this question because I'm kinda curious about this. Before I updated my game, my download count was 2 and after updating and installing it thru itch app (logged in with same account) my downloads count increased by 1. Maybe this is jut an accident because I was not refreshing page for about 30 mins. Thanks!

Mixolumia community · Created a new topic Is there a demo?

Please make demo!

I'll add some more screenshots later.

The game is really fun! I like it!

Really cool game! I love music and art so much!

I really like the game, but I can't beat boss.

Overall well done!

Thanks, I'm planning to make it even harder and unfair.

Well, I actually tried to make a relaxing game, but turned out hard :P

I really  like the game, especially because of the smooth but really responsive movement and background effect when you are moving.


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Idk, I think it is best to have a couple of people in a team. If you ask me, you can join. And I am pretty good at 2D art (but I suck at modeling).

My goal is to just finish a game :)

What do you think about discord? Maybe?

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But unity collab is only part of unity plus or pro ( at least I think)

Other than that, we should team

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Hi, I'm 10 years old. I use Unity for about 4-5 months. Should I participate?

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Hi, i'm right now making another game called "Slimetastic adventure" Here's screenshot from tutorial level:

First alpha version will be published in a month or two (or later)

Shop is coming soon :)

Game is really good, music is cool, its impossible to control player (for me at least). You done pretty great job making rage game! 

Thanks for comment, I'll try making it better :)

P.S. LoL same happened to me (lagging when balls are at the center). I was thinking that lag is there only because I have really bad comp.

LoL it is made with unity