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Very weird that a lot of people are still so hyped about WYS, I mean this is obviously a masterpiece

Thanks! I really appreciate it man!

Thanks, I changed my mind, the game will be windowed, as I think it looks and fits the best

I'm not that sure if android only games are allowed, I think you should have a PC/Mac/Linux/Web port too, but I can't say anything 100% for sure. You should borrow your friend's or neighbor's PC/laptop during the jam, and return after the jam is over, or if you're under 18, ask your parents to borrow their PC/laptop

I'm planning on my game being fullscreen, and I'll use the Unity pixel camera to remove sub-pixel movement, but because the resolution 84x48 pixels can't be scaled to 1920x1080, is it a problem if there is a tiny bit of pixel distortion (like for example, 1 in-game pixel is 23 on screen, but another one is 22), or should I just make it be windowed 840x480 or 1680x960?

I think you didn't get it: why the hell are you advertising everywhere? Just stop. That will not get you views

Yeah sure advertise on every Dani's game -_-

It can be a lot harder, but my main goal is to make something fair and easy to play. Also, because I had a lot of exams last week, I had little time to work on the game, so drag and drop physics are pretty bad. Thanks for the feedback and sorry for being late!

Yeah, some people had problems with large gray box. I don't know what is the problem (never happened to me), still gonna fix it after the jam is over. Thanks for the comment and sorry for being late!

Thanks! LMB confused my friends too. Also sorry for being late!

I don't know about the transition bug, worked fine for me (tho I only tested on FullHD resolution). Thanks for the comment (also sorry for being late)!

Thanks! Also sorry for late reply, we had a lot of exams this week xD



Nice audio, kinda funny voice for voicelines. I like the game and  concept. It fits the theme nice too. Graphics are ok. First time I was confused on how to play but got hang of it pretty fast. Good job!

Music is absolutely awesome! SFX are in that cool old-school style, which I really like! Puzzles are pretty good and graphics are nice. That simplistic color palette looks very very nice (especially black guy)! Your idea really fits the theme (duh). Good job!

Very nice game, I had a lot of fun playing it! Pixel art was nice, and ambient sounds are pretty cool! Maybe some more SFX will make the experience even better. Fits the theme pretty good. One thing I would change:

When players are looking to one another maybe make it so only one can press the fuse button, because right now for me it is kinda confusing.

Good job!

Very nice puzzles, and art is awesome! Sounds are really good too. Like in other puzzle games I was pretty bad at the beginning in this one too. Idea is pretty original in my opinion and it fits the theme well. Good job!

It is supposed to be played as a singe player. To make it harder. Thank you for playing!

Yeah, Ill make a post jam update that will make you experience even bigger hell >:)

Oh, sorry

It has very very very nice pixel art! Audio is awesome too! It fits the theme really well. Camera movement is kinda wonky, and sheep are a bit too slow. Yet still it was very fun. Good job!

Yeah, you are right, but thats the point. Thank you for your feedback!

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Nice game, pretty interesting platformer. Its easy: Dani and Dream (but its kinda confusing to me, I think that Technoblade should be guy with the axe and a shield, and Dream as a parkour boi). I like those minimalistic graphics (yet some colors are oversaturated). Very cool audio too. Overall great job!

Pretty simple game, and fits the theme too. I like minimalistic graphics, and not too loud sounds. Maybe some ambient sounds or music would be nice. Animations are nice too. I must say that I was pretty bad (my personal best was 14). Good job!

Hmm, what are you talking about? Hitting walls doesn't seem to teleport you back to the beginning. Also players share health, so both must be pretty far away. Thanks!

Oh, yeah, thats the problem

Very nice game, goes well with the theme. Its hard, fun and annoying. Graphics are good, and audio is really nice. Good job!

Yeah, there are some bugs that I'm aware of. Thanks for your feedback!

I had a lot of fun playing this game! Graphics are ok, and audio is nice. I like how you used meme sound when new wave starts. Player is kinda OP, but I'm fine with that. Good job!

Very nice audio, graphics are ok. Idea is original (at least I didn't played any similar games), and it fits the theme well. In first few mins I had some problems understanding the game (mostly that I realized that I can move the camera by clicking these buttons on accident), but later I got hang of it. Good job!

Hmm, what is your resolution? Also I can't take any credit for music, NickPlays156 made it. Thank you for the feedback!

Outlines of objects, they are a bit too big in the corners

BOOM = FUN. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO satisfying to see all these things blow up. Graphics are very nice (water shader is kinda fucked but still doesn't matter). Audio is very nice, but my ears blew up after being in the middle of the explosion. There is only one thing left to say: I NEED MORE!!!

Nice puzzles, not too short and not too long. I quickly got the hang of it. Audio and graphics are nice, but I don't like the font you used that much. Pretty original idea, and it fits the theme. Well done!

Original idea, fits the theme. Graphics are nice, but a bit thinner outline in the corners will be better. I had a lot of fun playing it, and audio is very good. Good job!

Yes, you missed the invisible path. And I see you played hard :D! Behind the left crate is invisible way that you must go. In easy for some reason ground collision bugged and decided to stop working, so you or go perfectly straight, or go the invisible path. And a lil easter egg in the beginning of the hard level: there is a small yet visible path filled with spikes that leads you to invisible path, that if you go straight up, leads you right to the end.

You are right, visible timer would help. About visible indication of spikes in hard, hmmm, not too interested in doing that. It is supposed to be hard. If you beat the game click surprise button for a surprise >:)

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, ground just stopped working as intended, idk why, I checked the collision box. But there is hidden invisible way (which is only way in hard) behind the left crate. And at that part in easy you are at the first third, and in hard you are at the last fourth (I had to shorten it, else it would be probably impossible). Also thanks for playing and rating!

Yeah, I took a lazy approach of just recoloring one player. Also at that tiny way in first level in the easy difficulty ground collision decided to die, idk why, so or go perfectly in the center, or blow up the left crate and go the invisible way (thats the only way in hard, spikes block the way). But if you actually played hard, both spikes and turrets are invisible >:)

Btw thanks for the feedback!

Very very nice game. The idea is original, and really fun to play! Graphics are absolutely AMAZING! Music and sfx are very nice. Yet I was very bad at it. Nice idea of combining old-school rpg battle system and a modern card game. I really like how you used dices. I think difficulty curve is just right. 10/10