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Hey! DITD Origins is a spin-off with a closer look and feel to the final game (coming later this year), made by the same team as DITD Classic.

Here's the link to the final game:

Thanks for playing!


Hey, sorry for the wait! The latest update (1.6.1) is now up here on itchio, enjoy :)

The latest update will release on itch too pretty soon :)

Sorry for the wait!

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it :)

Hey, thank you for the comment :)

Hey, thank you for the comment! Do you mean the Discord link from this page? It seems to be working fine for me.

thanks! :)

Thanks for the comment! :)

No there arent, its a pretty mild game :)

We'll look into it :)

Can you maybe try again? I just updated the Mac version with a new build, hopefully addressing this issue.

That's high praise, thank you!


We launched a mini-update today addressing both of these issues, hopefully soft-locks will be keep down to a minimum now :)

Keep trying! 💪🐸

Thanks for the video! :)

Nice score!

Thanks for the kind words!

Regarding the music... keep an eye out for the next mini-update ;)


hey, thank you!

Lovely comment, thank you for playing !

Good job! 💪🐸

Hmm, what OS version are you using? Big Sur (11) by any chance?

Seems like I might be able to solve this, but the fix will probably take a while to be released, thanks for the heads up tho!

Which enemy ability are you having trouble with? We can use some feedback :)

And thanks for the comment!

Thanks! :)

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Hahaha, hopefully your professor is not around reading this... and thanks for the comment!

Thanks for playing :)

I can't seem to replicate the mirror die getting stuck, but the current behaviour is definitely not good, Mirror Dice shouldnt try to mirror Ant Dice. Thanks for the report.

Nice one, thanks for the comments :)

You'll be happy to know we're considering adding hotkeys in the future ;)

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Wow, that's a big one, truly a detailed comment! Thank you for taking the time to write it and making some suggestions, we're constantly working on expanding the depth of the game and feedback like this is really valuable.

I'd love to see those notes btw!

Hey, thank you! (Sorry for the VERY late response...)

We're definitely looking into hotkeys as a way of making runs less of a hassle for experienced players. Thanks for your suggestions!

Thank you for playing :)

Just uploaded a new version where the issue should be fixed :)

Sorry for the promising runs tho ;(

Your wishes might come true in the future ;)

Nice! Rest assured, there's a new update currently in the making ;)

Hahaha, thanks for the advice! Glad you liked our little game :)