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CHe, genial el estilo que derrama esto! La jugabilidad está buena también, no es mi tipo de juego, pero es entretenido, tiene su buena variedad y bocha de dialogos, sarpado para una Jam. Lo único que creo mejoraria sería la interfaz, no en los gráficos pero si en el manejo. Capaz distitnos colores para cada tipo de item, esas pequeñas visual keys siempre suman. Y re-pensar el control, capaz el mouse podría rendir también. Pero en gral. ZARPADO! Felicitaciones al team

Buenasss!! Me copó el jueguillo, calculo le falta un poco pero ya tiene la re pinta.

Te dejo las cositas que encontré y algunos detalles que por ahi se pueden agregar, o no.

- El tuto no dice con que se mueve, no es jodido de saber con que, pero ya que está todo lo otro se puede agregar.

- En mis juegos siempre se quejan que si usas el mouse, tenes que moverte con WASD, asi que me voy a quejar x lo mismo (?). Lo hacía para ahorrar eventos cuando era pobre u.u

- Me gusta que suene el otro tema cuando viene la trafic turbina esa, pero CREO que después se corta la música en general. O en algun momento pasa (cuando perdés también puede ser que esté pasando.)

- Por ahí podría bajar un pelin menos la paciencia con la camioneta, va muy rápido, cagué perdiendo la primera vez u.u Y que baje un poquito más con los "piropos"

- Un shakescreen chiquito cuando te impacta un globito siempre suma.

- Al spawn de globitos se le podría agregar un margen a la izquierda y derecha para que no aparezcan tan pegados a los bordes y se corten a veces, a veces siento que es re falopa el random del construct xD

- La barrita se solapó con el texto de paciencia.

- La llamada del final podría aparecer un poquitin más tarde, lo toqué ni bien sonó y me quedé con la duda de si había más camino o no. Así que lo pasé de nuevo :P

- Si estás arrastrando un piropo y dejás el mouse quieto sigue cayendo. Capaz agregando una condición de IS NOT DRAGGING al código para que caigan se arregla.

Otras detalles pero capaz son más gusto mío.

- Caminar un poquito más rápido.

- Corriendo del camino los piropos ya se puede avanzar sin drama, capaz tirarlos al tacho te puede dar puntos o servir "cargar" el celu para que puedas usarlo o algo así. O directamente que suba la paciencia si los tirás. No se, algo por ahí.

- Agregaría el cursor de manito a todo lo "clickeable", además de algún efectito con el behavior Tween a todo lo interactivo, para que se refuerze la interacción.

Ah! las siluetas negras que al final no hacen nada, meten miedo igual, me gustó mucho ese detalle.

Espero no te joda tanto comentario, y quede super joyita el juego. Felicitaciones al team, saludosssss

Nice little fun game. I feel that platforming can be adjusted a little.

No llegué a votarlo para la jam! Pero la idea se ve bien, y el sistema de manejo de la horda estaba quedando bastante bien. La camara creo es el factor que quedó menos pulido. Saludos y suerte en las próximas jams!

WOW! Thanks a lot for playing it on the stream! sorry for the bugs, the little one theorically can go on the tunnel, but there's some collision problems on this version. I'm happy you liked the graphics <3

ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC, I think is my favourite entry so far. Graphics sounds and mechanic mix in an great atmosphere. The puzzles are great too.

With litle tweaks on some cameras, and tricky physics parts, this could be a great larger experience.


Good idea, fits the theme very well. Maybe it need some other obstacles to make you move up and down often.

Good idea, but feels a little simple. Maybe if you add the friends following the player, so you can see in every moment wich powers you have or not, it will be a nice mechanic. Or something like that, anyways, its a good start point. Congrats!

I expected something much more simple. haha, I like the tutorial and mechanics in general. A feel it  a bit slow, specially if you lose and need to replay some level (easy fixed with checkpoins maybe). And difficult to make the forms needed for open the fish-barriers, anyways, is a great game, I really like it.

I can finnish it, but a really enjoy the art and feel of the game, it's awesome. so polish, here the simplicity of gaming helps to create an atmosphere so good. Some times a feel a little lost on the map but nothing too bad. Congrats, beautiful game.

Really awesome game! The puzzle are excellent and the atmosphere too. Congrats, I have to stop playing, but I will come back for sure, need to finish the 5th level!

Yes the dots were gonna be some kind of required-power-meter but the deadline wac coming and I can't add a better feedback for it.
The artist of the game usually made handcrafted stickers with his draws, so it inspired me to add this this little effect.

Thanks for your words

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks! was really challenging make some puzzles in the last days because we have to take away some extra abilities from each character to save time.

Thanks for your words!

Very fun game, a bit repetitive after a while, but I still play it until get the last sword, there's some collision glitches but nothing too bad. Congrats!

Good entry considering the time spent on it, the idea is simple but works well. Keep on working!

Good little game, the system is simple but fun. Hope you improve it, because you can add several features to this! congrats.

Nice and fun shooter, maybe a turns a bit repetitive after a while, but find new classes makes it enjoyable.

Good and original idea, the artstyle is good too. There's some bugs sometimes that makes difficult to win every level. But it's understandable on jam.
good job

Awesome graphics, some sprites are from a commercial-game level. The puzzles are very good too, but a difficult in some platform sections. I stucked on second level, in the poisoned zones, maybe I'll try again later. Rated high and added to my itch's collections. Congrats

Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for your comment! I uploaded in a hurry and found a minutes after that I didn't hide some collision boxes, and forgot to move some (specially in the end of levels), so I fixed it and upload again but was some minutes later :/

If you like the game a want to try a fixed version can play here:

Thanks for the feedback, gonna try your game, I thought already played it, but seems no

Good concept, the controls was a bit difficult to me, but I can win some levels anyway. Maybe a simple tutorial can help to the game. The power's multiple utilities are a nice touch.

The artist it's the best <3 Give us this adorable characters and sprites in a few days. My favourite its the big

Taken notes from your comment! It will be improved for sure. We wanted some extra puzzles similar to the log one, and some way to "explain it" without tutorial, but run of time. The space was because was fast for me when development and can't decide wich key to use, in the end I forgot to change it. haha. I take recommendations for key mapping! (also for gamepads, because the game will be playable in couch coop mode)

Thanks!! we thought various ideas to activate switchs and mechanics in general, but was difficult to choose wich stay. So there's a mix of concepts to finish it before the deadline. We are thinking in improve the puzzle feedbacks, and add some levels after the jam. Thanks for your comment, this help us.

I like the 80s retro game aestethics. You nailed it

Nice idea, and works pretty well. I like the story mixed with gameplay too. The controls are a little 'oldy' but it's a great puzzle game. 

Super simple but very good! I didn't expect the change on mouse mechanics, clever levels, and the cutscenes gave it a nice touch.

Excellent graphics, idea and gameplay, it's pretty addictive. I lost on the last battle, it was really difficult. With a correct balance and more dices, it will a really awesome game. Congrats, you will be on the tops for sure.

Super aesthetics and atmosphere! The jump challenges was good, but I feel it need to explain the coyote jump mechanic in someway, I stucked on first a level for while until I discovered it. And maybe some extra checkpoints, specially in the gear-chasing-ascension, (good scene! but difficult).
Congrats, very good entry!

Super good idea, the tutorial and overall gameplay it's great, and give a lot of space to improve it.  Congrats! Hope you expande it a little more.

Oh and like someone else says, it really needs a restart key!

Really good puzzles, i'm still on the last level! Congrats for the game

A bit easy, but really fun to play and combine kuririns. Congrats, the art and music are very good too.

Great game! Fun puzzles and nice artstyle, love the characters. We made something similar but with opossums! check it if you can.
Congrats for your entry!

Awesome game! Nice idea and execution, the art is simple but cohesive and the difficult's ramp works well, also like someone says, first time I press E key was a surprise!
Congrats! I added the game to one of my itch's collections.

Fun and addicting game, the first levels became boring after some tries, but the mechanic its good, I like the aestethic too, simple but with personality. Congrats, great game.

Fun little short game! I like how the artstyle and music changes in each area. There's some minor graphics that can be improved but it's pretty polished in general. Congrats for the team. Hope to see an improved version