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10/10 Excellent!!
(ps: damn bats!)

Guns and Dinosaurs! Yeah! Only need fix on some parallax layers, and more on-paper draws/less digital draws.

Great (and creepy) idea! works well, only needs polish on the controls, some moody music and here's some great adventure! Congrats!
The protagonist is very very nice!

Superb! I love it, great idea and execution.

Really interesting Idea! It gonna looks great with some clay character!

Is just one level? (I don't know if I die, or go into the door, lol) Love the graphics a ambientation.

Hey Zmads, I made the game "Sir shieldalot" I don't know if your remember, I promise you feedback for this game, but I always forgot to write! sorry.
Let me tell you, that is great! I love the animation of phantoms and sword, A little hard on firsts runs, buth when get used to controls I made a slightly high score. With a big collsiion detection when you attack it will be a bit less hard/frustating, that and maybe some level progression, like old arcade classics (pacman, frogger, DK, etc.) and this will be a real and fun arcade experience.

Hahaha, thanks for your comment! A "hand-with-shoe" skin would be a great addition in a future version. lol

Upload the link when it's done please!

Hey, thanks for the comments! :) I added some music now, but still no other improvements, I wanna add a power-ups shop after each game. I hope it works to give more engage to players :D

Created a new topic Out of time submission
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HI, I'm a newbie on jams, and yesterday(today really, it was 4am here) I was so so close to finnish on time, in fact, I finish, buth when saw that the deadline was moved, I put to make a start screen for the game, and then when goes to upload it, I note that the deadline was extended ONE HOUR, NOT TWO! damn, bad luck. Anyways, I want to show you the work.
Here is: Not the best, but happy with my first almost finished project.
SIR SHIELDALOT! https://nax-89.itch.io/sir-shieldalot

Your Name
Nazareno Cruz

Non-Original Work
Game Making Tool: Construct 2
Tiles and enemies static sprites: by Surt from Opengameart CC https://opengameart.org/content/monsterboy-in-wonder-world-mockup-assets

Thanks for read.

Posted in Discord?

Hi, I never uses Discord, anybody knows how can I send a message to the organizer? On Discord, TheGeneralist appears to me as offline, and can't send messages to him.

@Generalist Sorry, I can't find on Discord. Here's the link of the game: https://nax-89.itch.io/sir-shieldalot It was fun to made anyway (participate or not).

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Me too, my first Jam, :( I am sure, that I view 2 more hours :/.
edit: Can I send it via pm?