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Really excellent, gameplay, graphics and music! :D

like stages, or maybe, enemy waves, you can introduce the different enemy types in each one. It's only an idea.

Difficult but EXCELLENT! 5stars! Congrats

Good Idea to battle around the deadly black hole! but very difficult, maybe with some player lifes and a parallax background and it will improves a lot.

Simple Aesthetics but fun to play!
I made my game in C2 too! Check it if you can. Thx.

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Really excellent! I love it, difficult but enjoyable, maybe it need levels to encourage the playability. Excellent Aesthetics!

Kaiju is love <3

Five stars! I love it, the aesthetics are nice, the feeling it's great and the double porpuse mechanic it's used in perfect way here. 
Maybe a few improves can be, first enemies with less life, to make it easier at beginning, and the sfx of shoot, it's a little repetitive, nothing more. 

I think it's a little too much red, but the grahpics are nice and don't confuse the player (which it's the important) Nice controls, music and aesthetics, Maybe you can improve the spawn positions of the colas, a lot of times, it appears on the edges, and I prefer to wait the next one :P

Really EXCELLENT implementation of the dual purpouse mechanic! also the graphics and idea. The only problem I find, it's a little difficult to control, but I can reach to the end of level as well. Rated very positive. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Another improvement (besides the spawn problems sometimes) could be that when you get hit, the size of your ball doesn't reset to the all first stage, just two or three stages. Maybe.

Really excellent Idea!! It's hard to control with keyboard, but playable, can't beat the giant ogre :( 

Nice Aesthetics , the combination between 2d sprites and 3d escenario it's well done. I think it has so much momentum on the movement. 

Good Idea, and if this is one of your firsts games, it's a good start. check for the collsions on walls for a next update. Congrats!

Excellent Aesthetics! I miss some sounds to improve the ambience. The idea it's really good.

The graphics style are nice! but the benefits/contras of each form aren't clearly defined. Also need some checkpoints.
The idea was good though.

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nice thematic and idea. It can be cheated, but also it can be improved with more levels how you say. Congrats

I use C2 for my project too! Take a look if you can. Great engine.

Man, you nailed it! the mechanic it's simple but pretty strong, the level design its not awesome, but really good (las level for example) the graphics are special! great way to make "quick art" but, make it looks good. (I've 4starred you in aestethics), a little touch on gravity like someone else says (I have problem to look what are below me in the last level) , and this can make a longer and enjoyable game. CONGRATULATIONS! a very good first jamgame!

The graphics and mechanic are really nice. But it maybe needs to be a little more dynamic, run faster, or have time. It has potential. I really love to turn the ogres in stone xD But hate to lose because it :P haha. 

I play it on my phone, works really well. Tight controls. Haas potential to be a great game, adding power-ups, more base designs, and a bit of juice. Congrats.

Awesome game! Nice graphics, mechanic, control, clever level design and a little difficult, but enjoyable. CONGRATULAtIONS!

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Hi, I played it all, and enjoy it, very playable, tight controls and simple but clever mechanic. Like someone says, the level design could be improved, but with the actuals level there's some great parts. My only problem while playing it's when the dash isn't active, sometimes I don't see the empty bar, falling in a pit when I expect to dash, maybe a little more signals or alert when you CAN/CAN'T dash. Just that. Congrats!

PS: I made a Ninja game too! :D check it if you can. Thx!

How I attack ? When roll over an enemy, it only damage me.
Nice graphics!

The Aesthetics  and Feel are AWESOME!! Congrats! 

Update: I passed it! it was the last level! Congrats for that puzzles!

Really nice graphics! Do you have some gallery with you pixel art? 

Excellent!! But I can't beat one of the advanced levels :( Great game!

10/10 Excellent!!
(ps: damn bats!)

Guns and Dinosaurs! Yeah! Only need fix on some parallax layers, and more on-paper draws/less digital draws.

Great (and creepy) idea! works well, only needs polish on the controls, some moody music and here's some great adventure! Congrats!
The protagonist is very very nice!

Superb! I love it, great idea and execution.

Really interesting Idea! It gonna looks great with some clay character!

Is just one level? (I don't know if I die, or go into the door, lol) Love the graphics a ambientation.

Hahaha, thanks for your comment! A "hand-with-shoe" skin would be a great addition in a future version. lol

Upload the link when it's done please!

Hey, thanks for the comments! :) I added some music now, but still no other improvements, I wanna add a power-ups shop after each game. I hope it works to give more engage to players :D

Created a new topic Out of time submission
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HI, I'm a newbie on jams, and yesterday(today really, it was 4am here) I was so so close to finnish on time, in fact, I finish, buth when saw that the deadline was moved, I put to make a start screen for the game, and then when goes to upload it, I note that the deadline was extended ONE HOUR, NOT TWO! damn, bad luck. Anyways, I want to show you the work.
Here is: Not the best, but happy with my first almost finished project.
SIR SHIELDALOT! https://nax-89.itch.io/sir-shieldalot

Your Name
Nazareno Cruz

Non-Original Work
Game Making Tool: Construct 2
Tiles and enemies static sprites: by Surt from Opengameart CC https://opengameart.org/content/monsterboy-in-wonder-world-mockup-assets

Thanks for read.

Posted in Discord?

Hi, I never uses Discord, anybody knows how can I send a message to the organizer? On Discord, TheGeneralist appears to me as offline, and can't send messages to him.

@Generalist Sorry, I can't find on Discord. Here's the link of the game: https://nax-89.itch.io/sir-shieldalot It was fun to made anyway (participate or not).