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how 2 play whit keyboard?

i have no idea how to use armor

spoilers incomming

ok so i went in expecting some cheap jumpscares in a 1 bit game. but wow was this more poliched than it the first few radio messiges i was unsure if i whud meet him. onse he started talking about a cave i was pretty scared of what may be inside. onse i got in the cave i was just walking around. feeling unezey becuse of the amazeing sound desingn. onse i saw the lonely radio i stood there for like 30 seconds being scared becuse the guy was not there. and when i go close the last thing i expected was for a yeti to pop out. dripping blood from its mouth. and boom credits. that relly scared me. overall. great short horror game whit relly good sound design. (sorry for all the spelling mistakes i probibly made)

ok that remove an ege thing doest work. it only selects 2 options when there are more than that. and no im not alking about getting stuck on a tile and not being able to go further in the loop but this just is rely anoying. also when i die and restart the game craches. maby a bit bome codeing needs to be done

ya uh. can kinda fly if you find 2 plugs

i remmember watching the video before this came out and wanted to play it. DREAM COME TRUE

ok so i wont tell how but.......... there is an infinte mony glitch you can do on the first floor

cant wait for the full game!

great game!

this truly dezerves #1

ok THIS was scarry

what does the gun upgrade in area 1 do

ok i dont know if you can understand this but

plz make englich translation