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It should! With the new update, you should be able to save achievements and more even in the browser version :)

Sorry to hear that! Will definetely think about it!

You mean the text that pops up? It means you have unlocked new content ^^

I have not! Will look more into that, thank you!

Hey there, I am sorry to hear that, perhaps you miss the boss mechanic? It involves placing those honey dice correctly, once you understand it, it gets much easier!

Yeah, we definetely need to make a small tutorial in floor 1 because the game can get confusing for new players. About those enemies, there is a white symbol near them that if you maintain your pointer there, a description pop up explaining what it does, the same happens when you adquire a Hollow or Heavy die and maintain the pointer on top of the dice ^^

So happy to hear that! :)

It is a hard boss, you need to save some honey dices for that moment, but once you reach the boss several times, you know how to play around her rage status. That attack can deal 20-26 damage, so you got a bit unlucky there also x)

The original concept was made in a week, however, we've added already 3 patches to fix and add new things, so the current game actually has a lot more time than just that first week x)

Thank you! ^^

Thank you for the comment! Glad you liked it :)

We have gotten comments of the game being hard but never to this level, I don't recall the programmers adding a stealth update like that recently, what group of monsters are you encountering near the 10th floor that are finishing your game?

Thank you!

Thank you! And congrats ;)

Thank you for the report! We will fix it as quickly as possible

You have to beat the boss at floor 20 ^^

Gratz! ^^

Thank you for your comment! We are planning to add much more stuff to the game, and rooms that are not only fights are some of them. This game was made for a Game Jam in a 1 week period so we had to think fast and for simple ideas to get that done in time with a nice feeling. Now that we have plenty of time we can add all those things that we initially wanted from the beginning

I get how that could give more strategy to the battles so the player has more control over it. However, we like the idea that all in this game is based on RNG (the dice you are getting, your rolls, the enemies, their damage, etc...)

We like this not only because it is related with how dice work IRL, but because of the thrill it gives, now knowing how hard the enemies are hitting so you have so block to prepare yourself for the next turn, having luck and surviving because of the enemy low rolls, getting one very good dice at the start or getting a very bad one that will make the game harder at the end because you were to confident.

Do you play in the browser version?


Hmm, maybe that's a nice idea. Anyways, I also believe we should rework that a bit since getting a new dice is useless at the beginning and optimal at the end

Thank you for your comment and feedback :)

The RNG is the one of the main focus of the game (since you are quite literally playing with dice). Must also mention that the game gets quite easy once you know what you are doing.

Thank you for the feedback!
I have beated the game with almost all possible strategies, upgrading only attacks, no heavy no hollows, no heal, etc...
I believe the more you understand the game and what rewards you should chose in the current floor you are, the more probable it is to beat it.

Thank you! We might change a bit the boost dice since it's true that 4 is pretty bad and definetely not an upgrade

We gotchu fam

Thank you! ^^

We are planning on releasing updates for the game and one should drop soon with some QoL changes and some new mechanics ;)

We are glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for making a video ;)

I get what you mean, we have also played it tons of times and know the game is very based on how much luck you get in a run, but we kinda like it that way, after all, the main mechanic are dice, which are always totally random IRL. We tried to make it as fair as possible so a good player nearly always wins his runs (although some might be harder than others).

The higher floor you are the best dices you are gonna get, but after all, it's also a probability.

Thank you for your comment and feedback! ^^

Congrats! ^^

Yeah there is one, but it is quite rare to appear ^^

Thank you for the feedback. As the one who made the art, I feel very flattered! 

Haha thank you! We hope you'll like the next update :)

Funny enough, we though about something like that in the developing of the game, that you could fight vs or with friends and their dices also displayed in the board and boost each other but we discarded the idea since it was too much work for a jam game, but now that we are developing this outside of the jam, who knows ;)

Haha, we should've thought about that one. Thank you for letting us know, it'll be fixed in the next update ;)

Thank you for the feedback! The current version is very similar to the one for the game jam this game was initially meant for, so all the things had to be rushed, however with new updates we will be introducing new enemies, bosses and dices too!

Thank you! We are going to keep giving updates to the game hope you like them ^^