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This is amazing. I couldn’t find any issues with the game itself whatsoever. The only thing I noticed was that there was no full screen on the web version (so I switched to the windows build)

There should be sound effects, were you not able to hear them?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Please lower the age rating so that actual babies could also play

Done, the game is now suitable for 3 month olds and up instead of 3 year olds and up

Very difficult but also very fun!

Ah, I see, thank you! I’ve realised that I actually didn’t know how the red flower worked. I think it would help if it was explained that planting the red flower allowed you to plant the other seeds (in hindsight, I should have read the description). I don’t have a clue how I managed to get through the first level on my first run (I remember having trouble with that too and just spam hitting a bunch of buttons until I somehow completed it).

Very relaxing and feels extremely polished for a game jam entry!

This is great! I used it for all the sound effects in my entry :)

Could you explain how I can get past the second level? I’d love to play through it fully but I can’t figure it out.

The art is amazing and the game feels really polished. I ran into a few issues related to timing and getting stuck between tiles but overall I found it really fun!

I really like the music and I think it fits the game very well. I think with some balancing this could be really good! I love Yella Fella’s name by the way (he’s the character I chose)

Some issues I ran into:

  • I couldn’t find a fullscreen button on the windows build and fullscreen was blurry on the web build
  • The controls were kind of confusing at the beginning
  • There seems to be a lot of shield and heal cards compared to the attack cards
  • One time after a level I got 3 of the same upgrade choice (“Add 3 heals”) which I thought was a bit weird
  • I ran into a bit of a stalemate on the final level since I wasn’t taking any damage because I had so much shield and I wasn’t receiving enough attack cards to be able to consistently damage the boss (it took me around 10 minutes to bring it down to 6/11 hp)

Thanks for the feedback!

Really fun game. It’s very satisfying when I manage to catch several really difficult balls in a row. I feel like this could be even better with music! :)

Mine is 10 :)

Comment your highscore under here!

From the FAQ:

Q: Can I use pre-made assets?

A: Yes, but please ensure you have the legal rights to do so. Note that you will be asked if you or your team had created the art and/or audio for the game during the period of the jam or not; this will be displayed publicly on your game’s jam page.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Is planning the game (e.g. a design doc) allowed before the jam starts?

I didn’t realise I could still edit the thumbnail. Thanks for letting me know :)

I love how satisfying the merging animation is but I’m not sure how to get past this point in the game:

This is really fun! I feel like it was intended to be played with 2 people but I instead controlled both characters at once. It took a while to get a hand of it but I like the main mechanic. I managed to get a highscore of 22.

I love this game’s art.

The screen shake gets a bit much at times but I love the sword physics!

My high score is 67!

I noticed that in the tutorial sometimes you can’t shoot (it still plays the sound though). Is that a bug or is that supposed to happen?

What rarity is “The Poop”?

Hey, I wasn’t able to hear any audio unfortunately

Really good game. Feels very polished. I wish there was an undo button though

  • I was really confused at the beginning. I was just falling forever (I think I hit the bottom) as I didn’t realise I could move upwards

  • Looks really good

  • Sometimes I wasn’t able to move. It’s possible I was just misunderstanding the controls though

  • I just switched to the downloaded version and it seems to be a bit less buggy. It seems like I also have to click the orb every so often to be able to move

  • Once I understood how the game worked it was really fun! The mechanic involving finding orbs using sound is really cool

  • Gorgeous visually

  • The jumping and landing SFX is very satisfying

  • The enemies are terrifying

  • Feels very polished

  • Dying feels like a jumpscare

  • I feel like the connection to the theme is a bit loose

Looks really good visually. I think it could do with some more visual feedback though (specifically when collecting the orbs)

This is really beautiful from the graphics to the audio. Well done! It’s very impressive that you managed to complete this in only a week :)

This is really really good. From the polish to the level design everything looks and feels amazing. One of the best entries I’ve played

  • I already left a comment but the game is so good I’m playing it again and leaving another one

  • I wasn’t able to beat the game on my first playthrough so I’m playing using “Space + F” to cheat this time

  • I ran into a bug where you get stuck on the discard dice menu (after beating a floor) if you only have one die left

  • Cheating in this game is actually still really fun. Because the shortcut only kills one monster, sometimes it’s better to actually not use it since you may be killed on that turn instead. It’s also important to keep in mind that your dice will have no effect when you use it. The game is nowhere near as hard but it’s still challenging in its own way

  • If you press “Space + F” too fast after a round finishes it seems like it just runs your turn as normal

  • I cheated but here’s the screenshot anyways:

You already left a comment :)