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Submitted by Mary (@Weng46464654646), paperfroggames (@BubGame), lioh — 4 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#643.9543.954

Ranked from 65 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
'Conductor' is the project of a programmer in Japan, a musician in the Czech Republic, and an artist in the US who wanted to evoke a message of positivity; the message that in fact we are stronger together than we are apart. As the player connects strings of notes, musicians populate the screen and lend their melodies to the growing score. By moving the mouse, the player meditatively constructs a soundtrack that reaches its conclusion by utilizing every instrument available.

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?

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Beauuutiful chill game, i really enjoyed it, it's so satisfying =) Very nice sound design. Well done !


Extremely cool music and sounds and really nice looking graphics.
It just fits really well and is an interesting spin on the theme.

I’d really like to see more :)


This is really beautiful from the graphics to the audio. Well done! It’s very impressive that you managed to complete this in only a week :)


The best game and the best design/visual I've ever saw in this jam. Not much to say, only that I want more. Kudos to the team, you did good!


It was such a good game!

One of the bests i played in this jam!

It was such a beautiful game and art style just added to its aesthetic!

Tho sometimes its a bit too hard but i was able to clear it anyways 

And it was also unclear at times when i finished the line 

But overall its a really awesome game!


A beautiful game that made me smile. I really love the visuals and how it kept building onto itself as it went on. You got together a very talented group there and I'm really interested in your future projects :)


Beatiful game, nice art, very nice!


Really well executed game ! I really have fun with it but for me it's too hard + sometimes it's not really clear why you fail.


the art and music are beautiful and they perfectly match the theme as it gets more and more accompaniment. great job!


Very nice song :)


Really uniwue game. Stands out! Good job!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

I'm a big music person so this was my flavour!

Nice audio & visual feedback that were lovely -- would love to see you expand this concept more and taking advantage of the "game" medium / progressing interactivity / varying gameplay further to match the song as it crescendos & layers with deeper texture. I think this will also help better clarify the Stronger Together theme through the player's actions / engagement (love that you are all a remote team! True friendship <3).

Thanks for sharing!


This is a really special game. Visuals, Music & controls are all perfect. Amazing work


It was a really interesting experience! I loved the music and the aesthetic and couldn't stop playing! It had a very relaxing on me, even if I kept missing so many notes xD The concept is really good and I really appreciated the way the brush strokes interracted with the music.


A very unique and interesting game, the first one I've seen in this vein, altogether and in the jam.  It was an interesting play (even if I did miss half the notes a bunch) and a fun time.  However short.  A few notes tho, (purely design wise, I know nothing about audio):

  • It was unclear when I finished a line so there were a lot of times where I thought I did, or I didn't think I had and I kept going.  So maybe changing the visual on the final circle of a line could help clear that up.  I heard there was an audio cue but I didn't notice it personally, and like I said, I don't know much about audio.  
  • The game has a very unique visual style, which was interesting and cool to see.  Not much else, just wanted to say it looked cool, it too many words.

An interesting experience and a well done game.  Now if I could just hit all the notes.


Yeah, there is a music cue, it was a bit too difficult to balance it all out for you to actually like really notice the changes but also make the transitions smooth, the way it works is there are a bunch of instruments set up and every like 10 points (A closed pattern without any miss gives you 5 points and each circle gives you about 2 point I think) the number of playing instruments increases with a lerp function to make it smooth, if you lose points the opposite applies. The fact that you don't notice the cue maybe is an achievement of sorts, next time I work with dynamic audio I will tho try to make it a bit more noticeable. Thanks for the review!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

10/10 for graphics and 10/10 for audio. I probably need to use a drawing tablet to play this game.


Nice game, it has a nice message, i guess that message was the most important part of it, it was not the gameplay, it was not the fun, but the message that conveys with the visuals and music. Then I guess that message is that we are strong together, I see, pretty nice game all of you made, congrats on that!, thumbs up!


Wow, just thank you for this! I am pretty bad at that kind of game. Nevertheless I think I learned a lot from it. Thanks again!


Who says games couldn't be art? This game is absolutely an incredible art piece, the music, the sound, the paint strokes, were all beautiful! I especially liked how there was a paint stroke when there was a slow stroke across the screen. Honestly have no feedback since this game is such a masterpiece!


Oh this was a really cool experience, great job! 10/10 for Audio*-*

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