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Really amazing game done by 6th graders, you have a lot ahead of you! The art is really amazing, the music could be improved, there is this game bug, in which you can jump even in air, a begineer's mistake that can be fixed, but not bad at all, really well made for 6th graders.

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Oh ok, I see, I have tried and it worked! lol. 

There is these small things that i haven't told you yet since I think you have probably seen it already, the character is jittering around like crazy while idle (maybe you didn't slice it properly in the spritesheet). another improvement, the animation speed of walking should match up of the speed of the character and the sound effect of the footsteps should also match with speed, it would look and sound cool, maybe you could add a small fade out and in for the ghost hand that goes toward your golem.

(By the way sorry if I sound too annoying, constantly adding new issues that doesn't even matter, I'm sorry, I'm trying to say all the things that can be improved and make the game even a better experience.)

I have encountered new issues, if you go quickly enough in the first level, the second level doesn't load the music neither sound effects. In the third level it took its time to start (I guess you intented that way) but sometimes I cannot hear music neither sound when a new level starts. and wierdly enough my computer is struggling to run it, I think is something wrong how the retries are handled, is getting choppier and choppier every time I retry. The video that I sent has certain bugs that in video explains it better than in words, (first clip: the yellow outline is weird and the enemy on the left is trying constantly to move right and left, maybe you should add a small delay between every time they switch from going left to right, second clip: the flower goes low resolution and the enemy bugs out, and third and last clip: as I said about the audio, it just bugs out. The yellow outline doesn't outline properly to the switch nearest to you, when you press E quick enough the switch doesn't move properly and the pylon on the right switches movement immediately.)

Anyway sorry for bothering you about this small things, I hope you are doing great

The music is really good, it's a banger, I gotta say that your friend of yours is really good at music. The visual effects are really well made and satisfying it would even make it better if you gave them sound effects, the metallic textures makes the game more unique.

I cannot see properly where the enemies are, the character is blocking the middle of the screen, you could put the camera more on the top. The game over screen that tells you are dead, it doesn't allow you to move the mouse, (maybe you didn't put the mouse Lock code properly), and aparently alt-tabbing fixes the issue. Attacking could be improved, i'm not sure if i'm hitting them, maybe a small particle effect could tell you that you are doing it properly. 

(I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh on you, criticism can be taken in different tone and perspectives and I hope you could understand that destroying lifes is was never my intent, I liked the game and I would be happy to see you improve).

A small improvement maybe you could make the player take more risk if you give them health every time they kill instead of making them wait for 7 seconds, it would make it more engaging. The enemies are kinda camouflauged with its enviroment, I'm not sure if thats you intention, but it would be better if you gave them a slightly different color to tell them apart easily.

Overall, I can see it improved and have even a better experience, I wish you a happy development journey!

Nice game, it has well developed concept around the abilities of the characters but I had certain issue, the virus doesn't spawn properly (in the screenshot he appears to be stuck in the right pit, the pit that is after the text that explains about the virus) and in the boss fight, he doesn't appear at all, and aparently Helpert is kinda floating?

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The game is gorgeous loooking, I have to say it's a bit strange that the background is kinda compressed, blurry or low res compared to the character and the blocks and if you decide to fix it, you can add "parallax effect", it's the ilusion of 3d that you can do with moving the backgrounds so it matches on how it would do in real life, I can see being used and look even better. 

I cannot progress the game since it cannot detach the soul from the golem, I'm stuck at the second level. I'm using the keyboard controls, I have read the controls and you have it configured to be Q / D for movement and A for spliting and reuniting the soul with the golem, but that doesn't happen, instead I have the A and D for moving left and right, and space for jumping (Maybe you didn't configured properly the Input manager axes characteristics, you can find in the top Edit > Project Settings (which is near the end of the list) > Input Manager > Axes).

It's sad that I cannot play it whether it's an error build or you didn't configure it properly for keyboard control, because the game looks good in the screenshots, hope you can fix it and I wish a happy game development journey!

I am some-what confident on what you were trying to do, the idea is really great! It just requires a bit of polish, You could have made the 1,2,3,4 for selecting the characters, I can see the code is well made the pathfind of the enemies and your characters goes accordingly. It just requires some small improvements here and there like: having a bullet trace when they are shooting. Randomized positions of the extraction points, It doens't need to be 100% random you could put already defined extraction points and have code choose what predefined position of a list. It should probably tell you where the extraction point is, with an arrow pointing at it. When the press the button to throw grenades you should code the throw where they are already shooting.

But overall nice game!, I had my fun with the game.

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The idea/concept of the game is well done quite polished, the first level is quite well done, explaining the core mechanics of the elements.

The walking animation could be done better, there is the small white line in the legs that sometimes shows, (probably an issue with the spritesheet?) and I'm not talking about the dagger by the way. The hitbox of the enemies should be smaller, it should be that you can tell easily that you have touched the enemy, it would nice if you could add some sound effects with bfxr.

But overall, I had fun playing it, thumbs up for developing a fun playable game in 7 days!

The game is quite well made, it's well thought out, I have encountered a small bug issue and it's about how it shows the amount of time, it doesn't show it properly when the ms reaches the hundreds.

Nice art, it has a quite a unique art-style, being simple but that perfectly conveys the message, I like that creative laziness doing more with less. The concept of the game is really good, adquiring your basic movements via mirrors, it has a good music that fits within the theme.

There is certain small things that could improve the experience of the game like making the movement of the birds a bit more predictable? (making the movement a bit more smoother and clear the path of the bird) and/or having the collider of the bird smaller. Maybe you can make the attacks of the player more impactful when it hits the enemy by making a small freeze and having a particle effect.

Even though the game is small, is really well polished experience, it's kinda sad that not many people will try this game because is really well made and is really good.

I have seen another bug with the physics and colliders: 

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The game has really nice music, enthuastic and happy tone, pretty good and fitting for the theme and has a nice aesthetic visuals, simple and pretty fun.

Small bugs: the Builderman build ladders even though one is already in its place and consume wood. Small improvement: you can add sound effects when the hammer is swing and the sound when an enemy is dead could be better but still pretty good. You could add a bit more of friction, because when you want to move a bit the character moves a lot compared to the small tap. The hitboxes of the enemies and players should be slightly more smaller, it feels that I'm not even touching the enemies, it should clear that you are really close and that's why you are dead. Sometimes the enemies get stuck into the wall and doesn't move the left and right pattern. And maybe you should add a level selector.

The game is pretty fun, and it can be improved, it would be lying if I didn't say that I had fun with the game.

Wow really extradionarie game, Its really well polished, I like the visuals the artits outdid themselves, I am really impresed you managed to do this game in 7 days!, I have a small recomendation about the sounds when they are speaking, they sound good and the have different pitch when played which is really well made there is this one small thing is that it doesn't play as frequently as it should be, if you compare it to other games that have sound when text is appearing they have the sound apear more often, but anyway great game!

I see, too much for 7days, hope that you can keep developing the game and I hope you great success in your journey!

Ok not gonna lie, interesting concept, I think you made a bit too much diologue for the first part. There is a bug in which you grapple into a hinge it would stick to it, and it would stay like that, and there is not way to fix it, but other than that nice game.

Nice game, it's really well polished, it's has simple well made visuals. With a really well programmed gameplay.

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I have certain complains about the game, it can be unfair certain times, making it a really difficult game, yet unfun because how can you prepare for the loss of you entire men when you send all of them in an expedition, all of them died in the same expedition. I didn't see any use for the faith, I had 1200 of it, it was kinda worthless I cannot feed my man with faith, you can add a game mechanic in which you can transform faith into miracles and have for example: the miracle of rain and collect it for water or have the enemies get lost in a desert stom that you summoned with your miracles, and so you use it to wait for your men to come back from an expedition.

The game has extremely really good visuals, and narrative and is quite polished but I can see that it could improve into a fully fledged game, It really has huge potential to being better, hope that you could fix the unfairnes of events, to make it fun, but overall I really liked the game.

I have to say this, this game look awesome, really nice, the only problem that i have with the game is that is really easy, but other than that you made a really creative nice game.

I'm not a big fan of the voice acting I guess it's kinda like your first time or second time, sorry if it's hurt you but it makes me kinda cringe, it can be done better and I know that when you try something at first you will be bad but overtime you would get experience and will do it nicely, but in my opinion you should try to improve voice acting before using it in something serious. I don't like the sound effect when you collect the orbs, it should have an improvement. Other than that the visual effects are well made I like how the the vegetation iluminates when an orb passes by and the music that you used in the game, it fits like a glove, hope you will improve and become better than before.

Really nice game, It's has really well developed atmophere and personality, thumbs up! This game is 10/10 for me, by the way you can really skyrocket if you spam space correctly with the ladders.

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The game is pretty good, and has a really inspiring message, there can be done certain improvements such as animation transitions from idle to running and making the enviroment more detailed, but still this is a really nice game.

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The game is too challeging in my opinion, it needs to be a bit more forgiving, the game is not well optimized, it lags me too much, maybe too detailed moving hitboxes could be the issue? and the sometimes you get stuck randomly. When I tried to do the first job and I was near the jewel, I used the hacker to hack the CCTV and afterwards I go manually and hack the laser, I got caught by the CCTV, because is only 10 seconds until online and I wasn't fast enough, I tried to pick it up the jewel and It didn't want to, I was pressing E like never before, I even tried touching it if that was the case and it still didn't pick it up.

For me it was too frustating in my opinion, hope you can improve it and make it a fun experience for everyone, (sorry if I sound too angry).

Pretty nice game, it feels weird when you make a short jump, it doesn't feel correct, I think the issue is that it doesn't have enough inertia. I have one small problem about the chopsticks, they have collision when is not needed, you can make sure that chopsticks is used for platforms when it lands and checks if there is something underneath, if air underneath then have the 2d collider enabled and else disable it. 

The bosses could have been more difficult like the can have a health bar showing and when they get to a certain amount of health then they go into rage mode and throws more troops or they will shoot projectiles to the player. The camera should show the bosses properly, like moving the camera to the middle of it and zoom out to show everything, or have the camera in the middle between the player and the boss and makes sure that the orthographic Size of the camera stays greater than 7 or something like that.

But overall nice game, it can be improved to be even better.

Nice story, visuals, and sound effects, I have a small issue with the moving cubes, I have completed the game, yet I didn't understand the moving cube thingy, it's kinda confusing I don't see it's purpose, maybe you should made it that you need to connect 2 cubes with the same color or something to make it the puzzle a bit more challenging rather than moving the cubes around randomly and completing it in such way, but I see that you are going to keep developing the game, I wish you a happy a game devlopment journey!

You have made a reall nice game, with a nice personality with it, there mushroom, grass, those can be a bit more high definition, I think you should put in point filter to make it the most high definition as possible but that the only bad thing that I have for the game, so you have made a really nice game.

Nice game it had certain small bugs but overall good game.

There can be certain improvements such as adding enemies and you have to fight other ant empires or fighting insects, you can add like a small abilities such as sprint, smell for detecting food when you have evolved enough.

A some bugs: The UI is a bit broken when you are in fullscreen and the working ants goes to  "-1", but overall nice game.

The game is pretty good, and you have aparently made in less than 1 day???, The game can be optimized to run smoothly,I think that you have used to many particles. This can be expanded to be a lot more, with new type of powerups and random events such as longer trails, a small turret the shoots the enemies, and the enemies could have bosses in which you need to create a circle to kill them, or have an enemy that can goes slow but can dash through the line, but anyways pretty cool game.

The game is quite well made, I can see that you have been inspired by hitman Go, this game could be improved more but I'm not sure how, but anyway nice game.

Wow the game is quite incredible, you can make it even better by making certain changes, instead of using space to leave your soul you could have made it so when you hold click you are leaving your soul and moving around with it, so you could have used the space for jumping instead of "W". It would be nice if you have added small animations like the first enemy you could have added a small waving animation kinda like a ghost that has a piece of cloth and the player could have a small walking animation. You could have made the foreground and background more detailed and I mean that could have added different shapes and it would made it more aesthetically pleasing and make the player look sharper he looks kinda pixelated (maybe you could have made the sprite 256 pixels? and set it to 256 pixels per unit? so you make sure that looks sharp). The text should follow the player so the player doesn't miss anything. The music is pretty good, it has a small looping issue when it ends it doesn't sound properly when it loops.

But other than that, the game is really well made, thumbs up! 

Nice game, it has a nice message, i guess that message was the most important part of it, it was not the gameplay, it was not the fun, but the message that conveys with the visuals and music. Then I guess that message is that we are strong together, I see, pretty nice game all of you made, congrats on that!, thumbs up!

The game is really well made, this can be expanded to be fully fledged game, it needed to be a more difficult like when hacking should be a small minigame, the light should be reset after certain amount of time making it more difficult and intriguing.

Maybe you can add that you can play 2 characters at once, dividing the screen and then making minigmaes based on it that needs synchronized coordination, but other than you have really nice game :D

A video that shows the bug:

The game sounds fun, I have read the game page but I couldn't play the game, however I can open the game without any issues at all, the issue is that when I go and select a level and loads it, it says "Stage completed" and I'm unable to play it, hope that you fix it and that you are doing great!

The game is really nice to play, is very satisfying, there can be small improvements for the game such as telling the player when you can use the sycthe, either in form of a disctintive sound or a small bar filling up, another improvement would be for the music can be improved, there was a small melody that was kinda happy tone compared to the rest to the rest of the music making disparate and can you make a small improvement in the Skeleton AI, It kinda sucks, I have been in situation in which there was a narrow corridor where the enemies were at the end of it, and I am waiting for the skeletons to go and shoot, maybe a way to solve this, is to add game mechanic that allows you to control them with right click or rework the AI system to be more aggresive.

I see this game has a lot of potential if you continue developing the game, how much? you are asking probably, I'm talking to be a semi-huge game kinda like Nuclear Throne (sorry if you didn't like that comparison), but if you create small quality of life improvements for the game, having more content and developing the game's personality that makes it stand out from other games, it can be best-seller in steam.

But anyways hope you are doing great, you have a really nice game right there!

The game is pretty good, everything is well put together, the only issue that I feel is that difficulty varies widly, from having collected 3 Powerups or only having 2 abilities to combat with 8 enemies at once and more enemies were keep appearing on top of that, up to having nothing to shoot for a while even though you have all the abilities and collected around 11 Powerups. You should rework the difficulty, like how many enemies are appearing, on how many powerups have appeared and healthpacks. And maybe you can add new type of enemies or bosses but overall great game, I had a fun experience with it.

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It's kinda creative and fun, its quite well made, i have nothing much to say, except that we though the  same core mechanics, of a big amount of troops and the click to move, but everything else is thought by you, I was planning on making a game with that core mechanics but instead of town people it was tribe people, hunting, gathering resources, etc, anyway great game, thumbs up!

A small bug fix the camera can go out of bounds, I see that you made the where you click is where the camera goes, one way to fix this is to take the average position of the crowd/people and have its middle and make a 2d raycast can see if can get where you have clicked and if it couldn't reach there, then reach the closest position to where you have clicked and the camera and crowd move to the nearest position, hope that works for you!

The premise of the game is quite good, the music sounds disparate, the visuals can be better but I guess that it can be considered an art style that is supposed to look like it was made by a 5 year old ( sorry if you really tried your best thats how good you can do it in reality), the minigames are creative but can de done better, the boxes/crates should dissapear when you complete them and it would better if you have showed the monsters instead of using different colored crates, you have a lot to improve don't take it badly, take it as a great journey ahead of you!

Some words of courage for you: Not everyone tries new things because they are afraid of failing, don't let that happen to you!, failing is part of the process to succeeding and getting better at what you want to do, you have tried making a game and publishing it! You have got farther than most people do, most people leave game projects abandoned, so continue there will be hard times, but you must always continue in order to suceed, and remember this: Failing is part of the process.  

Hey pretty nice premise and creative idea you got there, It was kinda hard where the things were going, it would be better if you had put the camera a bit more up there, but overall it's quite good. 

Nice story, and what a nice message for a just a simple game, this can be expanded and elaborated more but overall is pretty good, thumbs up!

Nice game, it's quite well made, a intriguing story and has really great potential, hope you developed more as you said.

Well, at leat you can post a updated version or some sorts like that, I wish to play the game, hope you are doing great!