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i really got lost.

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The game is okay, you should make it like when you get hit or hurt it will give you blindness temporarily (I can't see where the enemies are coming from.) and the music is bad, maybe too simple and short (it gets so repetitive) but i know you will improve over time.

  1. Game Design     5/10 (There's nothing special).
  2. Fun                          3/10 (Simple and there's nothing special.)
  3. Innovation          2/10 (The mechanics are simple is not that innovative, you should put some power ups to make the game more interesting.)
  4. Theme                10/10 (You implemented the theme correctly.)
  5. Graphics              5/10 (It's simple.)
  6. Audio                    4/10 (The music is too simple and repetitive, but the Sound effects are okay.)

Despite of my criticism and the bad grades that i say, i hope you will improve your skills overall 

P.S.:(I know that you can take this comment seriously, because i didn't submit my game but i hope despite of this, you will read it.)

who was the voice actor (narrator)?

It was great

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Two bugs that i found:

1. When you are doing your training phase and you stay in the machines, you will not be teleported to the room for the delivery of gifts.

2. You can see through walls, by standing near a wall and press A or D. (but is not a big deal)

Edit: I only can hear the music in only one ear.

dude i'm going to say this but you need to work in the controls and the 3rd level you need to fix that level pls is annoying, the last level it was kinda confusing, 2 platforms? what are you trying to do in there?, but at least you join in the gamejam.

dude when i extract the files it says "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

dude you should explain better how to download the thingy to play your game...

Parkour?! is pretty hard for me and maybe for other people it took me 10 mins. to pass just only the first message. The message it was of "who are you?" and i assume that the other messages are making answers for the meaning of life.       The game has a blurry effect everytime that i move the mouse, pls can you put a mini option menu to turn it off but i know that you will make better games keep making games and learn from them and in few years you will be a professional game maker. I believe in you!

Wahe mit dem tee do you read my comment saying i can't play because my operating system is Windows and not going to but a whole new computer for playing that game.

dude i couldn't play the game but still i'm going to put ya 3 stars...

and what a twist of the story.

dude i can get out of the game and the platform XD.

dude how hard it was to put in for windows? (Don't take it as an insult), i'm gonna to rate in 3 stars everything.

not bad.

pretty good game but why you didn't put the WASD Control. i mean is not that hard to put in the game but the game still is pretty good.

dude how i'm supposed to play the game or start the game? or is just only MacOS? tell me dude i'm just confused.

dude wtf, you should do a little more better in one of the levels, in the level is super hard the platform are tiny and you have less than 10 seconds to pass one section, the first section is pretty ez, the second maybe, but the third section holy cow how i am supposed to pass you have no vision and the time to pass it is short, you should make a little more longer the time to pass the section.

dude is this a game for playing with a friend? and why did you didn't put a Help button to explain the game, at least put in the description of the game or write super quick, that confused me.