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The Agent Wars (Working)View game page

A War of tiny Robot Agents, of... Doo- Death.
Submitted by EroAxe
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Game Design#9652.7692.769

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In what way does your game fit the theme?
In the fact that you need to collect "minions" to be able to defend yourself from the "hacked" versions of them. You can't attack without "minions" and you die in one hit without one as a shield.

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
All code was written by me, all 3D models were made from scratch and pieces of audio were supplied by my friends SeaGoatGames and CBSError. Plus help from twitch chat.

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A simple and cute 3d shooting game. It is quite clever that the minions shoot bullets and also block bullets for the player at the same time. But it is a bit weird that the top direction is never protected because I can only pick up 3 of them lol

The model is cute. I like it. However, because they are all facing downwards. It is hard to tell if they are friendly or not when their eyes are covered. Maybe add an outline or something to distinguish them by not only their eyes.

For the control, the movement is smooth and responsible. One thing I would suggest is auto-shooting when holding the left click.

Overall, a nice game I enjoy trying for serval times!


Cool and interesting game, the 3d models are really well made. It feels very unforgiving, as everything you have die in one hit, and I can't seem to pick up some of the friendly robots? I walk into them and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Would love to have some audio cues, for example picking up a friendly or losing one. 


That's weird that you're unable to pick up some of the friendly robots/minions.  Tho there is a cap of 3 total bots at once, I planned on adding more but time/scope creep/other stuff meant I didn't get around to it.  I'm not the best at audio either so the bit that's in the game is courtesy of my friends CBSError and SeaGoatGames, who did the firing sound and the music respectively.

I'm planning to update the game post jam to get closer to what I wanted to actually get out, since the original plan wasn't the endless wave survival.  It's good to hear about a few bugs I may need to patch tho, I appreciate it.


Ah there is a cap of 3, that's the reason why I couldn't pick them up. That makes more sense! Adding more is definitely the right idea, as with 3 you are still exposed at the top side. 


Yea I was hoping to add the ability to turn all the models to allow the bots to be rotated with the cursor, but I didn't end up integrating the system unfortunately :/  DEFINITELY adding it in when I can tho.


Very fun and interesting game. I love that it is very challenging, however maybe some queues for the player to know when you lose a minion.


Yea I tried putting in some sort of visual indicator of when the minions are low on health, but it didn't end up working fast enough to get put into the actual game unfortunately :/


Cool idea. It took me a few deaths to figure it out. There is no feedback when you lose a minion and its very unforgiving. I could have benefitted from having a minion shield above as well. Once I figured it out I was just clicking like crazy because there is no ammo pool or cooldown. Holding click to shoot would probably work better.


This is a good wave arena game. The 3d graphics are good and the loop is interesting but it's too simplistic.

  • Add some health or some resource to manage
  • Impacts and shots should play some effect, can't really feel when they connect.
  • A start splash screen will be good.

For something stitched together at the last minute this one is good!


Dang, thanks for the feedback.  I enjoyed your game.  But yea, scope creep got me here :/ The main resource to manage was supposed to be the minions for defense/offense in a roguelike-esque game.  Instead I had to throw together the waves, but very valid feedback I'm gonna be addin onto the to-do


Very cool, I was a little confused at the start but I understood what was happening after a few deaths lol

My main feedback I have for you is that the game needs a goal or objective, otherwise I'm stuck endlessly shooting. Also please add the ability to hold to shoot because my hand started hurting after a while :(

For the rest the graphics are really good and the music sounds nice


Yea I didn't end up getting the original planned goal in so I threw together an infinite wave spawner to make it playable, then proceeded to forget to delete the testing enemies.


Now for commenting on the right place :-) Nice shooter, liked the robot models. Solid foundation to continue on :-)


Very nice game! 


The enemy shoots at you too fast at the beginning of the game ( the first time I tried I insta-died :))

It would be helpful a tutorial level to explain the mechanics

Other than that, great game! Nice work!


I liked it! but the lack of menu screen can be very hard, and the score font is really low res. But i like the idea of picking up small robots and letting them shoot but I suggest that the player themselves can atleast shoot, also the enemy shoot speed is a bit too fast making me lose instantly, But other than that good game!


Oh man, you have a nice game!!! congrats!!!