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Thanks for playing!

Thanks Milky!

The art and sound is fantastic. If you could fix the sword control that would be perfect!

Thank you! Step-back made in the last 1 hour before submission, but it seems it work out so well!

Thanks for liking the music, even myself think it's not good XD

I do want to expand the game in the future. Solo adventure will the next goal. Of course online multiplayer is great, but I need more time to learn multiplayer coding. So adventure first.

It's harder than it looks! A very creative way of re-apply the slow motion mechanics. The level design is very good. You get different challenge every levels. The level 12 is so difficult, I can't finished it. I wish someone in the comment could make it.

Very well done on remake the WoT mechanics.

For me, the enemies are too strong that they always aim at player's tank. Even they are out of the screen.

The BGM is very exciting but it's too loud compare to the gun shots sound effect.

Thanks for playing with your friends! I hope you all enjoy it.

I'm not sure is it an end when I back to the first room. Do I missing something?

The art is good. Very well done animations.

Background music is stick with the art. More sound effect will be better.

The controls are too slippery and fast. It's a bit difficult to land a jump on a single cube.

Overall, it's very well done for a game jam game!

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I can only reproduce 1 or 2 worms even when I knew how to reproduce the worms LOL How many is that chance...?

Keep it on! The character from your screen shot is pretty cute.

I love music games especially this one. The songs are fantastic. This is an Art.

Great art masterpiece! The whole atmosphere is so satisfying. 

This is a interesting and addictive game. The art is cute. I really like the laser beams.

I can only finish level 4. The propel function is sometimes not working. That makes it impossible to finish level 5.

Can't play the game

Omg you made a lots content in 2 days. Although the bots are pretty dumb, I can still play alone. The music and sounds are very good. Great job!

Some advice:

Player shouldn't shoot the second Pearl before the first one landed.

Camera could zoom out when the pearl fly away. You may follow this tutorial from Brakeys

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I really love your game! It's a nice and challenging puzzle game. The timeout on the button makes it really hard to play.

I love the way you make the Easter Eggs in the game. I managed to find it :)

Yeah, I halved the damage just before publishing because of no reason. It was much compact originally.

I know the music isn't that good. I shouldn't do it myself LOL

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing!

Wonderful entry. Well done.

Thanks for playing and leaving me great advice. I was trying to make a BGM like the song of Yasou playing flute in LOL. But, obviously I couldn't make it well as I thought. I'm considering making the fight with AI after the jam. It depends on the jam result ; )

LOL thanks for playing. I would never notice the typo if you haven't mentioned.

This is a very good dimension changed game! But it's too hard to me. I can't finish it. I would definitely  mad if I keep playing it.

A small advice, it might be great if the camera angle follows the player. Just like a normal FPS game.

Thanks for playing. Sorry about the poor music. I don't have much time could work on the BGM.

Such a great concept. You had very well done on this entry. The level design are so good. Not only have to figure out the right path of the backward time travel but also need to practice the mechanics.

Can't wait to see more levels!

Yeah sure. Let me know how do they think about the combat.

The game mechanics is interesting. It's like the machine Attack on Titan. 

There's a big problem when I hook an object standing on. I can lift up myself. 

Thanks for the comments! I might add AI enemies in the game after the jam so that we, solo player, can still enjoy the spirit of Bushi.

And that wasn't a bug, I wanted to keep the player looking injured. But the presentation doesn't really work out well.

You game is so enjoyable. Watching those adorable animals moving around is very cured. You said that the soil would dry out, but the grasses in my world have go over 20k. I noticed that the worms reproduce but I have no idea how to make them do that.

This is a great pixel art game! It's fun to play. The way you present the options is very clever.

One thing that can make it better. You might add so force on the object when release. It feels a bit wired to hurt the monster now.

Never heard that before but old games are the best.

Thanks for playing! This is a game you need to practice. Writing some storyline to the game maybe a good idea.

Aha, your game is also a shared keyboard game.

Your usage of background image is very good and satisfy with other graphics. The control of the sports car is a bit hard. The most exciting part is making the car fly as high as I can.

This is an overall very good entry.

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Thanks for playing! I'm planning on making some AI enemies after the voting period. I hope that will fit any solo player.

Your game has pretty cool mechanics. Very good use of post processing on transition effect. So the overall graphics is good. However, the level design cannot effective use of the change world mechanics. Things are done when I change to pink world. Maybe there should be also some obstacles in that world.

Hi here is my game Bushido . It is a shared keyboard pvp game. Better play with your teammates and friends. But you can play alone by controlling two characters with both hands :)

Hi here is my game Bushido . It is a shared keyboard pvp game. Better play with your teammates and friends. But you can play alone by controlling two characters with both hands :)

Hi here is my game Bushido . It is a shared keyboard pvp game. Better play with your teammates and friends. But you can play alone by controlling two characters with both hands :)

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But we all are the winner already. Everyone here will success because we all did something most people in the world can't do.  It's time to get some good sleep. I'll start playing and rating games 10 hours later. Feel free to recommend your game to me here.

And, this is my game - Bushido It's a shared keyboard PVP game. Play it with your friends. Don't forget to rate it and leave me any comments.

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That's a very clever idea. Visual effect is so satisfying especially effect on the check point. As a programmer, puzzle game is one of my favorites!

Take some times to play my game with friends!