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Really cool and complicated idea. Take a while to learn how to start the game. But it is fun to play after that.

Haha happy that you enjoy the vibe. Go ahead and share your progress :) You will learn even more from it. Enjoy the jam!

Thanks man! Hope you also enjoy the jam!

No. I don't feel sad lol

We just learned a lesson. Also, get an awesome idea!

Thank you! Shout out to our amazing Artist @1kmountain

Glad you love the art! Yeah there's no gameplay. A lot complicated than we expected.

We think too big

I'm still have a little concern. Since no need to aim with mouse position, is that necessary to use mouse?

Played and rated by our team!

Played. Rated

That's a great suggestion! Of cause, when you have unlimited life, there would be another interesting goal in the game. We think that game over when no life is not that fun. We would love to think of an exciting game goal in the future. Anyway, thanks for playing :)

It is a interesting way to unlock friends to get new unique abilities. Graphic is nice. Characters are cute. You got a nice BGM fits the game vibe. The control is a bit weird tho. Maybe make use of other keys, like "F", "R", "Q", "E", something near the movement keys would be helpful. It is too inconvenient to press like 3 keys at the same time to make a move. Other than that, well done!

So cute<3 Rated

A cute little love story. The music and graphics create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Thomas&Joy are so cute <3

The control is perfect. I can do the move so precisely.

This is absolutely one of the most enjoyable games in the jam! Well done!

We also made a cute game. Please give it a shot <3

Thank you so much for playing it on stream! Your feedback is so useful that we would definitely update the game referencing these points.

A simple and cute 3d shooting game. It is quite clever that the minions shoot bullets and also block bullets for the player at the same time. But it is a bit weird that the top direction is never protected because I can only pick up 3 of them lol

The model is cute. I like it. However, because they are all facing downwards. It is hard to tell if they are friendly or not when their eyes are covered. Maybe add an outline or something to distinguish them by not only their eyes.

For the control, the movement is smooth and responsible. One thing I would suggest is auto-shooting when holding the left click.

Overall, a nice game I enjoy trying for serval times!

Yes. I will definitely play this again after you updated!

Thank you so much for playing. Glad that you love it! 

It's the first time hearing this bug. Are the ghosts all at the same height? They pick up the boxes together only when they are at the same height. 

You could try an updated version HERE temporarily :) We have updated some graphics and UX issues. The levels are not balanced tho lol

The graphics are BEAUTIFUL. The vibe is perfect. Love the lo-fi BGM <3 

Puzzle are quite easy to solve but I enjoy it. It is so relaxing. Really chill >///<

Appreciate if you could also check out our game :)

Thank you!

What did I just play lol I tried to play with myself.

It is fun. Controls are smooth. Missing an exciting BGM tho.

Thank you! Happy that you like our game!

I have also played yours and I love it!

I like the flying scene with 4 triangles!

The music, camera switching, and the little triangular things created a GRIS-like vibe. I love it! <3

I wish you could team up with some artist or have more time putting on the graphics. But without that, it's already so enjoyable.

Unfortunately, I had a bug that died under a block and couldn't respawn.

I really enjoy this one. Thank you for submitting this!

Played. Rated :)

The concept is great and environmental-friendly xd

The graphics and vfx are beautiful.

For the gameplay, it is quite difficult to play maybe because the junks also fall away when they collided.

As some people mentioned, the pick up control is not so satisfying as most of the time I couldn't pick the stuff. 

Overall, good game!

Played and rated :)

The gameplay is actually more interesting than I thought. A half-idle game is fun when putting myself in. 

If there were some abilities that allow the players to dodge the virus would be cool.

Need more work on the graphics tho. The colour contrast is an issue throughout the game and the itch page. You can't change the game but please change the page lol

Totally agree with you lol

I'm having an Intensive Phobia!

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EXODIA! Awesome game design! My favorite puzzle game in this Jam! 

The music is short but smooth. Didn't feel repetitive. It suits the vibe so well.

The graphic is simple and also looks good.

So happy that I can play your game amount almost 2k entries!

please also check out our game if you have time XD

Played and rated ;)

The atmosphere in the game is nice. I like the concept two players have to find the clues in their room. Would be nice if each player has their own camera. Well done ;)

waiting for your rate ;)

Played and rated :)

I like the simplicity of the graphics. Level designs are so good. Players start from some easy level to challenging levels. The colour palette of the characters is fit with other graphic elements. Great job.

Played and Rated :)

Level designs are pretty good. The graphics look nice. but they are not consistent. Better keep all the environment in pixel art. It's amazing that you could make this in so short of time.

Rated :)

The idea is ok. But there have to be more features or abilities to the game. Like speed boost or fire canon. That was a tight schedule. You did great completing this game. Keep it up!

Rated and commented!

Good and cute game. Had some fun with my brother. BGM is too short and repetitive tho.