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happy that you enjoy it :)

thank you so much! like your game too!

the art is stunning. I like the water paint style so much. very cozy game. 

still, some room to improve, death always comes of a sudden and I lost all my fishy

totally! good stream

finally got the gold medals haha

thank you playing on the stream :D

I'm on your stream. just posting here again :)

that's a great idea. i find myself misclick quite often too haha

it's supposed to be a roughlite game. but we didn't have time to make it T_T


thanks for having a try. updated the page and fixed some bugs. money bags will spawn some salmon around. Solmon do nothing for now tho haha

updated the page a bit, hope this help

Good try! Sure you've learnt a lot. Keep it up :)

Thank you so much! Didn't see your comment tho. Is it a game-breaking bug?

I wish I could run. Died a few times in front of an orange circle. The howling sound is quite scary. Glad that you don't have monster's jump scare haha

Love your thread :)

Appreciate it if you could try our game. We didn't have much time so a lot of features could implement.

looks like there are tons of people need your feedback, not sure if you still if time. But if you really do, hope you could try out our game.

It's more like a prototype than a finished game. I would love to hear your thought, especially on game balancing.

really having a good time playing this game! the level-ups are pretty well designed. I was excited when I saw a golden upgrade. In the late game, i have like 20 healing drones repairing. It was almost unkillable. 

graphics and sounds also feel nice. it fits the overall atmosphere. great job!

hey Ategon thank you so much again for your feedback on stream! 

such a perfect entity. the most completed and polished game I have played so far. 

This is our game. Hope you enjoy :)

interesting storyline. I didn't expect that.

hahaha exact7ly~

hope you enjoy building the city :)

Actually, you need to pay for any building with the resources. 

We wanted yall to enjoy building a city rather than having a crazy, messy fight with enemies. So it is easy and enjoyable 

there's no difficulty at all rn, there's only 1 type of enemy - Weak Chess.

I'm impressed that you played it twice! I'm sure you had a good time 😆

hope you were having fun

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just chill and enjoy seeing your beautiful city ;)

not really a big fan of this type of old-school-styled game but you implemented it quite nicely. it fits the theme

as always :)

I got you man. The journey of an indie game dev is lonely and tough. It's great that you have a youtube channel. Don't feel upset with low views coz you are doing something a lot of people are afraid to do. Just keep doing this and you'll find out what people want to watch and what content you love to create :)

Keep it up! Add oil!

thank you for playing. glad you like it :)

oh yes! I also played Scrapped. It's a great one.  I love their map and level designs. They are a much better way to drop the loots

sounds cool. long range weapon could be a better fit for a necromancer

indeed it is a lack of feedback. wish we could have more time

thank you :)

most people found it's hard, you the first one saying it's slow haha

anyway thanks for playing

thank you for playing :)

a unique platformer. a very clever way to present the theme. nice job!

love this kind of neon light graphic style <3

here you go :)