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like the art style

hey!! thank you! it's the legendary gun. idk if you've found that haha

thank you for playing  ^ ^

the shadows actually quite easy if you're using Unity with URP. just need to add the shadow component to the objects. it's still in experimental tho

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@1kmountains is our artist. a big shout out to him :)

if you find your game near the top of popularity, i'm happy for you! but it's doesn't mean much cuz the algorithm may not reflect how good your game is. take it easy my friend :)

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hey man i got ya! it creates another level of joy while both the development and gameplay processes...
we added a small easter egg in the game referring to our previous game jam project. you may have a try if you're interested :)

not able to be there on your stream due to the timezone :'(

i'll catch up on the replay!

please read a bit the instructions on the page first as we didn't have time to make them in-game

wow bro! you are so good! love your poem

thank you for your honest feedback!! you've pointed out something about the UI mentioned by no one. i'm happy to have feedback like this. you help us improve our UX design :)

your game is amazing! i love it!

love your game! especially the effects that you've made. did you use Unity? cuz i can see you're so good at applying them.  the lightning fx is epic! not to mention the blind fx!

haha yes it freaked me out the first time. the art is creepy but remarkable

i've played this one. you can have a try if you have tried it lol

i got you man! love your level design and graphics!
have fun ;)

incredible level design. graphics are cutes. i love the whole vibe of the game. just a little bit of adjustment on the control would be perfect, as it's quite slippery to me haha

thank you ma friend!!

thanks for playing!

hey  thank you! also played yours!

it seems a fun little game. but it's too laggy for me, idk why. the music and art you've chosen are beautiful. i like the post-processing you've added. it feels really nice. hence it's too laggy to play on WebGL. but it's okay. you did a great job! keep it up!

we're sorry about that man. we didn't expect it lights are so expensive in WebGL

thank you!

wah you looked into so detail!!

thank you for playing :)

wow you seem played a lot of games. seeing you everywhere

glad you like the style. hope you found it fun and enjoyable :)

no worries! wow you got a lot of ratings man. amazing!

it's actually quite fun. shooting UFO by the machine gun is so enjoyable lol

plus the control is quite smooth.

the galaxy scene is amazing.

hey congratz you got it!

plaayed ;) your game is beautiful

the assets you used are BEAUTIFUL!!! the music is also nice. love how you put everything into the scene. the shader and vfx look fantastic. the game itself is quite simple compared to the graphic. if you could add more mechanics, this would be a wonderful game!

gocha! have you played Poltergeist? you two have a similar concept

as someone mentioned interacting with the spacebar would make more sense to me, but it's okay. i like the game design. every level is different. it's very fun to play as a ghost to trick a human. well done man.

congratz! you got it

no worries. i got ya

love the music. really enjoy the song and running around the scene. it seems that the more orb i got the messier the map will be. it's quite challenging. 

i played serval times but still couldn't find the last one. will it block all the way to the orb?

hey sorry man, can't play your game on a browser. it's too laggy. i have like 5 fps...

sorry that i can't play your game as it's too laggy to play on a browser. so i'm not gonna rate it. 

as i can see on your screen captures. the scenes look nice. i especially like the pink color you'd chosen.

no worries. your game is greater than a lot of games already

nice story telling!

love your art style. your level design is also good as you teach the player one step at a time. this helps players learn your control in a smooth way. but the control inputs are badly assigned. i may need a third hand in order to play the game well lol

i can see that you ran out of time, so it's totally understandable. especially you're doing everything on your own. hope you can co-op with a great team next time ;)

quite enjoy your story. very interesting. your art is the key to presenting the story. nice job!