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The problem I was running into is that I'm not entirely sure how to hit the buttons to control the AI.  It seemed like the game hid my mouse which meant I couldn't do it that way, and it also didn't seem to have any hotkeys tied to the buttons at the bottom.  So I'm not sure what I'm missing with how to interact with them.

To clarify, I'm not talking about the usage of the AIs after being placed I'm more talking before you place them.  I could pick them back up after placing once I know how much they use, but considering how weird some of the hitboxes for picking stuff up are it wasn't the best strategy.  And I was more talking about being able to see before placing stuff to allow planning around it.

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Definitely an interesting setup and a really well executed wave survival game.  There's some interesting bits of enemy variety and every enemy is legitimately a threat which is surprising.  Most of the time it's just once you get a horde that they are a threat.  But the setup of this game actually makes just a few quite dangerous.

Although I will say the game makes it a little hard to control at times with the fact that you never stop moving and also can't aim different from the direction you're moving.  Which means to actually shoot someone requires printing into their face relatively consistently.  Leading to your death to 3 or 4 enemies at once without much option to get out.  Although that may just be down to me not really seeing the health bars in the glow of the shots.

Though that does also sort of fit the games main mechanic of hacking, which is an interesting setup, it's a little surprising to die when your body dies the first time, but it makes a bit of sense eventually.  It just takes a bit of getting used to.  I will also say when you actually hack some oft he robots, they do seem to change their position as they're hacked.  Not sure why that happens, but it does happen, and it's.. a little weird to be honest.  It can help and it can also hurt.

Then there's CHRIS.. freakin chris.  Absolutely pain anytime he actually tries to help.  Now the concepts cool,. and it definitely mixes up the game a lot, but I will say, Chris just having you dodge, kinda feels more like a an AI sabotaging you, than an AI collaborating at times. Which can be hilarious, but when it happens too much randomly, it can get kinda annoying.  Maybe if there was a bit more of a consistent buff, on top of the dodge still being annoying, that could at least make it seem helpful?  

Some sort of buff, or some sort of enemy kill, or something?  Just to make it seem a little less like the AI is MURDERING you and more like the AI is actually helping rather than accidentally saving you.  

Other than that though, I feel like a bit more of an idea of what's happening on the map would be hopeful.  Cause at the moment the camera is SO zoomed in it feels like Ii can't really see much of anything.  An alternative could be some sort of zoom out ability that lets you see a bit more of the map (Could fit that "buff" from Chris I was talking about possibly).

Overall though a really interesting and visually well done top down shooter.  It sorta feels like a twin stick with one stick, but either way, quite well done.

I've never seen a jam game that entirely focuses on a boss fight.  It's an interesting concept, and it seems like there was a bit of a unique idea for a boss fight in and of itself.  At least somewhat.

Though unfortunately during the boss there's not really much to do.  It's got a really simple attack pattern that leads to very quickly optimizing the fun out of the fight honestly.  If you really aim tow in you can just hide in the bottom corner and shoot whenever the boss passes by and you have absolutely no danger.  Maybe if there were some attacks from, the side ore enemies that flew in, webs etc.  that could mix it up a bit, but for the moment it's just a matter of focusing on the top.

Which to be fair, can be done quite well, there's just no t that much variety currently to focus on there.  Maybe if there were a few more weak points of the boss or some sort of alternative action other than to move in front of it's face to attack etc. that could help?

Cause at the moment the core loop mainly consists of, stand in front of boss, move, repeat.  Possibly kill some other minions, move in front.  There's not much variety to that, besides the small power ups but those don't change too much of the gameplay, they just sort of work as cool powerups. Which don't get me wrong, can be interesting, they just don't mix up the game that much by themselves, since there's not really any enemies that force you to take advantage of it.  The minions die to slowly for the weapons to feel that powerful on them.  

Then there's not that much change without hitting the boss consistently for that to come through.  Also considering the boss pretty much blocks the only attack route quite a lot, you spend quite a lot of time with your powerups just waiting.

Ignoring all that though, I do mean it when I say it has an interesting setup and a bit of a nice base for a SHMUP and a cool base for a boss fight that I would be interested to see expanded on.

Definitely a lot more than this game seems from the name and the description it's got a really unique movement system with the momentum from rolling combined with the.. I guess boost.  Along with the later jump that you get leading to some very hard platforming challenges.  A little annoying on the actual "replaying" I guess, in terms of actually getting back to the challenge.

Since the game makes you wait through the level start animation everytime you're spending a lot of time waiting an d a lot less time attempting and dying.  Which is a little annoying.  But it is a nice setup with the rising platform for sure.  I feel like if it were start at the top though that would help.

Ignoring that though, the game definitely has a lot of difficulty at least in my experience, there were quite a few times where I was just barely alive based off some momentum.  And the game doesn't make that.. super clear, I sort of figured it out after accidentally, I think, cheesing a lot of the levels but it wasn't clear on a few whether to not I needed to just platform, or if I needed to go all in and just momentum my way through it.

Ignoring that though the only real annoyance i ran into besides obviously the respawning and well, difficulty can get a little annoying, but ignoring those it was a little weird and a little annoying trying to control the "boost" since it was built off the mouse there were quite a lot of times I would accidentally click off the screen while trying to use it.  Which was a little annoying.  Though to be fair that's because I didn't run the game in full screen, it's still not the most fun when I randomly fall because the window decided to unfocus when I went to boost.  Though that may be more of an issue specific to me.  I just figured I wold point it out.

Overall though an interesting platformer with a relatively unique movement system.  A little bit of an iffy difficulty curve, a nice setup for a, I guess sort of speedrun platformer, Though it's not the clearest in what you're doing throughout the levels at times.  While at others it was relatively fast, mainly because it made me see the mechanic near instantly, which was helpful.

This was a really fun and really unexpectedly hard AI for a basketball game.  Probably the most fun I've had in a basketball game honestly ever.  It was a really hard time figuring out the AI, I did eventually figure out a few strategies he kept using, but he still puts up a dang good fight. which I honestly was not expecting.  Plus if you let em they will absolutely destroy you which is a nice change of pace considering how easy most enemies ten dot be?  Though I don't play sports game that much so maybe they're that hard normally ?

Otherwise though the only real "issue" I ran into or improvement I would sort of suggest is that the shots are a little weird.  It seems like they're maybe based off the distance to my mouse, but the game doesn't make that super clear, so I ended up doing a LOT of short jump shots when I started playing, I managed to get it down but I was definitely very stuck as to how do it early on. 

It's got a really fun system for it though, some nice physics and some quite hilarious moments of the ball just launching across the field.

Overall a really cool concept, that I wouldn't say is collaborating with AI, but damn is it fun even if it isn't.  It was a really great experience learning how to beat the AI.  I hope that there's more of this maybe?:>  I honestly kinda thought that the music "slider" or I guess levels, in the pause menu, might be an enemy difficulty level.  I'd be interested to see how that could go if it could be implemented.  Though obviously that's not really a thing you can do mid jam so I'm not surprised it's not there.

Honestly I was really terrified it would be there and I would be dealing with a god like AI just demolishing me even more than it already was.

Well this is definitely colalborating with AI, and they're decently smart AI which is nice.  That's kind of hard, or at least it seems liike it would be to me in concept, though since the diea is basically them doing menial taskls iot makes sense and it also makes it a ltitle easier.

I will say thougn the game is relatively fague as to what amount of RAM you have, or mroem specifically how much ram every tasxk will take.  There were quite a few times where I assumed jthat I had a bunch of ram for running multiple AIs, only for one task to take almost half my RAM.  It seemed like it was almost built more like uyou had a 2 AIi limit rather than a ram limit. Which was a bit unfortunate.

I was looking forwaedx to planning around the RAM every tawk took and then putting together the mos efficient comboes of AI  But since I wasn't really sure what everything woudlt ake RAM wise I wasn't really ab le to dot aht.

I feel like if there was some count ont asks or something else to convery the akount of rtesources it would use, that would help the situation so that you could plan around it more.

Also it is a little weird that you have to go back to pick up the AIs, since they are AIs I would've assumed that either 1, they would stay there to clean continually, or 2 that they would come back to go to the next cleaning task.  I feel like it could add a bit more strategy to make shorter timers but clearer amounts of ram and remove having to pick up the AIs, so that you could essentially strategize your way through a map to do the most efficient route of AIs.

Though that would change up the gameplay quite a bit so it may not be the best change, I just think it could lead to about of a different gameplay lop than what there is currently, and maybe lean into the timer a bit more.

A few issues I will point out besides what I mentioned above though, mainly come down to he coloring of the game a decent amount, and the map layouts.  There were a few times that I was very stuck as to where I could actually walk through somewhere and I was confused as to how to progress, not I did manage it, but it wasn't very clear to begin with. 

Another slight problem I ran into (and this may just be me, since I run a program that oranges up my screen) but I was mostly unable to see the timer throughout the game due to the yellow text on a white background making it very hard to distinguish.  So it might be worth tweaking the color possibly.

Overall though a really well done implementation of the theme and a interesting, I guess strategy or more so puzzle game.  Though it doesn't lean into that too much it seems like a cool base for one.  I'd be interested to see where it could go with that sort of focus possibly post jam.

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Definitely a nice little high score game.  I was a little lost on a bit of the controls mainly when it came to the AI, where it was really trying to kill me and I wasn't quite sure how to hit the buttons to change which way the AI was tilting the train car.  I managed to avoid falling off by just trying to counter balance it.  But it was a little weird since it did seem like there was supposed to be away for me to interact with it.

I may have just missed a hotkey or something but I wasn't really able to figure that out.  Ignoring that though the enemies definitely fit the descriptions and they were relatively challenging.  Especially trying to keep the rocks AND the bugs away from the car if they came at different ends etc.

One thing I will say on the combat though, is I'm not entirely sure what sort of combat it is supposed to be.  For example I found out partway through that I could just hold left click rather than spam it to attack, which generally led to attacks landing better.  So I'm not sure if that was intended or that was a bug.  But it definitely helped the fact that the combat seems to be very persistent in not actually colliding a lot of the time which was sort of annoying.;  Since I would be falling at an enemy and m they didn't really seem to die.

Not that may be because the whole time I was just spamming when I was supposed to shoo them away like the animation when holding it seems to look like.  But I'm not entirely sure to be honest.

Overall though an interesting highs core game with a relatively funny name and a interesting concept that honestly I feel like I missed half of, since obviously I couldn't figure out how to interact with the AI.  But it was interesting to try and defend the car nonetheless, I managed to hit around 300 points or something which was fun.

Ah okay that makes sense, I didn't really see that in the game but in that context it definitely fits the theme relatively loosely at least gameplay wise.  Which to be fair, it doesn't have to fit the theme a lot gameplay wise, just a little harder to notice otherwise.

An interesting concept especially with the storyline for it was a bit funny.  Though I don't really see it in the game too much?  I mean obviously it seems like you're fighting some sort of army and the robot at the end is your friend I assume, even with the evil face.  But not much in terms of direct collaboration.  I mean besides the plan to take over the world that happens post win screen.

The only real issue I had was that the camera was weirdly zoomed in, I'm not entirely sure why, if taht was on purpose.  But due to that it made it quite difficult to get an idea of where enemies were when they're not really close to you, which makes dodging quite difficult.  maybe if it was zoomed out a bit more it could help?  That way it would give a bit more time to plan around projectiles and help the somewhat cramped spaces let you dodge more.

Although on the other hand those spaces aren't too cramped when you ignore the trees.  Which were a little weird to be honest.  Mostly in the fact that their hitbox takes up all of the space or almost.  Which makes it a little difficult to tell where you can and can't walk with them sometimes.  I feel like if maybe it was a bit more clearly defined, possibly as just the base then it would help?

Overall though there's some decent top down shooter mechanics, some nice audio and a relatively well done art style throughout the game which was interesting to see.  Not too much enemy variety using it but it is a jam game so it's not super surprising.

A bit of an interesting take on a puzzle game, it has some interesting execution with the time mechanics combined with the mirror and gravity bits.  Though not the craziest, it was definitely a fun experience.

Though I will say I don't see how this fits the theme of collaborate with AI.  Since obviously it's literally jsut an alternate you through the mirror, not an AI or anything.  It doesn't really feel like I'm collaborating with anything that isn't a human, that doesn't mean I discount the puzzle challenged by the mirror existing.  It definitely is interesting throughout, but it's not an AI for sure.

There's definitely some interesting twists as I said though which was fun to play through in the levels and definitely a mix up of the normal mirror puzzle games that you see quite a lot.  Especially the fact that there is a preview of what will happen when it's used is definitely a nice QoL feature.

Overall though an interesting puzzle game idea, not too much of a theme mechanic or anything but a really good game overall.

An interesting concept and it seems like the game is sort of setup like a mini metroidvania which is cool.  Though I will say some of the parts are somewhat unclear that you actually NEED an ability.  Moreso it seems like you're just barely not managing the jump or something.  Though the acutal abilities are definitely helpful throughout.

The other thing I'd say is that the "soft reset" system where if you hit spikes off a platform it warps you back, actually led to a lot amore deaths than if it wasn't there for me.  Specifically it lead to me accidentally falling back in repeatedly while moving because I was trying to move out of the spikes.  I feel like a better way to handle it would've been to have the player have invincibility frames and not remove a bit of control. 

That's more of an opinion thing based off an accident though so take that with a grain of salt, I just generally feel lie control with the player can lead to some interesting results.

Otherwise though the only real thing I'd say was a bit annoying is the boss.  It's not really telegraphed what it's going to do most of the time, it tends to just jump between attacks pretty rapidly, and it also modifies it's attacks without much warning.  Switching direction on the ground pound, or deciding to dash twice instead of once (though that second one fits more of a second stage boss).

Overall though an interesting concept, I felt a little let down that the AI doesn't send the game off with some sort of thank you about the virus, but it does end with a decent boss fight and with some pretty cool ability setups.

I'm not quite sure where the theme comes into this, but as a simple wave defense with a floating murder sword it's an interesting idea.

The hitboxes a little vague on the sword and the enemies/humans. Which makes it a little difficult to avoid hitting the humans,  Which to be fair I think was part of the point, but I think it would be better to have the hitboxes very precise and just rely on having enough humans vs monsters close together to make it difficult.  

It's also an interesting way of handling a health system, though I feel like getting double punished by losing health when you kill a human was a little annoying.  considering your'e likely already going to lose a life or more, if you don't kill that human, it removes a bit of strategy and makes it a bit more of a precision game.  With some really vague hitboxes making that quite difficult.

Overall though an interesting endless wave game base.  That adding some variety to would definitely help spice up.

It definitely feels like there are the bones, of a puzzle game here.  Though it seems like, I'm assuming because of the jam time limit, you weren't able to finish moire levels taking full advantage of the mechanics.  Which is unfortunate.  But it definitely started getting somewhere in the last few levels.

I will say it's not super clear on all the specifics of the game through the tutorials and the visuals of the game but I did manage to figure it out.  Though the fact that the visuals are mainly color based is definitely going to hurt a bit for anyone who is color blind.

It definitely does introduced some of the starting mechanics relatively well though which is nice.  Just not the best at utilizing all of them together in the time it has, and not the best at introducing the mid game mechanics.  There were some interesting attempts through gameplay which is nice.  But it was still a little vague on some of it, not too much that I didn't get it, but not very easy to grasp either.

Overall though an interesting and relatively well executed based for a puzzle game that witha  few more levels could probably really mess with the mechanics it setup.

Definitely a game where you collaborate with AI, though I don't know how intelligent it is.  It was interesting though and it does seem to have relatively clear cut instructions, though they don't work the way I'd expect.  Mainly around the pathfinding which was unfortunate.

Also there's the fact that it's really quite vague as to where you can and can't walk.  Which is a little difficult to try and plan around for sure.  It almost feels sort of like a top down game, but it's not..?  If that makes sense.

Ignoring that though it is an interesting take on the whole "lead an AI through a puzzle" sort of game.  Where instead of just programming the AI you actually are leading it through, with some relatively clear cut rules that can lead to some interesting level variety.

Though throughout the game is definitely very vague as to what certain things will do, for example buttons and their connection to doors, or doors in general (they're not very clearly doors), as well as the introduction of enemies making it sound like they just follow you.  Rather than well, exploding you.

Combine that with the enemies randomized movement and it's not the nicest.  I can understand it but it does mean that sometimes the enemies just sort of decide you lose, since you can't really stop your AI from running into them if it's battery gets too low.

I feel like what could possibly help is if maybe you learned more into the fact that the game is grid based and possibly had it be "turn based".  or something similar.  So that the enemies move on the same timer as you.  Which allows more strategy around it, as well as more strategy around the battery.

Though that would change up the game a decent amount so it may not be wroth it.  I just feel like it would aid in the battery mechanic being a bit more manageable.  Since at least in my experience there were quite a few times where I could've sworn I had enough battery, but I just barely ran out and my AI went sprinting into one of the enemies and proceeded to die because they refused to leave the charging station.

Overall though a relatively interesting concept, with some badly communicated interactions and some interesting level concepts.

Definitely not what I would've expected for this theme. and definitely not what I expected based off the nae,.  It's an interesting idea I guess.

Though the gameplay doesn't have that much depth it is relatively well executed and has a bit of difficulty curve.  Though the fact that the enemies can spawn basically right next to your is a little annoying sometimes.  I feel like if they just came from the end of the screen that could still add some difficulty.  Though that's just me.

It definitely adds difficulty with the way they spawn right now.  Though it's just a little annoying how they pop up basically without any time to stop them assuming you have any other s on the screen. 

Overall a relatively simple game but decently executed, with a very...  unique concept.  It's not quite on theme for sure.  I'm not sure how I'm collaborating with an AI for this, but it is something interesting.

Definitely one of the most collaborative games I've  seen in the jam which is nice.  And also a really fun high score game.  Though I will say the "score" not being super visible during gameplay is a little, weird.  I guess.  It could help make it more interesting if it was counted mid game, I know the dust is counted at the end of the game, but to be honest that final screen is really packed.  Which, is good for information, but not so good for being able to tell what it's talking about at a glance.

To be fair though that does make sense and it does have the information which is helpful to see.  Especially if you're going to try and get a crazy high score and so you want to optimize for different stats that performance well (personally I went for fire rate).  

Otherwise though the only real issues I had would be with the UI at the top interrupting gameplay  bit, since the cat was able to hide under it, which lead to me getting hit quite a lot if I went near the top of the screen.  As well the fact that the camera was a little too stuck between the cat and the roomba a lot of the time.  Which led to a lot of situations where I wasn't really able to see the cat.

It makes sense trying to avoid you leaving the roomba behind, but it definitely makes it difficult to try and kite enemies around it sometimes when you managed to get a relatively big group.  I feel like if it prioritized the chat a bit more it could possibly help, or if the cat was always locked on screen, possibly with a zoom.  Though that may be a bad idea.

Besides that there are a few issues with how the roomba pathfinds to the treats, tho those are more bugs than anything it seems like (specifically with it hanging a bit when you shoot out a lot of treats in different directions.

Overall though a really interesting take on the theme with some really collaborate gameplay, unique enemy designs and what seems like could be some complex strategy to the use of treats and upgrades.

Definitely an interesting interpretation of the theme.  It fits for sure and it's got an interesting game loop which was quite fun to try and get a high score with.  I will say as though there does seem to be some risk vs reward with how the plankton spawns.  Though there's not much strategy that at least from what I can tell, could be employed, since you're not above to really get a broad picture.

You're generally reacting quite quickly to sharks, unless you move them off screen quite fast.  Which did happen to me a bit so that was nice.  Though it seems like the plankton spawns relative to you.

Which means that if you have the sharks off screen you're likely missing out on plankton.  I could be wrong on that it just seemed as though when I strayed near one place the plankton popped up in the same spawns a decent amount of of times.  I also assume it could be used to avoid using a finite map, by making sure all the spawns are near you and so the map can sort of "move with you". 

Overall though, an interesting high score based game, that has a bit of strategy to, though I didn't really use the split up the school mechanic that much.  It did seem to have some potential.

This was an interesting twist on Will you Snail, though I would say it's a little slow to move around.  It definitely fits the theme of collaborating with an AI.  Or I guess more specifically having an AI help you, but they're relatively close.

As I said though the only real issue I ran into was the slow movement speed and the fact that the jump is really short.  Which to be fair fits some of the jumps in the game.  But it did make quite a few really difficult to time rather than being hard to it, if that makes sense?

Most of the time I had to hang off a ledge or use coyote time to manage a jump.  Which could be interesting, but comboed with the fact there are no check points it makes a it a little punishing when you miss a jump to say the least.

Overall though a fun little experience with some interesting voice lines and some decent level design.

An interesting topic and a pretty well executed setup of procedural generation.  Though a little samey in the actual levels for sure.  It had some variety especially when new mechanics were being introduced.  And it was interesting how they were added sort of part of a story.  But they didn't really add that much.  Well, other than the in level hazards. 

Though I assume that's because some of the options were a little more involved an d so likely weren't able to get as much put into them.  That or it was along with the theme of the AI trying to make them which would sort of fit.  Not sure which it was.

The only real thing I'd say is that the game didn't really have any sort of difficulty, which is good on the one hand, but does make it a bit monotonous to see all of the dialog from the AI since there's not really a challenge even when it starts adding more interactible sand such.  Besides maybe the disappearing platforms and how fast they do it, but not really.

Overall though, a relatively easy game, which a bit of storyline and some interesting procedural generation throughout.

Definitely not the sort of game I was expecting during the jam.  But an interesting one nonetheless.  I managed to get all the endings and they were all interesting and there's some nice voice lines in there with pissing off Jonas.  Which was quite fun by the way.

It's also a really interesting idea how the exit is handled.  It subverts some expectations and uses that to make an interesting and reusable bit of information throughout the game.

The only real question I have is who is the mystery voice, I was a little confuse don that, obviously it doesn't matter that much, but it would be interesting to know who it was for sure.  

Overall though a pretty well done and quick story.  Was pretty fun.

A really nice simple polished, puzzle game I guess?  Not too punishing or difficult (unlike past experiences) and definitely some nice QoL and really nice feedback on a good shot.  The audio slowly, I think, increasing pitch definitely gave it some extra charm and the map layouts definitely encouraged it at some points, and discouraged at others.  Which was interesting.

Though I will say the sticky walls really screwed up some of my planned bounces sometimes.  Was so sad when I couldn't bounce through the entire level.  I'd be interesting to see some mode that allows that.  

As well I will say the camera messing with your shot isn't the nicest, there being a way to stop that (holding right click) is nice, but not super explained in game which is unfortunate.  It was definitely sort of helpful after I was told about it though.  

Overall a really satisfying puzzle sort of game with some pretty good levels.

An interesting interpretation of the theme.  An accurate representation of the Ad AIs working for google, or I guess probably face book based off the social media pages.  Definitely got a little in tense speed wise throughout which was nice.  Also had some interesting variety of the little social media tidbits. 

Though the categories were quite broad, which I guess makes sense since obviously it's fast paced so trying to go deep into whether someone say, likes swimming or canoeing etc. is a bit too much in the tiny time period that your'e given.  

There are some nice twists throughout with the little modifiers that can randomly trigger.  Though I will say a bit of warning would've been nice.  It does make some sense to not give it away.  Something a bit more themed towards say, adblockers may have fit better though.  That's just an idea visually.  Mechanically though I will say it was a little vague on where they were and were not blocking.  Especially on the code vision that I continually got.  It definitely made it a little difficult to know where I could click as well as when it would be over so I could continue.

Though as I said it definitely did allow mixing up the gameplay a bit more rather than making it entirely speed based, it adds a bit of challenge of working around the obstacles that are put up to stop you.  Although the fact that there's not much to do if you basically had your answer already is a little annoying.  I'm not sure what, but if there was something to do to remove the effect or do another "read" during it, then that would probably help.

Overall though, an interesting idea with some nice execution.

A nice twist on the dice puzzle game setup.  Especially having the die be able to "murder" the collectable.  Definitely an interesting additional challenge when trying to get them without murdering them.

Though I will say the instant reset was a little jarring for the first bit whenever that happened.  Not exactly what I was expecting but I figured it out eventually.  That reset definitely makes it pretty challenging to try and just attempt something though, which is not really what you want in a puzzle game where the entire loop is "attempt something".

It could be interesting on a side not e as well to have more variety of dice and see what mixups that could cause.  Could lead to some interesting setups for sure.

Overall a really interesting base and setup for a puzzle game that could have some very interesting additions.  I'm interested to see what else may be added whenever possible.

Well this was definitely one of the more informative games of the jam.  Which I as not really expecting.  I found out that Gomoku exists, that Go and Gomoku are different and the reason Gomoku is Gomoku.

Ignoring that and talking about the game though it's  an interesting setup that was definitely not what I'm used to, although I haven't really played the game before so I was mostly figuring it out as I went along which is fine.  Just an interesting experience.

Though I will say it's a little vague as to what's going on partially.  I figured it out after a bit but it seems like it's essentially you roll and get a number of moves which I didn't fully notice while ingame (though to be fair, I'm sorta tiered, so I may have just missed it).

This was definitely not the sort of board game I was expecting, or honestly really knew existed.  But definitely an interesting accomplishment for 48 hours.  Getting full pretty decent board game AI together in that time does not sound fun at all.  Even through all that though it came out really well.

Definitely an interesting twist on the moving dice puzzle games throughout the jam.  Rather than having the level be a puzzle, the movement is a puzzle, sort of.  While also being a very skill based challenge.  Which is an interesting combo to be honest.

There's a also definitely some nice level twists like adding the ability to jump and the forcing you to use it to fly over gaps.  Or go through a blind tunnel near the end.  Where it just rips away all the info you've been give and see what you can manage.

It's also quite fun to see how far you can manage to fly with the jumping com boing with some pretty speedy movement.  Leads to some very cool speedrun strats as well it seems, which is always q2uite interesting to see.

The only real nitpick I think I'd have is the visual indicators of the dice sides, which to be fair, seem to be there more as an extra helper in case.  But at the moment they're relatively hidden in some terrain, or just downright invisible it feels like at times.  Which with the perspective can definitely make it a little hard to find stuff.  Though the perspective is an issue, at least sometimes, on it's own.  But it does come with it's perks for sure.

Overall though for a 48 hour jam this was a pretty well done thing.  Some nice maps, a good controller and some interesting speedrun strats already.  Not the kind of thing you expect from a jam but definitely an interesting one.

Alright well ignoring that I don't really know blackjack.  This is a interesting setup for the theme for sure.  I had a decent amount of fun planning out how to make my person lose, or how to make them win randomly to get the most money.  I definitely feel like this is the kind of game that could have a long time spent trying to get to get the highest score in terms of money out of people.

Though I feel like that would definitely go over better for people that understand blackjack more for sure.

Still an interesting setup even without that knowledge though.

Especially the limited switching of cards allowing for a bit ofd strategy planning. A t least when I remember which one is my client.

Besides that though it's definitely got some interesting strategy to the "avoid" suspicion angle.  Though I feel like it would be interesting if it focused more on people getting super powerful cards, rather than number of wins.  Though that's probably a little harder to do than just doing it based off wins, though it would allow for some more complex plays.  Which to be honest, I was aiming for without knowing how suspicious works.

Overall though for 2 days this is a pretty good, at least from what I understand, recreation of being a blackjack dealer.  A very very mean blackjack dealer, but a dealer nonetheless.

Definitely an interesting turn based setup. makes sense using the rolls for the number of moves.  Plus there's some pretty varied abilities.  I didn't mess with all of them, but I did get to see a few, besides the fact that they're pretty vague without reading the book they do sound like they could lead to some interesting situations if they were mixed together.  

Although mostly I just stacked a LOT of support buffs, gotta have that regen shield and dmg up going all the time.  

As well though I will say the "tutorial" is a little weird.  Specifically the bit with the sword icon over the book then  the levels, I mean it poi8nts out the book, but it leads you to think there's a little more clarity or possibly some more info in the book. Which there is, but you're seeing it without too much context. 

Also when it comes to enemies there's definitely some interesting and kinda funny visual changes, through I will say there didn't see to be topo much of a mechanical change, which to be air, could be fine they did get dangerous enough with their multi hits.  Though bit probably has more variation show up in the later levels (I'll check when I can and update here).

Seriously though a massive amount of content for 48 hours.  I'm definitely gonna have to dive back in to try and see some more so I can update this to be a little more in depth.  For now though, just a pretty well done game for 48 hours.

A really cool thing to get done in 48 hours.  Some nice movement, decent fighting mechanics and some interesting enemy variety in terms of movement especially. Normally that doesn't happen so much with enemies.  Also I am so happy there was a dodge, there have not been too many this jam.

Also a pretty nicely designed levels to get around which is always helpful.  Though the flying enemies were really good at sneaking between the bullets all the time which was a little hard, buit makes sense ya know they are flying enemies.  Just not the easiest to hit ever.

One thing that was a little interesting but also annoying at least in my opinion was the switching based off rolls.  It's an interesting concept, especially with the theme, the problem is just there's not too much movement variety when you're trying to stick to a single weapon to deal a decent amount of damage to one enemy or another.  I feel like having the changing based off something different  could be interesting.  For example a different key, or setting it to be on a timer.  Just something to remove it from being tied to your main bit of movement.

Otherwise my only other real, not so much complaint, but note would definitely be on the color centric indicators.  It's a little difficult if coloring is off, though they are definitely distinct, even when oranged out.  Could be a little hard depending if someone is color blind though, so might be good to have a more symbol based visual indicator when possible.

Overall though I was not expecting a mini metroidvania to show up in this jam but a pretytr well done one for sure.

An interesting twist on a roguelike especially using the dice rolling for equipping/using weapons.  Though a little difficult to try and setup attacks sometimes due to the short range as well as the enemies attack patterns.

Though that really depends upon the enemy in the game, I feel like for me what kept getting me is that fact that I couldn't strategize to use the enemies as a "bumper" basically.  Allowing me to queue up another die for a risk of some sort.  Instead I had to try and squeeze them close enough, but not too close to avoid walking over the enemies mid attack.

Which to be faire, was an interesting thing, though not exactly the most helpful with trying to stab them.  Since it made it so I basically always had to be a straight block away, rather than being able to stick close and attack.  Them combo that with the attack ranges of some of the enemies and it makes it a little bit more difficult to try and fit in that range.

Otherwise though it was an interesting setup to show a randomized queue as well as allow equipping weapons to different sides for sure.  It definitely helps with planning things out and allowing more strategy in the midst of randomness.  Though the fact that movement is so slow sort of limits that.  I wonder if there could be some perk to allowing extra moves based off the side you roll?  Possibly?  Though that would likely be a pretty big balancing change so it's hard to know.  Maybe sides that don't have an item, can move their full distance.  Whereas sides that do cannot.

Definitely a really cool setup overall though.  Would be interested to see some more abilities for sure or just more in general.  Really cool for 48 hours though for sure.

I'd definitely be up for trying a polished version post jam, and I definitely agree on not having to follow the theme literally, you just go along with it however you interpret it.  All I was meaning was that it didn't significantly impact the gameplay.  That's not a bad thing, just made it a little bit more of a background thing.

Makes sense on the forcing players into a room increasing difficulty as well and layouts being simplistic, obviously it's only 48 hours there's only so much to do.  I'm mostly just talking hypotheticals and such based off what I can see when I'm writing stuff up just to give ideas and such.

Yea coyote time is definitely something I'm hoping to add post jam.  The jumpings a little off since I was messing with infinite acceleration as well so that probably doesn't help.

Hmm alright.  I'll try and test it and see what happens, I may have just forgotten to code it in or something.

This is an interesting mix game honestly, kind of a strategy/tower defense which I am always a fan of, moving your units around while also defending through waves of enemies based off your towers strength and layout.

Though I will say the game is a little slow in letting you set that layout, which sort of makes sense if you were planning to use it for a bit of a "limiter", ex. switching from or 1s to 6s to avoid using the crazy power.  Which makes sense.  The problem in my opinion though is that it's really slow.  To the point that it makes it a pain to switch honestly, especially combo'd with the slowdown somewhat.  The amount of 4s (the tanks) that died during a selection was a little crazy in my opinion.

SO maybe speeding that up slightly to tweak it could be interesting.  I'm not sure if removing it entirely would be the best just because it does add a bit of strategy to what you're doing, though the fact that it's quick time essentially I'm not the biggest fan off.  Since it means whenever it rolls over the number you want you basically have to drop the tower to get the number you want.  Wherever that might be.

Otherwise though a few other tidbits I'd say is that it is a little vague trying to keep track of all the towers, especially selection wise when you cram them all into the middle area.  Which is a little weird, it sort of makes sense as a way to limit XP, except there doesn't seem to be a cap on how close together towers can be so that doesn't really last as a limit.  Personally it seems like the balance of "XP vs attack" is a better way to handle it to make it a little less forced in your placement.

Also I will say the tower abilities are a little iffy, for example 4 is obviously sorta powerful.  Though I never really got to use 5 since it doesn't contribute, and it doesn't gain XP.  It sort of comes more down to a mix of dmg vs xp in my experience.  Though having it be faster to change towers could possibly help remedy that situation, it's hard to tell.

As well throughout there's a bit of vagueness on the stats and such of towers, Specifically figuring out what level a tower is, there were quite a few times In grabbed a tower, thought it was one that had a specific level and then proceeded to try and place itg on that level, only to have it place on the level beforehand.  Which led to a lot of 2s in place of 3s or 3s in place of 4s etc.  I feel like some sort of level indicator above the die could help?  Also maybe more strict placement would help with the the selection issues.  Though that's a relatively big change so I'm not sure what other issues that mighy cause.

Overall though a really interesting way to setup, wat least what I would call a TD/strategy game.  Cause that's what it ended up feeling like (but that's just me).  I'd be interested to see what changes come post jam.  Also one final little note, I feel like maybe making it so there are more defined entrances for enemies could be interesting.  That way you could fortify entrances, or, maybe block areas to create entrances.  Then a big enemy would be a lot more balanced and also be able to have a lot more variety.  Since you have a better indication of where they're coming from to allow you to plan, and then get destroyed by something crazy.

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Definitely an interesting turn based strategy. which to be fair I was not originally treating as one, but is a pretty cool twist on one using your finite dice to essentially plan out the movement sort of AI puzzle like which leads to some interesting combos if done right.  Especially with the simplicity of dice allowing for some pretty simple comboing.

It's got an interesting final goal I'll be very keen to see when it's not bugged, (or maybe first, we'll see).  As well as some interesting enemy variation that can actually pose a challenge depending on what they are, though a little vague on exactly how they do with the minimal stats.  Such as the fact that speed only pertains to the distance travelled, but there's no mention of number of rolls etc.

Some sort of enemy preview could maybe help clarify which way they are planning to move, although it could be a bit much I think it could help with some of the enemies that travel quite far constantly.  Though since there's no range (out of what I saw) it isn't too bad since they're not warping then launching a barrage from range sorta thing.

Overall though a pretty well polished and interesting setup strategy game.

This is definitely the most manic game I've played in the jam.,  I was not expecting it to be as chaotic as it ended up being which was a surprising change of pace.  Though definitely a little overwhelming in the tutorial.

I was very much surprised trying to read and get through the tutorial prompts while not flying to the moon.  Or, flying to the moon, then crash back down when I decided to jump.  Either one.

Besides that though, once I did figure out the goal it was an interesting one to manage for sure, a little annoying considering the die's tendency to leave the screen and decide to randomly come back sometimes.  But interesting nonetheless.  

My only real issue would be with how vague that is, based off the tutorial.  And especially based off the first level.  It sort of just "leads" you to the goal, and doesn't indicate anything with it.  For example if maybe just colliding with the die caused it to roll it could make it a little clearer.  Cause honestly I assumed the attack would be used for attacking the mushrooms.  (seen too many goombas) But instead, it seems like they're just actually helpful, at least in the way of getting stomped on 50 times to avoid taking off.

Besides that as well I would say the icons for the different "powers" are a little vague as to when they're triggered.  I honestly thought it was just a random chance based off a timer or something until I realized that I really kept that infinite jump for quite a while.  After that I started to narrow it down, but besides the second buff there's no clear link between the buffs and what you roll on the die.  At least from what I was able to see.  So something to handle that would definitely help out a decent amount.

Overall though definitely a very good implementation of the utter craziness that randomness causes sometimes.  And some decent levels.

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Definitely a very interesting base with some incredible art direction especially for a jam game, but even otherwise.  Some decent setup fort combat mechanics and a interesting way to mix it up in terms of damage. 

Though I will say that the dice honestly felt a little more "bad" than good most of the time.  Not just with the actual bad rolls which were interesting but mixed it up a bit, but more just, I didn't really run into a lot of situations where it was "needed" more so I could do it if I wanted the slightly increased damage sometimes.  Which honestly I didn't super need.  Though that might've just been since I wasn't clear on the actual damage? 

Could be helpful to get the damage across more by having some sort of visual indicator of health possibly?  Could help with that issue, though I'm not sure.  It probably would be a little hard to fit in with the art too so maybe not.  

One other thing I would say is it did feel a little.. slow I guess with the attacks.  Mostly I think because there were a few trailing frames at the end that made trying to avoid attacks while attacking quite difficult, which to be fair.  It fits some game styles so it may be intended to may attacking more dangerous, though for me it more just felt punishing, since there's not a very quick movement option for avoiding damage.  Ex. a dash or a dodge etc. that would allow you to get out of the way at the end of those couple frames or so.

As well I would say the map layout, was a little hard, I'm not sure if it's just me being used to games having ledge grab like this, but I could not for the life of me reach some fo the jumps.  I'm not sure if there's something I was missing with it, or just if they're slightly too tall, but I figured I would point it out.

To finish off I'd say at the moment, it doesn't really feel like the enemies scale too much with the waves, at least compared to the start.  Or possibly they're just quite strong at the start, not sure.  Either way though it ends up with the early waves, taking quite a bit to get used to to manage to get farther.  Which I mean could fit, it's just a little hard early on.

Along with that there's not too much feedback on your "progress" throughout.  Since really you just move around, kill enemies, repeat (and heck you have to hunt them, which is a little weird)  and not much else.  I mean obviously you get more dice, but there's no score or anything equivalent to give some clear "progression".

Overall though an interesting base for a platformer hack and slash that I'd be interested to see where else it goes.  Especially when it comes to the art, but also with some more polished combat and mechanics.

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Definitely an interesting setup that I would be very ,keen to see more of.  Though there's not too much there right now which to be fair, we're talking 48 hours so it's pretty good for that.  The movements a little iffy in my opinion, but it's decent, I just tended to fall off quite a few ledges throughout the map without many options to get back up from there.  

Though I will say there's not too much feedback throughout, there's some visual feedback on getting a new weapon from the dice grenade, but not really any on the damage to enemies.  Or audio feedback on taking damage/dealing damage as well.  Which was a little weird to see, but makes a bit of sense.

One other thing as well is I feel like with how central the dice are, having them be so limited is a little weird.  Cause it makes it so most of the game you're playing with one weapon, rather than being forced to switch up your gameplay.  I thought it would've ended up being some sort of, I guess probably wave shooter where the enemies spawned and you could use the dice grenade either when you wanted and have to avoid it, or when you ran out of ammo to work as your reload but with the drawback that the weapon might suck.

Although there's probably some more interesting twists that could be done with that, that's just where my mind went to, it's hard to know what would work.

Overall though an interesting interesting setup with some decent twists that would be cool to see expanded in possibly the same format, with some tweaks, or maybe a different format for the levels.  We'll see.

Definitely one of the games like this from the jam with a more unique art style, which is always cool.  Especially seeing 3D rendered to 2D.  That's something I'm particularly partial to myself, so it was cool to see being used like this.

Mechanics wise it was definitely one of the easier ones since it didn't really add any extra twists to the formula, though it definitely was having a little fun with being "normal" for sure.  Which was a nice change of pace.  Though I will say the levels did end up a little easy some of the time, the first few are pretty much just "walk to the end" most of the time.

So some more difficulty on that front would've been appreciated.  Though it definitely helps to see some of the later challenges for sure.

Honestlyha  surprisingly interesting main mechanic that I don't really think I've seen?  Though I could be wrong it was definitely an interesting one, felt more like a puzzle game though which would be interesting tos ee with the setup.  

A decent amount of levels as well consdiering it's a 48 hour jam which is ncie with some pretty bgood progression of mechanics as well. Though a little iffy on the introductions of some, and others were quite well down and quite cheesy.

Though I will say I didn't see the dice as much as I w9uld've expected, it would've fit a bit more if I had realized while I was playing thta the character waqs rolling. But to honest I did not realize until reading the bit on the review page about "How does it fit the theme".  Which, it sort of makes sense in hindsight, but it wasn't entirely clear in the visuals for sure.

Overall though a pretty good experience that I'd be interested to see more of with some more depth to the mechanics.