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No problem this was legitimately one of my favorites from the jam, and definitely my favorite out of all the shooter style games.  I may or may not still be playing more of it lol

Well this is definitely a high score game.  I got very much sucked in trying to beat my high score and manage to survive as the combo'd hat guy for long enough to get a crazy combo.  Though when I discovered auto fire, I sorta went on a murder spree...

The game has a ton of little juice added everywhere tho I've gotta say, ignoring the repetitive sounds (I'm surprised you didn't just randomize the pitch?) it has a lot of really nice screenshake and explosions etc..

Though I would say the explosions on the charging enemies were a lot bigger than the actual AoE radius, which looks cool but kinda threw me off when I was trying to avoid them a lot.  There were so many situations where I coulda sworn I got hit by one.

Well this is only the second game I've seen that takes advantage of magnets to fit the theme, and it definitely does it quite well.  Ignoring a bit of finickyness with the cheese and good ol' physics. 

The puzzles were definitely quite interesting to figure out how to solve and had, what seemed like, a decent amount of solutions.  Intended or unintended.  Though having all the physics based boxes definitely made a lot of the puzzles a lot more about specifically moving them, rather than the actual puzzle.

Specifically I'd say it was the worst in the one level where there is the jump box and normal box at the top and trying to get them down was almost impossible because they would just barely get stuck at an angle in the hole the were supposed to drop through.  

Otherwise though the only other suggestion I have would be to make missing the "cheese shots" a little less punishing.  Since it's such a limited resource and you can just barely miss it sometimes, especially since it looks to still be a child of the player while it is shot, which lead to a lot of turning around and uh... using my "electromagnetic powers" to turn it all the way around with me.

Definitely a fun one though.

An interesting concept to follow and some really nice visuals to go along with it.  Though it's unfortunate that there's such a problem seeing those visuals.  I'll definitely be looking back to see if there's any sort of post jam patch!!!

A few specifics on the gameplay tho:

  • Putting out the fires was a little slow overall, since you have to do a single "laser" per fire piece.  I'd say maybe just increasing the number of possible fired lasers would help.
  • Some of the hitboxes on the switches were a bit weird.  I feel like making them a big larger to make missing just a little less annoying.

Otherwise I'd say it's pretty good, maybe a bit faster movement or some sort of tweaking to make it have a bit more oomph just for some juice.  

Definitely different from the other puzzle games I've seen throughout the jam.  The title is a nice little twist of "a helping hand" which is kinda funny.  It's got some simplistic but interesting puzzles that mix it up a bit with a few mechanics that you can try and mess with.

The main thing I'd say though is that it got a little boring with how many levels were just the same 3 after they were all introduced.  Rather than say, different combos of them etc.  Maybe changing placement of them to make it so you have to reach somewhere to use them?  Stuff like that.

Definitely among the best executed puzzle games I've played in the jam.  I definitely don't wanna spoil it, but a great tutorial with no tutorial kinda thing.  With good ol' jam weirdness thrown in.  

Tho the art is a bit iffy, mainly the background, it sorta messes with ya while you're going through the game.  Otherwise though, a better "tutorial" or at least more introductions would definitely be nice.  Oh, and more or longer puzzles :3

This is the first game I've seen interpret the theme like this, it was interesting to see, and definitely pretty well executed.  Though the beginning is really hard due to how fast the resources drain, and the fact that you already have a drain on resources which gives you a very short death timer.

One main thing I would say was a bit weird was the fact that the game had pausing, but didn't pause the resource drain while looking at the menus for different planets.  I would say if there is a pause it makes a bit more sense if it pauses when you're in menus, but that's just my 2 cents.

An interesting take on the theme to say the least, it was really fun to just kick all the ninjas, though kinda hard to make them.. I guess kick each other?  Otherwise though just moving around attacking and grappling in the same motion was pretty fun.

Overall it had a nice difficulty curve too, though it felt like the box mechanic was sorta... shoved in and then forgotten about?  I'm not quite sure.  

Also the boss was out of nowhere basically.  He can't be grappled to, and he can't be damaged by contact which is really counterintuitive.  I would think at least letting him be grappled to would be nice, but instead it ends up being reliant on trying to throw the other ninjas at him, which was kinda hard to pull off to say the least.  Feels like it would be more likely for him to just not be stopped and maybe just lose the kunai really fast?  Rather than being completely immune. 

Especially since the chamber is just long enough that you can't kunai across it.

Definitely one of the most hilarious game ideas I've seen, and a really kinda annoying fun to try and defend this cat.  The thing does not care but everyone else kinda does.  Defending the cat was quite fun and... annoying, like I said, since the thing just goes everywhere.

The only real things I can say in terms of critique, would be more content, but jam game, and maybe some indication of where the cat is attempting to go?  Obviously a lot of the fun is just trying to follow him, but I feel like a bit more indication would be helpful.  Not sure what it could be but something?

Just spitballing tho.

Well I was not expecting a game like this in the jam.  But it's definitely a unique idea considering what the goal is.  The level design is also pretty good and works pretty well with the simple controls.  There was also some interesting difficulty added by just tweaking the base mechanics, more people, longer ropes etc.  I do wonder how maybe different drones or something would go.

Also the music was interesting and someone ik likes it.

To finish off, why do leaf people have drones!?

Definitely one of the more out there concepts within the theme, and one of the more hilarious ones.  I had a decent amount of fun just... endlessly shooting doctors.. never thought I'd say that.  Other than the bugs with it it was a pretty well done game, with some nice visuals and music too.   

Though I would've liked an easier way to move the life support machine, there was a lot of just waiting for it to catch up.  Maybe making it easier to push, or some sort of pull mechanic on a cooldown?  Just something to make it a little less slow on the gameplay I'd say.

Well this was definitely a unique one amongst the jam games, and really sucked me in to play a lot of it.  Though it definitely got monotonous after a little bit since I ended up with a behemoth of a ship with just endless turrets and everything.  I do think it wasn't supposed be actually usable though since the turning and straight directional movement stopped working, but diagonals still did (good ol' annoying diagonals).

A few points though to be more specific:

  • The base systems are great so much variety, you can make enemy ships with it obviously, and change up the players ship to fight in different ways.  Focus on front defense and speed or all round defense etc..
  • A big problem for me though was the monotony of it, since you run out of new blocks relatively fast.  Not to mention there's really not too much interaction with the game directly since you're just moving and targeting stuff.  Or just tanking sometimes.  So more blocks types (obviously) would probably be a welcome change (but it's a jam game sooo) 1 or so per level probably.
  • Another thing is the fact that there's not really any landmarks besides the main portal.  They would definitely help spice up the gameplay, maybe some asteroids, or an enemy base or two?  Planets maybe but then I feel like they'd need a bit more variation, whereas asteroids are simpler.
  • I feel like it's the same point but enemy variety was also a bit lacking, obviously a jam game but I figured I should mention it, though they did seem like they tried to have some interesting setups so maybe that's more down to the incredibly broken ship I put together.  

Alright well, now that I've nitpicked.  This game is coool!  There's some awesome ideas and some awesome execution, just with some variety missing in my opinion.  I'll definitely be coming back for any sort of post patch tho.

Definitely an interesting take on this concept.  I haven't seen it in the jam yet myself, but it's a cool way to approach it.  Plus it's got an interesting underlying story, though I feel like most people are going to be more focused on the endless death cannons!

A few points tho (ignoring difficulty):

  • The cannons throughout the game seem to be quite weird from location to location and interaction to interaction.  Sometimes it felt like I was shot very fast and sometimes it felt relatively slow.  But overall it always felt like I almost exactly had to execute something perfectly.  The clone here, jump right now etc.  I think giving the cannons a bit more leeway would be helpful.
  • Throughout there seemed to be an abundance of not just precision but very specific and sometimes hard to figure out, "puzzles" to actually get past some stuff.  Ex. level 3s third cannon, which without the "right way" I don't think is possible to pass, or if it is, it's incredibly difficult.  It definitely limits stuff a decent amount.
  • There was some.. weird behavior I ran into.  Specifically with the clone and interactions with doors.  The main thing on doors was the fact that the entity clone was able to pass through, but then proceeded to die halfway through.  Which was a very different result than I would've expected based off past experience with doors.
  • One slight movement thing that was a bit weird was the very big jump between a "hop" and a "large jump" that you needed for a decent amount of jumps.  It didn't feel like there was much in between, it more felt like there were 3 "stages", maybe even just 2.  A high jump, a medium jump and a little hop, mostly due to the huge difference between a hop and a medium jump from such a small difference in how long the button was held.

Overall though, other than something making it feel like I was having more trouble with controls (tried to pinpoint it), it was an interesting game with, as people have said, a bit of a wacky difficulty curve and a very different story.

Definitely one of my favorite takes on a moving map style of game, especially with the character interaction added in.  Plus the sort of "dynamic" difficulty by adding new tiles as you progressed, leading to the "final challenge" which was actually pretty hard.  

The main points I'd say for me personally about this would be:

  • The specific interactions were awesome.  Nice little ingame quest system that definitely added to the game and added challenge without strictly telling you how to complete it.
  • Adding extra tiles was a nice bit of dynamic difficulty.  I just wish there were more to be honest!
  • Some sort of multi-move for the map would be nice though.  Mostly for the early bits since there was a lot of just moving all the way along the walls.

Definitely a unique game amongst the jam games, and a quite difficult one once you got into it.  There's definitely some interesting mechanics throughout and some cool level layouts.

The main complaint I'd say is obviously the main one everyone says, the fact it's hard to tell the difference between left and right.  Another comment I'd make though, however weird it may be, is the fact that A and D are set directions actually sort of tripped me up a few times.  Though that may just be me, it sorta feels like it'd flip with the character.

Well this game definitely proved to me that connect the dots is a really hard thing to do.  That's good to know.  Otherwise though, definitely one of the more unique ideas I've seen in the jam, executed quite well (and quite "badly" for everyone who plays).

One addition I do think would be nice, even if it is a bit counterintuitive, would be to allow people to choose the painting if they want.  Also possibly adding something to stop duplicates being as common?  Maybe just a check to see what the last painting was and then not add that to the list of possibles.

Otherwise though, a really fun and eye opening game.  I never realized how much I suck at connect the dots.

Well this was definitely an interesting concept for a game, unfortunately I'm not generally very good at rhythm games, especially ones like this so I didn't really manage to do to well.  But it was definitely interesting, there was a nice bit of feedback on the tetris style top to bottoms, though I wish there was a bit more?  It felt a little underwhelming, especially considering this is a music game, I was sorta expecting some sort of sound queue.

Overall though an interesting game and the only real critique I had was the fact that I couldn't get new blocks without being out of the old ones which encouraged a lot of random block placement.  Which isn't terrible but it meant I couldn't really plan anything.

Ah yea, (bit late srry) the midair controls were the most janky part of the code.  Since I accidentally skipped the portion of the tutorial I was looking at that covered it, then came back while half asleep and implemented it terribly.  

I'm just happy it didn't break anything, but yea, mid air controls are terrible.  But, at least you can abuse them a ton with some of the colors.

Thanks!! The idea was a very long wait to come up with something.  As for the wall running tho, what specifically were you doing when it broke if you don't mind me asking?  There are a few bugs I didn't manage to wrinkle out and I definitely regret relying on the "is_on_wall" function since I don't really know what it relies on, so I'm probably gonna switch that out for some area collisions or something to make it smoother.

What do you mean by black paint tho?  I have to wonder.

Ah yea I was thinking about adding Color selection with the keyboard, 1,2,3 etc.  Unfortunately I was a little tired by the time I was doing that code so I didn't get the time to put it.  Though that's definitely going in, it would be very helpful I'm sure.

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Well this game was definitely not what I was expecting in any sense.  From the setup, the controls and the core loop.  I was honestly expecting a puzzle game more focused on controlling the resources of your laser pointer.  Though it's still sorta interesting to try and keep a giant group of cats together throughout the level.

My Main suggestion on that though:

  • Maybe making the laser pointer have a limited number of recharges could be useful, or possibly making it so the cats run away if the laser pointer isn't there?  Could be due to it being dark possibly?  Which would lead to a playstyle more around trying to avoid running out of power which would definitely add another strategic element for sure.
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Definitely an interesting concept and a pretty well executed game overall.  I'm currently just getting the high score.  But otherwise the only real critique I have would be the rope length and the controls.

Specifically I'd say the rope length in comparison to the screen is a bit weird.  The rope is quite long in comparison to the relatively short height of the screen leading to a lot of situations where you end up just barely falling off just before or just after a grab.  So I'd say either shortening the rope, or more likely zooming out the camera would really help that.

Otherwise though a few points:

  • Adding some ability to remap the grab keys, and possibly the movement keys just to make it easier for people to adapt to the semi weird controls.  
  • Moving between the two walls across the middle gap is an interesting idea for adding some extra difficulty, especially because it's pretty in line with the climbing concept.  Though I'd say in my experience it seemed pretty difficult to cross the gap with momentum, but crossing it with both characters just flying across the screen actually worked a little too well.

World Record right here ^

USB.  You are Evil.

Onto the actual paragraph.  There were some crazy difficult levels in this, and some crazy puzzles throughout and a lot of really cool and challenging level design (and really evil level design).

Controls were great, physics were painful, and the evil lasers were everywhere.  But as for actual suggestions: 

  • An indicator of either which screen you died on, or where exactly you died from.  Just to avoid situations where you randomly die without much indication of what you actually died to.  Since that can lead to a decent amount of frustration.
  • Tweaking the physics a bit might be good.  Mostly due to the fact that when I was playing there were a decent amount of times where I just barely looked to get near a ledge and rolled off.  Which did it sorta frustrating, though I did end up learning to work around it though.  So could just be annoyance from early on talking.

Definitely a very well done difficulty curve for the majority of the game.  Then the last 2 levels come in and just hit you with all the stuff, once I figured out the base mechanics... and... thing, for the last one, it was pretty fun to puzzle through how to actually complete it.  

Otherwise though a couple points (that I mostly mentioned) would be:

  • Some sort of undo button could be nice, though I guess it could also trivialize testing every color combination on certain levels so maybe just short levels (like what there is now) with some sort of slightly faster movement?  That way it ignores the problems of an undo, but also helps solve what the undo should.
  • A few of the colors were, as I think has been said, a little too close for me personally but it was still a relatively clear indicator of what I was doing and where.

Yea it was a really big grind to pull off, I ended up doing a massive marathon near the end to try and get it all at least working.  Even if the color combos are a bit... well unbalanced and definitely buggy.  Good to hear the Windows version worked well though, sorry about the HTML :/ 3D Godot does not like web ports.

Yup, definitely Ghostrunner inspired.  What specifically about the wall running though if you don't mind me asking?  I did kinda leave a few bugs in and stuff but I'd definitely like to know what I need to add to the massive list of "things to fix".

An awesome concept that I really wanna mess around with more.  It felt really fun to just flap around with the falcon, either speeding around, crashing to earth or just flapping along.  The idea of herding birds with a falcon for solving puzzles etc. also seems like it could have some potential.

Maybe something to do with different bird attitudes, reactions, habits etc. could impact different game mechanics and such.  It definitely seems like there's some really cool base systems with this game too, obviously the flying, but also the setup for info/interaction is nice.  It fits birds landing on signs and it's also got a nice way of skipping things quickly while also showing you the info you need.

Also the startup is great it sorta seems like Playstation stuff, not sure if I'm right on that.  Either way though it's a great start up.  If there ends up being more content for this, whatever it is, I'd definitely play it (which it sounds like there will be).  Till then tho, I've gotta go back to flappin around and messing with the birds.

A very interesting and simple setup for a puzzle game, it's not anything new but it's definitely well executed and was a lot of fun to figure out the different levels.  I'd definitely play a bunch more levels though!!!

A few points tho:

  • The camera rotation is a bit jarring since it instantly switches, some sort of animation or tweening etc. would really help.
  • Ingame the menu is a bit janky since the Start button doesn't have any text on it, it's a pretty small critique though since I found it quite fast
  • Some sort of ingame tutorial would be nice, but if I had read the page that also would've been nice so.  Next time I'll do that tho.

Otherwise though I think you already know most of the bugs so I'll just leave them to you, the game was quite fun to play tho!!!

A very interesting one button moveset.  It was really fun to just dash around and spam the ball anywhere to do anything.  Especially just endlessly flying over lava spamming the ball.  Or just flying to infinity!!!

Though my main complaint would be the fact that the enemies seem to endlessly teleport around.  Sorta mimicking the players dash, which isn't terrible, except that you end up dashing past each other basically ALL the time.  

Overall though, I really enjoy the moveset for the game.  The usage and setup have a lot of potential.

This was a really fun setup for a game using gravity to impact the orb.  It was definitely helpful being able to see a preview of where it would go.  Though the dark blue was a bit hard to see on the black background (by a bit I mean almost invisible).

Base concept wise though there's a decent amount of potential for comboing the current colors and maybe even adding more colors which would be crazy.  Depending how you could end up adding them obviously.

Some tweaking of the colors and such though would be really helpful.  Otherwise maybe some more indication on the fact that the orbs target the mouse, or possibly just something to move around the screen that they target would be a nice QoL change.  

Really fun overall tho.

One of the craziest and probably most fun mechanic implementations of the theme.  It was a lot of fun to throw out my teammates to delete all the projectiles and kill the entire screen worth of enemies a bunch.  Though it was weird to figure out how to fire for sure it was fun once I did lol.

Though the auto-fire mechanic does feel a bit under powered compared to just normally shooting by spamming the key.  Although it definitely became quite useful when you had enough teammates tho.  Especially when I managed to have 4.  

Definitely one of the most unique layouts for a puzzle game I've seen and a deceptively simple layout with waaaay too many combinations to list that I feel like definitely allow for some unique solutions.  (and confusing ones)

Tho a few points, probably mostly personal stuff, I have would be:

  • The distinction between a "knot"/corner bit you can remove or can't seems to be not very clear?  Probably wrong on this one but I had a bit of trouble telling.  
  • Also when I could do a diagonal was pretty clear because of the indicator once I noticed it, but there were a decent amount of situations where I thought I could move the rope diagonally, but I wasn't actually able to.  It's probably just me not noticing how but it definitely hurt trying to use the diagonal mechanic personally.
  • The rope layouts are a genius thing to add for level complexity.   While also being the most painful thing in the levels to figure out.  Just a simple 180 or 90 degree turn with the ropes becomes incredibly complex with the moveset limitations.  Which is good and bad.. depending on level design of course.

Overall though, a crazy puzzle game.  Definitely had me the most stumped out of all of them so far.

Definitely not the sort of setup you normally see for one of these box pushing games which definitely makes it a very interesting change from most of the games like this.  Plus the controls being changed always leads to a lot of interesting setups.

Was definitely a hard game though, I got stuck quite a few times throughout.  (appreciate the help btw), still a lot of fun tho.  I'll be trying to come back to beat the levels I didn't manage to whenever I get the chance tho!

Weird... I'll test them when I get the chance, thanks for letting me know!!

Definitely a very original setup and a cool twist on the sort of "out of control" puzzles you normal find with ice puzzles and stuff.  The lighting was a cool way to handle interaction and there's definitely some interesting puzzles and chances for more interesting puzzles.

Though I do have to say the controls did  get a little frustrating, mostly with having to reset everything whenever I mispressed a key, and being locked to 4 directions with no diagonals (especially considering some of the shadow angles).

It all really became a problem on the final level where I ended up feeling like I was losing a lot more to the controls rather than the actual level.  Since I knew a few solutions, but everytime I tried to do them either I would just barely get out of the light and have to try again, or I would end up slightly pushing a box too far or not far enough and have to restart (trying to be unclear cause final level and spoilers etc.)

To be specific tho, and spoilers if anybody hasn't played and doesn't want the final level mentioned.  Pushing the battery from the top behind the door became a challenge because of the fact that I needed to either line it up with the box or push it against the wall.  Lining it up with the box at the bottom of the screen looked plausible because I could just push the box out from under it and circle around.  

Except the players hitbox was big enough to push both of them.  Leading to the only way for that to be viable to be for me to circle around trying to avoid the shadows to get on the other side.  Which posed it's own issues since walking on diagonals isn't possible and the shadow was a diagonal.  Leading a lot of attempts, and a lot of just barely hitting the shadows.

As for the option that seems to have been taken in the gif on the page, trying to get the left box onto the button worked but obviously that blocks the method of pushing the battery all the way along the bottom wall.  Which meant that, from what I could tell, the best option was still to find a way to push the battery against the box for leveling it with the light.

Someone else already suggested a rewind feature, which I definitely think would be quite useful.  I'd like to recommend some sort of more grid based movement for the puzzle pieces though.  Since getting the battery or boxes etc. just out of line led to a lot of issues.  

P.S. I did actually finish the final level, by cheesing it and just having the bot walk through the darkness over the button and into the final room.  I was really hoping to beat the level though.

An interesting concept, definitely with a lot of potential since it relies so much on physics which leads to a lot of crazy ways to solve the puzzles which is always great in my opinion.  Plus the mechanic could have some extra chances for additions and such as more characters to control etc..

I can definitely say it's a really nice base for a game that I'd be very interested to see how much farther it could go.  If there were more levels I would definitely play them because there's definitely a lot of weird ways to solve some of this stuff with such a limited but also open moveset.

Definitely an interesting variety of levels that had me pretty confused, especially on the final set.  Though not too challenging it definitely made me think, I'd say it's definitely a pretty good balance compared to most jam games.  I feel like most people either ignore the "Jam games are hard" thing or they make incredibly easy games and I feel like this hits a nice in between.

One really nice thing is the clear distinction between what every block does, it was quick clear which block did what.  Immovable vs goal etc., though if you add more levels I definitely think more types could be cool?

Concept sounded cool from what I heard, but I'm very confused on how to actually play the game mostly.  I managed to make it through the second level by cheesing it and the third level I wasn't able to figure out how to pass it since the gem seemed to... turn everything blue and then spawn me over the death barrier.

Otherwise the blue moving box seems cool, and the gems sound cool, but the only one I was able to see seemed to just kill me :/.

Would definitely be interested in playing more of it out/knowing how to tho.

The level design is great.  I had a lot of trouble trying to beat some of levels but they were definitely the fun kind of challenging.  The base mechanic and the way it's used are really cool, I feel like the fact you can grapple multiple points is sorta useless tho unfortunately.  Since you can't decide which to ungrapple from it means you just end up ungrappling from all of them rather than the one you wanted to.

I feel like making it so you could ungrapple from them specifically based on which one would definitely help that.  Another thing though, which was very much helped by the time slow, is the accuracy you need to hit the anchors throughout the levels.  I feel like maybe making it a little easier to hit them could help?  Just to help avoid times where you just barely miss the grapple.

One.. "bug" I did run into though was a little "bounce" sometimes when I would ungrapple or be grappled that ended up with me dying basically every time it happened.  I'm not sure if that was intended or just a side effect of the physics but it was definitely kinda annoying... but once I figured it out I managed to get past it.

For a first jam though, great idea, great mechanic and pretty awesome execution.  I'd definitely be interested in seeing more levels!!  Especially with those bouncey blocks!  Which I honestly thought were going to be falling blocks.

An absolutely crazy system with an awesome amount of possibilities, I managed to break it by trying to make a compact assembly line while writing cat, but overall it was reallfun.  Even if I was pretty stuck on trying to make a T of all things for the longest time.

The setup and all is really cool, one big thing though is it seemed to be sort of random as to what letters became a question mark?  For example the L that I turned into the left side of a T couldn't be turned anyway to become the right side of a T by reflecting it beforehand and then rotating.  Which felt kinda weird?  Since it works the one way and not the other.

Overall though, a really cool system idea and a lot of levels I didn't manage to complete but will definitely be coming back to.