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I really like the pixel art of this entry, the commands are quite clear and easy to grasp, I really liked the little robot dude :) Good Job!

this game is quite polished and the art and animations are amazing! the boss is a little too easy and doesn't really provide a challenge at all, Overall a very good entry with a very strong art style! Good Job

The game is nice and I think it works well as a mobile phone app, I had a bug the first time I loaded the game that the cube wasn't really following my inputs but instead it was moving on his own, not sure why but refreshing the page solved the issue, Good Job overall

the pixel art is quite good, I liked your take on the theme and the controls were nice to play with, as someone else said the shooting and sucking projectiles might needs some extra polish, Good Job overall! 

the visual are very good but some animation could have helped understand better the game, don't get me wrong the controls are very easy to grasp and works quite well, I wasn't just sure at the beginning if I was damaging the bosses ahaha Overall a very good entry with a lot of potential, Good job!

The entry is okay but it needs more work, most of my thoughts on the game are very similar to kkcn, Good Job! 

Very good job on this entry, the music works well with the mood and the boss design are quite cool! the controls are easy to grasp! Good Job!

mmmmm, I didn't really understood the game mechanics unfortunately, The graphics are nice and the soundtrack is on point, Good Job!

Got to say, this is probably my favourite entry, the pixel art is amazing and is clear that each character was designed with care, the soundtrack is on point and the controls are easy enough (it took me a little to find the interaction key tho ahah) Amazing work overall! Good Job!

the game mechanics are clear and easy to grasp, the game was good but maybe it was more focused on the exploration of the sewer than the boss fight itself, Overall a good entry! Good Job!

the game feels very polish and it respond very well to the player inputs, the music is quite good and work well with the game mood/art, Overall a very good entry! Good Job!

I really enjoyed this game, the gameplay feels nice and the bosses are challenging enough! maybe they have a little too many PV for my liking but this is more of a personal opinion that a critique, Overall a Good entry! Good Job!

I liked the boss design and the idea a lot, the controls were a little floaty for me but nothing game breaking, Overall a very nice entry with a very original menu! Good Job!

art and music in this entry were very good! the crafting mechanics were intuitive and easy to understand. I had a bug after killing the first boss  where the health bar was keep appearing on the top of the screen but nothing game breaking. Good Job!

I really liked the boss design and the lore of the game, I think the game is quite unique and embrace the theme quite well, Good Job!

I really liked the mood in this one, the art and music are very good! I had some troubles picking up the letters at the beginning but i actually liked the idea a lot! Good Job!

I liked the pixel art and the animations, the gameplay is fluid and make sense as it was quite intuitive, overall a good entry! Good Job!

the game was fun, I had some problems with the wizard as at some point the camera started spinning and it made me feel a little dizzy, other than that, I enjoyed it, Good Job!

The visual are really good! but the gameplay was quite confusing and unfortunately the font didn't help... 

I really liked the pixel art in your game! the jump feels a little floaty and as someone else said the platformer part of the game is a little too prevalent for this to be a boss rush. The game is very good though, Good Job overall!

okay, rolling around to avoid bosses way bigger than me... is this a Dark Souls game? ahahaha anyway, the game looks very good and I have enjoyed the little story of the cat, you also used Unreal which to me is impressive as the engine can be quite challenging. I really liked your submission! Good Job!!

Okay this game looks so polished is almost difficult to believe that it was made for a GameJam, to be honest I have no feedbacks, the game feels and look extremely good, only thing I can say is BRAVO!

Although I quite enjoyed the game, I have to be honest and I am not quite sure how the game fits in the them or classify as a boss rush unfortunately, the design of the aliens are good but I would have liked some variaty, maybe for the bigger ones, Good job overall

oh yeah know the feeling ahahah (I see you are also a Disgaes fan ahaha)

I really liked the rock-paper-scissor mechanics and the design of the bosses, as other have mentioned, the pacing of the game is quite slow, but I still had a lot of fun with it! Good Job!

it's an interesting idea but unfortunately as other have said is a little unfinished, the mouse sensitivity is a little too high making it very difficult to play, the models are good tho, Good job!

nice entry, the game mechanics are quite clear but I didn't immediately realised that I was supposed to hit the cubes behinds the dragon, maybe some visual feedbacks might help:) the 3d models are nice and overall the entry is fun and well made, good job!

Thanks a lot for the feedbacks! really glad you enjoyed our little game! :) 

Hey thank you so much! it means a lot! as a programmer I am really happy that the gameplay impressed you! :) originally the idea was for the player to also collect bits and pieces from the bosses and craft a little plane ( the idea was later discarded as we decided to add the healing mechanics instead) so yeah, we were trying to give the DIY vibe ahahah, so glad you noticed it :)  Thanks again for all the kind feedbacks and for playing our game :)

Hey thank you very much for all the feedbacks! I didn't know about the about the fact that the attacks should always come from the middle of the character! I will certainty take it in consideration this for my next jam! to be honest we are also not entirely happy with the second boss :) not sure if it was clear but you can heal yourself by pressing and holding down the right mouse button (if you used a keyboard). Thanks a lot for playing the game and for all the useful feedbacks tho!  

thanks a lot for the feedback! the second boss can be quite tedious but you the healing mechanics can be quite helpful! thanks for playing the game! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Hey thanks a lot for the feedbacks! the fact that the game send you back to the start was my idea (I am the culprit aahah) because I was worried that, as the game had only three bosses it might have been to short for a boss rush but I have to admit that it is quite tedious,  I am really glad you liked the game tho, thanks :)

Thank you! glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing our game :)

the idea of the game is quite nice, and I liked how the first boss works as a tutorial, I have to be honest tho I found the first boss to be the hardest with the other 2 been way easier, it might have been that I died I think 10 times at the first one tho ahah Good entry overall! Good Job!

Really liked the game! as many other have said already the shield recharge was a little too slow, but all the bosses design were great! I really liked the second one in particular! Good Job!

Similarly to what heckert said, I am not sure I understood the mechanics. I kept pressing U and won all of the fights quite easily, the Art and graphics are nice tho, Good Job!

ahah well thanks ahah if you have time please check out our game, I would really like your feedback :)