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Rated, here is mine:

Great pixel art!



This game is too good, has great potential to turn into a lengthy game imo!

Nice! Took a bit before I understood what I had to do, but afterwards, it was hella satisfying

Go ahead and play our game,
It's a 2D action platformer called Emet Dreams

Insane, there is just so much content for a jam submission, and it's all of great quality too!

Love the art style!

How do I start the game?

There definitely will be updates, thanks!

A feel-good short action platformer. Won't spoil much of what happens, hope you enjoy

A princess is on a journey to reclaim her kingdom using her powers to shift between reality and unreality.
Really hope you enjoy this one

Pretty good

Pretty challenging, but I like it!

Damn, didn't expect an RPG game as a jam submission but here we are :D It's nice, there are definitely bugs, some Y sorting would be great but it's an accomplishment to put so many features in a game in such a short time! Good job

Took a bit to get the hang of it, but damn was it nice, really like the music, art,  the idea to phase through objects is great!

The game is just super well put together 

Feels like a really weird dream :D, I like it! Problem that I think your submission has is the submission page, no screenshots, not much info, if you want feedback, that would be it!

Damn, i really like the art style!

Oh, pretty neat, would probably make it a little bit more difficult though, I like the destroying buildings mechanic. Just a little thing, not sure why the player has a sword when you are destroying buildings and killing dudes far away, would probably change that up and also perhaps moving all the enemies and buildings on one layer so that you can only kill enemies using the destroyed architecture (make stuff fall on them, for example) and disabling the direct click-to-damage enemy mechanic. Obviously more enemies, but that's kinda obvious I feel like :)

Try playing the PC version, the music is there, but doesn't work for WebGL for some reason, here is the soundtrack

We forgot to turn one setting on the player on, so that he can be damaged, when we realised it was already too late unfortunately, we will be updating it once the rating period is over if you want to stick around


Hey! Thanks for review, we actually have a whole bunch of music! It just doesn't play in browser for some reason :(, you can download the PC version, we got 5 unique tracks, so it might just be worth it! This our short game, feel free to check it out

Solid entry, the spatial audio effect on the bullet sound effect could get a bit more refined, as you can basically only hear it when you are in the middle of the room - easy fix, just make it larger. Other than that, it does what is should do well :) The music is really good

That's a lot of people to work together for a game jam game. It worked though, so props to that! The artstyle is very pleasing, feels pretty polished too, great stuff!

Rated yours!

Damn I liked this one a lot, the lighting is really great mixed with the awesome art style, great stuff! I made the music for this game as well as set it up to be dynamic together with the programmer and fmod, check it out!Conductor

I am giving 5/5 on everything. For me the main highlight is how the level design is connected to the story but it's not pushed forcefully onto the player, it's up to the player to notice it. The mechanics are also really satisfying, they are quite new to me, but far from confusing, after a few seconds you are sure to figure it all out. The music is also really good, simple, but that's how it should be, since it very well compliments the visuals and the general feel of the game. I don't even know what to really improve, other than the obvious stuff for a game jam - adding more content, adding more polish etc. I did once get stuck under the terrain, so maybe check the collision shapes to make sure there aren't any holes in them. Great great job, would love to see a full version of this

I really like the idea of the player not actually defeating any slimes, although it would be nice if once the slimes enter the area with fire, they would start visibly attacking the fire and stop chasing the player, it would give a nice visual feedback to what the player is supposed to be doing and what he is supposed to continue doing, the more slimes are there the fire could also get smaller. I like the art, the animations are satisfying. Great game

As a music guy, I must say that it's an interesting concept for sure. The visuals are absolutely top tier, one thing I would say is that the game could get a bit better in terms of game feel, for what it is it feels almost too quiet and I understand that since the point is to match the pitches you can't really blast a loud track in the background at all times, but you could maybe add a bit more sound effects and maybe some lowpass background ambience so that it doesnt feel like a website but like a game. I think if you would continue to work on this  game after the jam ends, you should make the levels much smaller but more of them, so you can feel the progression faster. Anyways, awesome game, these are basically just me looking too deep into it, keep it up!

Aesthetics on point, feels kinda like those flash games back in the day, in the good way


Rather difficult, but it's an interesting twist on the theme

Yeah, there is a music cue, it was a bit too difficult to balance it all out for you to actually like really notice the changes but also make the transitions smooth, the way it works is there are a bunch of instruments set up and every like 10 points (A closed pattern without any miss gives you 5 points and each circle gives you about 2 point I think) the number of playing instruments increases with a lerp function to make it smooth, if you lose points the opposite applies. The fact that you don't notice the cue maybe is an achievement of sorts, next time I work with dynamic audio I will tho try to make it a bit more noticeable. Thanks for the review!