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Son of the dawn, chaoize all the lands!
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Game Design#593.8793.879

Ranked from 58 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
You are going to chaoize the world

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
I made all the code and art.
Some sounds are from Unity Asset Store :)
We used Ecret to make the music

Hope you enjoy the game!

Feel free to build and share your own map in the chat :DDD

If you find the levels are too easy? Import level 15 & 16 at the bottom of the description ;)

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The game itself is a full, funished game, that means you have managed your time well:)

The graphics and the easthetics of the game are beautiful. The concept about the morning star satan was also interesting, I love to kill people, burn grass and destroy cities - who doesn't?

What was not so good was the amount of rules, It was very hard to understand what icon did what, even after reading the ingame booklet.

Still, a very nice game, good job! 


yo the arts are absolutely astonishing, and i also like how u fit the theme through a "story" like thing, rather than making the game itself crazy and chaotic which is what most ppl did (us included). Extreeeeemely well polished, nice puzzles too, i think you did a very good job!!

please be sure to rate our game too <3


super polished game! really love the art, music and mechanics


This is most definitely one of the most polished games I've seen in the jam. Down to a map editor AND importer, wow! Lovely music, great mind bender trying to optimize your path, epic art, great all around! It did feel a little more on the chill side when playing (especially with the music), but I do see how the story fits in the theme.

Add in some sound effects (I don't hear any in WebGL even if a slider exists and isn't muted) and some more polish and you'll have one amazing game! Awesome work, well done!


Damn, i really like the art style!


The Art style of the game is amazing! I also really like the game concept. Keep going! :)


Cool game puzzle! Some of them felt impossible to get gold on. Very well polished all around. It would be cool if there was some sort of move preview system to see what tiles your move will highlight. That could also act a little like a tutorial.


I really like your game, and it's a good idea to create levels by players. It's a perfect fix of indie game.

Tell me if you decided to resume this game :)


thanks Hooman! I'm thinking about how to bring the player custom levels to the next level. Feel free to share if you have any more ideas!


Scary art :D, the game is very polished, and the map designer is a really cool idea.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)


The art of this game is BEAUTIFUL!

It's great. Everything just feels really nice. I'd say the game might be a little easy, though. It doesn't feel very "chaotic" though, no matter the fact that you're "chaoizing" the world.

Either way, great job!


Indeed. We had spent 2 days thinking about "chaotic" gameplay, but we couldn't. 

So we made a puzzle game and put the "chaotic" element on other aspects like art or story.

Kind of think out of the box, right lol?

anyway, thanks for liking the game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, the art in this game is insanely polished and well done! Super impressive entry on every front!

Some feedback, even with the intro levels for each mechanic, it's not super clear what each tile upgrade does.


thanks for the feedback! we will make some better tutorials in the future.


Perfect in every aspect, I really enjoyed it! A great, polished game


thanks for playing! glad you enjoy it!


Really interesting idea, Really makes you think in some puzzles, loved the art style and the animations of the board, I am curious though in the first level is there a way to get the golden wings?

I also tried the level editor I have to say it works really well except its missing a way to play test the maps because otherwise you just delete everything and have to make it again, i did a small map to test it out but it definetly was difficult without a way to test it.

Overall I really like the idea and it has a lot of potential, would definetly want to see more of this


haha yup, the first level is a mistake xd

about the level editor, we had noticed this. But we didn't have time to implement it like that.

thanks for your feedback!


Probably the best entry that I've played so far! very well polished and 12/10 for the arts!


Thanks for playing :D


This game is criminally underrated. Please make this a full release. More levels, and maybe a brief story to go along with this game and I would easily pay $15 for it. I am blown away and really hope this game wins overall. I wish I could give criticism, but I have nothing. The polish here is unbelievable. The final level stumped me, but the helpful information in-game taught me everything I needed to know to solve the puzzle. And a level editor?? How did you do all of this. Seriously, amazing job.


We did it in 5 days. The first 2 days, we were struggling with the theme xd

We really want to make a full release too. You'll see how we can go from here ;)


Really incredible entry! the art and ui look so good! it took me a bit to understand but when I did it was very satisfying.


thanks :) always room to improve!






This game is stunning. Beautiful art, nice and intuitive UI. Looks like a top notch puzzle game from google play/app store.


thanks for playing :)

have deleted your other comment. It's duplicated..


This is one hell of an entry - it felt pretty complete: nice music, great visuals and pretty good gameplay. It took a little bit of time to get accustomed, but other comments already pointed that out and I have nothing to add to those.

Overall: one of the best and finished entries I have played in this jam - good job!


Thanks. glad you like it! :D

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