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oh wow that's unexpected. thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for playing! I definitely like the first suggestion. I'll be sure to do that. I'll also be adding a few new events and randomize them so it's not all the same every single run. Might be a cool idea.

Glad to see you like it :D

Really cool game. Could definitely see myself play this more if more levels were being made! Great job :D

Appreciate that! Happy to see it's hard enough lol

Eyy nice! Thanks for playing, and I'm glad I was able to reach that same feeling haha

I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah I tried something different, and hoped that making the objects white, they would jump out enough haha

Thanks for playing! Yeah I didn't have quite enough time to fix some of Eon's problems like infinitely repeating certain cards. However, he should still start with 1 coin, just like the player. Unless he uses the candle, which increases the coin count. But it could be that there's a bug there as well haha

Thanks so much! It was a huge inspiration, so I'm glad it shows :D

Thanks for playing :D

Hey, thanks for playing and for giving me feedback! I'm sorry the RNG wasn't on your side, usually it's pretty fair. Also, I gotta make sure to prevent the dynamite problem from occurring again, but didn't have time during the jam unfortunately.

As for the inanimate objects, it's on purpose! There's lore behind it that I didn't get to fully implement. Basically, because you're ship crashed, you are on a tiny island with this character, Eon. You play a "card" game, but obviously there are no real cards, so you use whatever you have on this island.

I'm looking to make this more clear in the future :D

Thank you! Yeah the visuals are something new haha. Glad you liked it :D

Thanks so much! I've heard the movement feeling off, probably because of how it responds to the environment with the auto sliding at times. I'll be sure to fix this!

And honestly I hadn't thought about the sensitivity haha. It's low because I'm used to that when playing video games. Oops :D

Thanks again for playing!

Hey! Thanks for playing :D

I appreciate the kind words. I like the idea of highlighting items. Cause I'm sure some people might not even know about some of the items lol

As for the second point, if you hover over the question mark, it shows a little description box of what the card will do!

Thanks so much! Yeah I figured people would try that lmao

Thanks! And noted, I'll be sure to mess with the first person player movement😁

The art style is awesome! I realize that with this theme, my brain has to work overtime, and I struggle to play a bunch of these games, but it turned out fantastic nevertheless

53 in such a short time?? That's amazing. I gotta get to playing more of them lol

Here's mine, When Summer Falls, a rogue lite card game

Sweet, a bunch of cool looking games. Here's mine, a rogue lite card game called When Summer Falls. Enjoy!

This was really cool. Something simple and silly. Nice job! (also you got me at one point with the "press the button that has the word red on it"

So close😂

Weirdly off topic maybe, but I love the little headbobbing the player does. Art is different, but I like the style, very nice!

It's definitely very easy haha. I wonder how difficult it would be in PyGame

It's inevitable. A must, really.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! The sprinklers don't need to be close to water. They automatically water nearby crops. Might be a cool idea to do that though! Would give the water a real use haha

Appreciate the kind words :D

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Hey! Thanks for playing. The feedback is more than fair haha.

I've since the jam release been working on an update to make things clearer. There will be a description for each item/upgrade, explaining what they do. Sprinklers and sheep will show the area in which they work.

I want to make water tiles more useful by having them contain fish, which will also be a way to get points.

I suppose the "tutorial" text could be easily missed if you only see the grass tile, so some kind of visualization of the growth of a tile could help. It could show that you're about to be game over (which happens when a sunflower is dead for too long)

Thanks again for playing, and giving valuable feedback!

Thanks! A whole lot of clicking, for sure haha

Thanks! Yeah I could see that. It was a matter of what I had with the given time haha. Will update it with better sounds at some point!

Crops vs Farmers, the next big hit by Icoso.

Very nicely done dude. Looks and feels great!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

Hey, thanks for playing! Can you tell me what's buggy?

I don't think it can be rated just yet, as the jam isn't over yet


Yeah sometimes chrome doesn't start unity web games properly. I completely feel your struggly, but there's not much I can do about it as far as I know

Thank you! :)

Yeah sorry about the jumpscare. Honestly I'm not a massive fan of jumpscares, opposed to more psychological horror, but it fit best in this occasion. Thank you for the kind words, and for playing!

This is so cool! Simple graphics that just feel great! Levels are intriguing, forcing you to think, but not too much that it's annoying. AND THE MUSIC IS AWESOME!

Great job dude!

Very nicely done! Graphics are simple, yet lovely. Audio is really well done. And the concept of the game is brilliant. Well done!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate that a lot😁
and of course! Gladly!

Very nice job of setting the atmosphere. Art is lovely too. Great job :D

Really love the art style! Looks very pretty :D

The mechanic with the rocks being not real is clever and fun. Nice job!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :D

Yeah I had to make a decision regarding the time between attacks and allowing people to read dialogue. I figured that if it were slower, and you're trying to beat the game without reading dialogue it'd be too easy haha.

Thanks for playing!

Love the idea of transforming into a ghost! Clever mechanic :D

I did find the "guesswork" when it came to finding which ghost was real and which wasn't, a little tough