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Thank you! I've heard multiple people say level 3 is challenging and I'm actually quite happy about that haha. Thanks for playing!

You can definitely do it! Thanks for playing😁

Thanks Skeffles! Happy to hear you enjoyed it :D

Thank you so much :D

I have noticed people have trouble placing the levers and buttons properly, so that's definitely an idea to consider and being able to move objects would be great too!

Fortunately for me I was allowed to submit it later anyway! I'm very happy with everyone's feedback on the game and how much they enjoy it!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! Yeah the first level is definitely the hardest haha. Was a problem with time management that forced me to quickly change the first level and it accidentally became too hard lol. Thanks for playing :D

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

This concept is so simple yet so fun and clever. Great job!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Glad you liked them :)

Thank you so much :D

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

I might add some more levels in the future!

Thank you :D
Yeah I agree actually! Originally the tutorial level design was level 1, but I didn't want the two to be the same, so I had to quickly make a new one before time ran out haha. Might switch up the order of levels sometime soon. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I think the connection to the theme may have been a little bit more abstract than I hoped, but overall I think it fits pretty well. I think the first level may have been a bit too hard haha

Thank you for playing! Sorry to hear you had that issue. Not sure what could've caused that honestly. Glad you enjoyed it anyway :D

Thank you for playing! Finding music was a hard task for this game, but personally I think it fits the vibe I was going for! And for the theme I think it may be a little bit more abstract, but I do believe my reasoning behind it makes it fit well :)

I can totally see that! Thanks for playing :D

Nice job! Love the art style, the music and the sound. Also big fan of the physics on the statues. There's still some bugs in there, like getting stuck or spike colliders not being accurate, but overall really nicely done! Also love the Will You Snail statues!

Thank you! Yeah now that I look back on the first level, it might have been better if that one came later haha. Thanks for playing😁

Thank you for playing! I could see why the idea feels a bit abstract with the topic. Basically the scientist have messed up and need to destroy their robots, their work, to survive. Making it so you need to let your robots die to proceed. And that's how it's failure to proceed!

My favourite game I've played of the jam so far! It's such a simple but fun game and the art is beautiful. Fantastic job!

Love the simplistic art style! You really need to force yourself to think "I need to not reach the flag, I need to die" lol. Unfortunately my character did get stuck a few times though. Nice work!

I like the whole gravity change concept. I think maybe there could've been some more sound and nicer art, but I think this could make for a fun little game with some more levels!

Love the idea! I hard a hard time figuring out what to do without your explanation below, but the concept is really interesting. Nice job😁

Fun concept! Found it a little hard to play, but overall very nice job😁

This was super fun! Great art and music too. Good job!

I put up the page and published the game thinking it was all set and 5 minutes later I realized I had forgotten to actually submit it to the jam😅

Really clever and fun. Love the simplicity, art and music. Well done to everyone involved😁

This was really fun! Very nicely done :)

I like it! Could get a little difficult at times, but overall very cool :)

Very nicely done! 

After missing the Ludum Dare 47 gamejam I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to make a game in only 12 hours with the same theme: Stuck in a loop.

That's where Crystal Spinners happened.

You rotate around a crystal, but you can't control this rotation. It just happens. While you're rotating all kinds of enemies will spawn around you and you got to destroy them to gain points and protect your crystal. Use the gained points for upgrades and prepare for the stronger enemies to come!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing and taking time out of your day to give us this feedback!

Let me answer every bit of feedback:

1. I'm having some problems with things clipping through walls. It's something I'm still working on though! It will definitely at one point be fixed! In the next update the player's collision with the walls will have been fixed!

I thought of the ability to throw as well! It's nice to see somebody else is interested. I'll definitely look into this! (adding it to my todo list immediately)

2. I've had someone else tell me they'd like an easier way to rotate on a certain axis. Although our intention was to deliberately make everything difficult, I can imagine it's nice to have the option to rotate something only on one axis (adding this to the todo list as well!)

3. I hadn't thought of this one yet, and I'll definitely have to discuss this. I see where you're coming from and it's definitely an interesting idea, but as of now I'm not sure if this will be a feature in the future! (I'll add it to the ideas list!)

Again, thank you for playing! And I hope to be able to have you enjoy ThINKER more in the future!

mailman is superior. mailman nerfs us

Hey! Thanks for playing the update!

Right now there's a 10% chance a fireball drops. This was done on purpose. I may try to set it to 15% and let me know what you think of that!

Since I updated the UI, the options menu has stopped working at all, which is really confusing, but I'll add a mute button instead! Good idea.

If you have anything you'd like to also see in a future update, let me know!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing!

I honestly hadn't thought of any of those things, but I like your ideas! I'll definitely give it some time and thought!

My best friend has always been obsessed with playing the fishing minigames when playing anything. He refuses to do anything else. So I thought I'd make him a game solely focussed on fishing. Something fun, something challenging, this?

I had a fun time making this game. I made it in about 10 hours and then started adding and tweaking things. I'd love to add more if anyone wants me to!