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Kaiju Development Program - BGJ22View game page

Raise a Kaiju to dethrone a corrupt government!
Submitted by Dark Science (@darksciencelabs), ahintoflime (@ahintoflime) — 4 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Kaiju Development Program - BGJ22's page


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Game Design#1023.8003.800

Ranked from 50 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does you game fit the theme?
A virtual pet is not real

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, of course!

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Really cool concept, i'm hyped to see how it evolves after the jam!


Virtual pet games are fun, and I haven't seen any others in Brackeys so far, so I enjoyed that.  And I was impressed by the level of scope--the interface looks very polished, and there's clearly a lot to unlock and discover. I'm impressed that you had a whole minigame with an AI opponent. The pace and difficulty were an issue for me, though--it's trivial to keep all your stats maxed out, and as of this writing, my kaiju still has a 1 in all its stats. I'm going to keep this one running in the background because I want to see where it goes, but it's going to require a lot of patience.


Thanks for playing!  The battle stats don't actually function or feature into this release but keep an eye out for a post-jam version with more features, minigames etc.


Hi everyone, just logged into itch after a while & found out there were 48 reviews which was a lot more than we expected, we can't respond to everyone individually but thank you very much for the feedback!

It seems the game doesn't work on newer Mac devices which possibly because they use Metal & they deprecated support for OpenGL. We'll look into this issue soon when the game jam evaluation period is finished & look out for the post-jam build soon!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

very interesting concept! certainly the only monster-taming/ tamagotchi game that I've played on this jam! I played it on the web although it has some performance issue, I'm stucked at feeding my kaiju. Nonetheless, very relaxing game, audio was awesome, and pixel and voxel art are very nice!  definitely worth expanding on after the jam!


Good game, Rated it! If possible do rate and play my game :)


I would love to see more forms and the forms transfer into the activity mode and more activity mini-games.
Overall you have a great start to a solid game!


Roger!  That's definitely planned for our next update. Thanks for playing :)


I really love the idea of making a kaiju pet. :o

Sadly evolving seems to be broken for me. I could go far beyond 100% and nothing happend.
Only first 20% evole worked.

The music was good but not a perfect fit and I also liked the pixelart a lot, especially the info panels, although I think it would be better to stick to one strict pixelsize instead of mixing it up. It looks a little off having the pet and food in another size than the background/house/object.
Also the % numbers went out of the frame.
Volleyball was way to easy when you just stand in front of the net, jump and push a little left very late. You will win every time first shot.


Thanks for the feedback!  Keep an eye out for an update, we hope to improve up on much of what you've mentioned here.


The visual polish is so nice. The game is very relaxing to play. Wish there were more mini games. Really well done!


Thank you!


As a major kaiju/tokusatsu/anime nerd I absolutely love this and the references to Neon Genesis Evangelion and Godzilla in the logo for this game. Also I love how this game feels so inspired by the Digimon franchise. While there were some minor nitpicks I do have to give you a round of applause for creating a technical complex game in such a short time. Well done!


Hey thanks!! You mentioned all of our inspirations for the game, look out for the post jam version soon!


This is really enjoyable and relaxing game. Very cool :D


The UI on this game is stunning! Really inspirational. Good work


This is soooo good! I can't believe this game is made in a week!


I like the Evangelion reference.  The graphics and UI are all really well polished and the music is good. The game feels a little too slow. And the volleyball part controls are too floaty and the game can be cheesed easy.


The "theme fit" is really far-fetched x). Don't get me wrong, it's a very original game, I really enjoyed it, that was a nice little time-spender ! The game is really polished for a 7 days jams, congratulations ^^!


Really cool idea had some problems with lag issues but outher than that was a great game


Really great aesthetic! Would have loved to see more incorporation with the theme.


I really loved the 2D/3D mix, looked awesome! Although it's not a really good take for the theme, it is a fun game, with good looks and like a upgrade game :)

A little bug I encountered was when playing Volleyball against the enemy, he played for like 5 minutes with himself :(

Still, nice game, and great job!


I noticed that the game is still in development, can't wait for it to be complete. 

The graphics are well done and the UI is amazing.

There is a few audio bugs when switching screens(kijupedia/training).

Great work!




The Ui is so well made. I played like 20 in game days and my pet evolved twice, but I can't see what really changed.(Sea pet)

Anyway, I can see the game is in a developing progress. I am really excited to see what this game will become in the future. 


Thank you for the kind words!  Re: evolution I think I screwed something up  for the final release lol.  There will be a fixed version after the jam ends :)

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