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Definitely a surreal game and I imagine a horrifying one to those who have a phobia of eyes. While it was enjoyable to shoot different objects into the eyes I would've personally like a bit of a challenge, possibly punishing players for missing the eye? Overall though I did like the overall energy of this game. The visuals and audio are great and reminded me quite a bit of the Psychonauts games. Awesome Job!

Very unique game with a good message, especially after a game jam. Even though I myself am a pretty slow typer at times I would've liked to see some sort of game over or punishment for allowing the meter to go to zero, but I could see how that could ultimately go against the games message so I do understand why there isn't one. Nice job on this creative effort!

Love the pixel art as well as the CR TV filter that's on top of the game. The underwater movement is also pretty solid, which is something that not a lot of games can pull off well, so excellent job there! The one thing that I would like to see improved on this game is the health system as while you did a good job making it clear that I got hit by the enemy it does seem like I'm not really taking any damage. If the character is taking damage then I would suggest that you fine tune it a little bit to make it slightly more challenging as well as some UI elements that display the health you have. Overall this seems like you have a good foundation for a solid underwater platformer, great job!

I think the amount of money I was making tied with how repetitive the fishing activities got was the reason I decided to leave before getting the factory. I did like the mini games but sadly they started to get stale a bit too fast for me personally

I really love the visual aesthetic to the game, it sort of feels like it has a children's book look to it. I will say I was getting a bit frustrated with trying to platform as controlling the jump felt off and the platforms were a bit too slippery. I ended up quitting early on because I was just in this cycle of trying to get onto the next platform but would undershoot it. Overall great job!

First of all props on taking the time to write a photo sensitivity warning when you open up the game for the first time. Unfortunately I didn't get too far as the red and blue distortion effects were starting to bother me, that is merely a personal issue not an issue with the game itself, but I do see where you were going with this game so great job getting this done on time!

As a major kaiju/tokusatsu/anime nerd I absolutely love this and the references to Neon Genesis Evangelion and Godzilla in the logo for this game. Also I love how this game feels so inspired by the Digimon franchise. While there were some minor nitpicks I do have to give you a round of applause for creating a technical complex game in such a short time. Well done!

The art and music are great and the gameplay loop is solid. I will say the progression was a bit slow and I ended up becoming a bit too bored of the game to even get to the factory as a result. Overall though good job!

This game is very charming to look at with some solid art direction. I do love the premise although while it's pretty fun on the first playthrough I can't say that when trying to replay it for the other endings due to how slow the game is. Still though excellent job!

This is a very well polished game for a game jam. Very good job!

Great job with this game. I absolutely loved the contrast between light and dark worlds especially how the music seemed to slightly change is well. However on the second stage I managed to get myself outside of the city and ended up endlessly falling through the game with what seemed like no way to get out lol. Overall though good job on getting this done in time for the jam.

I think you have a very good base for a solid puzzle platformer. I thought you did an excellent job with having this child like theme to your game with art and music really selling me on that. Unfortunately I did encounter a game breaking bug as after I got done with the level that came after the tutorial levels I was spawned into the wall causing an unending loop of dying and trying to manually restart only for me to end up being still stuck in the wall. Overall though I thought you did a great job!

The pixel art is absolutely fantastic, well done! I do like how there was a sense of progression as I did notice some enemy variety and some increase in enemy presence as I went along but it did feel like the rate they were happening was a bit slow. I do think there needed to be some sort of clarity to what the goal was as there was no score system or progress meter to determine what I should be doing. I get the sense this was more of an endless runner so I do believe some sort of scoring system would work out for the game. With that said I do think you created a solid foundation that only needs some slight adjustments, great job!

I do think this game, while has potential, is also rough around the edges. The character was not fun to control as he moves too fast for precise platform controls. I think having the anti gravity power up requiring ammo to use hurts the game as the ability seems to be necessary to progress through the game. Also some of the platforms seemed not to work as I fell through two platforms with the last one resulting with my player dying. I'm not sure if the platforms were bugged or was a feature but if they were a feature then I'd highly recommend making a better distinction between real and fake platforms. And Finally the first level's goal should not be trying to kill the player from the beginning. To point at a specific example to your game the very beginning has you jump to the next platform to continue but if you miss you die and have to start over. Considering that the goal is to teach the player it probably be more beneficial if you didn't fall to your death but rather have the ground be at the bottom of the gap that way the player gets to practice jumping without the worry of falling to their death. Of course that is only an example and I'm not saying that needs to be the case for all the gaps that require you to jump over, but only those at the very beginning when the player is first playing the game. With that all said I still want to congratulate you for finishing this game on time for the jam.

This was the most creative entry I've played in the Jam so far. I won't go into details as to why so to not spoil it for others but I was definitely caught off guard when I tried playing the game a bit differently. Excellent job!

I really liked the atmosphere you set up right at the beginning with solid choice for background music. Sadly though I couldn't really progress through the game as for the first couple of tries I couldn't get passed the bedroom however on my last attempt I managed to get into the living room. Unfortunately the living room was as far as I gotten as I just couldn't seem to be able to progress further. I really am sorry to say this but I can't in good conscious give your game a rating because I simply couldn't experience your game. Valiant effort though on getting this done in time for the jam, it sucks that a bug is preventing me from actually playing it.

I absolutely love your take on the theme and I while brainstorming I had a similar idea but instead of actors they were wrestlers because "wrestling is fake" lol. I unfortunately couldn't get fairly far into the game. I will admit this is a bit bias as I'm not generally good at rhythm games to begin with I did think having to control both actors at the same time, especially at the start, was too overwhelming for me. But I do want to say good job for finishing it in time for the jam!

Good job, a couple of things I would like to note. One is I think having a 'How to Play' section in the menu or on the game's page would've been helpful as it took me a couple of tries to figure out how to really play. Second is while it's pretty fun at the start it starts to slowly get boring as the bigger and more powerful you get as there isn't really much standing in your way. And finally I did really like the cutsey art for the bugs. Overall congrats on getting this finished in time for the jam as that alone is an accomplishment.

This game was a little bit too hard for me but I did like the direction you went with and I actually like the idea that you didn't control switching between the red and blue. Good job!

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Thank you for the feedback and I totally agree as I actually had plans to change the dialogue up but I was unfortunately running out of time to do so. Also I did briefly thought about having someway to highlight what objects were interactive but again it was a matter of just not having enough time and not having the know how so the best I could do was to try to make the collision areas as big as possible to avoid this. Again thank you for the feedback!

Love this comedic take on the theme. I do think there are some bugs that hinder the gameplay like in certain areas in the first level I'm not able to fly from the ground. On a design standpoint I do think the game could've benefited having some sort of target reticle directly bellow the bird to let the player know where the, you know what, is going to land. Good job though getting this done in time!

I really like your idea of having to switch between two characters and each serving a purpose that requires you to use both. Sadly though I wasn't able to get fairly far and I couldn't grab the key I needed to progress further. As others mentioned the first level should be there to help teach the player how to play the game with having little consequences. I'd recommend that you look at how other games like Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64 on how they approach designing the opening levels to their game. Overall though great job getting this done in time for the jam!

This game has a very strong art direction that's full of absolute style that reminds me of games like Jet Set Radio. The gameplay is pretty fun although I will say it became a bit too easy when I realized I could just hit the opponent directly at the very beginning of each match. I feel there needs to be a way to prevent that from happening to encourage the player to try and get the special items and to use the environment more. With that said good job on getting this finished for the jam!

Great job on finishing this game and creating a complete narrative as well. I especially love the transition from happy to sad. I would've liked to see a bit more gameplay but seriously good job especially given the time limit

This was quite the addictive game I must say. While I do believe you have a solid gameplay loop I do think it could use some improvements. First is that there needs to be some sort of delay at the beginning of the game, either like a menu screen, a countdown, or even just having a bunch of empty space to get used to the controls would go a long way as how the game stands now it just thrusts the player into an obstacle that they couldn't see coming. I noticed in later levels though is not as bad as there is some, albeit brief, time where you can see the obstacles approaching which kinda makes the first level get off a bad first impression. And secondly I think the controls at time are too sensitive, especially for a game that requires precision movement, that makes some deaths feel unfair. On a minor note I couldn't really tell how this game fits the game jam theme. Overall though I think you did a great job creating a difficult yet addictive experience.

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This was a fun little game. As others have pointed out the sword animation could be a bit quicker. I would also like to add that the game could've benefited with some UI elements for the player health because while I knew I was getting damaged I couldn't tell how much health I actually had left. Also in my second time I went through the maze I actually died and unfortunately found myself unable to progress because I already collected the first object I needed in order to progress. However I did like the overall art style and how it feels a bit reminiscent to PS1 titles. Overall good job with the game

Very nice and simple game and I liked the inclusion of the rankings and horsecyclopedia. Good job!

I really do like the idea of switching weapons to defeat different enemies. The control scheme though could use improvement as I kept pressing the space bar instinctively to try to either jump or shoot. I will say the w key was a good substitute for jump that just needed time to get used to but I would've definitely consider having the shoot command be located on the space bar and the switch command on the s key or have it be a different key instead. I would go and look at other 2d platformers and pay attention to their control schemes and try to find the similarities as that will give you some insight as to what players are normally used to for controls. As a minor point I do think the jumping could've benefited from having some level of input control to determine how high you jumped. Overall though I do think there's quite a bit of potential here and I do want to say good job completing it in time for the game jam.

I'm leaving a comment here because for some reason the LDJAM page wouldn't let me,

You did a very excellent job with this game. The graphics, story, and audio were all on point for creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer because I was invested into this world. Overall a really good job!