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Feel free to use in your own games!

Thanks for playing =D

Thank you for playing! Xen was certainly an inspiration.

Thanks for playing! More to come =D

Thanks for playing! We ran outta time and didn’t get the textures in for the pickups - you may have collected it and didn’t even know. Sorry about that. I will add a disclaimer.

Thanks for playing and for providing such in-depth feedback! I agree, I have a ton of work to do on the camera. I could go with a pre-built camera package like many have suggested, but where is the fun in that? I have made many iterations of the camera and this one I think is the most stripped down. My previous attempts have had some buggy results. I don’t mind working so hard on the camera. Each time I touch it I feel like I learn something new about either Unity or Vectors or whatever. So I am gonna keep trying till it feels right.

Much like the camera, the NPCs and the city are all WIPs. I really wanted to at least iron out the NPCs during this jam. But, it turns out, writing a detective story is much more difficult than I imagined. On top of the NPC & story work, I plan on adding more interesting architecture and making the whole city feel more alive and dense.

This game is taking me forever because I make all of these assets myself. Again, I really don’t mind the work because I really enjoy learning. I feel like I am building a really solid foundation with this project for future games.

Wish me luck =D

Well done! I enjoyed the level design and the movement mechanics are fun! The controls need some work, especially regarding jumping. I think you can achieve the same mechanics with slightly different control scheme that is easier to use. =D

I like the pixel art. It clearly conveys the nature of each gameplay element. Good work!

Thanks for checking it out! I have many ideas for this game and a ton of work to do still.

Thank you for playing! The character art is experimental. Still trying different things and seeing what works. In the past I have made fully 3d rigged characters for my games, but I end up spending too much time on them. I am really inspired by Capybara Games’ “Sword & Sworcery EP”. In my next pass I will give them more muted skin tones and more pronounced clothes and hair.

Thanks for playing!

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Nice work! Played on steam here:

Here is my quick playthrough -

Nice work! played on stream:

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Added some trash cans and trash to the back

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I had a vision for a really tiny building covered in stuff. I decided to take a stab and make it the “mascot” for this game jam. ITT I will document the progression of the “AFAF HQ” lowpoly diorama. Feel free to request any features and I will add them =D This is my first stab at the model. The colors seemed way too muted. So I adjusted.

My day has been completely consumed by the war in Ukraine. I have worked with people there in the past and they are truly nice people. They listen to the same music as me and liked the same movies. This is a pointless war. AFAF stands with Ukraine.

I want to try my best to stay as positive as possible in the face of so much crap going on in the world. So in that frame of mind: What would you like see added to AFAF HQ?

Thanks! I have been working on it. I am building out more characters and more locations! As soon as voting is finished I will be making an update with all of this content… And more = D Stay tuned!

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You can vote for the theme here!

It doesn’t require a google account, so please don’t abuse it =D

Thanks =D

Hey thanks for playing. This is more of a prototype than a game because I simply ran outta time.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish this game so this version is only a prototype. There is an NPC you can talk to if you can find him, but that’s about it. This has been a good learning experience because people are reporting bugs I never experienced! Anyways, thanks for the feedback and thank you so much for playing. Cheers!

I have heard a few reports of this. I am still trying to track this issue down. Thank you for giving it a shot!

Nice! I like the music =D

Thanks for playing =D

Thank you for playing!

This game is stunning! I enjoy the transition FX and the visuals are pure eye candy.

Thanks for playing =D and for that feedback. I will try to reproduce that. Which browser are you using?

Nice work! Difficult but rewarding after I got the hang of it.

The UI on this game is stunning! Really inspirational. Good work

I wish life was so simple. Press up and get money.

Cute graphics! Gameplay needs some work but you have a nice premise to work with. Keep going!

Thanks for playing!

I like the cutscenes! The SFX was really nice as well. Good work!

Yikes! Nice work

I love coffee.

Very nice design!

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That worked! Thank you so much!!