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Intersting game! The "hover" mechanic was a cool twist, and allows you to dig very fast with proper timing ^^. Well done!

Awesome little game! I had a very relaxing moment: the sounds and music are on point, the graphics are simple, but perfectly fitting, the concept is really good... Honestly, it's a very good experience, and I really enjoyed it. Congrats!

Pretty nice game ^^.  It's a very good concept, and I really enjoyed the checkpoint system! I also liked that a room could be done in multiple ways, that added a "puzzle" element to the game to find the safest route. The sound design is simple, but clean, with all the needed feedbacks, and the visuals are great.

However, I find it a little bit unnecessarily difficult with too strict hitboxes. Don't get me wrong, I like having a little bit of challenge and did finish the game, but sometimes, when I died and the screen paused, my character was absolutely not touching the element that presumably killed it :

The frontier between "hard" and "unfair" can sometimes be unclear with this game, which is too bad ^^'. But hey, I still enjoyed your game, it's a very nice entry, congratulations =)!

The amount of polish is really good! There are some little quirks here and there, but, come on, for a 7-days jam, that's more than we could hope for =). Upgrades, mining, a lot of movement options, that's really good, congrats =) !

Nice game! I enjoyed playing it, replacing health with oxygen is a neat idea ^^! The graphics are really cool, and the change of mood the deeper you go is an awesome feeling you nailed perfectly ! However, I don't know if my monitor is too dark, but when the game becomes darker, I really had trouble seing the spikes, which resulted in very frustrating deathes ^^'.

Overall a very enjoyable game, congrats =)

That's an original take to the theme ^^! I like how simple the controls are, and it's strangely addictive to try to do the perfect entry =p ! Good job !

Nice game! The graphics are very good, even if the 2D sprites sometimes made the hitboxes unclear. Controls are sharp, the game design is on point, and I really enjoyed the upgrade system! Good job =)


The gameplay is simple, but really fun, and I enjoyed trying to beat my score^^. It too me a while to understand that colors had an importance, but I enjoyed that original twist to the game =). The graphics are also simple (I mean, it's squares ^^), but really fitting. The audio really adds up to the experience : the feedback is on point and brings life to that little square.

I managed to climb at the top of the level and escape from the side, and the level stopped generating , making me fall forever... So technically, world record with an infinity points =p!

Also, we are not in water. Thank you for that.

Overall, a very solid game that I enjoyed playing, congrats =)

Thank you a lot! We are really glad you enjoyed it ^^!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you ^^! We tried our best, and we are glad you enjoyed it =)

Wow, thank you a lot! Since it's our first story-focused game, we didn't know if the storytelling would work or not (especially since we didn't have time to implement everything we wanted, damn 7-days limit =p), so we are really relieved by your comment. Thank you again!

Thank you a LOT for your comment!

We must admit that, despite the jam being really fun and educational for us, the end result lacks a lot of polish (as you pointed out, but there is also tons of scrapped stuff we didn't have time to implement or test properly) and left us with a bitter taste in our mouthes, so we didn't plan to rate a lot of games to avoid showing it ^^'.

Your heartwarming comment really makes us consider to show it a bit more and not be too ashamed of it, so thank you for that =).

Thank you =)!

Thank you! We would have loved to have just a bit more time to add more polish here and there, but we are glad you enjoyed our little game =)

Thank you for your review ! Jumping to his level is actually a cheese, your are supposed to go to the bottom path, and walljump. This "bossfight" was modified a bit before the deadline and we didn't see that cheese in time, sorry for the inconvenience ^^'.

Really cool game! The level of polish is unreal, congratulations ^^!

The graphics, sound design and level design are really good ^^! I really enjoyed the music changing the deeper you go, that's a nice touch. The combat was fun and challenging, but the harpoon mecanic was a little bit strange. I understood the harpoon -> knife combo, but when I didn't one-shot the enemies with it, I stoped using it because it gave the enemies free hits. 

The progression if very slow, unfortunately ^^'. I would have enjoyed it better if the first ugrades where cheaper, and the late upgrades were more expensive. And, I must say, not a lot of upgrades seemed really good because they come with a debuff that sounds scary (like losing 1hp/s ? With so few healing? I don't know what is "1hp" because the health bar doesn't show any numbers, but that sounds bad!).

The camera is waaaay to high! Since the way to go is always "down", having the character at mid-screen makes it so 50% of the screen is nearly useless... I was often hit by fishes because they saw me before I saw them ^^'.

But hey, I'm focusing here on the 2-3 little things that bothered me because everything else in the game is absolutely stunning and solid! You did a really great job with that game, and it's incredibly polished. Congratulations!

Solid game! 

First, the character is not in water. Bonus points for that xD.

Now, for the real review ^^. The controls are sharp, and the fact that we can move horizontally while ground-pounding is a really nice addition. I wasn't expecting it, and it made it really fun to break through multiple platforms at once!

The level design was pretty good, but it felt sometimes unfair to lose a life because of a red enemy that was off-screen before the pound, and that I couldn't avoid. Maybe if I could cancel the ground-pound to fall slower and avoid them, it would feel less unfair?

The music was punchy and catchy, but I would have enjoyed more sounds, especially when crushing a platform or squashing an enemy. It would have been even more satisfying this way, but I enjoy the little "squashed" effect =p.

The ending was hilarious xD. The cutscene is really good and is a perfect finale for suck a goofy character!

So yeah, overall, I really liked this game. It's simple, but with a clever mecanic that makes it really fun ^^!

Oh, and be careful, when the game starts, it's possible to press "left" and ground-pound at the right time to go above the left wall and escape the level =p

Cute little game! 

The controls are a bit slow, but that's expected in a game about a submarine ^^. The graphics are nice, but I would have enjoyed a couple of sounds to add to the atmosphere.

I think I went everywhere, but I couldn't find a way to lose HP... I don't know if it's a bug or if I missed enemies? Also, do the game has an ending? I collected a thousand fish but nothing happened, so I stopped playing, did I miss anything?

Overall, it's a chill and cosy game. I would have liked a clear objective and some sounds, but I enjoyed the little time I spent on it. Congratulations =)

Thank you a lot! For the police, you are supposed to go on the path at the bottom of the screen (where the guys is throwing the stuff), but I guess you managed to cheese it, well done =).

Thank you a lot for your opinion! We hope the story was understandable, because we couldn't implement everything that was planned, and we are glad you enjoyed our little game =)

Thank you very much for your nice comment, it really means a lot to us!

As you can imagine, Overcooked was indeed our biggest inspiration when making this game, so it's nice to know you can feel the ressemblance :D

Thank you so much!

We love that you noticed the music changes when using the different machines!

And as the person who thought about using the Wilhelm scream, I can only thank you for recognizing it :D

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Thank you for you comment, we are happy you enjoyed our little game =)!

Woops, sorry about that ^^'... Technically, you can always cut another head from a new corpse, but I understand that it is not pleasant when it arrives... Thanks to you, we will be more careful about the hitboxes next time, so thank you for your feedback =D!

I loved the feeling of this! Dashing through enemies really felt good, and it's a very original concept! The music is good, the sound design has a nice touch, the graphics are simple but efficient, and all the little visual effects really adds to the game. Honestly, this is a solid prototype that I would love to see expanded upon!

However... I don't really see the relationship with the theme, and if I read the description correctly, you are aware of that, and didn't have enough time ^^'. Too bad!  So yeah, technically, it's not a very good *entry* to the game jam, because of the lack of theme, but, heck, I had a blast playing it, so it's a good game. Congratulations =)!

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Thank you for your comment <3! As the composer of the music, I'm really glad you enjoyed it =)!

Wooops, we wanted to support all keyboard layouts and allow the players to remaps their controls, but we still have some little improvements to make here and there when mixing those two features, thank you for pointing out that little oddity!

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Thank you a LOT for your heartwarming comment, we are glad you enjoyed our little game ^^!

Fun fact, one of the first idea we had for this concept was to dig corpses from a cemetary, and then extract and re-assemble body parts to have more units and dig more corpses and so on, which looks like your idea ^^. We even thought about using some zombies to create mayhem in a nearby city, to ensure your cemetary doesn't run out of corpses =p. But that was way, way too ambitious for a 7 days jam, so we dumbed the idea down to a human recycling factory =).

That was fun! It's a nice take on the theme and I enjoyed playing it, despite it being quite simple ^^. Good job =)!

Awesome news, I'll give it another try when you update it =)!

Really great game! The visuals, sound, music, gameloop, everything screams "POLIIIIIISHED", it is awesome what you did in only 7 days! The concept is good, and beautifully executed, good job!

My only real complain is that... I got bored really quickly ^^'. All the enemies seem to have the same pattern, so it's always "attack, [block, attack, attack] (repeat until enemy dies)", which gets old quickly ^^'. I would absolutely LOVE to play a game like this, but with more diversity in the attack patterns. That could be a really cool mobile game, I wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks of watch videos between my runs ;)!

Congratulations, that's a really solid concept =)

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Nice game! It needs a little tutorial, it took me some time to understand the dash mechanic, but the concept is great! The level design is solid, the gameplay is good, even if the movement is a bit jittery, and it was really fun! It lacks a bit of sounds and music, but I really enjoyed your game. Congratulations!

Thank you =)

Thank you! Glad you liked our music and noticed it changing when using the different machine,  not a lot of people did so congrats :D

Insanely solid entry! The concept is really good, the graphics are gorgeous, the level design is on point, the music is amazing AND dynamic, the sounds are really good, the theme is fitting... Honestly, that's awesome, I had a blast!

The two small little things that bother me a bit are that it is tedious to restart a level (just a "R" to reload would have been awesome =p) and having 2 keys to swap is a bit strange to me, I would have liked a single cycling key instead. But these are two really minor points, that's still one of the best entries I've tested so far, congrats!

The concept is really funny xD! The game itself was pretty cool, even if I would have loved to way to know where the target is, because in this state, it's more about "wandering randomly until we find it", which is more frustrating than fun ^^'.

Other than that, it's a really good concept, and I could really see it expanded to a funny full game ^^. Great job!

Hahahahaha that was really funny x). Interactive stories are not my jam usually, but I had a surprisingly good time watching this ^^. I loved the humor and the story, awesome job =)

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Amazing Half-life tribute, I really, really enjoyed that! This is the most immersive game I've played so far! The controls are good, the graphics are nice, I really enjoyed the attention to the sound design, with the different footsteps, the reactor noise, the NPC voice... And the story is simple, but solid, at least you gave an explanation to everything, that's awesome! Everything is so polished, it is incredible for a 7-days jam!

Thank you for the walkthrough, I was stuck a couple of times ^^'. But very solid game, congratulations!

Cute little platformer! I enjoyed the graphics and the attention to sound design ^^. The gameplay was solid and fun, I just would have enjoyed being able to do little jumps by releasing the button earlier ^^. Other than that, that was really enjoyable, congratulations =)

Great atmosphere, and really cool idea! You took what the most obvious way to see the theme ("when you die, you retry with more abilities") but added that very original twist of needing to find new ways to die to advance. The graphics were good and the sound design has some nice attention to it, so great job =).

Using "alt" in a game was a bit strange, but other than that, the controls are nice and feel good. Congratulations, that is a solid entry =)