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thanks for playing! and we hear you! the inventory thing is fixxed in our post jam build

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Here's a batch of games from the other thread that are still under 20, I think you've already played them but hopefully they see more plays this way:

Btw I'll review your game some point tomorrow

oh yeah, the thorn bushes! Those things you needed to avoid or else they'd hurt you. Ah I didn't realize I needed to carry him, I'm not even sure how I wouldve but I might have not been paying attention

Another one, this one has really cool hand drawn graphics, some of the best in this jam:

Wow, this game is beautiful! I love the hand drawn aesthetic. Have you ever seen the yellow submarine? thats sorta what this reminds me of! I especially love how the vines look. As others have said, there is sometimes some issue with perspective, but other than that gameplay is solid. I couldn't progress after a certain point because buddy didnt show up when i pressed f, ill link the screenshot

Overall excellent game! It seems like you have a lot of cool gameplay ideas that I unfortunately was unable to actually play, keep at it though!

guess it just goes to show you that either luck or marketing are the only ways to get your game played 

are you serious??? Good thing there's 2 weeks in the ratings period

I dont think there is any issue with having the mine hitboxes as big as they are, the visual model just needs to be scaled up so that it's the same size or bigger than the hitbox!

ofc, I already rated it, I rate every game I play! Yeah for the 3D section I was expecting that I would be able to rotate the cubes in 3D and was clicking wondering why it didn't work, but jams and their time limits, etc

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Awesome game! The minimalist graphics were nice and the tutorials were so informative yet unobtrusive, kudos to that! I am not a good puzzler so I didn't make it far but this mechanic seems to have a lot of potential from what I've seen in those gifs, very cool mechanic for sure.

I just included a picture because it would be impossible to describe it, but it felt kind of unintuitive that the rolling left or right would sink you into the water there. It doesn't make much sense physically, feels like the cubes warp so that they fall in the water. Especially since going back the exact same way you came from the left would kill you now. I am not sure if I am making my point well, but I hope I at least described the general idea of it.

PS. That name has gotta be a reference to Steven's Sausage Roll right?

ah yeah that's one of the things on our list to change, the mouse controls for the inventory was a relic from when the game was more of a slow-paced puzzle platformer game where you had to collect each seed, then plant it, then water it, etc. We ended up shifted away from that but didn't change the way you plant the seeds. Thanks for giving it another shot, appreciate the in depth feedback!

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we've had a bug before where your water instantly gets filled but you aren't able to plant anything and can't refill since you're already full. Thanks for giving it another shot, if it isn't too much trouble it would be great if you could send a screenshot if it happens again!

thanks for playing and your feedback! We unfortunately had other problems grabbing our attention so didn't have time to work on fine tuning the text boxes, definitely on our list of stuff to improve though! Your game looks cool, I'll check it out whenever I have time

hm, that's so strange, we had an issue like that during testing but thought it was fixed. Was there no water below you when you spawned at first? Or was the water full but you couldn't plant anything?

I can tell you're either a bot or just copy and pasting without reading any of the post titles (which is understandable since 99% of threads are rate for rates), but this thread isn't for self promoting

Sorry this isnt a rate for rate thread, it's for sharing other people's games

I don't think there is any issue with having the mechanic where it pushes you directly against the wall, I just don't think it makes that much sense for something as rigid as that to be a grappling hook, ya feel? Like if it was a stiff robot arm or something it'd be perfect (obviously doesn't fit in this theme, but just an example)

ah okay, I might give it another go later, I don't usually care too much about bugs but I literally couldn't figure out how not to get rekt by this one lmao

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Great game! The story hooked me and the filters you put over the screen were nice. I also liked gathering a lot of momentum then shooting for the moon! Unfortunately the game bugged out and I was unable to progress. I somehow attached to a sphere from outside its range, so I was unable to detach from it and was stuck:

Shame cause I wanted to play more of it

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Amazing game! The checkpoint was really cool and so was the stacking mechanic, I really liked the swings too! The art was amazing too, really liked the lighting! Few things:

- I found it a bit strange how the swings didn't work if you built up directly into them.

- It is almost impossible for me to see what the number on the enemies is, maybe make the numbers bigger

- I kept on encountering this bug which made me clip into the ground, making me unable to progress, I didn't know how to stop the bug from happening

Overall great job!


ah yeah I figured it was some sort of incorrect configuration thing, that's just game jams for ya!

Also wow that's really subtle, even when I knew what to look for it took me a few seconds! Might be something to look into in the post-jam version (if you make one)

lmaoo it happens

Wow this game is amazing! I love the art and the core gameplay concept! It is so cool to be able to split into each a different slime with a different gameplay element. I am VERY impressed that you were able to put this game together in one week, it has so much polish in the little details. The slimes looked so cool separate and combined. That said, it isn't perfect so I will give you a few points of feedback:

- I don't know why it gives you the info dump about the heart slime at the start, that confused me since I hadn't even seen a heart slime yet. You should do the same thing for the sword and heart slime as you did with the shield slime, have a pop up whenever you collect it

- the skull should be able to detach from the other slimes, it felt weird that you could detach the heart from the skull and not the other way around

- Some parts of the game can get pretty tedious if you die. In the room where you get the sword, if the skull slime dies (which you probably will since it only has 1 life), then you have to kill off the heart slime, then bring them both back over a tight platforming section just to get back to where you were

- The part where you have to drop down after you get the sword slime should have some kind of indication, since up until this point pits have killed you. It was kind of out of left field to have to jump down that pit. 

- The second level is a lot less polished than the first level, with the stationary background and less details. It also felt really weird to be instantly reset back to one slime all of a sudden. I feel like for the game jam all the stuff in the second level should have just been added to the first to give the player a sense of linear progression and to keep the game more polished throughout.

also, I got stuck here, I had 2 hearts but the block wouldnt move:

Overall, even with its flaws, this game was amazing! Truly impressive that you were able to make this in a week!

Whenever I clicked on the health bar, it would set the current amount to whatever I clicked, that's why I was confused

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This game's got some really nice pixel art! I liked the muted color palette, and the animations were all really well done. The main character was also cute. I did find it odd though that the player character's outline was thicker than everyone else's. The game doesn't really do a good job of explaining anything, like why can I shoot the bullet men only right in front of my face? Why does the shooting animation play sometimes but nothing comes out?  I get in the general sense that I need to defend my guy from the cavemen coming at me but the game doesn't really do a good job of explaining to me how to do that or make it intuitive.

(also don't think you're slick with that Morshu reference, bucko, I see right through you)

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Hey grog, me think me have too much cactus juice

Actual review:

The graphics are nice, but interacting with things doesn't seem to do anything and the layers and lighting are all wack. You probably know all this stuff though. Seems like you had a lot more stuff planned, unfortunate that it didn't pan out, but that's just game jams!

(also i thought i downloaded the wrong file at first cause it was your name rather than the game's name)

Idk, game was a fine difficulty for me, so you don't really have to worry in that regard. I loved the black and white graphics, they were really well done! The runes on the floor looked especially good. The player animations were all really good, especially the wall slide.  So good job, there are a lot of things to be proud of in this game! A few points of feedback:

- The wall jump felt really unreliable, it would sometimes send you downwards instead of upwards

- I think the way you programmed the wall slide is by making it send you downwards at a constant speed? You should make it so that only happens whenever the player is already heading down, because it felt really awkward to have my jumps cut short and instantly start sliding downwards by touching a wall.

- The ethereal spirit kind of baits the player, I thought it would let me walk across spikes since they were right next to where you got the spirit

- It seems that you run out of time to make a big level, but if you want to expand the game in the future, you should spread out the powerups. When the player gets them all in a row it is kinda useless to have them as powerups at all since the player plays most of the game fully powered up.

Overall, good entry! It has a lot of things going for it

lmao love this game, it really fits the theme so well, because they are literally getting stronger, together! I liked the graphics of all the bros lifting, and the game was pretty easy to pick up. Is there anything stopping me from letting all but one of the bros die and just spotting that one forever? (besides my heavy conscience) hilarious game, good entry!

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Cool game! Unfortunately I am just one player so I can't give you full feedback, but from what I've seen so far the game looks very well put together and professional. The controls screen was really clean! From what I got to play, the camera was a bit jarring and could use a bit of work. Very ambitious to do an online multiplayer in a jam so for that, good job

ouch, this game looks so good, do you have a non-jam version i could play?

Cool game! The lighting and the models were really nice. I liked the summoning animations and the ice enemy. It was a cool little sandbox-y game and I had fun just summoning a crap ton of gnomes. Some animations really would have helped bring the game to life, but it's a beautiful game!

Cool game! I liked the beginning cutscene, although the bottom was cut off on my screen. The map was also charming and looked good, I loved how much personality was expressed in each of the rooms. I couldn't figure out what to do, it was confusing how there was a bunch of ants but you could only select one of them.  I couldn't get the ant to do anything. I do like how you select the ant with a lasso, that was pretty cool!  (By the way, if you want your pixel art to come out crisp you have to click on the imported asset, and switch the filter mode from bilinear to point (no filter))

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Cool game! I liked the central mechanic of being able to see things when you're in ethereal form, reminds me of the part with the moai heads in mario odyssey. A few points of feedback:

- The mine hitboxes need to be toned down considerably, I was not expecting them to kill me when I wasn't even visually touching the mine

- The first time that you introduce lava, you also teach me that I can go into the ethereal realm to avoid getting killed by it. This isn't the case, so you should make it so there is a pathway that appears through the lava but there are parts of it that can still kill you. That way you don't falsely teach the player that they can go into the ethereal realm to avoid damage from lava.

- Would be nice to be able to cancel ethereal early rather than have it last 5 seconds every time.

Overall good game! I like the central mechanic

Nice boss fight, the graphics on this game were nice and I liked how big and complicated the squid was! All of the boss patterns were really cool too! Definitely needs a lot more clarification though. For instance, it says P to pull, but pull what? I ran around for a few minutes before I figured out it meant to pull the tentacles. Also I think you need a certain amount of people in your group to pull the tentacle? I didn't figure that out until a few minutes in and was wondering why pulling wasn't working. Also the pulling has pretty unreliable targeting. It would constantly switch targets so I couldn't pull a single tentacle, and sometimes the people in my group would just pull each other and not the tentacle. Overall though it is a really cool and intricate boss fight though!

Nice game, it was cool having the random movements of the termite in the swarm. A few things to improve:

- a circle would be more natural than a square for the swarm imo

- music

- clarify what that bar at the top is, i still have no clue.

Good job and keep on jamming!

Sweet game! The graphics were really nice to look at, and the randomized runner element to it was really cool! I wish that the characters didn't slide as much,  but overall a good game. I thought the central gameplay mechanic was really clever, where you want to be spread out to collect the cubes but if you are spread out too much the spikes will get you. Well done!

This game is awesome! 

There's a lot of things I like about this game so I might miss a few things! I like the art and animations, I like how it makes sense why each robot is good at destroying their material, I like how you get this little tactical view of the building before you start demolishing it, I like the drill guy's ground pound attack. Lots of things to like! 

The only issue I have with this game is that the robots all feel kinda wonky and unintuitive to control. 

- Drill robot: It feels weird that I can't hold down and drill to destroy multiple blocks in a row below me, since you can do that going sideways. When you're holding nothing and press drill in the air, it seems inconsistent whether it does a groundpound or drills sideways. The jumps feel floaty and are too skewed vertically, I get why it needs to jump high because it gets stuck but I feel like there's a better way of doing that than giving it moon jumps.

- Laser robot: This one just didn't feel all that responsive, like it would kinda go where I wanted it to go but only when it felt like it, and the dash never seemed to do what I wanted it to. I appreciate how it sorta stalled in the air when you were lasering something but I wish that you could have more precision in aiming. I almost feel like this should be a game played with a mouse because I think both this and the sawblade would benefit from it.

- Saw Robot: This one just felt kinda janky, it was odd how it constantly drained fuel when you were aiming a dash, it misled me to thinking that I needed to do the dash to destroy the blocks but the saw blade just passively destroys blocks and the dash is more of an optional movement mechanic it seems. Also the dash has a really short range and it feels kinda stiff to use.

- Misc: I wish you could go back and use robots who still have more fuel, rather than it being a linear thing

Overall this is a really cool entry! I love the concept of being demolition bots, and the gameplay was fun! Good job!

Wow this game is incredible! The sounds, the assets, all very good! The color palette was very consistent and pleasing, and I liked the dreamlike aesthetic of it! I wish that the characters didn't slide as much as they did, since they felt pretty floaty and imprecise to control. My brain is not big enough for the final level, it seemed impossible. Great entry!

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Got a batch of new games, all under 20 ratings:

Incredible and intricate pixel art platformer game, without a doubt the best take on the (admittedly common) slime concept I've seen so far:

Really polished and pleasant-looking fruit dating sim, but makes you go through google drive to download it:

Platformer shooter that is a little rough around the edges but has a really cool mechanic of mixing elements to make bullets to shoot enemies with:

Game with kinda lackluster gameplay but with incredibly good art and animation:

Endless runner with a geometry dash vibe and a cool mechanic where you control two balls connected by a chain:

Intricate boss fight game with nice graphics, but not very clear on what to do:

Funny take on the theme, where you help spot your bros in the gym and become stronger together. Nice graphics too: